Sunday, 9 March 2014

Easy Mapping for G+ Hangout Gaming

In most games I run I will draw a basic map for my players. I can see the value in leaving the mapping to players, but in the campaign I'm currently I value speed of getting across basic ideas of space. Explaining relative distances between objects and people is much easier when I map things, rather than having to re-explain details as they change in importance to the player. One day I'll run a game where the mapping is left to the party and cackle with glee as they get hopelessly lost. Until that day, my current practice for mapping online G+ Hangout games is outlined below.

I take a blank Google Documents Spreadsheet with re-sized cells:

Then I share it with the Party and color in the Squares to make a map!

Adventure ensues.

The squares generally represent 10'x10' but my measurements get pretty liquid. Also I don't use my maps for tactical combats, just to give an idea of where everything is.

Here's the link to the blank map which you're welcome to copy and try my mapping system for yourself.

As a bonus, here's my folder of maps I've created over the course of my G+ campaign.

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