Thursday 22 October 2020

Infinigrad Freelancer

Here's an actual game you can use all those city generators on my blog to play! It's PWYW and pretty much Guild Dogs 3.0. Make a mutated city buccaneer and explore a neverending city all from the comfort of 1d6! 

The Infinigrad Freelancers are adventurers exploring the great unmapped alleyway wilds of the city for fun and profit, willing to use their specific skill sets in the machinations of any group that will pay them the silver.

Explore the Endless City with Ordure Fantasy 1d6 RPG , a super simple, single d6 based OSR inspired roleplaying game.

Included in the book:

  • Core and combat rules described on a single page.  
  • Rules and reaction tables for super simple 1 stat enemies.
  • 6 mutations and 36 skills for Infinigrad Freelancers. 
  • Rules and examples for Freelancer augmentation system. 
  • Tables for the referee, including quick merchant pricing table, exposition generator, suburb political situation generator and Infinigrad job generator. 
  • Heat Test rules for resolving consequences of Freelancer jobs. 

Infinigrad Freelancer is designed as a diving board to explore the billions of suburbs and city details that can be generated using the Automated Infinigrad Suburb Generator, available at:


  1. Is this the new direction of Guild Dogs/Infinigrad?

    1. It's ever evolving, and I'm really into the super simple d6 way of playing at the moment - so this is the way i'll present it for a while. I'll probably end up going back to a more B/X style of game in the future though!

      There's actually a slight explanation in the fiction of the Infingrad universe for the change. Guild Dogs are are when when the Curse of the Law is active and Infinigrad Freelancers are when the curse has faded. So I suppose Infinigrad has two timelines now! Could always go right back to the Guild Wars era and explore that too.

    2. Oh ok, I didn't realize the two timelines angle, cool. And if the muse strikes you, I would love to see something set in the Guild Wars Era!!

    3. Hopefully one day I will get there! Yeah the timeline thing is just a throwaway line in the Freelancer introduction - but it works for me as a way to keep Infinigrad Freelancer and Guild Dogs slightly separate (even if its just mechanical differences).

  2. I like seeing both approaches. Have always found lots of ideas on your blog that are delightfully different from so many others. Probably more likely to be realised in my Into the Odd game at the moment. There are so many games I’d like to try, such as yours, but my Players would kill me if I added too many more games to our mix.