Thursday 29 December 2022

Fantasy Town Building Stocker (Travail Saga)

For stocking buildings in towns created using this generator:  

Created for his game: 

(Sorry, I've kept the raw tables to myself this time! Just click the buttons (or steal them from the HTML/message me if you want them!) 

Fantasy Town Building Stocker - Press the buttons to stock the building! 

Wednesday 28 December 2022

12 days in The Wastes of The Real!

 A little while ago I put a little one page game out called "The Wastes of The Real": 

The description is: 

  • The waste of the real begins as an un-detailed, amorphous and vaguely post apocalyptic wasteland.
  • Each day the players, through the actions of their band of survivors, bring additional details to the wastes.
  • Each day each band of survivors also grows in detail and specificity through the description of their player.

I just finished a game with 8 players. . It was 12 turns, representing 12 days. The ending was rather spectacular involving a giant snake of metal, a spaceship, a magical goblet summoning a massive storm and ghosts! 

The turn summary document is nearly 18k words, so I am not going to transcribe it here, but you can pursue it at your leisure, seeing the events of the wasteland from each bands point of view! 


Monday 26 December 2022

Diceless Universal

 I feel that I buried the lead a little bit with the Diceless Travail Saga post from the other day ( ), as there is a nice little universal diceless system in there that is somewhat obscured by the Travail Saga tables/wordage!

You can take the ideas here and apply them to any list of attributes/skills you have laying around/are stolen from another game/setting you like the vibe of.  The attribute and skill list of a gameworld implies a lot of the setting so getting your hands on a good/making one is a boon!  

Making a Player Character. 

Players control a player character (PC). PCs  are composed of Attributes and Skills.

The level that PC attributes/skills begin the game at, and how they progress is the purview of the referee! Each incremental number on the Attribute/Skill descriptor table provides a description of that Attribute/Skill that applies to that PC, the referee uses this description when making judgement about what happens in the game! 

Attribute Descriptor Table: 
  1. Severely weak 
  2. Very weak 
  3. Weak 
  4. Somewhat weak 
  5. Somewhat strong 
  6. Strong 
  7. Very strong 
  8. Severely strong 
  9. Awesomely strong 
  10. Impossibly strong 
Skill Descriptor Table: 
  1. Severely inept 
  2. Very inept 
  3. Inept 
  4. Somewhat inept 
  5. Somewhat competent 
  6. Competent 
  7. Very competent 
  8. Severely competent 
  9. Severely competent and somewhat skilled 
  10. Skilled 
  11. Very skilled 
  12. Severely skilled 
  13. Severely skilled  and somewhat masterful 
  14. Masterful 
  15. Very masterful
  16. Severely Masterful 
  17. Severely masterful and somewhat godlike 
  18. Godlike 
  19. Awesomely godlike 
  20. Impossibly godlike 

The levelling up process is also the purview of the referee. Here is a suggested table of what is required for a PC to increase in level. What progress in Attributes and Skills is accompanied by a level up is the purview of the referee. The referee may choose to abandon an abstracted levelling process and just have attributes and skills descriptors improve organically through gameplay! 

Leveling: To level up a PC: 

0, To get to next level, do something mildly interesting 
1, To get to next level, do something interesting 
2, To get to next level, do something that changes a small group 
3, To get to next level, do something that changes a large group 
4, To get to next level, do something that changes a whole building/structure 
5, To get to next level, do something that changes a town/settlement 
6, To get to next level, do something that changes a whole biome/environment  
7, To get to next level, do something that changes a whole continent
8, To get to next level, do something that changes the whole world 
9, To get to next level, do something that changes reality 

Playing the game: 

  • The referee presents a shared imaginary world to the players. 
  • The players tell the referee what they want their PC's to do (perhaps explaining why they may be successful in such an endeavor). 
  • The referee tells them what happens. 
  • If a Non Player Character/The Environment, etc is taking an action that involved a PC, the PC can tell the referee how they attempt to react (Say, if the NPC was swinging a sword at them for example!) 
  • (How much agency and the attribute/skills descriptors applied to NPCs is of course the purview of the referee!) 
  • (Suggestion: PC's cant attempt a skill without 1 level in it! They shall have do do broad and inferior simulacrum of such a feat using their attributes!) 
  • (If you really need to roll a dice attribute checks would be a d10 attribute level number or below, and skill checks would be d20 skill level number or below) 

If you have any good skills/attribute lists, share them below! 

Friday 23 December 2022

Dungeon Idea Generator (Travail Saga)

Perhaps the last Travail Saga ( generator that will be made! Generate up some dungeons ideas! Click the buttons to get a dungeon. 

Automated Dungeon Idea Generator: 

Sunday 18 December 2022

Random Cyberpunk Thing Generator!

I swear Shit Future will be out any day now! 

In celebration, here's a "Random Cyberpunk Thing" generator! 


(If you already know what the thing in question is - you don't need to click the last button!) 

Saturday 17 December 2022

d40 Town Generator (Travail Saga)

For creating towns for Travail Saga ( ! 

There is an automated version at the bottom of the post! 

d40 Town Generator: 

Town colours (roll twice and combine): 

  1. Gold

  2. White

  3. Yellow 

  4. Orange 

  5. Cream 

  6. Grey 

  7. Light blue

  8. Dark blue 

  9. Speckled white 

  10. Glass 

  11. Opaque glass 

  12. Fresh green 

  13. Rainbow 

  14. Bright pink  

  15. Bright red 

  16. Silver 

  17. Clear blue 

  18. Copper 

  19. Iridescent white 

  20. Brown 

  21. Red 

  22. Tan

  23. Pale pink 

  24. Beige 

  25. Shimmering prismatic 

  26. Purple 

  27. Bright green 

  28. Pale yellow 

  29. Wine red 

  30. Puss yellow green 

  31. Bronze 

  32. Ash 

  33. Dark silver 

  34. Deep purple 

  35. Rust 

  36. Pale brown 

  37. Dull grey 

  38. Bone 

  39. Black 

  40. Glowing indigo

Town base architecture:

  1. Stone domes 

  2. Stone cubes 

  3. Cloth domes 

  4. Cloth spheres 

  5. Open air marquees 

  6. Stone towers 

  7. Wooden towers 

  8. Underground cubes 

  9. Underground domes 

  10. Wheeled wooden domes 

  11. Wheeled wooden cubes 

  12. Structureless, inhabitants possessions out in the open demarcated by flagpoles 

  13. Small, mobile, cloth tents - designed to be packed up and moved swiftly 

  14. Burrowed out trees and branch huts 

  15. Craggy domes of quartz 

  16. Paper mache domes 

  17. Living intertwined vine domes 

  18. Glass domes 

  19. Glass spheres 

  20. Metal cubes

  21. Metal towers 

  22. Stone huts within ancient stone ruins 

  23. Wood huts within ancient stone ruins 

  24. Bone domes 

  25. Bone cubes 

  26. Small dome huts 

  27. Canvas hung taught over stone columns 

  28. Leaf canopy domes of living trees 

  29. Grand lead canopy halls of living 

  30. A jumble of architectural styles - roll twice and combine 

  31. Shacks built against ancient toppled stone statues 

  32. Wood cubes within a cavern 

  33. Stone cubes within a cavern 

  34. Living pits of rammed earth covered with cloth 

  35. Living pits of stone covered with cloth 

  36. Metal cube cages - some covered with cloth 

  37. Metal dome cages - some covered with cloth

  38. Towers of living coral 

  39. Metal spheres 

  40. Stone spheres 

Town appearance:

  1. Inviting and charmingly decorated 

  2. Organised, neat and tidy 

  3. Gaudy and too brightly decorated

  4. An abundance of decorative objects hang from the buildings 

  5. Buildings are often missing walls and ceilings 

  6. An abundance of flags and banners flap in the wind 

  7. An abundance of construction work is taking place

  8. Buildings and decorations are disturbingly too small

  9. All doors are hidden from plain sight 

  10. Magical illusions are used abundantly as decorations 

  11. All the buildings seem recently constructed and fresh 

  12. The buildings are all ornate and opulent 

  13. Painted written word ( thoughts, plans or ravings) cover the buildings  

  14. Buildings are decorated with objects preoccupied with death 

  15. Buildings are splattered with blood and viscera 

  16. Buildings are decorated with preserved internal organs 

  17. Buildings are decorated with mirrors and or other reflective surfaces 

  18. Everything is wet, flooded and damp 

  19. Buildings are all eerily of the same size 

  20. Buildings are all scrubbed spotless and violently clean 

  21. Buildings are decorated with cages containing captured animals 

  22. The vegetation is wildly overgrown 

  23. There is much evidence of feasting, revelry or celebration 

  24. Huge, sweet smelling flowers or other vegetation induce calmness and quiet 

  25. Refuse is strewn through the streets and heaped against buildings

  26. Many of the buildings have recently been burnt 

  27. Many of the buildings have recently been destroyed 

  28. Stone pools line the streets 

  29. Vision inducing natural pools line the streets 

  30. The buildings are all monstrous and decorated most horribly 

  31. The buildings are disturbingly huge 

  32. All buildings are all wrapped in cloth and other soft coverings 

  33. The buildings are all showing signs of ruin and disrepair 

  34. The buildings are all sinking beneath the ground 

  35. The buildings are crude, rude and blunt 

  36. The buildings are all crushingly low or too close together 

  37. All the buildings are aged, ancient and dusty 

  38. The buildings are awe inspiringly high

  39. The streets are filled with objects designed for death, pain and torture 

  40. The streets are too dark and shadow filled

Town atmosphere: 

  1. Peaceful 

  2. Holy 

  3. Enlightened 

  4. Aloof 

  5. Vacuous 

  6. Ghostly 

  7. Ethereal 

  8. Quickened 

  9. Aristocratic 

  10. Guileful

  11. Faded 

  12. Rejuvenated 

  13. Gilded 

  14. Philosophical 

  15. Bloody 

  16. Contemplative 

  17. Just

  18. Rigid 

  19. Vengeful 

  20. Cleansed 

  21. Hardened 

  22. Wild

  23. Savage 

  24. Chaotic 

  25. Burnt 

  26. Destroyed 

  27. Ruined 

  28. Gleeful 

  29. Prophetic 

  30. Monstrous 

  31. Terrifying 

  32. Giant 

  33. Secretive 

  34. Sanctimonious 

  35. Honest 

  36. Venerable 

  37. Warlike 

  38. Demonic 

  39. Vile 

  40. Dead 

Town key industry: 

  1. Holy site of pilgrimage

  2. Local capital - leaders meet here  

  3. University town 

  4. Guard training 

  5. Cuisine 

  6. Industrial production 

  7. Monster breeding 

  8. Record keeping 

  9. Drama performance 

  10. Visual arts 

  11. Frontier town - providing supplies to explorers 

  12. Banking 

  13. Port (sea, river, sky, etc) 

  14. Beasts of burden 

  15. Logging 

  16. Hunting 

  17. Fishing 

  18. Herb growing 

  19. Alchemy 

  20. Poison production 

  21. Market trading 

  22. Locksmithing 

  23. Surgery 

  24. Medicine 

  25. Merchantry 

  26. Mining 

  27. Crop farming 

  28. Animal farming 

  29. Metallurgy 

  30. Weapon smithing 

  31. Armour smithing 

  32. Masonry 

  33. Tanning 

  34. Butchering 

  35. Tailoring 

  36. Engineering 

  37. Mercenary town 

  38. Wizarding town 

  39. Resort town 

  40. Religious services 

The town is run by: 

  1. Church/cult 

  2. Council 

  3. School 

  4. Guard

  5. Social club 

  6. Trade union 

  7. Monster breeders 

  8. Historians 

  9. Dramatic performance troupe 

  10. Artists 

  11. Explorers 

  12. Weather trackers 

  13. Sailors 

  14. Riders 

  15. Conservationists 

  16. Hunters 

  17. Fishers 

  18. Herbolagists 

  19. Alchemists

  20. Poison brewers 

  21. Thieves

  22. Locksmiths

  23. Trackers 

  24. Surgeons 

  25. Doctors 

  26. Merchants  

  27. Prospectors 

  28. Farmers 

  29. Cooks

  30. Metallurgists 

  31. Miners 

  32. Weapon smiths 

  33. Armour smiths

  34. Masons 

  35. Tanners 

  36. Butchers 

  37. Tailors 

  38. Engineers 

  39. Mercenaries 

  40. Wizards 

Town Population level: 

  1. A handful of people 

  2. A handful of small families 

  3. A handful of large families 

  4. Hundreds of people 

  5. Thousands of people 

  6. Tens of thousands of people 

Automated version (press the buttons!):