Wednesday 25 September 2019

Mutated Fire Beast Generator (Or, Eko Helek Experiment Generator)

For use in the "Frozen Skull" suburb of Infinigrad, or wherever you need mutated fire beasts. 

The Flames of Eko Helek:
A defunct manufacturer of fire magic technology defeated during the guild wars. Their monsters were of particular value to other guilds, mutations of flesh and flame. 

The Wild Experiments of Eko Helek:
Warped and tortured beasts of flame, metal and flesh. Skin of burnt charcoal, infused with living iron, melting, seared and dripping. Powered by a scorching core of living fire, belching acrid smoke, parts of body replaced with liquid flame. The never-ending pain of their warped existence makes the Wild Experiments of Eko Helek mad and unpredictable. 

The stat block I am currently using looks like this: 
Name: Quick description. ACXX, dXHD@dX, Weapon: dX, 
Special Ability: Description. Wants: What does the being want?.
Emanation: Evidence that the being is nearby. 
What are they doing? d3: 1) Friendly: X. 2) Neutral: X. 3) Aggressive: X.
As such the generator follows that format. 

(Automate your own tables using this very handy tool:

Wild Experiments of Eko Helek Generator: 

Emanation (always the same): Puddles of flame spewing magma and a general proliferation of scorch marks coupled with destruction.

Raw Tables: 

Size of Experiment, d6: 

1-3) A large dog, 2HD, AC14, d6 basic attack.
4-5) A horse, 5HD, AC16, d8 basic attack.
6) An elephant, 12HD, AC20, d10 basic attack.

“Skin of burnt charcoal, infused with living iron, melting, seared and dripping.”

Form of Body, d12: 

1. Man, melted and clambering, hands/feet semi-fused, flames roar along spine (walks).
2. Beetle, six scuttling needle legs on a ball of molten flame (crawls).
3. Bird, wide feathers of flames supported by black metal claw talons (flies).
4. Toad, sizzling flesh covered in flameboils bursting, squat, broad with flipper-like fused limbs (hops).
5. Lizard, oversized iron claws with a tail of flame, scales of melting metal (crawls). 
6. Bat, enveloping, living slag wings, dripping melting metal, claws of flame (flies).
7. Crocodile, scaled length of molten, bubbling magma dragged along by claws of iron (crawls).
8. Cat, black liquid magma, crusted with chunks of ferric ore, supported by needle claws (crawls).
9. Ape, huge iron belly covered in hundreds of tiny flames, tendril twisting toolong limbs (walks).
10. Wolf, sprinting, bounding four legs of black, molten metal, covered in a fur of tiny flames (crawls).
11. Bear, a shambling barrel of metalflesh, set alight with huge flames, thick heavy paws (crawls).
12. Spider, Eight enormous spindly legs of molten magma, central glob of charcoal flesh (crawls).  

Head form, d12: 

1. Man, a crude skull, flames pouring from eye and nose holes.
2. Beetle, protruding, flame encasing crystal eyes, mandibles of flames.
3. Bird, long, jagged and cruel ironbeak, eyes of flame. 
5. Lizard, huge eyes, swirling with flame, oversized jaw powering a mouth filled with iron teeth.
7. Crocodile, ancient dead eyes set atop a mountain of glowing red teeth, shimmering with heat.
9. Ape, a mess of fleshy flaps of iron skin, sad black eyes, short hair tendrils of flame.
10. Wolf, furless and rust mangy, snarling maw dripping magma drool, flesh melted around roasted lips.
12. Spider, mandibles of magma, dripping lava, compound eyes of black smoky ebony.

Additional Form mutation, d10: 

1. Flames erupt from the very ground the experiment walks upon.
2. Glows red and bright, burning eyes that look upon it. 
3. A cloud of black smoke everspews from an orifice, cloaking and hiding the experiment.  
4. Is everbirthing searing eggs of that shortly explode into a mess of spreading magma.
5. All flesh sloughed away, a skeletal frame of sizzling magma iron.
6. Is composed purely of flame.  
7. Roaming, random slits ramble along the experiments flesh, at times opening and exhausting flame.  
8. A huge single flame hovers ghostly above the experiment, like an angry halo.  
9. A shimmering haze and miasma of stinking steam surrounds the experiment.
10. Snakelike tendril masses of magma erupt from all orifices.

Attack ability, d12: (Assume all forms of attack implied by head and body, bite, claw, etc). 

1. Jets of molten flame shot from orifice, limbs, eyes or mouth (d12).  
2. A melted iron blade, mace or lance, red hot and fused to limb/s (d8+2 X Limbs).
3. Huge metal horn, alight with flame (d10, if charging test target’s DEX or impaled, taking d6 damage until removed from horn/s).
4. Huge eyes, drooling magma, with the power to super heat a target (test target’s CON, if they fail take d6  damage. Each subsequent round that vision of the target is maintained they burn for additional die of damage [d8, d10, d12, etc]).
5. Superheated and noxious breath, anyone attempting to melee attack the Experiment takes d6 damage each round they attack.
6. Vomits neverending clouds of acrid, choking smoke. (All Nearby must test CON every round or take d4  damage. Those with lungs will fall unconscious after half CON rounds in smoke and die d6 rounds later if not removed).
7. Normal attacks (bites and claws), leave behind a melting ooze of magma, burning that which it touches (d4 damage for d6 rounds if on flesh. test CON of armour if affected, melting apart if failure).
8. Flame filled breath attack (d8 damage to up to 4 targets Nearby to each other).
9. Surrounded by a shimmering cocoon of flame, preventing most, non magical ranged attacks. Moving through the cocoon to attack the experiment causes d8 damage.
10. d6 whips of magma sprout from body (each whip does d8 damage).
11. Geyser boils of magma pulsate on flanks, torso and back. Striking them will splash the attacker with magma for d10 damage. Test the CON of weapon attacked with to see if it is destroyed in the magma lancing process.
12. An evergrowing bank of magma spikes, fired like a rain of arrows, replenishes hourly. (d20 ranged attack, d8 damage each).

Emanation: Puddles of flame spewing magma and a general proliferation of scorch marks coupled with destruction. 

Wants, d6: 

1. To set alight all living things.
2. To silently observe living things, searching for new sources of flame.
3. To collect the bones and flesh of freshly burnt sentient beings.
4. To set ablaze places of beauty and significance, making a nest of their ashes.  
5. To find a different Eko Helek Experiment, and breed with it to make new horrific offspring.  
6. To smoulder alone undisturbed, waiting for their internal scorching core to snuff out and bring peace.

What are they doing? d3: 

1. Friendly: Burning nearby inanimate objects, with any means they have available to them. Lovingly watching the flames, oblivious to passer-by’s.  
2. Neutral: Lurking in any available cover or shadow, waiting to coat passer-by’s in glorious flames then scuttle away gleefully.
3. Aggressive: Charging at any living beings in sight, setting them alight with any means available, roasting them then moving on to the next.