Sunday 23 February 2020

Star Dogs Referee's Handbook

The Star Dogs Referee’s Handbook is a collection of tools, tables, and generators for referees running a Science Fiction tabletop roleplaying campaign.

While it has been written for use with Star Dogs, it is system neutral and can be used with any Science Fiction tabletop ruleset.

The Star Dogs Referee’s Handbook contains: 

  • Galaxy Sector Mapper and Stocker.
  • Planet Generator.
  • Outpost/Space Station Generator.
  • Map Generator for Outposts/ Space Stations.
  • NPC Generator.
  • NPC Group Generator.
  • Alien Species Generator.
  • Tables for Roleplaying NPCs.
  • Mission Generator.
  • Dangerous Sector Generator.
  • Impressive Technology and Advanced Combat Equipment Generator.
  • Random Space Encounter Generator.
  • Spacecraft Generator.
  • Nebula Generator. 
  • Plus amazing cover and interior art by Matthew Adams.

Monday 10 February 2020

"What does the NPC want?" Table

NPCs are easier and more fun to roleplay when they want something. Give them something to want! (Ensure you include a random reaction roll and a funny hat or voice).  

Click on the button to find out what the NPC wants. 

The raw tables can be found below.
(Automated using:

What does the NPC want? 

Raw table: 
Heal someone important to them. 
Secure a new home or base of operations.
Store, securely and secretly, something valuable on their person. 
Remove a competitor in their field of expertise.
Extract revenge for a recent betrayal. 
Explore an area recently discovered. 
Acquire a means of transportation.
Gain guidance from a venerable leader
Gain control of their local power structure.
Resurrect and restore a forgotten method of their expertise. 
Create a fearsome reputation for themselves within their expertise. 
Become rich. 
Charm a local authority, through bribery, blackmail, extortion, etc.
Acquire a bodyguard. 
Poison or destroy local food/water/resource supply.
Gather intelligence on a nearby rival in their expertise. 
Organise a party. 
Increase their material wealth. 
Steal something of value from a nearby rival. 
Decipher disturbing dreams they have been experiencing of late. 
Acquire a magic item or technology. 
Brutally intimidate nearby rival. 
Eat something. 
Get as inebriated as possible with whatever substances are available. 
Prepare a funeral or grieve someone close to or important to them, recently deceased. 
Unearth something valuable from beneath the ground.
Capture a huge and fearsome beast.
Find a significant other for procreation purposes. 
Find a business or working partner within their field of expertise. 
Collect a large debt owed to them.
Acquire upgraded weapons and armour.
Acquire an abundance of food. 
Protect some valuable physical item or secret recently acquired. 
Conduct a spiritual or personal ritual to calm and centre self. 
Make peace with an enemy. 
Sell a shipment in their possession. 
Burn and destroy as much as possible.
Dispose of some waste or refuse in their possession 
Acquire a boat.
Acquire a cart, horse, carriage, etc. 
Hunt an exotic beast.
Make some new friends, or new expertise associates. 
Kill an enemy. 
Move to a new town, outpost, settlement, city, etc.  
Learn the secrets hidden in some esoteric text.
Transport a physical item to friend, colleague or enemy. 
Explore somewhere dangerous yet rewarding. 
Recover a hidden valuable item of which they know the location.
Steal a valuable item. 
Terrorize an enemy.
Improve their relationship with a friend or colleague in their expertise. 
Make a new discovery in their expertise. 
Cure themselves of a disease or disorder. 
Save a relationship, personal or professional, close to destruction. 
Do good deed for someone to assuage personal guilt. 
Discover the answers to a local mystery. 
Report to local law/security providers about a crime. 
Clean self or work/living space. 
Acquire, and possibly use, explosives. 
Present a gift to an important relation. 
Bring peace and calm to someone or something nearby. 
To fade into obscurity or escape those hunting for them. 
Begin a completely new life. 
Get somewhere quiet to reflect and meditate on recent events. 
Solve a problem associated with expertise. 
Offload a troublesome personal possession. 
Pay back a debt owed to someone dangerous. 
Avoid being incarcerated or captured. 
Restore their besmirched reputation. 
Find immediate relief to severe pain. 
Disappear from sight. 
Discover something unknown about their history. 
Hide evidence of their wrongdoing. 
Break something important to an enemy. 
Conduct an expedition to the wilderness, hunting for something valuable  
Throw the nearby environment into chaos. 
Terrify an enemy. 
Get guidance about their future. 
Acquire an item specific to their expertise they have long coveted.