Monday 28 March 2022

Emp Dyn RPG

Here is a simple little system I created to be used in unison with Empyrean Dynasty games – using the basic 2d6 resolution system of that game in a more individual focused traditional RPG. Once you have run a game of Empyrean Dynasty you are probably going to have an interesting setting that you might want to play around in, and these rules should be open enough to allow that!

Emp Dyn RPG: 

  • Characters have Attributes and Skills. 
  • Attributes = the fundamental components of the character (Mind, Body, RAM, etc as appropriate for the character). Expressed as a positive numerical value that gives a bonus to appropriate attribute tests. 
  • Skills = Technical abilities that character has learnt to do. Expressed as a positive numerical value that gives a bonus to appropriate skill tests
  • Tests (for when the success of an action is uncertain or contested) = For attributes, roll 1d6 + the value of the attribute = test result. Tests can be opposing (two characters roll and highest wins the test) or target based (A character must roll a certain target. 
    • For skills, same as above but roll 2d6, a character who is unskilled in a skill only rolls 1d6. 
    • Some, particularly technical, skills are impossible to attempt without some training (at least +1 in that skill). 
    • The referee has carte blanche to add or minus contextual modifiers to test rolls! 
  • Initiative in combat: Beings with the highest attribute appropriate for the situation goes first (body in the physical world, mind if in the digital world, etc). 
  • Attacking and defending in combat: Attacking and defending is an opposed roll test. An attacker uses an appropriate attack skill for which they have a weapon and rolls 2d6 and adds that skill’s value to the roll. An unarmed attack is done by rolling 1d6 and adding the value of the Body attribute to the roll. The defender may either use an appropriate skill to defend (determined by the referee), rolling 2d6 + the skill’s value, or an appropriate attribute to defend (determined by the referee), rolling 1d6 + the attribute’s value. The attack is a success if the attacker wins the the opposing roll.  
  • Damage in combat/dangerous situations = Difference between winner and loser rolls of opposing tests = damage to loser’s appropriate attribute (e.g Body if in physical world combat). Or, difference between losing roll and target for a dangerous test. Damage = temporary damage to that attribute. If an important attribute (ie: Body) drops to 0 or less, character = dead. Temporary damage reduces the bonus the attribute normal gives. Healing or rest is required to restore it.   
  • Items may add to an Attribute or Skill value. Examples: APEX Solutions Pistol: +2 to Battle Arts Skills, Arcturus Bloodline Furred Body Armour: +3 to Body Attribute.  
    • If an item is granting a bonus to an important attribute that drops below the bonus the item gives (eg: A PC having their Body attribute temporarily drop to 1 and the body armor they are wearing gives a +2 to Body), that item is broken and required repairs. When broken an item does not all or any of its attribute bonus. 
  • “Leveling up” is handled by the referee awarding bonuses to PC attributes and skills as they deem appropriate. 

Example Test Difficulty Targets:
  • Very easy: 6 
  • Easy: 8
  • Somewhat challenging: 10 
  • Challenging: 12 
  • Somewhat difficult: 14 
  • Difficult: 16 
  • Hard: 18 
  • Very hard: 20 

Example Attributes: 
  • Mind
  • Body
  • Psychic Reserves 

Example Skills: 
  • Melee combat 
  • Ranged combat 
  • Battle Tactics 
  • Bureaucratic knowledge 
  • Data computing 
  • Mechanical engineering 
  • Communications engineering 
  • Intimidation 
  • Morph self anatomy 
  • Morph self biology 
  • Neo Chivalry Knowledge 
  • Diplomacy 
  • Religious Knowledge 
  • Inspire others
  • Biological analysis 
  • Environmental Analysis 
  • Languages 
  • Pharmaceutical knowledge
  • Medicine and first aid 
  • Telekinesis 
  • Psionic empathy 
  • Psionic healing 
  • Biology 
  • Pheromonic Influence
  • Liliang Entomo Collective Knowledge
  • Predict future 
  • Avoid danger 
  • Tactics 
  • Space Navigation 
  • Geology
  • Heavy Equipment 
  • Regulate emotions 

Example Equipment: 
  • Mushajara Mercenary Uniform: Intimidate + 2, Body + 2 
  • Mushajara  Knife: Melee combat + 2
  • Mushajara Ballistic Pistol: Ranged Combat + 2
  • Mushajara Laser Rifle: Ranged Combat + 4 
  • Mushajara Battle Computer:  Battle tactics + 2, Data computing + 2
  • Mushajara Battle Helmet: Battle Tactics + 2, Mind + 1 
  • Cavalerie Centuriate Style Tecno-Arthurian Body Armor: Body + 2
  • Cavalerie Centuriate Style Tecno-Arthurian Cape and Sash: Inspire others + 2
  • Cavalerie Centuriate Style Tecno-Arthurian Sword: Melee Combat + 3 
  • Cavalerie Centuriate Style Tecno-Arthurian Gun Lance: Ranged Combat + 5 when in close distance, + 3 when at a ranged distance.   
  • Cavalerie Centuriate Style Tecno-Arthurian Shield: Body + 1 
  • Bioloxue Scanner Slug: + 2 Biological analysis  
  • Bioloxue Data Slug: + 2 Environmental Analysis 
  • Bioloxue Translator Bodyslug: +2 Languages   
  • Bioloxue Protective Slime Sleeve : Body + 4 when facing environmental hazards 
  • Immortal Olympe Robes and Religious Ornaments:  Inspire others + 2
  • Bio Suit: Body +3 when facing environmental hazards 
  • Medical Supplies: Medicine and First Aid + 4 
  • Kraken Stinger Spear: Melee Combat + 3 (Causes poisoning on successful attack) 
  • Apex Solutions Pistol: Ranged Combat + 2
  • Liliang Entomo Carapace Armour: Body + 4
  • Liliang Entomo Miliary Tassels: Intimidate + 2
  • Liliang Entomo Communicator: Battle Tactics + 2, Liliang Entomo Collective Knowledge + 4
  • Liliang Entomo Stun Pistol: Ranged Combat + 3 (If this weapon reduces a targets Body to 0 it renders them unconscious rather than dead) 
  • Ceremonial Steel Rod: Melee Combat + 2 
  • Szarstern Emotion Regulator Implant: Regulate Emotions + 6
  • Szarstern Bionic Arm: Body + 2 
  • Armored Cloak: Body + 1
  • Breathing Mask: Body + 2 when facing environmental hazards 
  • Szarstern Hand-Catapult: Ranged Combat + 4 

Example Character Sheet: 

Thursday 17 March 2022

Empyrean Dynasty Game 1, Turn 4, 1000 years of Post Earth History!

 The third turn of my 23 players grand sci fi strategy game Empyrean Dynasty is done! Here is the turn report for interest and posterity! 

Go check out the previous posts or the PDF if you are interested in more Empyrean Dynasty: 

Also, go join this blog's Discord server if you are interested in seeing the game unfold/the in character banter from the players!

Turn 4, 30'000 - 31'000 PE: 

And so 1’000 years pass in the universe! This is a record of what happened during that time!

  • In the opening decades of the millennium rumors began circulating around the universe regarding the depravity of the leaders of  The Rawaqi Philosophy  (@NondairyGiant). These evolved into detailed reports, widely transmitted, regarding the foulness of the rituals associated with the movement. These reports and rumors were the beginning of the decline and eventual extinguishment of the Rawaqi Philosophical Movement. As the workers of the universe were dissuaded to join the movement by widespread broadcasts regarding its foul and flagrant rituals, it began to starve of new adherents. Buoyed by this, the Marine Mercenaries of Alburtuqaliu Fylí (@zeruhur) began assaulting Rawaqi Factory monasteries - the mummy-like monks within offered no resistance. The flesh of countless Rawaqi monks, preserved for hundreds of years on an exclusive diet of Bioluxue BioBrew, crumbled in the hands of the Marines as they attempted to wrench them from their meditation positions. 
  • As the Marines of Alburtuqaliu Fylí crushed the passive resistances of the Rawaqi monks, the leader of the clan, Zuhair el-Syed, put in place a variety of new religious edicts to guide the clan’s members. This “Path of Tusalia” insisted on utter and joyful dedication to the orders of the clan’s leaders. After the despondency and inaction  of the last 10’000 years due these edicts were eagerly agreed to by the vast majority of the clan. By the end of the millennium the workers  Juzur Mushajara were once sgain, for the first time in 20’000 years, exporting their services and foodstuffs across the universe in grand abundance! The accounts of the Alburtuqaliu Fylí began to refill in abundance! 
  • The near immortal starving Rawaqi Monks offered no resistance to the dissolution of their movement - either allowing their crumbling bodies to be pulled apart by Marines, or stopping their ingestion of the biobrew and over the course of several decades dissipating into fleshy dust. The Rawaqi Philosophy had withered and collapsed - no longer a threat to the productivity of the universe. Rumours do speak of some immortal monks still devoted to meditation and inaction in obscure and forgotten factories across the universe…

  • The Legion Corporation (@Joshinken) began the millennium gifting a single “Spear of Life” (an automated terraforming device) to each of the following organisations: 

    • The Jamaexina Clan (@xaosseed) 

    • The Ounjẹpupọ Olominira Eniyan Corporation (@gendernihilist) 

    • House von Sacher Sariyah (@fjav) 

    • The Hermeya Clan (@roshlev)

    • The Liliang Entomo (@papyrus1) 

    • And 5 Spears of Life to The Black (@Local Cryptid) 

    • Additionally, the Legion Corporation, publicly and openly shared the technical specifications of The Spears of Life - making it possible for other organizations of the universe to replicate them if they so wished. 

  • Charity and good will project completed - The Legion Corporation turned their efforts to the creation of an enormous artificial, ring shaped structure, near the Chatikrate Dynsaty homeworld of Artagnax (@arkbrik).

    • When their supply fleets were the most extended, their focus totally on the transportation of resources for the creation and engineering of the structure - the Sentient Fleet of The Yishpugnae Clan (@finnice) struck! 

    • Seemingly aware of the moments when their fleet would be least defended and unbalanced the Sentient Fleet of The Yishpugna ripped apart the Legion fleet! Leaving the legion home systems undefended! 

    • And so began the 1000 year crusade against “The Mind Slavers” (As the sentients of The Yishpugnae Clan called the Hive minds of Legion). 

    • Armatrum, a devious and spiteful sentient program, led the Quartz mech legions of The Yishpugnae! Giant robots with enormous pink quartz skulls, controlled by sentient digital intelligences, but powered by the removed nervous systems of Zhulorum Mystics! The Quartz Mechs seemed aware of the attacks their opponents would make before they made them - always countering them at the most inopportune times! 

    • Without a fleet to defend against them, the Quartz Mech battalions took Legion planet, after Legion planet - always landing nearby the planetary central control servers for the Legion digital Hive Mind. With these destroyed the ground forces of Legion were often confused and disoriented - unable to communicate with their hive consciousness. After this, The quartz mechs - directed by insight of flesh sentient Zhulorum Mystics and the supreme computing minds of digital consciousnesses - swiftly slaughtered any Legion resistance.  

    • It is reported, by agents of The Black (@Local Cryptid) present on Legion planets during the battles, that moments after each of the Legion planetary central control servers were attacked the world - filled with billions of Legion hive mind members - erupted into planetwide screams of agony! Armatrum, it is alleged, took great pleasure in causing severe and utter pain in the hive consciousness of legions once he gained control of their digital hive brain’s control nervous system receptors…

    • After the battles any Legion member, civilian or otherwise, had their cybernetic implants painfully removed by the metallic bodied digital sentients of The Yishpugnae Clan. Their leader, Armatrum, devising a method for keeping the person alive during this process - writhing in total agony as wires were pulled one by one from their brain, spine and nervous system. 

    • Once the process of cybernetic removal was complete the organic bodies were piled into enormous charnel hills, and the mechanical parts of the cybernetics piled into hills of bloody wires and metal. Then both hills were burnt in an elaborate and arcane ritual, the flesh bodies of The Yishpugnae clan inhaling the smoke of the burning bodies and the metallic bodies of The Yishpugnae inhaling the smoke of the burning machinery. 

    • The events above took place on all Legion planets, witnessed by members of The Black (@local cryptid). By the end of the millennium, Legion was no more - eradicated from the universe. 

    • The enormous ring structure was left rotting in space near Artagnax (@arkbrik). Incomplete and offensive, a spindly, metal bone like shrine to the lost people of Legion. 

    •  The Yishpugnae had claimed utter ownership of Legion’s systems  - so far they allowed the continued existence of The Black colonies on their land as long as they stay within their allocated borders….

  • The millenium began with the entire Henshin Labs (@SageDaMage) fleet devoting itself to the transportation of all of its citizens from the STARF cluster. The planet of SH2 was left empty, and its peoples were distributed across the various planets in the control of Henshin Labs! 

  • Made a universal pariah for its alleged involvement in the corruption and destruction of several planets over the last 10’000 years, Henshin Labs publicly revealed the existence of the rumored “Spears of Death”. These “Spears of Death” are, self replicating/operating spherical cauldron of chemicals about the size of a 10 storey building. They are shot from space and buried into the ground (with only a few vents poking through to the surface). After 100 years a “Spear of Death” will have corrupted the planet it was fired upon into an unlivable hellscape!

    • Alleging that this was the totality of their “Spear of Death” stockpile, Henshin Labs publicly launched 60 spears of death (along with extremely heavy explosives) into a gas nebula. They transmitted footage of this event all across the universe. The operation was a success in that, 60 spears of death were exploded in the nebula (rather impressively) - unfortunately the fallout from the chemicals within the Spears of Death has resulted in the corruption and warping of said nebula. The nebula is now named the Death Nebula. Swift rot, corruption and death has awaited all those who have entered the nebula ever since - the miasmic foulness overcoming even the hardiest of protective equipment and filtration. 

  • Regardless of their public destruction of the Spears of Death, the organisations of the universe invaded the planets controlled by Henshin Labs. This was a somewhat bloodless war as the defensive forces of Henshin Labs all capitulated utterly when confronted with military force, giving the period the name “The Henshin Surrender”. 

    • The spiked tanks and living body armor swiftly of The Sigmaites Clan (@scarius) invaded and took control of the worlds of SH3, SH1, SH6  and SH4! Once Sigmaites military control was established, any one considered to be in a position of power within Henshin Labs was publicly executed (Approximately 50’000 beheading/impalings). The remaining populations were put under the strict military rule of planetary Sigmaites military rulers - where they remain to this day - living under the rule of the wielders of the Coral Scythes! 

    • The many limbed warriors of The Liliang Entomo (@papyrus1) seized control of the planets SH9, SH8 and SH7 in a totally bloodless military action! The managers and commanders of Henshin Labs on these planets capitulated utterly, and the military commanders of the Ant men accepted their surrender.  Liliang Entomo warlords of the Loudong dynasty now control these planets - ruling relatively benevolently over their human vassals. 

    • The greatest amount of fighting of the surrender took place on SH5 when it was invaded by the neo coral armies of House von Sacher Sariyah (@fjav). While the humans of Henshin Labs utterly capitulated to House von Sacher Sairyah military rule immediately -  a sizeable population of  Henshin Entomo ant men warriors (Citizens of Henshin Labs) provided fierce resistance to the invasion. The Bahamut fleet initiated planetary bombing which drew out the Henshin Entomo towards large bodies of water across the planet. It is reported that once the Henshin Entomo warriors got close to the shores of the large bodies of water of the planet they ceased fighting immediately! Moments later the ant men would drop to the ground, blood pouring from the orifices of their heads - killed by some invisible force or weapon! The Bahamut fleet is now stationed above SH5 - protecting the military rule of  House von Sacher Sairyah over the Henshin Lab citizens of the planet (No Henshin Entomo survived).  

    • The Henshin Labs homeworld of Shinka-9 was jointly claimed by The Chatikrate dynasty (@arkbrik) and The Arcturus Bloodline (@ceaselessCarbine)! Both brought overwhelming military forces to the planet and were met by billions of passive and surrendering Henshin citizens! The planet was divided in half and put under co-military rule by both organisations! 

    • With all of their planets under military rule by other organisations, Henshin Labs dissolved - no longer existing as the powerful corporation it once was.  The people of Henshin continued on as a cohesive group though - now known ironically as the people of “Henshin Free State” (@sageDaMage)! 

  • Claiming she is the reincarnation of Holy Mother Olympe, House von Sacher Sariyah (@fjav ) revealed to the universe the existence of the immortal Duchess Lail! The Duchess is a 30’000 year old human kraken hybrid - who had been holding court in the dark space seas of Lail for the last 20’000 years! As large as the biggest of manufactured  spacecraft she swims through the liquid of the space sea of Lail!

    • Though at first celebrated as a  powerful proponent of the worship of Olympe, when the bishops of the church associated with House von Sacher Sariyah pushed for her to be recognised as THE reincarnation of Mother Olympe the Church was riven by doctrinal conflict! Those not of House von Sacher Sariyah were unable to accept Duchess Lail as Mother Olympe! 

    • Joining the Reform Church of Olympe, as a group of Olympe faithful outside of the orthodoxy - The Church of the Immortal Resurrected Olympe was formed! 

    • No open fighting or conflict has occurred because of this splintering - but tensions have begun to be felt on the Great Heavenly Reef, where Jamaexnian loyalists to the Orthodox church (@xaosseed ) feel pangs of distrust and disgust at those that have joined the new faith….

During this time the secretive Tranchierqlim (@jimble) settled two new planets OT1 and OT2. Records regarding the geology and geography of these planets are conflicting and confusing - probably resulting from the lack of visitors the Tranchierqlim receive. (Note: The records also imply that OT1 and OT2 did not exist, even as un terraformed celestial bodies, before around 30,500 PE - no doubt a glitch in the astral maps of the time).

  • The Fraterni Renunti (@wrongtube) donated their pristine and now empty home world of Ognos to The Jamaexina (@xaosseed)! 

    • The Jamaexina came, establishing neo coral structures in both space and on the planet - rebuilding what was lost from their home world! By the end of the millennium they had several well populated cities and extensive neo coral infrastructure established on both Ongnos’s surface and upper atmosphere! 

  • Thousands of high ranking members of the Cult of Qalb Occulta (@symbolic city) pilgrimed to custom grown space habitats created by The Fraterni Renunti, Clan (@wrongtube). Here the cultists communed with the enormous space faring entities of  Fraterni Renunti. Over the centuries biological and breeding experimentations took place, resulting in a new species of humanity - the Jelly men of Qalb Occulta! 

    • These car-sized mounds of floating translucent flesh are unable to survive under the harsh embrace of planetary gravity - nor are they able to survive outside of liquid - requiring them to float in space bound orbs of liquid. Free of the distracting pressure of bones and muscles, the Jelly men are superbly suited to the acts of complentation and meditation. While not capable of surviving the pure vacuum of space, the jelly men are able to attach their space liquid orbs to the backs of the beings of Fraterni Renunti - accompanying them as they float through the void! 

    • Though at the end of the millenium not all Qalb Occulta members are jelly men, the ruling council and leaders of the organization are. 

  • With increasing demand for their weaponry from several organizations’, the financial situation of APEX solutions had greatly improved by the end of the millennium. Alongside this the corporation settled and terraformed a new planet, under the guidance of their now immortal leader Fax Benec. 

    • MA4: Is a bountiful world filled with pink rivers and soft, undulating fields of food crop. Sparsely populated, but greatly productive in highly nutritious grain, the planet housed small, yet luxurious, population centers of the growing number of immortal APEX solution members. 

    • The food productivity of MA4 was enhanced even further through frequent visits from delegates of Ounjẹpupọ Olominira Eniyan ( @gendernihilist) who guided the immortal colonists with the advanced knowledge of their food productivity capabilities. 

    • Additionally, APEX solutions inherited the dead world of IgboIgbo-KijiKiji from the peoples of Ounjẹpupọ Olominira Eniyan ( @gendernihilist) who could no longer bear to even think of the tragedy that befell their home. 

  • The corruption of their homeworld into a rotten sphere of death was too much for the Ounjẹpupọ Olominira Eniyan (@gendernihilist) to take. The organization that was devoted to pacifism for thirty thousand years turned to the largest weapon manufacturing in the universe APEX solutions (@Revenant's Quill) and created an army. 

    • The Dry River Army of Ounjẹpupọ Olominira Eniyan had expended all its tears and was grimly and stoically devoted to the protection of its people. Wrapped in black and gas tubings and breathing apparati, the army was incredibly stealthy and deadly - modifying the “Halo of Tears” gas defense system to be a delivery mechanism for both deadly nerve agents for foes and a vivifying and empowering aerosol substance for friends. 

    • After several hundred years of industrial tutelage from APEX solutions,  the Ounjẹpupọ Olominira Eniyan had begun to manufacture and sell their own lines of small arms, branded as OOE Arms. These were light weight, silent, and easily stowed and concealed.

  • While further experimentation into planetary rocketry by The Szarstern Union (@gran) wielded no additional advancements in the field, by the end of the Millennium the organisations had several thousand highly perceptive astrological mystics who were greatly attuned to the movements of astral bodies. These mysics were able to detect any potential space particles that may be of danger to the planets within the STARF cluster -  a very, very, very early danger detection system. 

    • These astrological mystics have been screaming and shouting about the deadly nature of the ever growing Zhivos terraforming spawn mass space river making its way towards the STARF cluster for several hundred years now…

The Keepers of Magellan (@arkbik, @fjav, @xaosseed)  scoured the universe for planets similar to their swampy homeworld of Magel. Eventually finding one that allowed them to double and disperse their production of the glorious spice of Magel! By the end of the millennium Magel 2 was well settled and established with several population centers - also focused on the production and distribution of the Spice of Magel!

Nauric hedonistic culture (@Altchester) creeped out into the greater universe from Monteer Apisri Invict over the last 1000 years. Nightclubs, resorts, pleasure houses, listening stadiums, and other more exotic and esoteric forums of pleasure profiliterated across the planets of other organisation’s. While causing some concern for the moral alarmists of the universe, widespread ethical rot or a detectable loss of productivity accompanied this spread of hedonism….

  • With grand ceremony the leaders of two great organizations were wed! Titanioces Rana, the Smooth One of The Fraterni Renunti (@wrongtube ) and Shēngvìvìfǐcanzhě of Arcturan Zhivos  (@Trent B) were bound together in spacebound biological breeding chamber grown by the The Fraterni Renunt in the upper atmosphere of Shēngluócūs! Many floating consorts of the Fraterni Renunti species visited this breeding chamber over the early millennium, eventually resulting in the Zhivos terraforming spawn mass exploding spaceward! The wedding was most fruitful! 

    • Halfway through the millennium endless mindless terraforming zhivos spawn were swimming through space, launched from the breeding chamber that now housed the enormous, evergrowing bulk of Shēngvìvìfǐcanzhě the Birther. Her mass had fused with the biological architecture of the breeding chamber, making her a mindless biological machine endlessly producing the Zhivos terraforming spawn masses. 

    • The Zhivos terraforming spawn mass squirted out across space, ever increasing in size like an celestial green river. The terraforming mass enriched all it encountered into a soupy, muddy, watery mass - perfect for the watery, damp form of the Zhivos. Asteroids, planets, moons all were turned into the ultra swamps of the Zhivos spawn. 

    • Those that visited the planets, asteroids and moons of the Zhivos spawn mass found the atmosphere chokingly damp and warm - the climate untenable but not deadly to other forms of life that were not of the Zhivos.

    • Three planets ( ZY6, ZY7, and ZY8)  populated the Zhivos Spawn Mass Celestial river - all incredibly heavily populated with endless squirming Zhivos who thrived in its sickly nutrient rich atmosphere. These planets were uniformly the same, soupy, swampy, sludge balls that those not of the Zhivos are able to tell apart. 

The Zhivos Spawn Mass Celestial river is currently en route to flood the STARF Cluster Sphere of Stone in the next 1000 years - followed by the the mindless terraforming of all planets with the STARF Cluster in the next 1000 years (@gran @middlecyclone @Altchester @NondairyGiant).

  • With the STARF cluster world of SH2 left empty by the emigration of Henshin Labs, The Cavalerie Centuriate and The Knights of The FLame of Peace (@middlecyclone) helped with the settlement of populations of both Arcturan Zhivos (@Trent B) and Qalb Occuta (@symbolic city). With the guidance of the Centuriate both groups prospered on the calming, forest world. By the end of the millennium thriving, well infrastructure population centers existed for both groups - with exemplary civil institutions.

    • Influenced by their Centuriate facilitators both populations begun their own neo chivalric orders, The Knights Zhvos and The Knights Occulta. These noble groups were paragons in the virtues of their “home” organizations and neo-chivalry!

  • From their colonies within the world’s and systems of Legion controlled space, The Black (@Local Cryptid) watched the utter annihilation of that organization by The Yishpugnae Clan! 

    • Though surrounded by conflict, the colonies of The Black thrived - becoming largely populated and well infrastructured megacities by the end of the millennium. 

    • Gifted 5 “Spears of Life” from the now destroyed Legion Corporation - the Black launched these at their death corrupted planets. Carefully observed over first decades, and then centuries - The Black watched the miasma and rot slowly, slowly retreated from the planets where a Spear of Life had been put into operation. By the end of millennium the Spears of Life had ceased operating - breaking down with age and over use. They each left behind a world that was inhabitable and no longer utterly toxic, but were barren wastelands - brown, dusty, sand choked spheres. Human habitation was possible - but vegetation growth has as yet not occurred - meaning all supplies and resources would are ferried from off world. 

    • The Worlds of Y, YT1, YT1(1), YT2, and YT3 were all again ,somewhat, habitable - supporting tiny scientific colonies - heavily supported by The Black colonies elsewhere in the universe. These worlds were harsh, empty and desolate places- endless plains of rock and sand…

As well as establishing neo-coral cities and infrastructure on two other organizations world’s The Jamaexina Clan (@xaosseed) continued to grow the size and population of The Great Heavenly Reef!

  • The Hermeyans (@roshlev) opened their planetary gates to those affected by the tragedies of planetary destruction from the last 10’000 years - allowing refugees to settle on their smoky world of SY8! 

    • The Jamaexina (@xaosseed) came, establishing neo coral structures in both space and on the planet - rebuilding what was lost from their home world! by the end of the millennium they had several well populated cities and extensive neo coral infrastructure established on both SY8’s surface and upper atmosphere!