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Automated Spacecraft Generator

Made to be used with Star Dogs:

To generate a random spacecraft, first decide whether it is an alien or human spacecraft . Roll on the appropriate “Spacecraft Form” table to get a general idea for the ship’s shape. From then, the generation tables/buttons are the same for both alien or human spacecrafts.

Click on the buttons to generate a spacecraft! 

The raw tables can be found below.
(Automated using:

Button/Table Descriptions: 

Human Spacecraft Form: Roll d4, roll that many times on table and combine results.

Alien Spacecraft Form: Roll Twice and combine the results.

Spacecraft Classes: Either pick one of these classes, or roll to get a random spacecraft class. Morph the core attributes of the ship as appropriate.

Spacecraft Form Manifestation: What is weird, unusual, or unique about the spacecraft’s visual appearance.

Spacecraft Special Ability: What special powers, modifications, equipment or weapons the spacecraft has.

Spacecraft Interior Atmosphere: If boarded, what the interior of the spacecraft looks like.

John Berkey
Spacecraft Generator: 

Human Spacecraft Form: Roll d4, roll that many times on table and combine results. 

Raw Tables: 

Alien Spacecraft Form: 

Slime Mound.
Jelly Cube.

Spacecraft Classes:  

Bee: Small fighter, AC: 12, HP: 12, Shield Points: d6. Weapon Points: 1, Passenger Points: 1, Cargo Points: 0. STR: 6, DEX: 16, CON: 6, INT: 8, WIS: 6, CHA: 6.
Wasp: Small fighter, AC: 13, HP: 16, Shield Points: d8. Weapon Points: 2, Passenger Points: 2, Cargo Points: 0. STR: 10, DEX: 14, CON: 8, INT: 8, WIS: 6, CHA: 6.
Pigeon: Small transport, AC: 14, HP: 30, Shield Points: d8. Weapon Points: 2, Passenger Points: 6, Cargo Points: 3. STR: 10, DEX: 12, CON: 10, INT: 10, WIS: 10, CHA: 10.
Gull: Large transport, AC: 14, HP: 60, Shield Points: d10. Weapon Points: 2, Passenger Points: 20, Cargo Points: 10. STR: 10, DEX: 10, CON: 14, INT: 12, WIS: 14, CHA: 14.
Eagle: Large fighter transport, AC: 14, HP: 80, Shield Points: d12. Weapon Points: 4, Passenger Points: 20, Cargo Points: 10. STR: 12, DEX: 12, CON: 14, INT: 14, WIS: 14, CHA: 12.
Barracuda: Large fighter, AC: 16, HP: 100, Shield Points: d12. Weapon Points: 6, Passenger Points: 20, Cargo Points: 5. STR: 14, DEX: 14, CON: 14, INT: 14, WIS: 14, CHA: 12.
Turtle: Extra large fighter transport, AC: 18, HP: 200, Shield Points: d20. Weapon Points: 4, Passenger Points: 30, Cargo Points: 50. STR: 15, DEX: 10, CON: 18, INT: 14, WIS: 16, CHA: 16.
Shark: Extra large fighter, AC: 16, HP: 150, Shield Points: d20. Weapon Points: 8, Passenger Points: 30, Cargo Points: 10. STR: 18, DEX: 12, CON: 14, INT: 18, WIS: 16, CHA: 14.

Spacecraft Form Manifestation: 

Soft, billowing and bulbous.
Perfectly smooth and elegant curves.
Exhaust is blindingly glowing.
Clusters of energy globes proliferate on hull.
Additional fins and wings.
Surrounded by a misty space fog.
Lines of shimmering spikes.
Unbalanced and asymmetrical.
Hollowed out and skeletal.
An abundance of viewing portals and panels.
Exhausts a large clouds of vapour.
Doubled and paired components.
Golden, gilded and opulent.
An infestation of communication modules splay across surface.
Huge plasma transfer pipes and viewable engine parts.
Shimmering, reflective surface.
Infected with space barnacles from leaking engine fluid.
Craggy spreading mineral infestation.
Melted and corroded from previous battles.
An infestation of space parasites.
One component of the craft is oversized.
Enormous engine exhausts/thrusters.
Ridden with a tangle of viney space fungus.
Craft travels bulky side first, an insult to aerodynamics.
Has a proliferation of smoking, flaming plasma exhausts.
Is in disrepair, hastily attached panels and communication modules are coming loose.
Extended, narrow and thin passenger bays connect chunkier engine components.
Riddled with battle scars, repaired rifts in hull.
Barely contained plasma energy sources leak into nearby atmosphere.
Crudely shaped and oversized.
Lines of decorative energy plasma pulse all over hull.
Incredibly sharp, pointed and dagger like.
Overly thick and chunky panels of hull.
Dented, cracked and semi imploded.
Cloud of external sensor drones hovers around craft.
Incredibly dated, aged and old in design or actuality.
Fins and curves are serrated with blades and needles.
The components of the craft are arranged such that it has a pareidolic leering visage.
Dark curved and stealthy, almost impossible to see with the naked eye.
Large chunks of the hull are rotted away, revealing working innards.

Spacecraft Special Ability: 

Self repairing hull or shields
Extra protective hull.
A.I assisted weapon systems.
Comprehensive navigation databanks.
Huge amount of cargo space.
Extra resistant to Bull or Laz fire.
Very powerful sensors and scanners.
Advanced targeting systems.
Incredibly fast.
Able to hack into other spacecraft’s comlog systems.
Onboard A.I can pilot spacecraft while all passengers sleep.
Can also operate in water.
Colour morphing paint and shield camouflages hull.
Expulser gas gun buffets other spacecraft.
Able to broadcast distracting, screeching cacophony on other spacecraft’s audio systems.
Arrangement of external components can morph and transform on the fly.
Tractor beam.
Extremely high combat mobility.
Weapon systems interface directly with pilot’s brains, allowing high accuracy of fire.
Uses space fuel incredibly efficiently, allowing many long distance trips without refuel.
Advanced plasma ramming system can shear parts off other spacecraft.
Cluster rocket launcher.
Globule launcher that corrodes the hulls of enemy spacecraft.
Spacecraft accompanied by several A.I controlled clones of itself.
Enormous hull based ramming head.
Sensor confusing drone launcher.
Extreme far reaching on board sensors.
Grapples other spacecraft and consumes it and its plasma reactor for fuel.
Grapples other spacecraft and pulls them apart with massive claws.
Stealth shields.
Databank with researched weak spots of nearly all known spacecraft in the galaxy.
Sleep ray.
Auto hacking comlog that can sabotage other spacecraft onboard systems.
Morphable hull can focus on speed, mobility or weapon damage.
Extra thick and regenerative shields.
Can self destruct.
Onboard vat farms can sustain crew indefinitely.
Organic pain ray causes excruciating pain in other spacecraft’s organic crew.
Can dump orb loads of slowing/destructive liquid goop.
Weapons designed to crack open other spacecraft’s hulls.
Can accelerate freely in any direction.
Weapons that quickly strip away enemy spacecraft’s hull.
Weapons that damage the crew within enemy spacecraft.
Can deactivate enemy spacecraft’s shields.
Can deactivate enemy spacecraft’s engines.
Shield bounces back Laz fire at enemy spacecraft.
Fires particularly large and destructive projectiles.
Holds a fleet of A.I controlled combat drones.
Augments the mental and physical capacity of the pilot.
Incredibly opulent and bejewelled hull.
Very effective with ramming weapons.
Can deactivate weapon systems for extreme boosts to shields, hull or spee.d
Can deactivate other spacecraft’s weapon systems.
Incredibly odious, repulses other pilots on sight.
Powerful hologram projector creates fake duplicates of the spacecraft.
Plasma flame weaponry sets alight other spacecraft.
Space mine launcher.
Able to quickly integrate scavenged parts from other spacecraft into own system.
Able to leech power and fuel supplies from other spacecrafts.
Fully automated A.I weapon systems do not require a pilot to fire.
Shield system that damages other spacecraft it comes into contact with.
Several spacecrafts communed together, acting in unison and increased in power.
Able to smoothly dodge and avoid much of the fire targeted at them.
Weaponry that spreads madness and disorder aboard enemy spacecraft.
Generates an energy field that sickens and inebriates crew of enemy spacecraft.
Semi organic fleshy armour covers hull and regrows quickly when damaged.
Target tracking weaponry barely ever misses.
Can quickly warp jump to nearby locations, essentially teleporting in combat.
Able to morph shape as to appear as another spacecraft.
Fires fireworks like rounds that distract and startle.
Claw and hull cracking mechanisms allow forced boarding of other spacecraft.
Consumes Laz fire, charging a super powered Laz weapon of its own.
Fires a weaponised parasite that consumes the hull of other spacecrafts.
Near instantaneous warp drive.
Fires drones that hook onto enemy spacecraft and wreak havoc to their systems.
Weaponised engine exhaust that can be used to melt other spacecraft’s hulls.
Launches combat robots that board enemy spacecraft in hull boring tubes.
Can target and attack enemy spacecraft from extremely long range.
Powerful onboard comlog and A.I send spoof commands to enemy spacecrafts.
Launches canisters of gas that have a negative effect on enemy spacecrafts.

Spacecraft Interior Atmosphere: 

Blindingly over lit.
An abundance of robots and drones dote on all passengers.
Harsh, jagged support struts of metal.
Homemade, kitschy and crafty, decorations fill every nook and cranny.
Surgically clean.
Bare of any decorations or furniture.
Threatening security turrets, scan all passengers.
Clear or missing panels show the plasmic burning of the engines.
Defective gravity generator.
Defective atmosphere generator means interior is choked with smog or smoke.
Captain or crew’s music plays through ships audio visual comlog system.
Alien trophies hang from the walls.
Filled with soft carpets and curtains.
Exotic aliens in cages.
Engine fluid and lubricant dripping in puddles from cracked pipes.
A lush interior hydroponic forest.
Metal shelves of glowing alien goop.
An abundance of water features.
Crew have strewn their bedding and personal effects in public areas.
Hologram screens stream a variety of entertainment.
Audio visual recording comlogs blink from every shadow.
Vat food farms taps provide an oversupply of food.
Dark, skeletal robots service the craft in the shadows.
Hologram projectors create fake, fantastical scenes.
Banks of sleep and meditation pods.
Large amounts of shambling cleaner and service droids.
Body parts and alien samples preserved in canisters.
Panels of polished and reflective metal.
Aquariums built into the hull, housing aquatic life.
Corridors lined with bunk beds.
Heads of alien beasts hung as trophies on walls. 
Dangerous substances leak from the walls from the engine operations.
A proliferation of restraining devices for prisoners.
Piles of toxic and dangerous chemicals in barrels and canisters.
Crude art, drawn directly onto the craft’s walls.
Droids built directly into the ship maintain and operate it.
Meat is being butchered in common areas.
A complicated hydroponic system has turned the interior into a jungle.
A depressing dead and dying hydroponic garden of mostly weeds.
A strong scent is visibly pumped through the air vents.
Holographic game boards litter every available surface.
Safety alerts are constantly going off.
Chained or otherwise restrained androids work as maintenance slaves.
Humans, aliens and or synthoids floating in stasis vats line corridors.
Panels rotted and removing, revealing interior workings of spacecraft.
Massive piles of refuse and waste piled into corners and corridors.
Dangerous and stinking space mold spreading from leaking water tubes.
Large open areas crisscrossed with metal cable bridges.
Corridors are lined with grim faced human and alien statues or holograms.
An abundance of onboard bars and lounges, filled with rich, delicious smoke.
Curved chromed and bejewelled, heavily decorated and ornate.
Racks and lockers filled with weaponry, both exotic and common.
An infestation of Data plane viruses cause constant malfunctions.
Tight and tunnel like, far too small for normal sized humans.
Bizarre, half finished and inoperative technological contraptions everywhere.
Data, news and feeds stream from across the galaxy, holo projected on walls.
Far too many doors, all thick, secure and encoded.
Panels and components clearly scavenged from other spacecraft.
An abundance of heavily armed crew guard each room.
Total and thick darkness.

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