Friday 18 April 2014

Runner's Journals, Player Write-ups from my WA 2070 Shadowrun Campaign (Session 2).

Session 2 is done and dusted. The runners got into the slightly run down K-dome and got their first job as a group. It seems their/the Serpent's Cup assault on the SK research detail is the talk of the Domes. It also seems Laz's truck was recorded by a Drone that escaped destruction during the rumble in the ruins.

My player's have not disappointed, providing me more Journals and Write-ups in exchange for Karma.

Here is the GM Session Summary.

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Monday 7 April 2014

Runner's Journals, Player Write-ups from my WA 2070 Shadowrun Campaign (Session 1)

I ran the inaugural session of Shadowrun in Western Australia 2070's campaign (setting introduction is here) over the weekend. I offered a point of Karma for any one who wanted to do a write up of the session from their character's perspective. My Karma greedy players did not disappoint! After the jump is a bunch of stories written by the player's from the perspective of their outlaw, motley crew of Runners. I thought they were worth sharing. 

Here's a rundown of events and concepts from the session to put the stories into perspective;
  • The events took place in the lawless Ruins outside of the Saeder Krupp domes.
  • The Serpent's Cup is a biker gang that holds the most power in the ruins. 
  • Merlin seems to be a head figure in The Serpent's Cup gang. 
  • The Serpent's Cup seem to have a fetish for freedom and anarchy. 
  • The player's converged at the biker bar "The Mount" to set up connections with The Serpent's Cup.
  • Merlin was riding to check out a SK transport helicopter and the players agreed to accompany him.
  • Merlin wasn't offering anything other than a healthy dose of joviality for the company. 
  • The events that took place weren't so much a Shadowrun as a out of control skirmish. 
  • The runners and the Biker's attacked a contingent of SK armed guards and scientists. 
  • An over-use of grenade's resulted in the destruction of whatever SK was researching.

Click ahead to read the journals/write-ups/stories:   

Thursday 3 April 2014

Western Australia circa 2070, a Runner's Dusty Playground.

Hoi Chummer, Session summaries and Runner Logs of the campaign are at the bottom of the post! 

But first, a little history:

In 2010 a faint prismatic scar appeared in the sky above Perth. This was the same year the ocean began to recede.

In 2030 Western Australia was sold to Saeder-Krupp to help keep the financially struggling Australian Government afloat (load of good that did). From then on the land suffered severe environmental degradation as Saeder-Krupp ripped apart the state in search of resources. The scar in the sky continued to grow, a lurid, technicolor stain.

It got hotter and hotter.

Saeder-Krup started building the Domes mid 2030's, cities housed in magnificent white domes (they're all brown and rusty now). Workers were spending all day starting at the mystifying colors in the sky, staring until the sun burnt away their eyes. The domes blocked out the growing prismatic scar.

The oceans kept receding. The shore got sucked back all the way past Rottnest sometime in the 2040's. There is a limestone cliff where the old coast used to be, and a stench and bone filled wasteland where the water was.

Rottnest and Garden islands are now both mountains sticking out of the wastes. Rottnest Mountain houses the most debauched pleasure gardens NuYen can rent. It's only accessible via private air transport. Garden Mountain is a seething hub of mega-corp research labs.

The Spill happened about 2050. Toxic industrial heavy waste started pumping out into the salt plains of Kwinana. Saeder-Krupp didn’t see a financial benefit to stopping the spill, so they let it keep pumping out all year long.

That's when the Wagyl woke up.

Well, the Wagyl is what the non-dome dwellers call it anyways. The Saeder-Krupp wage slaves in the domes have been duped into thinking it was some sort of eco-terrorist attack. What really happened is something beneath the Swan River woke up...and it woke up pissed off.

When the Wagyl slithered out of whatever hole it had been sleeping in, it took the rivers and the lakes with it. It also did a good job of destroying that rotting husk of a city, Perth. It cracked that dome wide open.

Everywhere outside of the Domes is dry as a bone now.

No one got video footage of the event, because the Wagyl seemed to fry anything electronic pointed at it. People died, and Perth was abandoned. The other domes became the only place to live. Saeder-Krupp ships in huge quantities of salt water to be desalinated and keep its thirsty peons alive. Millions live in the domes, eeking out corp governed half-lifes. Saeder-Krupp lets the other corps come in and sell the stuff they don't wanna deal with.

There's some life outside of the dome. Wild anarchists and shamans who find a way to survive in harsh freedom. There's also rumors of mega corps slithering their tendrils past the domes and the ruins, out into the desert, trying to find and tame whatever force destroyed Perf back in 2050. All the while that freaky scar in the sky keeps growing... and it just keeps getting hotter.

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(Unfortunately the WA2070 Shadowrun Campaign is now on permanent hiatus.)