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Sci Fi Alien Species Generator

Made to be used with Star Dogs:
(featuring several remixed tables from throughout the blog's history, also the basic "forms" are straight from my "The Level One Creature Generator") 

Click on the buttons to get an alien species. The raw tables can be found below.
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Button descriptions: 

Basic Form + Basic Form: Roll on this table twice and combine the results to get a more “alien” alien (once to get something less weird). Give an average for HD and AC values and choose the best attack method of the two (or use both). The HD values are low, representing a “regular civilian” member of the species. A more combat focused specimen may have much more HD.

Form Manifestation: The particular way the alien's form has evolved and mutated.

Armour Technology level: Add this improvement to Armour Class to either all members of the species, or just the warrior class.

Weapon Technology Level: Just because an alien species has access to a certain weapon technology doesn’t mean they will wield it. The alien species may be more deadly using their inherit weapons and special abilities. Additionally, warriors in the species may be able to wield much more powerful members than others of its brethren.

Special ability: Take into consideration how the alien species has manifested so far and use the result here as a catalyst to invent something interesting the species can do.

Communication method: May lead to fun roleplay situations, can be ignored if preferred. 

Culture: Not an all encompassing description of the alien’s culture, but some interesting aspect of it that should give you some hook when roleplaying the alien species.

Want:  Again, not an all encompassing description of the central drive of the alien species, but a hook to give the species a motivation when they are encountered by PC’s.

Bruce Pennington
Sci Fi Alien Species Generator: 

Raw Tables:
Basic Form + Basic Form:
Man, 2HD, AC11, Crude tool: d6.
Pygmy, 1HD, AC10, Crude tool: d4. 
High Grav Man, 1HD, AC12, Crude tool: d8.
Giant Man, 4HD, AC11, Crude tool: d8.  
Low Grav Man, 1HD, AC10, Crude tool: d6. 
Crab, 1HD, AC14, Claws: d6x2. 
Fish, 2HD, AC11, Bite: d6. 
Octopus, 1HD, AC11, Tentacle: d6x4. 
Mobile Flower, 1HD, AC9, Poison Dust: d6 to all Nearby. 
Snake, 1HD, AC11, Poison Bite: d6, test CON or d4 damage for d6 rounds. 
Lizard, 2HD, AC11, Bite: d6. 
Turtle, 2HD, AC14, Bite: d6. 
Toad, 1HD, AC11, Poison Touch: Melee attackers test DEX or d6 damage. 
Dog, 1HD, AC11, Bite: d8. 
Cat, 1HD, AC13, Claw: d6. 
Bear, 3HD, AC11, Claw: d8 + Bite: d6.  
Tiger, 2HD, AC14, Claw: d8 + Bite: d6. 
Slime Mound, 2HD, AC14, Acid Punch: d6 + 1 damage per round for d6 rounds. 
Jelly Cube, 4HD, AC11, Consume: Target tests DEX or sucked into jelly and choked for d6 damage per round until successful DEX test. 
Worm, 1HD, AC11, Headbutt: d4. 
Centipede, 1HD, AC12, Pincer: d6x2. . 
Flying Bird, 1HD, AC12, Claw or Beak: d6. 
Flightless Bird, 1HD, AC11, Claw or Beak: d8. 
Butterfly, 1HD, AC9, Poison Dust: d6 to all Nearby. 
Mosquito, 1HD, AC9, Proboscis: d6, can suck blood automatically after successful attack, d4 damage per round. . 
Beetle, 1HD, AC14, Pincer: d6. 
Spider, 1HD, AC12, Poison Bite: d6, test CON or d4 damage for d6 rounds. 
Mantis, 2HD, AC12, Claw: d8. 
Wasp, 1HD, AC12, Poison Sting: d6, test CON or d4 damage for d6 rounds. 
Slug, 4HD, AC9, Bite: d4. 
Ape, 1HD, AC11, Punch: d6 + Bite: d4. 
Mobile Fungi, 2HD, AC11, Punch: d6 + Sleep Touch: When attacked released sleep spores, all Nearby must test CON or fall asleep for d4 rounds.  
Mobile Tree, 2HD, AC12, Branch: d8. 
Jellyfish, 2HD, AC10, Stun Tentacle: d6, stuns target for next round after successful attack.  
Bull, 3HD, AC11, Horns: d8. 
Hog, 2HD, AC11, Horns: d8. 
Ram, 1HD, AC11, Horns: d8. 
Rat, 1HD, AC11, Diseased Bite: d6, target tests CON or recieved disease.  
Elephant, 4HD, AC12, Trample: d10. 
Snail, 2HD, AC15, Bite: d4. 

Form Manifestation:
Cute, Infantile and apparently defenseless. 
Attractive, symmetrical, strong and capable.  
Glowing, radiant, plasmic and blinding. 
Floating, gaseous, bulbous and peaceful. 
Flat, hidden, creeping and thin. 
Ghostly, incorporeal, shimmering and misty. 
Erratic, jagged, spikey and sharp. 
Incomplete, a jumble, asymmetrical and confused. 
Skeletal, filled with holes, shriveled and gaunt. 
Clear, translucent, watery and viscous. 
Diffused, cloudlike, flickering and intangible. 
Duplicated, doubled, additional features, limbs and heads. 
Gem encrusted, gold plated, shimmering and opulent. 
Brain bulging, intellectual, mind developed at expense of body. 
Bloody, fleshy, inside out with pulpy organs on display. 
Warping, chameleon, copying and changing. 
Wet, dripping, oozing, and slithering. 
Thorny, plated, protected and warty. 
Acidic, caustic, spitting and sizzling. 
Caught, captured, encased in inorganic technological parasites. 
A specific body part or feature is exaggerated, huge and massive. 
All mouth, consumption, chewing, maw and teeth. 
Vegetative, green, vine ridden and flowering. 
Disordered, backwards, illcreated and warped. 
Smoking, smouldering, wafting heat and flame. 
Rotted, crumbling, foul and tattered. 
Gangly, too long, reaching and grasping. 
Geometric war scars, holy symbols of blood, symbols and tattoos. 
Horrific, dripping with terror, an affront and abomination,
Gargantuan, enormous, leviathanic and massive. 
Tendrilic, squirming, hydratic and hypnotising. 
Crumbling, craggy, sandy and granular. 
Deep boring, burying, loamy and earthy. 
Rocky, stony, hard and solid. 
Eyes, huge or multiple, watching, seeing and knowing. 
Ancient, too old, beyond wise and venerable. 
Blades, spines, needles, bringer of pain and death. 
Leering, greening, cackling and vile. 
Dark, shadowy, hidden, silent and creeping. 
Diseased, rotting, boils, scabs and pus plaguebearer. 

Armour Technology level:
Laz shields, immune to Laz fire for  d6 rounds.  
Metal shields +1 AC. 
Heavy Armour +6 AC. 
Medium Armour +4 AC
Light Armour +2 AC. 
Thick Skin +1 AC.
Bio organic mineral skin plates +2 AC. 
Hyper alert +1 AC.  
Mineral flesh +3 AC.
Weapon Technology Level:
None, attacks with body. 
Crude melee weapons (stone tools and axes). 
Modern melee weapons (swords and daggers). 
Futuristic melee weapons (energy and mechanical swords). 
Plasma melee weapons (plasma cestus and sword). 
Crude ranged weapons (rocks, bow and arrow).  
Modern ranged weapons (bull guns). 
Futuristic ranged weapons (laz guns). 
Combination, roll on this table twice.  

Special ability:
Healing and regeneration.
Protection and armouring.
Guidance and navigation.
Storage and compartments.
Immunity and resistance.
Illumination and clear sight.
Knowledge and intelligence.
Flight and gliding.
Psionics and thought power
Sleep and meditation.
Wings and gills.
Cleansing and reduction.
Supply of air and gas.
Voice control and noise creation.
Disguise and camouflage.
Charming and beguiling.
Speed and swiftness.
Implanted weapons of body and mind.
Endurance and vitality.
Shrinking and resizing.
Cluster growths and useful tumors.
Jellyfying and Sliming.
Reflection and repetition.
Piercing and smashing.
Tricks and misdirection.
Eyes and vision.
Eating and consumption.
Repair and replacement.
Gilding and glamour.
Cutting and slashing.
Analysis and research.
Dreaming and fantasy.
Mind control and enslavement.
Flesh sculpting and forming.
Extra organs and skin.
Self destruction and cannibalism.
Regulation and replenishment.
Neutralisation and elimination.
Swimming and aquatics.
Clawing and prying.
Balance and order.
Acid and melting.
Steam and boiling.
Cleaning and tidying.
Entrapment and seizure.
Locks and safety.
Growth and gigantism.
Vegetables and fruit.
Sensuality and instinct.
Ornamentation and fashion.
Beasts and wildness.
Grinding and dissection.  
Peace and kindness.
Scent and smell.
Illusions and fakery.
Madness and mutation.
Fire and burning.
Explosives and incendiaries.
Destruction and crushing.
Recycling and reusing.
Pilfering and scavenging
Wheels and cogs.
Tentacles and suckers.
Divination and the future.
Maps and direction.
Mechanics and automation.
Blubber and mass.
Height and towering.
Preservation and undying.
Gathering and binding.
Silkiness and softness.
Intoxication and inebriation.
Picking and probing.
Charisma and allure.
Seeking and hunting.
Stone and rigidity.
Chemistry and alchemy.
Secrets and hiding.
Decoration and plumage.
Time and history.
Eternalness and dissipation.
Writing and recording.
Curiosity and novelty.
Torturing and extraction.
Poison and sickness.
Curses and counterattacks.
Bile and phlegm.
Shadows and darkness.
 Bones and death.
Warping and reworking.

Communication method:
Mouth based auditory. 
Body based auditory. 
Shimmering skin/plumage. 
Physical gestures.
Touch telepathy. 
Via Com Link and the Data Plane. 
Written only. 

Overzealous with the administration of violence.
Protects the less fortunate of the species.
Always leave valuable offerings.
Will always capture enemies, rather than kill them.
More like an army than a species, very regimented and rife with punishment.
All in the species looks eerily similar.
Species is addicted to some pleasure causing substance.
Species devoted to a mysterious quasi-religious leader.
Species can read each other's minds.
All of species are clones.
Species welcomes all others.
Species has a horrific disease.
Species is chaotic and disordered.
Species lives on the back of larger alien species.
Species is leaderless and devoted to equality.
Species always creeps and whispers, sticking to the shadows.
Species is an utter pariah having committed some vile transgression in the past.
Species never allows themselves to be seen, always sending envoys or covering/disguising themselves completely.
Incredibly up front and honest.
Very petty and shallow minded.
Species sick with some terminal illness, making them incredibly desperate.
Species is very weak, will disperse and crumble with the slightest provocation.
Species equipment and possessions are constantly breaking, as is their resolve.
Species is only concerned with wealth of the mind, deals only in information, secrets, etc.
Species are addicted to the Data Plane and under the sway of an A.I leader.
Species always employ slaves (flesh or robotic) to do their dirty work.
Some ancient and horrific force has reawakened to claim leadership of the species.
Obsessed with ostentatious displays of material wealth.
Every species member must record all happenings into a Com Log, which is then logged into the Data Plane.
Species always overplans everything to the extreme.
Species has an inexhaustible amount of material wealth.
Species are all Khybe sensitive in some manner.
Species has an obsession with bones and skeletons.
All species focused on ritual sacrifice.
Species operate in pairs of inseparable lovers.
Species is incredibly lazy.
Species always lies.
Cruel and vindictive to all not belonging to the species.
Species connected by cybernetics to some life giving liquid piped into the body from nearby vats.
Species obsessed with a strict moral code of conduct.
Species are kleptomaniacs.
Species is fastidiously clean, to the point of obsession.
Species freely supply highly addictive and destructive substances to all those they meet.
Species sees themselves as morally upstanding, that everyone else is wrong and immoral.
Species constantly on the hunt.
The species population is so large they have become a pest.
Species refuses to communicate in any way with outsiders.
Species always rides some form of fearsome alien beast.
Species are cannibals.
Species conducts itself in an eerily calm manner.
Species never harms, injures or kills another living being.
Species is horribly mutated from some atmospheric radiation.
Species fails at everything it attempts to do.
Species loves fire.
Species loves explosions.
The species currently has no leader, creating a chaotic mess of betrayals and double crosses.
The species is in decline after a once glorious golden age.
The species ensures it double crosses and then destroys all those it deals with.
Species will always have dozens of hidden lookouts, monitoring every interaction that occurs in their territory.
Species is convinced the end times are at hand.
Species is incredibly shadowy and mysterious. Often only communicating through notes, cryptic messages and intermediaries.
Species is hyperactive to the extreme.
Species are giggling and cruel tricksters.
Species employs the use of massively oversized weaponry and tools.
Species enjoys gross horror and terror.  
Species seduce all those they encounter.
Two factions have recently formed in the species, there is simmering tension that often erupts into open violence.  
Species is incredibly sensual, constantly eating, touching, drinking and copulating.
Species never leaves dark places.
Species is ever burrowing deeper and deeper underground.
All of species are tough as nails, wrapped up in heavy armour and armed to the teeth.
Species has some enormous tree, fungus, weed or animal central to their existence.
Species are feasters, loving to eat, and hugely obese.
Species is soulless.
All species members are ancient, all perhaps living forever.
Species always causes others pain at every opportunity.
Species is in the throes of a bloody vendetta war with another species.
Species must annihilate any other species living nearby to them.
Species collects technological scrap and dwells in downed spacecraft.
Species has an obsession with death.

Get a leader or important individual healed.
Find a new and secure home.
Find somewhere safe to store something sacred/important.
Remove the competition for a specific resource.
Find out who betrayed them recently.
Explore a recently discovered alien ruin.
Acquire a means of interplanetary transportation.
Gain guidance from a venerable and ancient leader
Gain control of the planet or system.
Resurrect a venerated leader.   
Shroud the reputation of the species in false and fearsome rumours.
Grow rich through the manipulations of local markets, possible owning a monopoly of some highly desired commodity.
Charm some local empire authority, though bribery, blackmail, extortion, etc.
Purchase, build, steal or otherwise acquire a menacing army of attack robots.
Poison or destroy local food/water/resource supply.
Gather intelligence on a nearby rival species through spying and subterfuge.
Hold a grand festival.
Increase the material wealth of the species.
Steal some sacred relic or important technology from a rival species.  
Decipher weird and disturbing dreams experienced by leader.
Acquire a cybernetic augmentation technician to enhance the warriors of the species.
Drench the planet/system in blood in a ritual of intimidation.
Capture, prepare and consume local figure of import.
Prepare a grand tomb or funeral procession for a recently deceased leader.
Dredge something valuable from beneath the ground.
Capture a huge and fearsome alien beast.
Find a replacement leader.
Collect a large debt owed to the species.
Outfight warriors with upgraded weapons and armour.
Setup a thriving and healthy vat farm system.
Protect some technology recently discovered/uncovered.
Grow a calming and spiritual garden.
Secure a peace treaty with a nearby rival species.
Setup a thriving galactic shipping operation.
Burn and destroy as much as possible.
Dispose of an alarming pile of irradiated waste.
Acquire a fleet of spacecraft.
Acquire a fleet of hovercraft.
Train an army of alien beasts.
Increase the population of the species
Begin/continue/expand an interspecies breeding program.
Decrease the population of the species.
Steal, build or otherwise acquire a space station as a base of operations.
Learn the secrets hidden in some esoteric text.
Build a vital and useful transportation network.
Clear out, or dig, a tunnel between/beneath two important locations.
Recover an impressive technology of which the species has valuable intelligence about location.
Steal an important technology and hold it ransom.
Terrorize a neighbouring group, to scare them into paying fealty/tribute.
Maintain peaceful relationships with all nearby species.