Sunday, 27 October 2019

Soft Sci Fi Mission Generator

A mission generator based heavily on:

Made to be used with Star Dogs:

Click on the buttons to get a mission. The raw tables can be found below.
(Automated using:

 Soft Sci Fi Mission Generator: 

Raw Tables: 

Target, Action, Location, Danger, Reward. 


A helpful, kind individual. 
A technology/substance of peace and love. 
A technology related to the worship of the Khybe. 
A khybe monk. 
An enlightening technology/substance. 
A leader. 
A fount of data. 
A technology/substance that brings bliss. 
A non khybe cult leader. 
A place abandoned/empty. 
A mad hermit. 
A memory. 
A statue. 
An assassin or thief.
A stimulating technology/substance. 
A nano sized technology. 
A shrinking technology/substance. 
A largely ignored individual. 
An idea, plan or theory. 
A healing technology/substance. 
A trader or banker. 
A large store of credits. 
A scholar. 
A technology of great learning, a store of knowledge. 
A key, or part of a greater whole. 
An individual’s innards. 
A duplicating technology. 
An agent of the Empire. 
A criminal. 
A technology of great destruction. 
A cleaning technology/substance. 
An imprisonment technology.
A soldier or guard. 
A technology/substance for growing. 
An individual amassing power. 
A rare alien beast. 
A delicacy.
A trainer. 
A sacred place. 
A site of great Khybe energy. 
A technology of automation. 
A ruin or broken technology. 
A pilot or driver. 
A synthoid resurrector. 
A monstrous alien. 
An alien of giant size. 
An addictive technology/substance.
A hovercraft. 
A spacecraft. 
A mining technology. 
A secret. 
A stockpile. 
A Comlog. 
A technology used for torture. 
A deceased individual. 
A technology used for recording. 
Data records. 
A technology for augmentation. 
A Khybe inducing technology/substance 
A robot. 


Help target. 
Give target a gift. 
Reorder target.  
Forcefully correct target. 
Enlighten target. 
Bring peace to target. 
Bring a new idea to target. 
Isolate target.
Spy on target.
Replace target. 
Accelerate target. 
Shrink or wither target. 
Make target disappear. 
Transport target to the Dataplane. 
Revive target. 
Steal from target. 
Learn from target. 
Educate target. 
Rearrange internals of target. 
Create a copy of target. 
Get revenge for target, or revenge from target. 
Reward target. 
Bring justice to target. 
Clean target. 
Capture target.   
Grow target. 
Feed target.
Have target be eaten. 
Mesmerise target. 
Violently destroy target. 
Kidnap target.
Terrify target. 
Nearly destroy target. 
Bury target. 
Freeze target in place. 
Create detailed report on target. 
Torture target. 
Corrupt target. 
Put target in the dark. 
Disease or poison target. 


A Khybe temple. 
An Empire outpost. 
A Dataplane server. 
A pleasure garden. 
A spacecraft wreck. 
An abandoned building. 
A space station. 
A black market. 
A hidden hut. 
A body of water. 
A hover dwelling or estate. 
A vat farm. 
A warehouse. 
A research center. 
A prison. 
A laboratory. 
A dock, space or otherwise. 
A barracks. 
A food manufacturing factory. 
A shared space (roll twice and combine results). 
A slum. 
A zoo of exotic alien beasts. 
A forest. 
A cave. 
An automated or robot run factory. 
A gas production plant. 
A fortified wall or battlements. 
A hyper mall. 
An alien experimentation laboratory. 
An ancient alien ruin. 
An island or asteroid. 
The Data Plane. 
A mine. 
A wasteland. 
A weapons factory. 
A place of entertainment. 
A graveyard. 
In space. 
A sewer. 
A bar. 


Aggressive local population. 
Searing radiation leakage. 
Well trained and equipped security forces. 
Stupefying substance in atmosphere. 
No air/poisoned air. 
Malfunctioning fighter robots. 
Bottomless chasms. 
Gale Force winds. 
Plasma walls. 
A melting ooze secretes in abundance. 
Enemies and dangers instantly repair/regrow. 
Secret doors. 
Infestation of parasitic aliens. 
Intruders recorded, and punished later. 
Warping of ability to think. 
Production of counterfeits, doubles and copies. 
Deadly heat or cold. 
Chemical leakage. 
Entrapping rooms. 
Overgrown with deadly alien flora. 
Overrun with deadly alien fauna. 
Mutating Khybe corruption. 
Traps that vomit deadly substances. 
A hive of dangerous alien humanoids. 
Collapsing architecture. 
Infected with disease. 
Malfunctioning automated vats and machines. 
High levels of surveillance.
EMP field stops electronics working. 
Choking, burning gas. 
AI security systems. 
Automated Bull/Laz turrets. 
Anti projectile atmosphere. 
Metal corroding atmosphere. 
Miniature wormholes.
Gravity fluctuations. 
Unlightable darkness. 


Client specific service. 
Secret knowledge. 
Drugs or chemicals. 
Transport services. 
Small sized impressive technology equipment.  
Honor and glory. 
Cybernetic augmentation. 
Medical services or technology. 
A wondrous substance that is quickly consumed. 
Protection services. 
Advanced combat equipment. 
A party. 
Base or hideout. 
Advanced weaponry.
Decorative treasure.  
Assassin, intimidation or tactical services. 
An exotic alien beast. 
Insight into the future. 
Data Plane access. 
Honorary title.
Valuable coordinates. 
Galactic Trade Pallets. 
Advanced armour. 
A Khybe artifact. 
Large sized impressive technology equipment.  
Tools and equipment. 
Valuable, possible illicit, substances.