Thursday 6 April 2023

The Old Imperial Factory (Star Dogs Locale)

Here is a location from a now-abandoned Star Dogs Planet pdf! Though I have left the planet behind I am fond of this room stocking method and will use it again in the future.... 

To generate a room, roll more than once on the following d20 table. Roll until you get a combination of results you feel summons an interesting/unique/coherent/otherwise gameable room within your mind’s eye. Additionally roll on the table to get details about elements of the building as needed (doors, walls, windows, etc). 

You can also use this table if you want a bit of structure to the room stocking: 

  1. Empty 
  2. Humanoid 
  3. Alien beast 
  4. Group of humanoids 
  5. Group of alien beasts 
  6. Huge alien beast 
  7. Powerful humanoid with followers 
  8. Useful resource 
  9. Exotic equipment 
  10. Strangeness 

The A.I Operated Auto factory.

The last factory, falling apart but produces things for planetary population 

An ancient, imperial, A.I operated manufacturing plant. The factory is operable, powered by a spacecraft warpdrive, but the A.I has become corrupted from decades of its systems being hacked and repurposed. Provides practically all of The Tower’s manufactured equipment. 

Room Generation Table: 

  1. Heavy rust
  2. Industrial replicator vats
  3. Gas storage tanks 
  4. Scrap metal 
  5. Smelting ovens 
  6. Sand mounds 
  7. Huge robotic construction arms 
  8. Huge robotic construction hands 
  9. Metallic chutes 
  10. Metallic conveyer belt
  11. Industrial engines 
  12. Massive pipes 
  13. Heavy dust 
  14. Metallic storage crates 
  15. Warped and useless tools 
  16. Warped and useless heavy industrial equipment 
  17. Smoke 
  18. Spindly automated construction bots: 2HD, AC14, Weapon: d6 slicing claw, Desire: Stop any one approaching any productive component of the factory’s manufacturing system.
  19. Spider like automated transport bots: 4HD, AC15, Weapon: d6 slicing claw and d6 nail gun, Desire: Stop any one approaching any productive component of the factory’s manufacturing system.
  20. Ancient A.I access screen with replicator outlet. Can be used to manufacture most basic equipment - but will always produce items that are wrong, and sup optimal, in at least one detail. (shoddy) 

Each room has a 1 in 6 chance of encountering The Mayor. 

Massak, The Mayor: 

Description: Weathered and aging. Dressed in filthy but somehow ornate garb of an industrial worker. Lugs around a massive tome containing decades of notes regarding the factory A.I. 

Behavior: Ever examining the physical and digital systems of factory - cross referencing his giant operations tome. Is protective of The Tower and its inhabitants 

Desire: Perfect his operation of the factory to be able to manufacture additional warp drives. 

4HD, AC13Weapon: d8 Bull Rifle, Special Ability: Knows how to get the factory A.I to produce high quality items.