Saturday 14 March 2015

Drawings from "The Land Beneath The Winds"

I've not had the time to write recently. To keep the creative juices flowing I put out the call (in the OSR G+ Community) to see if any one would like me to do some drawings for anything they were working on. John from graciously gave me the low-down on a campaign setting and ruleset he's writing. His world is right up my alley, being a weird (but upbeat) fusion of fantasy and sci-fi, with a bunch of weird races and factions. Here is the result: 

Mud Crab Golem

Crabman Water Pipe Smoker

Crabman Warrior

Crabman Shooter

Dolphin Warrior 
Dolphin Magic User

Tigerman Rogue

Tigerman Mouth Wizard

Mimic True Form

Mimic Adventurer

Mimic Mouth Wizard

Mountain Goblin Shooter

Mountain Goblin Dervish

View of Mountain Goblin Settlement

Walrus Totem

Dolphin Totem

Shark Totem

Octopus Totem