Friday 12 March 2021

The Cape of Old Daemons

A new PDF adventure release! 

Please hit me up if you want a review copy/don't want to buy it. 

The Cape of Old Daemons is on the fringes of The Red Sun Kingdom. Ancient wrecks and ruins of an age filled with magic and technology are littered across the cape. The Prodigal Caravan, a nomadic tribe of wizards has settled here, attempting to pick clean the ruins. A camp of Red Sun Agents watches over them, ensuring anything of value is returned to the King. Tension simmers between the two groups, while beneath the earth The Hookmen plot the downfall of all…

A fantasy post-apocalyptic adventure location, including:

  • A town of randomly stocked wizard wagon towers!
  • Three factions with quests for the Player Characters. Tables for throwing the cape into conflict and chaos!
  • A generator of magical devices from an ancient age!
  • A toxic plain of warping, radioactive rocks!
  • Acidic beaches haunted by the explorable carcasses of industry!
  • Fields filled with the preserved forms of engineered godlets!
  • A garden overgrown with mutagenic waste!
  • And more!

Written for Ordure Fantasy d6 RPG, but includes simple rules for converting to other systems.

Suitable for parties of lower levelled characters. 

Get it here: 

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