Monday 31 May 2021

Cyberpunk Building Stocker

I'm in the process of returning to cyberpunk in the form of a FKR'irised version of Shit Future. Here's a building stocker! 

: Go to an appropriately populated area of the world on google maps. Zoom in our out to a scale you like. Take a screenshot of the area and remove any names/real world monikers you do not like. Stock the buildings with the following d66 tables: 

Building stocker: 

11. Housing  

12. Hotel  

13. Bar  

14. Nightclub 

15. Temple  

16. Restaurant  

21. Pharmacy 

22. Factory 

23. Datagrid cafe 

24. Aesthetic surgeon  

25. Garden 

26. Clan or Zaibatsu headquarters 

31. Entertainment venue

32. Gym 

33. Security headquarters  

34. Warehouse 

35. Crypt 

36. Laboratory 

41. Supermarket 

42. Food manufacturing 

43. Mundane/everyday items store (Roll on PC skills for ideas) 

44. Tools and speciality equipment store (Roll on PC skills for ideas) 

45. Weapons and armour store 

46. Clothing store 

51. Hover land vehicle store 

52. Flying vehicle store 

53. Art/decorations store 

54. Cybernetic augmentation surgeon

55. Abandoned 

56. Workshop of physical labour (Roll on PC skills for ideas) 

61. Workshop of mental labour (Roll on PC skills for ideas) 

62. Bank 

63. Area specific port  

64. Utility building (Roll on PC skills/backgrounds for ideas) 

65. Office building 

66. Hospital 

Building Appearance:  

11. Being repaired/ in disrepair

12. Neon signs in worship of the satellite gods 

13. LED walls filled with zaibatsu advertisements 

14. Huge plastic banners proclaiming local businesses 

15. Entry through hoverport on roof, no ground floor entry 

16. Nuclear power cooling stacks on roof 

21. An infection of pipes along outside walls and roof 

22. Walls made entirely of reinforced glass (mirror, tinted or clear) 

23. Sleeping pods bolted to wall and roof 

24. No visible entries/exits. Access gained from beneath building 

25. Tents and lean tos house a transient population around the building 

26. Opulent, luxurious and decadent (modern or a faded relic of a bygone age) 

31. Wall sized screens project images of passerbys, decked in the wares of the building

32. Gaudy faux water features (waterfalls, moats, ponds, fish tanks) 

33. Walls burnt or melted 

34. Private security holding cells bolted to the walls and roof 

35. Bizarre genemixed plants explode from the windows, roof and walls

36. Patrolled and protected by genemixed beasts 

41. Decorative, rainbow coloured gas and smoke pumped from vents 

42. Lines of neon lighting gild the decorative flourishes of the building 

43. Huge flood lights jut from the building, turning the night to day 

44. Exterior walls piled high with refuse 

45. Roof contains a busy hover pad 

46. Covered in ancient neon signs of defunct brands and businesses

51. Covered in lurid and colourful graffiti  

52. Towers much taller than nearby buildings 

53. Shipping containers are stacked up around the building 

54. Architecture formed of fancy marble or another exotic material 

55. A proliferation of balconies or open air/windowless rooms

56. Decaying with age 

61. Patrolled by teams of armed goons 

62. Surrounded by a carpark or lot filled with hover vehicles (operable or otherwise) 

63. Patrolled by teams of humanoid robots (security or work focused) 

64. Haunted by buzzing groups of drones 

65. Scenes of exotic climes (islands, meadows, mountains) projected from LED walls 

66. Metal plating on walls, doors and windows

Thursday 20 May 2021

Cyberpunk Room Generator

 I'm in the process of returning to cyberpunk in the form of a FKR'irised version of Shit Future. Here's a room generator! 

Cyberpunk Room Generator: Roll on the following tables to generate a room. 








Tiny, storage cupboard 





Small, bedroom 





Medium, living room




Semi circle 

Large, workshop 

1, Locked 

Stairs up



Huge, factory 

2, Some or all Locked 

Stairs down 



Massive, hangar 

3+, Some or all Locked  

Elevator system 

Room Base, d66:  

11. Lounge room 

12. Recreation room 

13. Office 

14. Workshop 

15. Bedroom 

16. Bar 

21. Smoking room 

22. Garden 

23. Prayer room 

24. Trophy room 

25. Physical storage 

26. Toilet 

31. Bathroom 

32. Spa/Sauna 

33. Pool 

34. Dining room 

35. Data storage 

36. Power generation 

41. Electronics 

42. Shop front 

43. Digital entertainment 

44. Physical entertainment 

45. Gym  

46. Lookout  

51. Garage  

52. Kitchen  

53. Laundry  

54. Waste disposal  

55. Auditorium 

56. Meeting room  

61. Empty  

62. Armoury 

63. Wrecked room 

64. Medical 

65. Animal holding  

66. Waiting room 

Room Contents (Roll more than once for larger/busier rooms), d66:  

11. Inhabitant, sleeping 

12. Inhabitant, lounging 

13. Inhabitant, searching 

14. Inhabitant, gaming 

15. Inhabitant, mentally toiling  

16. Inhabitant, physically toiling  

21. Inhabitant, guarding (roll again to find out what) 

22. Inhabitant, fighting (roll again to find out what)  

23. Inhabitant, recovering 

24. Inhabitant, conducting ritual or worship    

25. Inhabitant, conducting commerce  

26. Inhabitant, using datagrid  

31. Inhabitant, hidden and watching  

32. Inhabitant, eating/drinking   

33. Inhabitant, operating device/technology  

34. Inhabitant, imbibing narcotics  

35. Inhabitant, partying  

36. Inhabitant, transporting equipment

41. Technology, operating normally  

42. Technology, producing datagrid services 

43. Technology, producing physical goods 

44. Technology, malfunctioning 

45. Technology, operating on (roll again to find out what) 

46. Technology,  Restraining or damaging (roll again to find out what) 

51. Valuables, Equipment    

52. Valuables, Decorative    

53. Valuables, Credit datavault   

54. External hazard invading building     

55. Hazard inherent to building,   

56. Out of place and unusual hazard   

61. Security system, datagrid focused    

62. Security system, mild and annoying    

63. Security system, obvious and menacing    

64. Security system, hidden and deadly   

65. Security system, guarding (roll again to find out what)  

66. Security system, attacking (roll again to find out what)    

Room Aesthetics (Roll more than once for weirder rooms), d66: 

11. Very bright or very dark 

12. Smooth, clean, clear and empty of clutter 

13. Sublime, awe-inspiring and stunning

14. An abundance of objects hanging or floating

15. Broken things expulsing internal materials

16. An abundance of pools and liquid 

21. Closed, locked, protected and forbidden

22. Clearly fake objects, rudely pretending to be something they are not

23. Translucent and clear objects that can be seen through

24. Shimmering, hazy, dreamlike and psychedelic

25. Internals of flora, fauna, and architecture revealed and on display

26. Stunningly decorative and opulent

31. Reflections and mirrors.

32. Hard, jagged imposing minerals materials

33. Objects enclosed and entrapped in other objects

34. Dried out, cracking and flaking

35. Fresh new objects or architecture exploding out of older objects 

36. Objects dead or dying or otherwise faltering

41. Emptied out and hallowed objects, left carelessly discarded

42. Evidence of recent conflict

43. Oversized objects loom menacingly over others 

44. Tight, crowded and claustrophobic

45. Arches, columns and towers

46. Ruins, wrecks, fossils, and bones

51. Rotting, polluted and disgusting

52. Flowery and ornate

53. Flames, plasma and heat sources

54. Ice, coolant, and frigidness

55. Overly mechanical and geometric

56. Luxurious, soft and enveloping

61. Open wide vistas and good views

62. Raw, unfinished and incomplete

63. Portals, visions, and windows

64. Polished, smooth and shiny

65. Idols, statues, and elements on harsh display

66. Objects taboo and normally avoided

Saturday 15 May 2021

The Battle for The Colossal Wastes of Zhaar Epilogue

After three and a bit months, The Battle for The Colossal Wastes of Zhaar is over. This was a six player play by post game, with each player being in control of  warband of their own creation. The players were each plopped down in a hex in this: hexcrawl and then set loose. I kind of assumed the players would instantly try to start fighting one another but the game became much more exploration and diplomacy focused....that was until the space lizard marine player fired a rocket at a group of three warbands all in the same hangar. Things were quickly brought to a head then! For those interested,  I wrote down some of my methods for running  in this post: which was then put into this PDF: 

I don't have it in me at the moment to do a full summary of the game, as there was a lot going on, but here is a map of where each player travelled and the epilogue which hints at some of the events that took place during the game. 

The Battle for The Colossal Wastes of Zhaar Epilogue: 

·        Crab Herders: Continued their southward journey – using the ferry requisitioned from the fiendish snakemen to avoid the dangers of the ashlands. Once they reached the coast, the kobolds and crabs joyfully frolicked westward, eventually finding a huge tribe of wild and warlike kobolds… 

·        Aeturnus Mechanicus: Defeated by a troop of Space Lizard Marines in the air ship hangar complex. The lizards collected the metal skeleton’s remains and welded them to their weapons and armour as grisly tokens of their victory over them. The space lizards held grim admiration for the defeated metal skeletons, so their equipment bearing the parts of Aeturnus Mechanicus are treated with the utmost respect and care. 

·        Space Lizard Marines: After the defeat of Gigaignus the two surviving space lizards hid in the hangar until  the desert elephant riding giants passed on. Then, several weeks were spent scavenging equipment and parts to repair the crashed airship south of the red rock tower. The metallic craft was raised into the air once again. Delmar and Throg used the flying machine to recruit a new warband. A sizeable host of wasteland raiders was assembled and the pair of lizard men used their airship as a terrifying base of operations. 

·        Mounted Camels: The surviving riders of the obliterated troop managed to escape the carnage at the hangar complex. Riding south, away from the flames and the blood and the terror – they called for evacuation using their intergalactic communicators. They were scooped up by a spaceship several hours later. The sighting of the craft was discussed for decades by Zhaar locals but a ship of its type never again returned to Zhaar. Hanks, the leader of the camel troop, told his superiors in no uncertain terms that there is no sane reason to ever return to The Colossal Wastes of Zhaar. 

·        Ghost/Void Knights: The entire host of knights and their time seer leader were wiped out in mere moments by a traitorous rocket from the lizard man Bingo. After bravely charging the metal skeletons and beginning to cut them to pieces with their plasmic blades, the knights were either exploded or melted in the inferno that filled with hangar. Hours later though, some of the flames of that inferno coalesced around Epsilon the time seer’s corpse. The flames gathered and formed into a man shape and then the flame man walked to the cracked, broken and leaking barrel of mutagen, recovered the day before, and drunk deep. The flame man burned like a prismatic rainbow and Epsilon was reborn. As his consciousness refragmented weeks later he vowed revenge on the double crossing lizard men – but he must first rebuild his power… 

·        Crusader Biologists/The Orvrur: After a day spent scaling some of the highest heights and spelunking some of the deepest depths of Zhaar, the Crusader Biologists emerged from the bloody well nearby the carnage of the air ship hangar. Avoiding the burnt, damaged and wild looking lizard men, and the flames, and the corpses of the complex, the biologists headed West. Here they discovered the ruins of the snake man civilization. After weeks of documenting the ruins here they discovered a great golden key. A key to the huge door they discovered deep beneath the ground. The Crusader Biologists plan to head back beneath the burnt grounds of Zhaar and discovered the secrets locked away there!  

Tuesday 11 May 2021

Cyberpunk Satellite God Generator

 I'm in the process of returning to cyberpunk in the form of a FKR'irised version of Shit Future. 

"The gods watch the earth once again, floating slow time in twinkling satellites." 

Satellite God Generator:  Roll a d66 (roll two d6, the first represents the tens digit, and the second represents the ones digit) five times. 


11. Titanic 

12. Enchanting 

13. Ubiquitous 

14. Zealous 

15. Demanding 

16. Hidden 

21. Enlightened 

22. Haunting 

23. Foul 

24. Jovial 

25. Mercantile 

26. Warping 

31. Destructive 

32. Prophetic 

33. Terrifying 

34. Ancient 

35. Profane 

36. Sacred 

41. Persuasive 

42. Perceptive 

43. Corrupting 

44. Invincible 

45. Erudite 

46. Versatile 

51. Deceptive 

52. Cunning 

53. Adamant 

54. Hallowed 

55. Baleful 

56. Elegant 

61. Noxious 

62. Aloof 

63. Comely 

64. Doomed 

65. Luck granting

66. Cursing 

God of: 

11. Flying vehicles.  

12. Land bound vehicles. 

13. Mechanics. 

14. Heavy Machinery. 

15. Electronics. 

16. Civil Engineering. 

21. Computing. 

22. Hacking. 

23. Firewalls.  

24. The Datagrid.  

25. Drones. 

26. Robots. 

31. Pharmaceuticals.  

32. Organisational Structures.  

33. City Planning.   

34. Transport Networks.  

35. Power Grids. 

36. Economics 

41. Guns.  

42. Combat Armour.  

43. Melee Weapons.  

44. Flying Assault Vehicles.   

45. Heavy Land Based Assault Vehicles. 

46. Security. 

51. Explosives.  

52. Unarmed Combat.  

53. Poison.  

54. Diplomacy.  

55. Negotiation. 

56. Entertainment. 

61. Farming.  

62. Spying.  

63. Data Mining. 

64. Surgery. 

65. Medicine.  

66. Communication Networks.

Their Datagrid avatar and satellite tomb is in the form of a: 

11. Infantile 

12. Perfectly symmetrical  

13. Ghostly 

14. Radiant 

15. Plasmic 

16. Jagged  

21. Spikey 

22. Skeletal 

23. Shriveled 

24. Many headed 

25. Many limbed 

26. Gem encrusted 

31. Gold plated 

32. Inside out 

33. Oozing 

34. Huge Mouthed 

35. Vegetation covered 

36. Flaming 

41. Too long 

42. Geometric 

43. Tendril covered 

44. Rocky  

45. Eye covered 

46. Blade covered 

51. Leering  

52. Needle covered 

53. Stone 

54. Chrome 

55. Smoking 

56. Winged 

61. Haloed 

62. Robotic 

63. Spherical 

64. Cuboid 

65. Toga wearing 

66. Holy text covered

(Combine these last two tables for form): 

11. Man

12. Crab

13. Fish 

14. Flower 

15. Octopus 

16. Snake 

21. Lizard 

22. Frog 

23. Dog 

24. Cat 

25. Tiger 

26. Worm 

31. Centipede 

32. Bird 

33. Butterfly 

34. Beetle 

35. Spider 

36. Mantis 

41. Wasp

42. Slug 

43. Snail 

44. Ape 

45. Tree

46. Mushroom 

51. Jellyfish 

52. Bull

53. Hog 

54. Rat 

55. Mask 

56. Hand 

61. Skull 

62. Turtle

63. Bear 

64. Elephant 

65. Eye 

66. Flame 

(Combine these last two tables for form): 

11. Man

12. Crab

13. Fish 

14. Flower 

15. Octopus 

16. Snake 

21. Lizard 

22. Frog 

23. Dog 

24. Cat 

25. Tiger 

26. Worm 

31. Centipede 

32. Bird 

33. Butterfly 

34. Beetle 

35. Spider 

36. Mantis 

41. Wasp

42. Slug 

43. Snail 

44. Ape 

45. Tree

46. Mushroom 

51. Jellyfish 

52. Bull

53. Hog 

54. Rat 

55. Mask 

56. Hand 

61. Skull 

62. Turtle

63. Bear 

64. Elephant 

65. Eye 

66. Flame