Saturday, 15 May 2021

The Battle for The Colossal Wastes of Zhaar Epilogue

After three and a bit months, The Battle for The Colossal Wastes of Zhaar is over. This was a six player play by post game, with each player being in control of  warband of their own creation. The players were each plopped down in a hex in this: hexcrawl and then set loose. I kind of assumed the players would instantly try to start fighting one another but the game became much more exploration and diplomacy focused....that was until the space lizard marine player fired a rocket at a group of three warbands all in the same hangar. Things were quickly brought to a head then! For those interested,  I wrote down some of my methods for running  in this post: which was then put into this PDF: 

I don't have it in me at the moment to do a full summary of the game, as there was a lot going on, but here is a map of where each player travelled and the epilogue which hints at some of the events that took place during the game. 

The Battle for The Colossal Wastes of Zhaar Epilogue: 

·        Crab Herders: Continued their southward journey – using the ferry requisitioned from the fiendish snakemen to avoid the dangers of the ashlands. Once they reached the coast, the kobolds and crabs joyfully frolicked westward, eventually finding a huge tribe of wild and warlike kobolds… 

·        Aeturnus Mechanicus: Defeated by a troop of Space Lizard Marines in the air ship hangar complex. The lizards collected the metal skeleton’s remains and welded them to their weapons and armour as grisly tokens of their victory over them. The space lizards held grim admiration for the defeated metal skeletons, so their equipment bearing the parts of Aeturnus Mechanicus are treated with the utmost respect and care. 

·        Space Lizard Marines: After the defeat of Gigaignus the two surviving space lizards hid in the hangar until  the desert elephant riding giants passed on. Then, several weeks were spent scavenging equipment and parts to repair the crashed airship south of the red rock tower. The metallic craft was raised into the air once again. Delmar and Throg used the flying machine to recruit a new warband. A sizeable host of wasteland raiders was assembled and the pair of lizard men used their airship as a terrifying base of operations. 

·        Mounted Camels: The surviving riders of the obliterated troop managed to escape the carnage at the hangar complex. Riding south, away from the flames and the blood and the terror – they called for evacuation using their intergalactic communicators. They were scooped up by a spaceship several hours later. The sighting of the craft was discussed for decades by Zhaar locals but a ship of its type never again returned to Zhaar. Hanks, the leader of the camel troop, told his superiors in no uncertain terms that there is no sane reason to ever return to The Colossal Wastes of Zhaar. 

·        Ghost/Void Knights: The entire host of knights and their time seer leader were wiped out in mere moments by a traitorous rocket from the lizard man Bingo. After bravely charging the metal skeletons and beginning to cut them to pieces with their plasmic blades, the knights were either exploded or melted in the inferno that filled with hangar. Hours later though, some of the flames of that inferno coalesced around Epsilon the time seer’s corpse. The flames gathered and formed into a man shape and then the flame man walked to the cracked, broken and leaking barrel of mutagen, recovered the day before, and drunk deep. The flame man burned like a prismatic rainbow and Epsilon was reborn. As his consciousness refragmented weeks later he vowed revenge on the double crossing lizard men – but he must first rebuild his power… 

·        Crusader Biologists/The Orvrur: After a day spent scaling some of the highest heights and spelunking some of the deepest depths of Zhaar, the Crusader Biologists emerged from the bloody well nearby the carnage of the air ship hangar. Avoiding the burnt, damaged and wild looking lizard men, and the flames, and the corpses of the complex, the biologists headed West. Here they discovered the ruins of the snake man civilization. After weeks of documenting the ruins here they discovered a great golden key. A key to the huge door they discovered deep beneath the ground. The Crusader Biologists plan to head back beneath the burnt grounds of Zhaar and discovered the secrets locked away there!  

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