Sunday 27 August 2017

Random Advancement Primeval Barbarian Character Class

You emerge from the dark forest sweating, terrified and furious. Your life will be short and full of blood. Go forth and enact the vicious will of the ancestors on the plump, rotting heathens of civilization.  

You start with the hit points and saves for a first level fighter. XP per level is that of a fighter. Each time you you level up you get your hit points as usual, as well as +1 to hit. You also get an additional attack per round every second level starting at level 2. You can wield any weapon and use a shield but can wear no armor.

The size of your moustache increases with each level. Barbarians must obey the commands of other barbarians with bigger moustaches (or face an impromptu duel to the death.). The female equivalent of a moustache in your campaign has the same effect for female barbarians (that is if they do not indeed just have moustaches).

At second level, and each subsequent time you level up, roll on the following torment table. If you ever get the same torment twice that torment doubles in intensity (how that manifests depends on the torment). Many torments have a saving throw associated with them. Each  level you survive with a torment you get +1 to the related saving throw. This is noted in brackets at the bottom of the torment entry.  

Kindness is a curse: You find kindness so revolting, infuriating and vile that you take your level x d6 damage when anybody enacts it upon you. You must save vs magic to avoid attacking the relevant benefactor (and will require a save vs magic to stop attack them once you start)
(save vs magic)
Shelter is for the weak: You refuse to sleep anywhere but outside in the dirt (bedding is for the even weaker). Save vs poison when appropriate to avoid the nightly catching of relevant environmental diseases.
(save vs poison)
The flames bring happiness: You are completely unafraid of fire, indeed you have a fetish. You gleefully douse your weapons in oil before every battle and set them ablaze for the fight. This gives you +1 to damage. Save vs breath at the end of battle to see if you took d8 self inflicted fire damage. Save vs breath again to see if your weapons are destroyed.
(save versus breath)
Ignorance is bliss: You have no idea what your hit points (current and total) are any more. Scratch that section from your character sheet.  Hopefully the DM keeps track.
I spit on your “civilization”: You refuse to enter any building grander than a tent or hut. You will probably get incredibly angry if someone tricked you into entering a particularly opulent tent or hut.
Madness: It is hard to talk when all you think about is battle. When communicating you must save vs paralyze to avoid just shouting incomprehensible ravings.
(save vs  paralyze)
Alcoholism: Your drinking has taken a toll. Reduce your save versus poison by half. It is now basically impossible for you to get drunk and this save will get better again over time.
(save vs poison)
Lust for violence: Fighting feels too good to stop just because all the bad guys are dead. You must save vs magic to not attack the closest living  target when all the enemies are defeated (you will just keep fighting until you make the save or are killed).
(save vs magic)
Parasite: Your love for raw meat has earned you a new companion. You lose d4 constitution or strength this level and each subsequent level spent with it in your belly.
Civilisation is built on lies: You have lost the ability to lie.
Infected wound/s: You forgot to clean one or all of your many wounds. It doesn’t look pretty. Your hit points are halved.
Seduced by civilisation: You have lost your way and spend too many nights eating rich food and guzzling wine. This has played havoc with your once healthy constitution. You only receive 1 additional hit point each level.
Money is a curse: You can no longer touch currency of any kind or conduct any sort of trade or commerce. Doing so sears you for d8 x level damage. Getting others to conduct trade for you still has the same effect.
(save vs magic)
Magic is a curse: You must save vs magic to avoid attacking any magic users you lay eyes on. Save vs magic required to stop attacking.
(save vs magic)
Gouged: You have lost an eye. Your to hit is reduced to +1 but will get better again as normal with subsequent levels.
Is violence really the answer? Your unsure how this question got into your head but you find it profoundly disturbing. It paralyzes you with anxiety, where once you would have leapt into the fray. You must save vs paralyze to begin combat
(save vs paralyze)
Time to party! You must save vs poison this and all future level ups to avoid choking to death on your own vomit during the celebration.
(save vs poison)
You are wanted: Either you, or someone who looks like you (all barbarians look alike to city folk) is wanted for some heinous crime. Armed men/guards of civilization will attack and attempt to kill you on sight (they only need your head for the bounty). Alternatively, a recent anti-barbarian hysteria has swept through the civilized lands and you will be attacked and killed just for kicks.   
Filthy: You have adopted some obscene pride in the repulsiveness of your appearance. Your Charisma drops by d4 this and all subsequent levels.
Who needs them anyway? You took a serious blow to the head and have forgotten how to use weapons.  
YARRGHHH: You have lost the ability to talk. You can still grunt, growl, scream, etc.
Cannibalism: You’ve adopted the unfortunate habit of taking a couple of bites of the people you defeat in battle. Save vs poison after each battle to avoid contracting some terrible disease.
(save vs poison)
Insight:  You’ve had an epiphany and are now a druid or shaman. Roll on appropriate table. Keep all  the torments and fighting bonuses you have collected thus far as a barbarian.
Weresomething: When fighting in the wilderness at night you suddenly find yourself transformed into some local animal. At the end of combat you must save vs magic to change back into your human form. If you fail you are now an animal. If you do change back you can change into that animal during any night, but must save vs magic to change back. If you ever fail the roll you have lost the ability to turn back into a human.
(save vs magic)
Magic is really cursed: You take d6 damage when any one casts a spell near you.
Woundrot: You’ve been cut up one too many times and your wounds don’t heal as quickly as they once did. You must save vs poison for any healing to effective on you.
(save vs poison)
I should’ve got that looked at: An untreated infection has lead to one of your limbs being amputated. You can only attack once per round again. You can adapt and will still receive an extra attack per round every second level spent with this torment.

War wife/husband: Your lover accompanies you to every battle. You simply cannot flee any combat. Win or die.  
This place is an abomination: You won’t step foot anywhere civilized unless you are engaged in the act of sacking said town, city, village, etc.
Challenge accepted: You instantly attack any creature bigger than you. You are pretty good at it and  gain an additional +1 damage for this and each subsequent level spent with this torment against creatures bigger than you.
Clothing is cursed: You no longer wear clothing of any type. Save vs poison to avoid getting sick in relevant environments.
(save vs poison)

Damn those weakling smiths: Your weapons break at the end of every combat. You get your money's worth though, gain an additional +1 damage for this and each subsequent level spent with this torment.
Caves are cursed: The air in any underground/ cavernous area is now poisonous to you. Save vs breath each turn spent there or take d6 damage.
(save vs breath)
The pain is delicious: You’ve found you quite enjoy being hit. Each time you are damaged you must save vs paralyze to avoid shuddering in ecstasy for the next d4 rounds.  
(save vs paralyze)
Drink is cursed: You got so drunk at your level up party that you forgot all of your experience and have reverted back to the start of the previous level. Reroll for a new torment when you get your experience back.
Haunted by the ancestors:
You disgust me: You can now wear armour up to chainmail but all other barbarians attack you on sight.
What is this devilry? You must destroy (or at least heavily vandalize) any holy places of the citymen that you encounter. You get XP for this.
Darkness is cursed: You must save vs breath or take d6 damage for each turn spent in total darkness.
(save vs breath)
Maybe civilisation isn’t that bad after all:
Each day you wake up you must save vs paralyze to not spend the entire day drinking, feasting, wenching, gambling, etc.
(save vs paralyze)

Thursday 24 August 2017

Guild Dogs Job Generator

What nasty thing does the guild want you to do in The City? Where do they want you to do it and what horrors wait for you there? Most importantly, what are they going to give you for doing it?

Roll on the five tables below and combine your results to find out!

Desired action
Job location
Danger at site

(Make sure you know what guild is giving out the job, this will color the whole affair). 

An example: 

You are working for: 
Guild Name: Scavengers of the Larval.
Expertise: Rock crushers.
Modus Operandi: Always whisper, literally and metaphorically.

Desired action
Job location
Danger at site
Something tiny, a device that makes things smaller or someone in the process of disappearing.Calm, subdue or mesmerise target. In-between places; Alley ways, crossroads, rooftops and the like.  A lingering and deadly contagion wafts through location. Medicine, surgery or rejuvenation.

The Scavengers of the Larval want you to recover several samples of a peculiar and rare mineral that forms briefly on the tongue of those recently killed by the crystalline plague. A recent outbreak has occurred in a squatter infested alleyway. Samples will only be available for the next d4 days before they are blown into the atmosphere by belligerent corpse gas. The samples must be encased in specialized holding chest to prevent further infection spreading. These chests are the size of beer barrels and are incredibly heavy and unwieldy. In exchange for d12 toungescrapings (each in individual quarantine chests) worth of samples the guild will provide d8 stones of healing (which will come in handy for any Guild Dogs infected with the plague while on the job). 

Guild Dogs Job Generator:

Target of Job (d4, d10):

A helpful, kindly individual or item that brings peace, goodwill or happiness.
A holy icon or person that bestows structure, order and calm.
Something that shines and lights the way, a person who leads others.
A substance or material that leads to bliss and serenity, a person of peace and equanimity.
A place empty, barren or isolated, a person foolish and blathering or alone and vacuous.  
Something or someone that doesn’t quite exist, or isn’t quite tangible, the memory or part recollection of someone/thing.
A device that moves the world around it, a person who causes reactions in other with silence and stealth.
A fast moving or erratic person or device, an item that acts like a whirlwind.
Something tiny, a device that makes things smaller or someone in the process of disappearing.
Someone or something taken for granted but vital and important, most see right through target
Something outside the realm of the physical, a person without a body.
Someone new, young or fresh, medicine or device that leads to health and vigour.
Something of great material value, a horde of worth/a vault, a person who trades in great quantities of wealth.
A great mind or a device of learning and instant enlightenment.
An internal mechanism from a larger device, a specific internal organ of someone deemed important
A twin or set of twins, a  device of duplication
Someone actively persecuting, pursuing or otherwise annoying the guild.
A judge, a device that reduces all to the same level.
A device of harsh cleaning,  scrubbing and removal, a person who cleans, clarifies and polishes.
A device that entraps, holds or incarcerate, a person who entraps others.  
A substance or person  that leads to an abundance of growth.
A beast of import, a bizarre and rare delicacy, a skilled handler of beasts.  
A sacred, special or otherwise paradigm important place.
A substance or device that induces chaotic changes, a person who conducts chaotic experiments.
A device ever burning, toiling and churning, someone who can not cease working.
Something or someone broken, lost, ruined and destroyed.
A device or person employed in transportation.
An individual or holy item that plays a central part in an unfolding prophecy.
A monster, particularly terrifying to the guild.
Someone or something large beyond reckoning and normal dimensions.
Someone or something luxuriant, sensual, soft, welcoming or addictive.
Someone close to the edge of breakdown or collapse, a device of vital importance sputtering at the end of its life.
A device digging deeper and deeper into realms unknown, someone close to the secret core of things.
A material, person or device that is gives support and structure to the things around it.
A device or person endlessly consuming.
A recording device, stockpile of records, an historian.
A figure, group or device in total opposition to the guild, aka the guild’s nemesis.
A device or person employed in torture or the destruction and desecration of sacred things.
Someone or something that once belonged to the guild, now lost.
An individual long dead or dying, a device now defunct, unused and rotting.

Desired action (d4, d10):

Install or deliver a gift or boon to target.
Re-order or forcefully correct target.
Bring light to darkness, physically, mentally or magically, literally or metaphorically.
Bring peace or a new way of thinking about things, whether it’s wanted or not.
Create a vacuum at target, physical or mental.
Haunt a target or replace it with a ghostly copy.
Cause catalyst for a looming eventuality associated with target.
Induce huge increase in speed and movement within target.
Severely reduce the size of target or cause to wither away.
Make target disappear.  
Transport target to a non physical realm.
Revive, regrow or resuscitate target.
Extract wealth, material or otherwise from target.
Learn something new from target, or enforce a new thought in target.
Interact with internal workings of target to cause external change.
Create a copy of target, or leave  a counterfeit copy of target.
Enact revenge upon or reward target.
Bring justice to target.
Clean, erase, or otherwise erode target.
Capture target against will.
Either cause a target to completely overgrow or be moved to a location it does not belong.
Feed target or have target eaten (either physically, mentally, magically).  
Calm, subdue or mesmerise target.
Cause chaos or induce mutation within target.
Set fire to, or otherwise majestically and obviously destroy target.  
Destroy target.
Grasp, grab and transport target.  
Fulfill the requirements of prophecy relating to target.
Terrify target.  
Cause target to grow to an enormous size.
Envelope target within the guild.
Bring target to the point of breaking (but not actually destroy).
Bury, or take, target deep beneath The City.
Freeze target in place, turn target to stone, cause target to stop/cease.
Use target as central part of guild specific ceremony.
Create detailed record of target for posterity.
Torture target.
Desanctify or otherwise corrupt target.
Remove the light specific to guidance of target.
Induce process of slow decay and ruin in target.

Job Location/Site (d4, d10):

A temple or church devoted to good and holiness.
A court or other place of judgement  
A library or place of study and research.
A shrine or grove, calm and meditative.
An abandoned building, empty lot, an area devoid of habitation.  
Somewhere haunted, swirling with otherworldly substance.
Somewhere  high in the air.
Busy square, amphitheatre or public hall, a place where large crowds gather.
A private dwelling, either modest or obscene.
A pool, fountain garden or bathhouse.
A place ever moving (rolling house carriage, boat, flying machine).
A farm mundane (dust, food, people, beasts, etc) or magical (elements, minerals, emotions, mutations, etc).  
A bank, vault or storage warehouse.
Wizardly places; magic laboratories, golem factories, portal mazes and the like.
A slaughterhouse, butcher, surgeon or other place of blood and meat.
A place undergoing transformation.
A dock, pier or wharf, a place of work on the water .
Guardhouse, barracks or general weapon/soldier storage.

An alchemical vat house, chemical store or dust factory.
A prison or place of cages and traps.
Heaving and over populated tenements, teeming with conflict
A beast pit, pen, zoo or other place of animal holding.  
An overgrown park, verging towards forest, a wild natural place.  
Somewhere corrupted and mutated, warped by the Guild Wars.
A factory of grinding gears and bellowing machines.
A ruin, forlorn and bleak.
A great wall or border, rigid boundary between suburbs, the lower depths or beyond The City.  
A place of trade and commerce; market, workshops, traders and the like.
A place of monsters; breeding laboratory, spawning ground and the like.   
A place of cyclopean architecture, caverns, chambers and halls too big and from another age.  
An island, surrounded by water (or more exotic barriers).
In-between places; Alley ways, crossroads, rooftops and the like.  
Somewhere beneath the city; sewer, tunnel, cavern and the like.
Mine, quarry or unnatural pit.
A place outside The City.
Somewhere eon forgotten (dungeon).
A place where weapons, magical or mundane, are created.
An anti church of cruel, chaotic or torturous practise.
A place of entertainment; casino, brothel, dustery, theatre and the like.
A Graveyard, morgue, crypt, tomb, a place of death.  

Danger of Job Location (d4, d10):  

Local population or devices overly friendly and inquisitive, won’t leave outsiders alone.
Security is incredibly well ordered and regimented.
An abundance of light, nowhere to hide.
Location induces interlopers into a state of passive and stupor-like calm.
Lack of air and many choking and crushing spaces.
Ethereal and otherworldly guards, ghosts, golems or summoned beings.
Deadly heights and billowing gusts.
Location is travelling or otherwise in constant movement.  
Everything at location several sizes too big.
Trap doors and invisible walls.
Location is either made of, or permeated with, a substance that makes impinges on ambulation.
Everything at location regrows and is replaced instantaneously, nigh impossible to kill or destroy.
Fools good, counterfeits and worthless copies of valuables are boundless at location.  
Location is a constant test for the mind.
Parasites skulk at location, waiting for fresh hosts.
Likeness of intruders is captured and recorded, either for future punishment or the creation of dopplegangers.
Thundering geysers and torrents of water.
An extreme climate of heat or cold
Location is flooded.
Location is prison like, easy to enter, impossible to leave. Inhabitants or suitably mad or aggressive.  
Location has become overgrown with some deadly vegetative or mineral pest.
Infected with hordes of wild beasts.  
Location and inhabitants  are too beautiful, innocent, or otherwise lovely to harm or aggress.  
Latent and corrupting residual radiation from Guild Wars. Causes mutations.
Traps that expulse volumes of destructive material.
A real and well document curse is enacted on those who enter location.
Traps that grasp, pull, claw and entomb.
Inhabitants of location always know when they will be visited. They see everything.  
Location is lost to monsters.
Location is so large, disorganised and labyrinthine their exists the possibility of becoming lost there forever
Location is incredibly seductive. Visitors never want to leave.
Location is near collapse. Architecture itself is deadly.
Location is incredibly deep beneath The City.
Churning and out of control machines pose a constant threat for unwary intruders.
Some reality fissure  is allowing horrors from the lower depth to seep into location.
Something very old, very powerful and very alien inhabits location.
Entire location is a n obscene deathtrap, a torturer’s wet dream.
Zealous, nigh suicidal guards.
Utter and total darkness afflicts location.
A lingering and deadly contagion wafts through location.

Reward (d4, d10):

Thanks in the form  of basic guild specific service.
A guild specific blessing.
Knowledge, new method or secret.  
Dust, chemical or alchemical wonder.
Vague and empty promise.
A reward that never quite actually materialises.
A spell cast by the guild’s specialist.
Swift transportation.
A miniaturised treasure.
Nothing other than the honour of working for the guild.
A treasure that quickly fades through consumption.
Medicine, surgery or rejuvenation.
Gold, currency, cash.
Augmentation of the mind installed by guild’s specialist.
Invigoration of internal workings, organic or otherwise.
Replication or copy of something treasured.
The promise of no punishment if job is successful.
Personal guards for protection.
The removal of an affliction.
Traps and snares for later use.  
Vegetative treasure.
Guild will stage and host a feast, party or ball in honour of deed.
A safe place to rest and recover.
Bodily augmentation, installed by guild’s specialist.
Guild speciality magical weaponry.
Guild will attempt to bring ruin to a non-guild group bothersome to the party.
The guild will bestow their services fully and totally for a single job.
A  prophecy, prediction or insight into the future.  
A tamed or trained monster.
Treasure, too large and unwieldy, verging on ridiculous.
Honorary (but technically unofficial) membership to the guild, brings a variety of benefits.  
Something broken.
Location of a place eon forgotten (treasure filled dungeon).
Trade good, mundane and heavy.
Guild speciality Armour.
An ancient artifact (magical item).
Guild speciality Weaponry.
Uniforms, stately clothing or decorous robery.
Help in hiding and dissapearing.
Guild will attempt to kill a single individual, not affiliated with any guild, bothersome to the party.