Wednesday 31 July 2019

Shopping in Infinigrad, Part 4: d100 Large Trade Goods

To get a large trade goods store, combine the following d100 table with the "D100 What's weird about the store" table found here:

Also, a merchant may deal in d6 (or d4 - d20) different types of trade goods - depending on the size of their premises.

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d100 Large Trade Goods: 

  1. Transportation crates. 
  2. Shrines. 
  3. Man cages. 
  4. Book shelves. 
  5. Hermetically sealed barrels. 
  6. Wind/water mills. 
  7. Glass boxes. 
  8. Timber. 
  9. Beds, mattresses and bedframes. 
  10. Armoured litters.
  11. Pools. 
  12. Gas piping. 
  13. Camouflaged covers (for huts, wagons, etc). 
  14. Organs and other room filling instruments. 
  15. Crystal decorations the size of small trees. 
  16. Gas emitting machines. 
  17. Elephantine golems of burden.  
  18. Tiles of ghost-and-other-spirits proof marble. 
  19. Mills and other devices powered by enslaved men.
  20. Wall covering maps.
  21. Wheeled sledges and other massive tools. 
  22. Tigers, crocodiles and other medium to large sized beasts. 
  23. Bathtubs. 
  24. Sacks of bland spices. 
  25. Large candelabras.
  26. Tables. 
  27. Horse and man pulled ploughs. 
  28. External decorations, bunting, flags, standards and the like. 
  29. Vats. 
  30. Huts and other small shelters, easily transportable or quickly buildable.
  31. Sarcophagi, inlaid with precious stones, often gilded. 
  32. Linen. 
  33. Full length mirrors. 
  34. Cadavers. 
  35. Vat grown giant slaves. 
  36. Ornate and bejewelled doors. 
  37. Sacrifice pits, or the equipment to build them.  
  38. Crypts and Mausoleums. 
  39. Vaults. 
  40. Holy words inscribed on stone plates.
  41. Metal baskets. 
  42. Large chains and hooks. 
  43. Coal or other magical, non wood, fuels. 
  44. Carts. 
  45. Weights and general lead supplies. 
  46. Room filling slabs of ice. 
  47. Industrial sized iron pots. 
  48. Fencing supplies. 
  49. Saplings and trees. 
  50. Glass suns, room filling contraptions producing suburb wide light supply.
  51. Wall and Building paint. 
  52. Mutagen tubs for leviathan management. 
  53. Totem poles. 
  54. Machines for cardinal pleasure. 
  55. Large chunks of ambergris and other reagents from leviathans. 
  56. Panes of glass or stain glass windows.
  57. Barrels of oil. 
  58. The hiring of teams of workers specialized to particular tasks.
  59.  Body immersing devices for the exploration of psychic realms. 
  60. Chunks of explosive ore.
  61. Braziers. 
  62. Metal shelving. 
  63. Skeletons of enormous beasts. 
  64. Man sized masonry and ore drills, requiring whole teams to operate. 
  65. Transportation boxes of alleged anti magic, mystical or physic powers.  
  66. Sets of encyclopaedias (randomly determine subject). 
  67. Explosives used in mining and demolition. 
  68. Wagons. 
  69. Large glass vases and jugs. 
  70. Stuffed and preserved beasts of various sizes.
  71. Wooden statues of random subject. 
  72. Clothes racks, horses, hanger and the like. 
  73. Bolts of cloth and silk. 
  74. Kegs of beer or barrels of wine.  
  75. Chairs or thrones. 
  76. Crocodiles, giant frogs and other large reptiles/amphibians.
  77. Hordes of insects in aired chests. 
  78. Chain nets. 
  79. Wooden stages. 
  80. Wardrobes.
  81. Weapon racks, empty or full. 
  82. Enslaved summoned elementals, bound to chunks of precious stone. 
  83. Crates of highly reactive alchemical dust. 
  84. Trees, growing in huge potted wagons. 
  85. Man sized friezes saved from some ancient temple. 
  86. Moon dials. 
  87. Stone statues. 
  88. Elaborately framed wall covering paintings. 
  89. Man sized scrolls of magic, mysticism or history. 
  90. Shrines.
  91. Bricks
  92. Crates and carts of detritus, refuse and possible dirt covered treasure. 
  93. Trebuchets and ballistas. 
  94. Columns 
  95. Canvas tents and other semi permanent shelters. 
  96. Poisoned or diseased chunks of meat in barrels. 
  97. Massive man sized bones for decoration and alchemy. 
  98. Barrels of highly toxic preserving agent. 
  99. Machines for torture and punishment. 
  100. Stone and metal building supplies.