Wednesday 24 October 2018

Automated Fantasypunk Augmentation Generator

Here is an automated version of my Fantasypunk Augmentation Generator detailed in the following posts: 
For the sake of simplicity I have repeated some of the instructions in those posts, but now you can just click a button to get an augmentation, rather than wading through several d100 tables spread out across several posts. (Make your own automated tables right here:

Installing augmentations into one’s body is both expensive and dangerous. The practise is not an exact, nor reliable, science and there is a chance (especially when using cheap technicians) that the installation will lead you with nothing other than empty pockets and a mutated physique.   

How many augmentations can an adventurer have?  CON score minus 8 is the total amount of augmentations a being can have installed in their body without risking death.

Installing an augmentation:Players roll a die determined by  the amount of gold they invested into the procedure. A larger die is more expensive and has a greater chance of success.

D4 = 500 GP.
D6 = 1000 GP.
D8 = 2000 GP.
D10 = 4000 GP.
D12 = 8000 GP (Roll with Advantage).
D20 = 16 000 GP (Roll with Advantage).

Augmentation procedure result:
1 = Installation failure and major malfunction.
2 = Installation failure and cosmetic malfunction.
3 - 4 = Installation success and major malfunction.
5 - 6 = Installation success and cosmetic malfunction.
7 - 20 = Installation success.

An augmentation is composed of:

 Body Part Augmented
 Base Material
 Augmentation details

Possible Cosmetic Malfunction
Possible Major Malfunction

Ian Miller

A Description of each augmentation component: 

Body Part Augmented: This will determine the focus of the augmentation. 

Base material: This will impact how the augmentation appears and the manner in which it operates (only use the “Will tend towards X” as a guide, ignore it completely as you see fit, but it will probably be interesting to see how it that base element interacts with the other results).

Base Augmentation: The key power or advantage of the augmentation.

Augmentation Details: Specifically how the augmentation’s power manifests.

Cosmetic malfunction: When the augmentation works perfectly fine, but unfortunately has warped your appearance beyond what would be considered or normal or acceptable level. 

Major malfunction: When the augmentation still essentially works but its operation is somehow degraded or failing - not quite (or not at all) delivering the desired results. 

(Some results in the malfunction section refer to "Part", this simply means the part of the body augmented.

Now, Press the buttons!

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