Wednesday 11 October 2017

d12 Wizards and Wyrdwood Estate

Wyrdwood Estate is a suburb I generated on the fly during my Guild Dog's Suburb Crawling campaign.  Here I will flesh it out using some recently created GM tools I've been working on, and muse on how I generated the place on the fly. 

The party has spent the last 4 or so sessions in "Salt Field", running afoul of the local guild "Judge's of Belona" and a mercenary crew "The Quagmire Arms".  A new player rolled "Unlicensed Shadow Broker" as their background, giving them a contact within a nearby group of professional thieves. This group "Ruinous Slobber" is a guild of monster stealers and sellers. "Ruinous Slobber" had a job for the Guild Dogs (generated using these tables): Go and poison a local wizard's guard monsters, as to regain said wizard as a customer.

Salt Field was getting a little busy so the target wizard "Gia Feng" would inhabit another nearby suburb. Rolling a d4 and allocating a result to each cardinal direction, I discover that "Gia Feng" lives to the west. To discover the layout of the suburb I use the following table: It looks like this:

I need some more details about this suburb so use the amazingly useful random magic card tool: I've since lost the cards that I got, but the general vibe was eagles and a forest. I already know at least one wizard lives in the suburb, so a wooded and wizardly estate springs to mind (the wide open spaces of the generated map help encourage the "parkly" vibe). A gated parkland community of wizard's living in manses. Why would they live here over anywhere else? A band of eaglemen guard the estate thus allow the wizards to conduct their research and be left to their own devices for a price.

Wyrdwood estate is a suburb of  wooded parkland, guarded savagely by a band of eaglemen, the Wyrdwood Hawks. Twelve wizards make their home here, their oddity filled manse's protected by the hawks of Wyrdwood for a high monthly rent of gold. Charm and lantern hung trees fill the estate and odd colored lights illuminate the parkland from the warped manses of the wizards. 

All the above was generated/worked out at table during the session. There was some minor hijinx in the estate before the session finished. The rest of the post will muse on preparing Wyrdwood Estate for the next session.

Map of Wyrdwood Estate
To generate the 12 wizards I use a random name generator and combine a name  two random magic cards (again: to get a general outline of a wizard:

d12 Wizards of Wyrdwood Estate: 

1) Gia Feng , Mind Wizard. 
2) Miko Kobo of the Rodents. 
3) Jabzan the Guide, Destiny Wizard.  
4) Rein Min, Maker of Missiles. 
5) Nameless Stone, Wizard of Protection. 
6) Deshi Core, Gnome Maker. 
7) Shaku the Slime Mage. 
8) Xu Zang, of the Silver Waters. 
9) Gan Sion, Trickster. 
10) Jobe the Time Eroder. 
11) Mamma Jallow, Goblin Breeder. 
12) Bai Sin, Charm Worker.

The names and titles of the above wizard should be enough to work out what is within the domain of each wizard's manse if required (ie, the party decided to break in). The weirdness of each wizard will also emanate from their home and infect what is encountered in the parklands of the estate. Oversized and mutated rats, devouring the corpse of a defeated Wyrdwood hawk have already been encountered nearby to Miko Kobo of the Rodent's manse.

To stock the parklands of the Wyrdwood Estate I use the following table: (which is a core component of this post: Stocking the suburb involves breaking the map into a grid and using the result of the stocking table to work out what is there. All "treasure" results are generated using this table:

Wyrdwood Estate Gridmap
The Wyrdwood Estate is lush, overgrown parkland. The trees are hung with soft golden glowing lanterns. They are also hung with eye shaped sentry charms that will summon Wydwood hawks if interlopers set them off.

Wyrdwood Estate Grid Contents: 

(The result of the stocking table is provided in brackets to give an idea of how that table works).

1) d8 Wyrdwood hawks stealthily watching the parklands from the branches of lanternless tree. (Foe, hidden and watching).
2) Manse of Gan Sion, Trickster. 
3) A Wyrdwood hawk sentry charm workshop is built in to the branches of an enormous tree. 5 unused sentry charms are left untended on the benches of the workshop. (Treasure, focus of work or worship).
4) d6 HD: d4 wizardlings fire experimental magic missles at the targeting wall rear wall of Rein Min's manse (can each cast d4 rounds of magic missile). (Foe, conducting ritual or worship).
5) d6 Wyrwood hawks rifling through a tree insearch of some valuable and escaped mutated rat from Miko Kobo's manse [Rat is a magic item, generate here: (Foe, searching for known of treasure).
6) A crate the nigh ever burning Wyrwood lanterns is nestled and hidden in the boughs of a tree. (Treasure, hidden).
7) Puddles of quick silver infest the soggy ground here. They are escaped quick silver golems from the manse of Xu Zang. Golem tendrils will pull interlopers into the deadly puddles and form and fight those that attempt to escape. (Foe, using traps to their advantage against interlopers).
8) An empty treetop guard house of Wyrdwood hawks. Tangled with sentry charms that will summon Wyrdwood hawks (Empty, place of rest).  
9) Manse of Jabzan the Guide, Destiny Wizard.  
10) Manse of Rein Min, Maker of Missiles. 
11) Manse of Miko Kobo of the Rodents. 
12) Manse of Xu Zang, of the Silver Waters. 
13) Manse of Nameless Stone, Wizard of Protection. Also, gate entry to estate with d8 Wyrdwood hawks.
14) Manse of Gia Feng , Mind Wizard. 
15) Manse of Shaku the Slime Mage.
16) A lodging tree house of the Wyrdwood Hawks. Tangled with sentry charms that will summon Wyrdwood hawks. (Empty, place of sleep).
17) Rival Guild Dogs or street dwellers setting off tree hung sentry charms, d8 Wyrdwood hawks attack them. (Foe, trapped in natural hazard of environment).
18) The well guarded main entry gate. d8 Wyrdwood hawks gaurded the entrance, one with a magic item. (Treasure, focus of work or worship).
19) Manse of Deshi Core, Gnome Maker.  
20) Manse of Jobe the Time Eroder. 
21) An enormous tree holds a Wyrdwood hawk feasting hall.  (Empty, place of eating).
22) Small stone structure, locked stone door. d4 rooms. Holds records of  Wyrdwood hawks record of rent and gaurd contracts. Laced with sentry charms. (Empty, place of mental storage)
23) d10 HD1 goblins escaped from Mamma Jallow's manse will jump out of a darkened tree at the arrival of the first inerloper. (Foe, hidden and watching).
24) Manse of Mamma Jallow, Goblin Breeder. 
25) d10 Wyrdwood hawks gaurding a treetop vault containing 6000 gold pieces. (Foe, indulging in treasure).
26) An enourmous eye shaped charm hangs from tree. Balefully follows all interlopers and emits a beam causing d12 damage to a d6 targets each round. (Trap, obvious and menacing).
27) Manse of Bai Sin, Charm Worker.
28) d8 Wyrdwood hawks stealthily watching the parklands from the branches of lanternless tree. (Foe, hidden and watching).
29) A lodging tree house of the Wyrdwood Hawks. Tangled with sentry charms that will summon Wyrdwood hawks. (Empty, place of eating).


Wyrdwood Hawk: Eaglemen, can fly. HD: d6. AC: 15. Attack with spears (d8).
Quicksilver Golem: Shimmering and morphing, sometimes man shaped, golems. HD: 4. AC: 19 (form will disperse to avoid damage). Attack with appendages formed into thrusting spikes (d8)