Thursday, 16 July 2020

Sunday, 12 July 2020

A Chunk of Infinigrad #1

Using the Automated Infinigrad Suburb Generator I have put together a 12 page PDF, which I have inventively named "A Chunk of Infinigrad", that includes maps, building descriptions, rumors and random encounters for four suburbs in Infinigrad.

The PDF is designed to show how the Automated Suburb Generator works - all the building results are copied and pasted straight from the generators! I've done some minor edits to them for clarity but they are pretty much as is in the format the automated generator spits out.

The rumors and random encounters were all extrapolated from the randomly generated overall suburb description and building descriptions.  There is space for the referee to add in their own notes as the players explore the city.

Get it here! 

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Friday, 26 June 2020

The Automated Infinigrad Suburb Generator

Use the following tables and buttons to generate a suburb in a fantasy megacity.

Overall Suburb Details: 

Suburb Mapping:
Roll on the second table to get a building that can shape the borders of the suburb.

Table 1, Roads:
Generate the road grid of the suburb. Roll on the table and connect the pieces you get as you see fit. Add your own artistic flourishes.

Table 2, Buildings:
Fill in the blocks you created with the road table with buildings. The doors are a suggestion only, buildings could have more doors/doors on different walls. Combine separate buildings into bigger buildings for high-density areas.

Building Stocking:

Additional Stocking Details: 

The god of this temple appears as a

For buildings stocked with Guilds, please either buy The Blasphemous Roster - Guilds of Infinigrad and their Machinations or use this post:

For buildings stock with Augmentation stores, please use this post:

(Automated using: