Sunday, 26 August 2018

Pollute the Elfen Memory Water - An Infinigrad Job for Guild Dogs PDF

The mission my players are currently on is kind of fun, so I decided to make it into a PDF.

It's a fantasypunk shadowrun set in Infinigrad, the setting for my Guild Dogs campaign. The job was generated using the job generator in "The Blasphemous Roster". There may be further installments depending on how successful my players are, and how far reaching the machinations of Equis Jud (the guild of Eymen robe weavers) are.

Included in the PDF are: 
  • Client and Job Description.
  • Facility Random Encounter Table. 
  • A Random Weird Flower Table. 
  • NPC statistics. 
  • Facility Map and room descriptions.
  • Leopetera Banks Suburb Map. 
  • Elfs that use worms and milk to retain/abuse their memories. 
Download it below! 

The only cost is that you must listenwatch the following video as the song and visuals disturbingly well suited as a theme song for the adventure: 

Tuesday, 7 August 2018

The Blasphemous Roster - Guilds of Infinigrad and their Machinations

After a year of work from +Luke Gearing, (and a little from me) The Blasphemous Roster (Guilds of Infinigrad and their Machinations), is out! +Jarrett Crader +Ben L. and +Trent B also all helped make it better!

You can also get it in POD at Lulu, here:

This thing has grown out of 3 years running my "Guild Dogs" campaign. The stuff in here has lead to a lot of really fun games and would be useful for any one running a campaign where nefarious groups do weird shit and get adventurers to do dangerous jobs.

There is literally 38, 400 possible guilds in here, each generated with an individualized name, expertise and modus operandi. There's also (if my math is correct) over 100 millions missions to be generated.

The layout looks like nothing else out there (other than maybe the brilliant "Broken System" OSR zine) and is designed to infect your brain with my "Infinigrad" Guild Dogs setting. It also features 26 pages of "visual generators" (a thing which I may have invented) which literally show you what the guild you generated looks like (both their members and their base of operations). It's literally magic!

This is currently the DMG of my Guild Dogs/Infinigrad setting, so if you like Guild Dogs/Infinigrad you should buy this.

The following posts will give you an idea of the content of The Blasphemous Roster (it just looks a lot cooler in the book):

From the product profile on RPGNow/DriveThru: 

Infinigrad roils over a corrupted and mutated plane of intersecting multiverses, a situation brought on by wanton abuse of magically weaponry during the Alleyway Conflagration.

After long eons of fighting, The Law was introduced. The Law is a curse that prevents any of The Guilds directly raising arms against one another.

Only The Adventurers, those vagabonds who exist outside the normal strata of The City's social spheres, and its infinite network of shady alliances, can truly claim non-affiliation with any of The Guilds. Only they can keep the century long conflict going.

The Blasphemous Roster is a resource for generating the untold myriad of guilds that inhabit and infect The City and the blueprints of endless clandestine missions that The Guilds need doing by unlucky Guild Dogs. Their names, their expertise, the way they operate and the way they look are all festering within this very tome, ready to crawl out and continue secretly enacting their eon long vendettas against one another.
  • 23 pages of Guild Generator - Generate thousands of devious guilds, including names, expertise, and modus operandi. 
  • Illustrated Guild Examples. 
  • 26 pages of Visual Generators - illustrating how the guilds members and their bases of operation you generate actually look. 
  • 12 pages of Job Generator - near endless ideas for city based missions needing doing by guilds you generate. 
  • A map generator for mission locations. 
  • A room stocker for mission locations. 
Some sample pages from the book: 

Every page overflows with a swirling feast of images to ignite your creative process! Your brain will be infected with ideas! Visit Infinigrad today! 

Thursday, 2 August 2018

Infinigrad Suburb Danger Generator

Being a continuation of the Infinigrad Suburb Details Generator, here are 10'000 possible horrible things to make suburbs worse. They would no doubt work in other places too! 

The "Suburb Danger Generator" is composed of 2 tables; “The Dangerous Thing” table and “What the Thing does” table.

The Dangerous Thing:  Each entry has two options. Either pick one or use both, or roll again for 3 or 4 options. Combine them all together to get some sort of monstrosity - use one to keep things mundane.

What the Thing Does: In what way is the dangerous thing dangerous? How does it attempt to ruin your day?

Combine both tables to get a danger.

Suburb Danger Generator:

The Dangerous Thing, d100: 

  1. Priests or prayers.
  2. Potions or chemists.
  3. Laws or rules.
  4. Nets or hoarders.
  5. Cleaners or doctors.
  6. Candles or lightkeepers.
  7. Sages or seers.
  8. Explorers or mapmakers.
  9. Empaths or mind readers.  
  10. Birds or clouds.
  11. Climbers or spelunkers.
  12. Environmental suits or equipment.
  13. The dead or corpses.
  14. Fog or spirits.
  15. Robes or costumes.
  16. Elementals or golems.
  17. Sailors or musicians.
  18. Swift or sturdy  beasts.
  19. Monks or martial artists.
  20. The weather or climate.
  21. Jellies or slimes.
  22. Beetles or spiders.
  23. Rats or vermin.
  24. Beggars or paupers.
  25. Tricksters or jesters.
  26. Disguisers or hiders.
  27. Slugs or jellyfish.
  28. Lizards or crocodiles.
  29. Pools or windows.
  30. Farmers or alchemists.
  31. Thieves or robbers.
  32. Crabs or turtles.
  33. Psychics or dreamers.
  34. Philosophers or thinkers.
  35. Surgeons or sacrificers.
  36. Wolves or dogs.
  37. Cannibals or cultists.
  38. Capturers or cataloguers.
  39. Mirrors or mist.
  40. Gems or money.
  41. Curses or oaths.
  42. Snakes or snails.
  43. Fish or water.
  44. Sewage or toxicity.
  45. Acid or fire.
  46. Guards or armsmen.
  47. Workers or craftsmen.
  48. Prisoners or captives.
  49. Judges or hammers.
  50. Cats or clawed things.
  51. Eyeballs or mouths.
  52. Shamen or wildmen.
  53. Obelisks or statues.
  54. Giants or cyclops.
  55. Vines or vegetation.
  56. Butchers or mincers.
  57. Ferals or savages.
  58. Tranquility or peace.
  59. Butterflies or illusions.
  60. Visions or hallucinations
  61. Explosions or bombs.
  62. Pyromancers or pyromaniacs.
  63. Wizards or weirdlings.
  64. Druids or gardeners.
  65. Pilferers or miners.
  66. Octopi or amphibians.
  67. Prophets or divinators.
  68. Knights or gladiators.
  69. Swashbucklers or neerdowells.
  70. Dust heads or addicts.
  71. Contraptions or devices.
  72. Trainers or slavers.
  73. Behemoths or terrors.
  74. Desires or vices.
  75. Mushrooms or moulds.
  76. Trees or flowers.
  77. Locks or chains.
  78. Princelings or nobles.
  79. Dervishes or fanatics.
  80. Thugs or gangsters.
  81. Crystals or shards.
  82. Bats or bloodsuckers.
  83. Rocks or boulders.
  84. Mud or sludge.
  85. Historians or scholars.
  86. Hands or feet.
  87. Worms or dung.
  88. Chains or cages.
  89. Munitions or weaponry.
  90. Armour or heraldry.
  91. Bones or skeletons.
  92. Plagues or diseases.
  93. Warplings or mutants.
  94. Shadows or sneaks.
  95. Assassins or bounty hunters.
  96. Relics or shrines.
  97. Torturers or mutilators.
  98. Vandals or wreckers.
  99. Peddlers or merchants.
  100. Lostlings or souless.

What the Thing does, d100: 

  1. Must give something to victim.
  2. Protects the oppressed, as they see it.
  3. Military minded, must control and dominate.
  4. Needs to include victim in creation of craft.
  5. Infects victim with unhealthy euphoria.
  6. Floats and flies, besetting victim.
  7. Ever replicates self.
  8. Aloof in infliction of suffering.
  9. Predicts a bad, true future for victim.
  10. Thinks victims are not real.
  11. Must empty and hollow victim.
  12. Must store or hide something in victim.
  13. Forces victim to join cause.
  14. Must insult victim.
  15. Haunts and hides from victim, causing ongoing annoyance and pain.
  16. Voice is heard in victim’s mind.
  17. Worshiped and venerated Deity requires victims.
  18. Must use victim as a home.
  19. Must make a copy of victim.
  20. Increases speed of victim.
  21. Shrinks victim in some manner.
  22. Needs victim to repair self.
  23. Must hide from victim for some nefarious reason.
  24. Must spread the disease they are infected with.
  25. Must destroy the spirit of victim.
  26. Must use victims to resurrect something or someone.
  27. Wants to ride victim.
  28. Touch corrode, corrupts or destroys victim.
  29. Is the slave or servant of a nefarious higher power.
  30. Needs victims to create new lifeforms.
  31. Wants victim’s money.
  32. Wants victim’s possessions.
  33. Needs to make gems out of victim.
  34. Must document the pain of victim.
  35. Must test theory on victim.
  36. Requires the flesh and blood of victim.
  37. Must copy actions of victim.
  38. Needs victims to create more wealth for self.
  39. Needs victims as sacrifice.
  40. Must stop victim.
  41. Has some grudge or oath against victim.
  42. Needs to make victim wet and rotted.
  43. Must judge victim in the harshest terms.
  44. Makes victim disappear over time.
  45. Is morally superior to victim.
  46. Must retrain or cage victim.
  47. Must clean or organise victim.
  48. Must acidify victim.
  49. Must enslave victim.
  50. Needs to help victim against their will for their own good.
  51. Must harvest victim.
  52. Must keep territory clear and clean of interlopers.
  53. Cannot comprehend the sheer existence of victim.
  54. Believes victims to be base savages.
  55. Must consume victim.
  56. Infects victim with utter calm.
  57. Is annoyingly/disturbingly passive.
  58. Victims are always trespassing.
  59. Victim is delicious.
  60. Must mutate victim.
  61. Must burn victim.
  62. Must explode victim.
  63. Touch melts victim.
  64. Puts victim into total disarray
  65. Must ruin victim.
  66. Must self destruct near victim.
  67. Is controlled externally to detriment of victim.
  68. Must install extra parts onto victim.
  69. Is convinced the apocalypse is here.
  70. Needs the limbs of victim.
  71. Must increase size of victim.
  72. Is a dangerous horde.
  73. Is dangerous in size.
  74. Must seduce victim.
  75. Are an affront to victim.
  76. Must mock and taunt victim.
  77. Infects victim with stupefying pleasure.
  78. Wants victim to be one of them.
  79. Wants to make victim into tool of work.
  80. Is wild, mad, or intoxicated.
  81. Knows the secrets of victim.
  82. Is just beneath the surface, causing havoc.
  83. Wants to take victim to deep places.
  84. Is too hard, solid and impassable.
  85. Must implant, seed and grow in victim.
  86. Stops time of victim.
  87. Ages victim.
  88. Warps victim.
  89. Negatively influences victim.
  90. Acquaints victim with stone.
  91. Must cause pain for victim.
  92. Hates everything.
  93. Must harm and crush.
  94. Must cause suffering.
  95. Must torture.
  96. Must steal whatever it can.
  97. Believes victim stole from them.
  98. Must break everything.
  99. Seeks a glorious death with victim.
  100. Cannot die.

Tuesday, 31 July 2018

Infinigrad Suburb Details Generator

Following on from recent posts exploring suburb generation ( Mapping, Stocking, Residential Details), here's a generator of overall suburb details for fantasypunk cities (of which mine is now entitled "Infinigrad").

There is three parts, add them together to get the details on a suburb (and use the methods above to map and stock it):

Suburb type/prevalent architecture: Built upon, in and around this type of architecture. The original function of the suburb may long ago have ceased but the buildings have an ongoing impact on the inhabitants. The sublime grandeurs of the past ensure that entire suburbs may now be houses within a single massive building or compound, but this is not always the case.

(What’s going on with/in the) Streets: When travelling to the suburb, what is the thing most instantly noticeable about streets of the suburb.

Atmospheric mutation: The general aspect, climate or mutation of the suburb. This will impact and warp both architecture, inhabitants and local culture.

The Tables: 

(There is some weird formatting going on with blogger that I can't seem to fix. Use this link to go to the google doc I was working from if you are having any problems viewing the tables:

Suburb type/prevalent architecture, d100: 

  1. Templelands.
  2. Sprawling Sanitariums.
  3. Fields of regeneration.
  4. Quarantine prisons.
  5. Law halls.
  6. Mega-storage warehouses.
  7. University campuses.
  8. Public discussion agoras.
  9. Hollowed out and emptied mines.
  10. Flotilla boat/barge housing atop river, lake, swamp.
  11. Gas tank storage / farming.
  12. Hotel quarter.
  13. Suspended or floating in the air - connected by bridge, rope and cable.
  14. Public cleansing areas.
  15. Emptied biodomes.
  16. Tent cities.
  17. Inhabited ruins.
  18. Grounded dreadnoughts and other enormous transports.
  19. Decommissioned titan golems.
  20. Crystal farm fields.
  21. Dead/ malfunctioning portal housing.
  22. Observation towers.
  23. Breeding pits.
  24. Dried canals, pipes and sewers.
  25. Cages, huge and rusted.
  26. Plains of flat brick.
  27. Water gardens and pool lands.
  28. Petrified Jelly/Slime dumping grounds
  29. Dead greenhouses.
  30. Colosseums.
  31. Gourmand, restaurant and eatery quarter.
  32. Food farms.
  33. Festival grounds.
  34. Banking and vault quarters.
  35. Jewelry and Gems quarter.
  36. Gargantuan libraries.
  37. Cult compounds.
  38. Hospitals and healing quarters.
  39. Sacrificing grounds.
  40. Statue and monument grounds.
  41. Public drinking hall quarter.
  42. Aquatic creature farms.
  43. Sewers and sewage.
  44. Blessed or Cursed sacred ground.
  45. Market grounds.
  46. Military barracks.
  47. Vat fields and storage.
  48. Smithing and metalworking quarter.
  49. Mostly pulverized and or chaotically distorted  due to Guild Wars.
  50. Great Prisons.
  51. Walled off boroughs.
  52. Eons old factories, Oil and fire pit.
  53.  Elemental summoning pits.
  54. Quarries.
  55. Waste and refuse Dumps.
  56. Arcology Ruin.
  57. Gate in/out The City Zone.
  58. Border regions.
  59. No Man’s lands.
  60. Wild  wastelands.
  61. Zoos.
  62. Leviathan Pools and Pits.
  63. Spires and towers.
  64. Monster production regions.
  65. Dust farming, mining and production.
  66. Breweries, wineries, distilleries.
  67. Pleasure quarters.
  68. Bridges.
  69. Wood farming and working quarters.
  70. Locked, shuttered and abandoned boroughs.
  71. Tunneled or underground boroughs.
  72. Hidden suburb - secret entrance within another suburb.
  73. Alchemy quarters.
  74. Palaces.
  75. Castles.
  76. Gatelands.
  77. Sunken, hole dwelling boroughs.
  78. Wizard estates.
  79. Museum quarters.
  80. Armaments quarters.
  81. Diseased, rotted or otherwise poisoned boroughs.
  82. Old battlegrounds.
  83. Graveyards.
  84. Mega Mausoleums.
  85. Boneyards.
  86. Slum quarters.
  87. Hivelike boroughs.
  88. Flooded or submersed boroughs.
  89. Docks.
  90. Riverside or canal perched boroughs.
  91. Lakelands.
  92. Transportation thoroughfares.
  93. Tanning quarters.
  94. Atop leviathans living or dead.
  95. Burrowed into megaflora living or dead.
  96. Compost fields.
  97. Shrine fields.
  98. Towering Hills.
  99. Liquid waste dumps.
  100. Residential quarters.

(What’s going on with/in the) Streets, d100: 

1.     Very well lit from huge supply of lanterns.
2.     Clear signed (signs are truthful).
3.     Well traveled by helpful do-gooders.  
4.     Incredibly straight, smooth and well angled - a pleasure to travel on.
5.     Shrines, miniature temples and religious iconography proliferate at the street level. Religious ceremonies are constantly held.
6.     Well guarded, but guards expect toll on entrance and exit.
7.     Bonfires burning in abundance - often in the middle of the road.
8.     Some huge central glowing light crystal replicates daylight.
9.     Luminescent stone gives eerie glow to street level architecture.
10. Localized magic fallout causes stone to float - buildings/road segments often chained to hulking metal frames.
11. Eerily clean, devoid of any litter or general city detritus.
12. Empty streets, no one to be seen outside.
13. Fog choked and gassy, can barely see a few feet ahead.
14. Haunting music can be heard floating from far off, it is ever present
15. Spirits or ghosts haunt the streets, either clearly visible or their presence hinted at.
16. Endless chimes and charms hang from ropes hung building to building.
17. Streets are paved with carpet, cloth and rugs either uniform or eclectic
18. Great harnessed beasts prowl the streets as the main form of transportation.
19. Suburb is a hive labyrinth of teleportation portals, possibly disconnected from normal physical plane.
20. Metal contraptions on street corners pull some cracking power from the sky to power nearby wonders.
21. Possessionless, often naked, ascetics choke the streets.
22. Smoking or leaking pipes protrude from buildings, expulsing waste.
23. Dead/dying and shriveled plant life erupts from every crack .
24. Slime or jelly oozes from below, glooping out between bricks and stones.
25. Ornate pools and fountains line streets - often magical or cursed.
26. Beggar shanties block the road, erupting from alleys and building bases.
27. Harlequins, jugglers, musicians and other street entertains prowl about in search of audiences.
28. Robed or hooded figures keep silent and attentive watch, sentinels everywhere.
29. Public feasting festoons the streets.
30. Hard liquor sold in shanty bars means a proliferation of drunkards.
31. Street is made of ancient ground gemstones. Buildings too are filthy but gilded.
32. An abundance of shady looking figures stalk and case potential targets for thievery.
33. Moldering bookstacks line the streets, or are splayed about in piles in the open or in alley ways.
34. Sleepers dream and nightmare on every available flat surface.
35. Fleshy, blood soaked organ stalls and street surgeries line the street.
36. Black ouroboros obsessed cults infect the streets with cannibal rituals. Always looking for fresh meat.
37. Makeshift blood sacrifice altars muddy the street with blood and ash.
38. Dirty mirrors or polished metal encase the buildings and pathways.
39. Metal railings, ornate and plain, proliferate aside walkways and streets.
40. Ancient sarcophagi, often housing giants and huge beasts, are arranged like pillars and support lower levels of buildings.
41. Pool sized crack and decay puddles house content or vicious aquatic life.
42. Streets are dried or still running excavated sewage tunnels.
43. Stepping foot on the streets here either blesses or curses.
44. Buildings, walkways and road paved with the scales of some ancient leviathan.
45. A stream of acid, pumping out of nearby buildings, melts and sizzles along the streets.  
46. Each street is behind a massive locked gate, ornate cages housing each block.
47. Burning steam sprays out of nearby buildings in dangerous voluminous clouds.
48. Devices of public incarceration, torture and punishment line the streets.
49. Toxic pools of milky goops of various alchemies line, litter and pollute the streets.
50. Oaths, promises, memorials and the like are engraved in huge letters on road and building.
51. Streets and buildings are built around enormous and jutting neolithic carved stone
52. Mindless or otherwise enslaved giants, cyclops and other enormous humanoids are a vital part of the architecture and utilities
53. Chained or caged beasts slobber, howl and growl in abundance.
54. Meat hangs from great hooks, attached to balconies, gutters, columns and the like.
55. Great pale and translucent trees erupt from the ground, often erupting from crumbling stone.
56. Vine, bramble, weeds, etc, chokes the streets and walkways.
57. A perfume most delicate and alluring or overbearing and offensive wafts through the air
58. Games are being played in the street, often gambling but sometimes tests of skill and strength.
59. Some enormous and constant public unrest is occurring, riot, protest, etc.
60. Some enslaved or mindless beings act as automaton tour guides of the area.  
61. Elaborate wrought iron braziers line streets and hang from buildings.
62. Road is destroyed - Enormous craters and rubble.
63. Mountains of refuse fill the streets - often scaling them is the only way forward.
64. Shells of ruined and abandoned buildings form the archways, walkways and roads of the suburb.  
65. Streets are canals - boats grand or modest glide along the waterways.
66. Enormous and elaborate carts and carriages roll and rumble along the roads.
67. Oil, goop or slime covered. Festering, wet and rotted.
68. Roiling, organic and hilly. The streets are like swirling tentacles.
69. The ground is composed of some mineral useful in divination. Soothsayers haunt the streets - hands caressing the land beneath them.
70. The guts, claws, teeth and hides of enormous beasts decorates the streets.
71. Mostly harmless mutant growths infect the street level. Weeds turned to fleshy body parts, mushrooms with faces, etc.
72. The stones paving the road have been growing for some time, making it an uneven tangle of steps.
73. Streets are bridges, often over water but sometimes other substances.
74. Those wandering the streets are hurled insults by those in the buildings above.
75. Great statues of monsters proliferate along the roadside and street corners.  
76. The streets are covered hallways, vestibules and other forms of enclosed walkways.
77. Sex workers in great abundance prowl the streets, promising silk and succor.
78. Public piles of resting cushions, well tended and cared for, jumble along the road side.
79. Wood pylons and scaffolding, logs and walkways.
80. Chain bridges and catwalks over abysses. Suburb is built over an enormous bottomless pit.
81. Organic and grown insectoid carapace forms the architecture at street level.
82. Giant insect carriages scuttle up and down the hive like streets.
83. Beautiful ornate worked stone, the work of master masons, lines the streets.
84. Rampant crystal growth has encased most of the road and architecture.
85. Engraved script winds along ground and architecture - telling some epic tale or recording some inane details in a forgotten language.
86. A neverending myriad of arches and gates reach across the street.
87. Preserved things are displayed in hanging boxes or along shelves of ornate stone. Sometimes pristine and holy, sometimes festering and ignored.
88. Cliffs and chasms cut across the street, dropping to black abysses and worse.
89. Ancient megaliths line the street, often engraved, often toppled over into the road and buildings.
90. Scrolls of various information and purposes are nailed all over the street level architecture.
91. Wells, streams and pools of poison pollute the area.
92. Desecrated religious iconography, statues and shrines proudly displayed.  
93. Streets are more like alleyways - tiny tunnel warren like. Often a group can only travel one abreast.
94. No light whatsoever, a lack of torches, braziers, lanterns and the like.
95. The shadows seems to move of their own accord, swirling, shimmering and living out their own existences.
96. The street is open air grave, tomb or mausoleum holding fresh or ancient corpses.
97. The street level architecture is either completely made of, or ornately decorated with, bones.
98. The suburb is a labyrinth that swirls in on itself through magical manipulation - normal navigation will not allow exit.
99. Broken and abandoned ordnance and weaponry  of the guild wars rots on the street.
100.                 Streets are abandoned and heavily trapped.

Atmospheric mutation, d100: 

1.     Mutative Overgrowth and frenzied, manic healing.
2.     Holy, religious and sacred.
3.     Welcoming, calming and accommodating.
4.     Secure, locked and quarantined.
5.     Outer space, interstellar planets and stars.
6.     Wax, flame and candles.
7.     Wisdom, knowledge and greybeards.
8.     Flowing, blowing and leaking voluminous gas.
9.     Cracked and unworking reality, a fundamental malfunction.
10. Transcendental meditation, utter calm and dangerously soothing.
11. Frozen, preserved, pickled, documented and caught.  
12. Wings - leathered and feathered.
13. Air apparati, tube and tanks.  
14. Ethereal and vaporous - twisting, flowing and floating.
15. Crystalline coating - mould like pestilence.
16. Billowing spirits, ghostlike fabrics and hauntings.
17. Schemes, hidden costs and charges, tolls and payments.
18. Overfluid movement, frenzied speed and savage quickness.
19. A myriad of amulets, charms, fetishes and trinkets.
20. Beast of burdenesque, four legs, load bearing and carrying.
21. Shrunken, small and shriveled - rotted and wrecked.
22. Clambering hordes of vermin and insects, controlled and wild.
23. Bare, barren, stripped of splendour and excess.
24. Ooze ridden  and globular, slime covered and excreting.
25. Hidden power, force and horror, barely trapped away.
26. Fake, disguised and misleading, nothing is as it appears.
27. All is eyes and sentinels, never ending watching.
28. Regrown and rebuilt - clearly signs of limbs and quarters once missing.  
29. Gourmet, gourmand and gassy - flabbular feasting.
30. Clear, translucent, delicate and dazzling.  
31. Obesily opulent, gilded and bejeweled.
32. Hordes, crowds and hives.
33. Brains, books, minds and libraries.
34. Encroachment of the psychic realms and dreamlands.
35. Mindless, drooling, thoughtless and lobotomized.
36. Internal organs on display, fleshy, bloody and sanguine.
37. Self consumptive and destructive.
38. Reflection, mirrored image and repetition.  
39. Entombment, gilded prisons and grand cages.
40. Metal and minerals.
41. The sun and or the moon.
42. Aquatic creatures, scales, fins and gills.
43. Oppressive heat, dryness and flame.  
44. Frozen, cold, frigid and icy.
45. Spring new life, or autumn decay.
46. Liquid waste, sewage and stinking effluent.
47. Sizzling acid or burning magma.
48. Measurement, judgement, jealousy and control.  
49. Thick plating and armour, layers of protective outer coating.
50. Bars,locks, spikes, poles and pikes.
51. Shamanic effigies, virule animism and encroachment from the spirit world.  
52. Vegetative construction, swirling vines, leaves and flowers.
53. Overgrown, gigantic and cyclopic.
54. Meat, butchers, carcasses, bones, carrion beasts and birds.
55. Toothy, hairy and boney feral.
56. Many limbed, headed, eyed and tentacled.
57. Visions of unreality, psychedelia and the not quite real.
58. Scents, over alluring or oppressive.
59. Petals, pollens, bursting ripe fruit.
60. Chance, luck, unbelievable odds balancing delicately on the precipice.
61. Fire, flames and burning.
62. Lanterns, bonfires, fireplaces and braziers.
63. Destruction, ruin, rubble, rocks and wreck.
64. Mountainous rubbish, rolling refuse and towering waste.
65. Wheels, cogs, gears and ever turning mechanisms.
66. Sailing and ships, maps and exploration.
67. Automatons, robots, man replicas, simulacrum and sentient copies.
68. Alien, beyond exotic and otherworldly.  
69. Mechanical, gears, chains and motors.
70. Molluscs, cephalopods and gastropods.
71. Beastial visage - teeth, claws, fur, scales, tails, hooves and the like.
72. Oversized, enormous, overgrown - repulsive in mass.
73. Masks and mockery, fakery and disguises.
74. Fins, scales, tentacles and jellyfish.
75. Monstrous and horrible, misshapen and obscene.
76. Silk, robes, flowing cloth, luxurious, soft and enveloping.
77. Pillars, stilts, stalks and ladders.
78. Wood - worked, raw, polished, painted and bare.
79. Chains and binding, ropes, knots and bondage.
80. Inebriation, sensualness, orgies and panic.
81. Tunnels, holes and craters.
82. Bugs, beetles, carapaces and compound eyes.
83. Encasement in crystal and mineral calcification.
84. Dirt, mud, soil, humus, sand.
85. Ornate and polished stone, smooth, shiny marble.
86. Interdimensional rifts, gates and portals - things creeping though.
87. Time slow and fast.
88. Dust, crumbling, ash and ruin.
89. Samples, fetishes, preserved parts of dead wholes.
90. Beneath, upside down, covered and hidden.
91. Contorted - twisting forms of tortured pain.
92. Things in places they should not be - the world topsy turvy.
93. Relics, gravestones, holy skeletons and bodies.
94. Mazes, labyrinths and puzzles.
95. Shadows, darkness, malformity.
96. Rotted, liquefying and putrid to the point of slop.
97. Sickness, disease and plague.
98. Deformed, demented and wrong.
99. Bones, tusks and skulls.
100.                 Veins and vines.