Wednesday 20 March 2024

(Weird) Fantasy world automated generator collection

Need a (weird) fantasy world fast?! Here are a collection of automated generators I've compiled from across the posts of my blog. They all (except for the d6 mapper post) have buttons you can click to get results fast! Enjoy! 


Start with a planet (ignore the planetary population button) 


Generate some regions:

Generate some areas in those regions:

Consider breaking those areas down into hexes:


Generate some towns:

Generate some streets in that town:


Generate some npcs:

Generate some monsters:

If those npcs and monsters need a random desire, generate one here:


(For exploring a specific place (building, dungeon)): 


Quick stocking:

More detailed stocking:


(If required.) 

Generate some broad history (useful for quest ideas):

And remember, if you need an idea, you can always just pull a random magic card: 

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