Friday, 1 November 2019

Automated Sci Fi Planet Generator

Made to be used with Star Dogs:

Click on the buttons to get a planet! 

The raw tables can be found below.
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Button Descriptions: 

Planetary landscape: Roll on this table twice and combine the results to get a more “alien” planet (once to get something less weird).

Planet Atmosphere Manifestation: Further warp and mutate the planet’s surface by combining the “Planetary landscape” results with the result from this table.

Planet population: Although many groups may populate a planet, this table determines the dominant group.
Art by Evey Lockhart
Sci Fi Planet Generator: 

Raw Tables: 

Planetary landscape:
Gentle, rolling grasslands.  
Planet swallowing mega city. 
Hypercoloured glowing irradiated quartz. 
Swirling thick gas, pleasant or foul. 
Atmosphereless chalky white rock. 
Grey foggy swamplands. 
Dead crumbling mountains destroyed by unending gales. 
Muddy plains of neverending rain. 
Tiny over fertile and verdant moon. 
Fields of red living flesh flora. 
Freezing tundric wastelands. 
Mountains and caves of clear crystal. 
Ashlands covered in thick black smoke. 
Thick mushroom forests, air thick with vivifying spores. 
Golden deserts, rich with mineral deposits. 
Spike spire ranges of reflective, smooth mineral. 
Labyrinth of thick flowing, nutrient rich rivers. 
Planet covering alien geometric ruins of super hardened material. 
Neverending ocean, of water or other liquid. 
Perfectly flat, attractively veined, marble. 
Caustic smog over pools of acid, melted into plains of spongy white coral. 
Enormous biobubbles of atmosphere floating in space. 
Thick forest of skyscraper sized trees. 
Dead plains covered in mountains of bones of unknown aliens. 
Neat, pleasant plains of well kept garden flora. 
Cracked and broken land, islands of rock floating free of any central mass. 
Roiling rivers of magma bubbling out of volcanos. 
Tumble piles of lurid coloured perfectly spherical boulders. 
Landmass is the back (or otherwise) of ancient, slow moving leviathan. 
Tiny perfect pleasure islands dotted across a calm cerulean sea. 
Enormous fertile cavern complex hidden beneath barren rocky wasteland. 
Iridescent, shimmering mounds of basalt columns.  
Putrid steamy, vine filled jungle. 
Decaying meat mounds, ever pushed skyward from an evergrowing flesh core. 
Tangle of fractal mineral structures, like psychedelic dead trees. 
Trash mountains of endless discarded craft and tech husks
Endless gloom night over fields of stunted fungi. 
Freezing snow covered ranges of mountains. 
Field of rich loamy earth, wriggling with worm like fauna. 
Endless chasms dropping away into darkness. 

Planet Atmosphere Manifestation: 
Mutative overgrowth.
Holy, religious and sacred.
Welcoming, calming and accommodating.
Secure, locked and quarantined.
Clear view of outer space, other planets and stars.
Burning pillars of flame/plasma.  
Flowing, blowing and leaking voluminous gas.
Utter calm and dangerously soothing.
Frozen and preserved.
Hulking downed space and hovercraft
Enormous refinery and mining operations. 
Ethereal and vaporous - forms twisting, flowing and floating.
Mould Like crystalline coating. 
Haunted by powerful A.I. 
Overfluid movement, frenzied speed and savage quickness.
Shrunken, small and shriveled - rotted and wrecked.
Clambering hordes of alien vermin and insects.
Bare, barren, stripped of splendour and excess.
Ooze ridden  and globular, slime covered and excreting..
All is eyes and sentinels, never ending watching.
Regrown and rebuilt. 
Clear, translucent, delicate and dazzling.  
Obesily opulent, gilded and bejeweled.
Hordes, crowds and hives.
Internal organs on display, fleshy, bloody and sanguine.
Self consumptive and destructive.
Reflection, mirrored image and repetition.  
Metal and minerals.
A huge and oppressive sun and or moon.
Oppressive heat and dryness. 
Frozen, cold, frigid and icy.
Liquid waste, sewage and stinking effluent.
Sizzling acid or burning magma.
Thick plating and armour, layers of protective outer coating.
Vegetative construction, swirling vines, leaves and flowers.
Overgrown, gigantic and cyclopic.
Meat, carcasses, bones and carrion. 
Psychedelic, apparitions and visions. 
 Scents, over alluring or oppressive.
Petals, pollens, bursting ripe fruit.
Fire, flames and burning.
Destruction, ruin, rubble, rocks and wreck.
Mountainous rubbish, rolling refuse and towering waste.
Extremely high tech, wondrous technology abounds. 
Patrolled by armadas and fleets of spacecraft. 
Androids and robots. 
Extremely alien, beyond exotic and otherworldly.  
Mechanical, gears, chains and motors, fumes and engines. 
Oversized, enormous, overgrown - repulsive in mass.
Monstrous and horrible, misshapen and obscene.
Inebriation and sensualness. 
Tunnels, holes and craters.
Bugs and beetles. 
Encasement in crystal and mineral calcification.
Dirt, mud, soil, humus, sand.
Ornate and polished stone, smooth, shiny marble.
Wormholes and portals. 
Fast/slow day/night cycle. 
Dust, crumbling, ash and ruin.
Contorted - twisting forms of tortured pain.
Mazes, labyrinths and puzzles.
Shadows, darkness, malformity.
Rotted, liquefying and putrid to the point of slop.
Sickness, disease and plague.
Deformed, demented and wrong.
Bones, tusks and skulls.
Veins and vines. 
Inability to access the Data Plane. 
Electronics disturbing atmosphere. 
Chaotic Khybe intensity.  

Planet population:
Alien beasts.
Primitive aliens. 
Alien civilisation.
Robots or Androids. 
Escaped synthoids. 
Khybe monks
Empire forces/empire protectorate  
Free humans.
Two groups at peace (roll twice) 

Two groups at war (roll twice


  1. You're on a roll here! Infinigrad in space?

    1. Exactly! A lot of these generators are remixes of a variety of Infinigrad tables, with new stuff added in.