Sunday 27 February 2022

(Semi) Automated Hex Stocker

Here is an automated version of the hex stocker  from this post: 

Although the stocker was designed for "Orb Monsters" specifically, you can use the random Magic the Gathering card hex stocking approach for other games! I've included some of the notes/instructions from the original post to make the stocker easier to use from this post! 

This method uses random Magic The Gathering cards profusely! When the rules below say “get/pull/use  a random card” it is referring to a random Magic the Gathering card. Use the following link to get a random magic card: (Then click the “random” button in the top left of the screen for another random card, ad infinitum! Note: You may like to use the advanced search option to lock in sets/types of cards and then - from there you could pick the card you like or roll a dice with the number of sides you have results for your search. Use to quickly make a dX). When the rules below say something like “A random spell/artifact/monster/etc just keep pulling random cards until you get the thing you need! Sometimes this may need to be a specific colour (Such as certain colour monsters/sentients and spells only appearing in that coloured land). The magic cards pulled by the referee of the game may need some changing/warping/only act as inspiration for their purpose in this game. The referee has total power to do this! Further, said inspiration may simply be the picture on the card, or the text, or a part of the picture or part of the text! 

Hex Stocker Instructions: 

  • Pull a random card! The hex is whatever color card you pulled! Roll a d12, the result is how many connected hexes are also that color! (Colours in magic are associated with specific lands: White = plain, Red = mountain, Green = forest, Black  = Swamp, Blue = Island- so whatever colour a hex is - it is that type of landscape). 
  • A basic land card will give you a very nice visual description of the d12 coloured hexes you generated. It doesn't seem possible to get a random basic land card with scryfall (I think because it only recognised each type as one card with lots of different reprints). To overcome this, on the scryfall website get a totally random card, then click on its set description, then in the search bar for that set write the type of land you need, “Swamp, Island, etc”. You will then get a nice picture of that type of landscape and you can use that for all of the hexes you just generated! You could use different images per hex/or an image for a few hexes. Scrolling through the “Prints” list will give you different basic land cards of that type! 
  • Roll on the following tables to determine what else is in a hex beyond its colour! 
  • Note: Only NPCS, sentients, monsters and spells of the same colour, or of the colour left or right of that colour (see colour wheel) will appear in coloured hexes - bear this in mind when stocking the hexes!  You may need to pull several random cards to get a correctly coloured stocking item! 

Travel Hazards: Each hex has a 25% chance of having some some sort of contextual, environmental hazard that makes traveling through it a strain on resources or possibly deadly! It is up to the referee to determine what exactly that hazard is - using the contents of the hex as inspiration.   

Stocking instructions: Use the following guidelines for populating the map’s hexes. 

  • A town, city or village: The population size is d100xd100. Pull a card until you get a building or structure, this is the base architecture of the settlement. Pull a card until you get a sentient (appropriately coloured) being, this is the people of the settlement. Pull a card until you get one mundane object or artifact and one magical object or artifact - these two things are the basis of the settlement's society. The referee can simplify or complicate this process as needed! See the colour relationship information to determine the relationship the population has with nearby monsters, spells and settlements. 
  • An unusual structure: Pull a card until you get a building or structure - this is the structure! Pull three more cards of any colour, whatever they are - they are inhabiting the structure! Refer to the colour relationship information to determine what those things are doing in the unusual structure! 
  • Monster/s: Pull an appropriate coloured monster card. d4 x d12 of that monster populate the hex! 
  • Sentient/s: Pull an appropriate coloured sentient card. d8 x d20 of those sentient beings are in the hex! Use the desire and colour relationship information to determine what the sentients are doing! 
  • A Spell: Pull an appropriate coloured spell card. That spell has warped/corrupted/changed the basic environment of the hex! It is now a weird and unusual place! A wizard can sense the spell magic here and mediate for a day to fill a spell orb with the spell (the spell stays in the environment though - the land still warped)!
  • A Powerful NPC: A powerful NPC of the hexes colour is in the hex! Use the instructions for generating a Sentient but assume it is a single, particularly powerful, NPC.
  • An artifact: Keep pulling cards until you get an actual "Artifact" card. That artifact is in the hex in a location of the referee's choosing!

Desires and Relationships: 


Sentient beings generally have desires! If those desires aren’t obvious to the referee, roll on the table! Sentient’s desires may form the basis of quests for in exchange for said sentients skills, talents, resources, services, etc on completion of a quest.

Relationships :

All beings (sentients in town and the wilds , monsters, wizards) will have relationships with other nearby beings. The type of relationship is determined by the colour, the exact specifics of the relationships is determined by the referee:

  • Beings of the same colour are generally close allies or symbiotes. 

  • Beings of neighboring colours are generally co-operative, trading partners or otherwise tolerable of one another. 

  • Beings of opposite colours generally hate each other and are in open conflict or war. 


If a PC requires something from a sentient (in a town or in the wilds), beyond basic equipment, food, water and shelter - roll on the following table to see if they have it/can/will provide it (at the discretion of the referee)!

General Hex Stocking Guidelines:

The methods outlined above will give the referee a basic sketch of each hex - the referee is encouraged to run with that basic sketch and use it as an inspiration to fill in as much detail as needed! If a PC seeks to explore an area in more detail (perhaps wanting to spelunk an unusual structure, or the sewers beneath a settlement, or a cave in a mountain, etc) the referee can combine their knowledge of the hex they are exploring with the "Smaller Places Creation" (Place/Place Stocking tables).

Automated Hex Stocker:

Wednesday 23 February 2022

Solo Super Adventure: Plant Sleuth the Jelly Fish Man!

Following up from my "Solo Protocols for A Super Hero RPG" post, here's a quick solo super hero game report! I only used the HTML automated tables/generators listed in that post/A Super Hero RPG. This game may serve as a bit of an illustration of the protocols listed in that post too! 

Solo Super Hero: The Plant Sleuth,

Major Hero Super Power: Plant summoning and control

Minor Hero Super Power : Super sleuth/detective

Wears leather armour and hooded cloak. Has translucent skin and the face of a jellyfish! 

Backstory:  Only survivor of a family transport accident (ship, car, train, plane, etc)

There's not a lot of images of "Jellyfish People" around...

Mission: Prevent theft of  “Crime” boss. Crime boss is actually leader of a group freedom fighters. The military police of the authoritarian government in control of the region are raiding the abandoned factory base of the freedom fighters. The military police are attempting to kidnap the leader of said freedom fighters! 

  • House Regul: The Authoritarian government in control of the region! They have the power of Terror and fear summoning and manipulation! 
  • The Free Blades: Freedom fighters attempting to overthrow House Regul! They are Thrown weapon experts!
  • In the final area a Super Villain is attempting the kidnapping!  

Place: Abandoned factory – now used by the Free Blades as a base of operations! 

  • Mission/place has four areas! 

Area 1, Factory Reception: Peeling paint and smashed windows. Glass on the floor. Old crates and boxes. Metal railing and rusting, unused equipment. 

  • 11 x Regul Riot Bots (Metal bodies, armed with Guns and Water Canons) - Goons – searching for secret entrance to Freedom fighter base! 
  • Hazard: Ceiling caving in! Very concerning looking! 

Round 1: 

  • The ceiling begins to cave in – chunks of stone and plaster falling! 
  • Plant Sleuth sneaks into the warehouse reception – the riot bots not noticing him! 
  • As the robots stamp and smash their way around reception looking for the secret entrance to the freedom fighter’s base, chunks of stone and masonry fall from the ceiling! 
  • Plant Sleuth is unable to dodge away from the falling debris – becoming scratched, perturbed, disturbed and thrown off! 
  • The riot bots do not detect his flustering! 
  • The riot bots find the secret entrance! Ripping apart the plaster wall revealing metal stairs leading down beneath the earth! 
  • Content to let the riot bots lead the way – Plant Sleuth sneaks behind them as they head down into the secret base! 

Area 2, Basement 1: Several printing presses in operation – printing off anti Regul propaganda! The basement narrows to a small corridor leading to a cheap looking wooden door. Plant Sleuth notices suspicious looking slits running along those walls – clearly some sort of trap! 

  • 11 x Regul Riot Bots (Metal bodies, armed with Guns and Water Canons) - Goons. 

Round 2: 

  • Plant Sleuth notices several sky lights are illuminating a variety of plants within the basement! They are robust and healthy decorative indoor plants. 
  • The riot bots charge towards the door! Triggering the automated blade trap behind the fake walls! Several blades stab out at the riot bots! 
  • Three of the riot bots are stabbed by deadly, spear like blades that stab out of the fake walls! Sparks fly from their metallic bodies as they crumple to the ground - defeated! 
  • The remaining riot bots smash apart the fake walls with their metal limbs! These easily fall apart revealing the automated blade stabbing trap! In a rage they rip it apart and then open the door – revealing steps deeper down into the base! 
  • Plant Sleuth commands the plants to become ambulatory! Enlarging them in the process! He now has four bear sized shambling masses of plant matter as his loyal pets! 
  • Plant Sleuth continues sneaking after the remaining 8 riot bots – again avoiding detection! 

Area 3, Basement 2: The Regul riot bots have been trapped in a metal cage like mechanism that has descended from the ceiling!  They are ripping apart the metal panels of the floor attempting to somehow get the mechanism to retract and free them! 

Round 3: 

  • 8 x Regul Riot Bots (Metal bodies, armed with Guns and Water Canons) - Goons – making their way deeper into the “Free Blades” secret base. Currently trapped in a metal cage descended from the ceiling! 
  • As the regul riot bots rip apart the wiring of the room, electricity begins to spark! It is sparking from various electronic panels filling the room! 
  • Their smashing and destruction paying dividends, the regul bots manage to get the cage mechanism to raise a few inches – they all then work together to push the cage slightly back up towards the ceiling! A gap forms – big enough for the first regul bot to escape! 
  • Plant Sleuth sneaks towards the stairs leading deeper into the base – avoiding detection by the occupied regul bots! Unfortunately he is struck by a bolt of lightning sparking from the nearby electronics! The regul bots hear him cry out in pain and see him! 

Round 4: 

  • Another four of the regul riot bots are freed from the cage! Two remain behind lifting the cage from the ground as three of them open fire at Plant Sleuth!
  • Two bullets punch into Plant Sleuth’s leather armour! He is winded but not defeated! 
  • Plant Sleuth commands his four plant beasts to attack the regul riot bots! 
  • The bear sized masses of vines and leaves charge towards the riot bots! Three of them are ripped apart, emitting sparks of electricity and smoke! A fourth plant mass is wrestling with a riot bot – unable to overcome it! 

Round 5: 

  • Another two of the regul riot bots get free of the cage! The two bots holding the cage let it drop free to be able to attack Plant Slueth! The riot bot wrestling with the plant mass is unable to attack! 
  • Four riot bots open fire at Plant Sleuth! 
  • Three of the shots miss! But the final bullet cuts through Plant Sleuth’s leather armour and wounds him in the belly! Plant Slueth yells out in pain! 
  • Plant Sleuth commands his plant masses to rip apart the regul bots as he flees towards the stairs – intent on stopping the kidnapping before he succumbs to his wounds!  
  • Four more of the regul bots are pulled apart by the plant masses as their master flees down the stairs! 
  • As the final riot bot is still trapped in the cage mechanism, the plant masses writhe down the stairs after Plant Slueth! 

Area 4, Basement 3: Computers and control panels! All sparking and malfunctioning!  Screens filled with feeds from secret cameras all around the region. 

  • 10 x  Free Blades Freedom Fighters (People in makeshift military garb, armed with swords and clubs and throwing knifes) – Goons – attempting to get the emergency elevator out of the base working so their leader can escape!  
  • Leader of the Free Blades – helping their goons to repair the emergency elevator to escape! 
  • A shimmering magical portal! 
  • A Super Villain is attempting the kidnapping: 

Super Villian: The Warp Knight of House Regul,

Major Hero Super Power: Warping and manipulation of other being’s bodies

Minor Hero Super Power : Hypnotism and mind control

Wears a suit of black and red metal armour! The helmet is filled with a huge pulsating gem!  

Backstory:  Was once a famous artist or musician

Twist: The opposing Super threatens to destroy//kill a large amount of innocents!

Round 6: 

  • The Warp Knights steps through the portal and into the basement of the secret base! Plant Slueth notices that there is plenty of foliage on the other side of the portal! Wherever the knight has from from, it is outside! 
  • The Free Blades warn the Warp Knight to stay back as they continue attempting to repair the elevator! They continue clanging away at the equipment – but do not get it working! 
  • The Warp Knight barks a command through the portal – and 12 regul riot bots charge into the basement through the portal! 
  • As Plant Sleuth commands his plant masses to attack the warp knight, he takes control of the plant life beyond the portal! A huge vine reaches through the portal to attempt grab Warp Knight but Warp Knight dodges out of its way! 
  • The four plant masses charge at Warp Knight, tangling around his body and holding him in place but not injuring him! 

Round 7: 

  • Warp Knight yells out at the Leader of the Free Blades, “If you don’t come with us now, house Regul will launch a nuke at your base of operations! Millions of innocents will die and we will blame it on your pitiful organisation!” 
  • The Free Blade Fighters stop trying to repair the elevator and get into defensive positions as the 12 regul riot bots charge towards them! 
  • The Leader of the Free Blades keeps trying to repair the elevator – so far unable to do so! 
  • As they charge towards the 10 Free Blade Fighters the 12 regul riot bots open fire! Killing 5 of them! 
  • The remaining 5 free blade fighters throw daggers at the approach riot bots – but they bounce uselessly off their metal bodies! 
  • A beam of pink energy shoots from Warp Knight’s gemmed helmet towards the leader of the Free Blades! The leader’s legs fuse together and their arm’s fuse to their torso! The leader screams out in agony! 
  • Though beset by four plant masses Warp Knight manages to kick them away! Freeing his body – but he is still surrounded! 
  • Plant Sleuth commands the giant plant tentacle to grapple Warp Knight! Which it does! Holding him in place! 

Round 8: 

  • Warp Knight, seemingly noticing Plant Sleuth for the first time yells out, “Though I loved you once Plant Slueth, that love has turned to hate!” and he commands the Riot Bots to turn and open fire on the undefended Plant Slueth! 
  • The Bots fire! Gun smoke filling the basement! Three bullets pierce Plant Slueth’s armour! He is wounded in the arm and leg! 
  • Plant Slueth is stunned and slowed and dying from the bullet wounds! 
  • On the ground, bleeding, Plant Sleuth commands the giant plant tentacle to crush Warp Knight! 
  • The plant tentacle is unable to overcome Warp Knights thick armour – and it simply continues to hold him in place! 
  • Another pink beam shots from Warp Knight’s gem helmet, hitting one of the Flying Blade Freedom fighters, “Bring your leader to me”  he commands! The hypnotised fighter begins to do so! 
  • The other three flying blade fighters throw their weapons at the regul riot bots, hitting two of them in weak spots! Two riot bots crumple to the ground! 
  • Enraged at the damage to their master, the plant masses attack Warp Knight! The smash and buffet him with leafy and tendrilly blows! The Warp Knight is stunned and concussed but not defeated! 

Round 9: 

  • As Plant Slueth loses consciousness the 10 remaining regul riot bots open fire at him! Peppering him with bullets that bruise and batter him but do not pierce his armour! 
  • Warp Knights pink beam hits a Flying Blade Freedom Fighter and he is turned to a pink and red sludge! 
  • The various animated plant masses dissipate back into harmless bit of vegetation without the vivifying power of Plant Sleuth!
  • As their leader is dragged towards the magical portal by a hypnotised comrade, the remaining two Flying Blade Freedom Fighters throw daggers at Warp Knight! Both hit but the blades bounce uselessly off the knight’s armour! 
  • Freed of the plant tentacle Warp Knight grabs the leader of the Flying Blades and wrenches him into the portal with him!
  • The portal closes! 
  • The Regul riot bots kill the remaining freedom fighters and apprehend the unconscious Plant Sleuth! 
  • The mission was a failure (although no nuclear weapons were unleashed at least)! 

Sunday 20 February 2022

Solo Protocols for A Super Hero RPG

Inspired by recent viewings of “Peacemaker”, I wanted to dust off my Super game “A Super Hero RPG” but use it for some solo play (As I’m already pretty loaded up with my 23 player Empyrean Dynasty game to commit myself to a game with other players!).

I wanted to keep things light and simple, using tools and tables that already exist – as such if you want to replicate this yourself, getting a copy of Super Hero RPG and Kontext Spiel d6 (both of which are PWYW) will help greatly as I am heavily using/referencing the automated HTML generators/tables in those two products. Additionally, I’ve basically taken the protocols/tables in d6 Demiurge and warped/simplified them for the super hero genre – Check out that game if you are interested in more solo stuff (there’s lots of good solo stuff kicking around but that’s just my contribution to the play style).

A Super Hero Game Solo: 

  • Use the “World Back Story” and “Current Events and The Present” generators to generate as much or as little of the setting as required (or just make it up/use an existing setting). Use the “Orginisation Generator” if desired. 
  • Decide if you will be playing a team of super heroes or villains or a single super hero/villain, and then generate them (Use the automated super generator to do this quickly)! (Use the guidelines in “A Super Hero RPG” regarding powers and weaknesses if required).  
  • Use the “Mission Generator” to determine what the supers you are playing are doing – don’t generate a “twist” result as yet – leave that as a surprise for yourself! Use the “Place Generator” to determine where the mission is taking place. Using the “Organisation Generator” may be very useful in giving additional context to the place/determining who is giving the supers their mission. 
  • Roll a d6. This is how many areas your supers need to move through to complete their mission. Use the “area stocker” for each of these areas as your supers move into them to see what they must overcome before they get to the final area. When you get a “goon” result for stocking assume there is d6 x d6 goons in the area. The “area stocker” gives a good indication of what goons will be doing in the area, but not NPC supers. See the “What is the NPC Super doing” table below to determine this. Additionally, use the “What is the NPC Super’s relationship to the PC Supers” table to add an additional dynamic  (If required randomly determine which of the PC supers has a relationship with the NPC super).  The referee should consider the impact of whether the NPC super is a Hero or Villain and how that might impact their actions and reaction to the referee controlled super/s.     
  • Use the “area stocker” as per normal for the final area, but ensure it also contains whatever your supers require to complete their mission. Additionally, roll the “twist” result in the “Mission Generator” to see what additional drama is taking/will take place in this area! 
  • The “area stocker” will refer to supers (heroes and villains) and goons – use the generators for those! Use your understanding of the mission, place and area to fill in any other details. Also, use the NPC Combat A.I table below to see how the opposing/friendly Supers and Goons act during combat! 

  • Once the solo referee has a good understanding of what the supers are doing, where they are, and what is happening there – they can use the following protocols/turn order for solo play:
  • Environment Turn: Are there any changes to the place/area the supers are in? Roll on the tables below to find out! 
  • NPCs Turn: What do the non player characters (Supers, Goons, etc) do? Roll on the tables below to find out! Assume goons act as a big group, while NPC supers act as individuals. 
  • PCs Turn: The referee determines what their supers do in response to the actions/changes of the environment and NPCs. Resolving these as per the “A Super Hero RPG” rules. 
  • The amount of times a referee cycles through these three turns is totally up to them, but checking for changes in the environment once per area seems right and then only finding out what actions the NPCs attempt to do once they have failed/completed their previous set of actions. 
  • It is up to the solo referee to determine how hard and how exactly the supers progress between areas en route to the final area to complete their mission, but this should be relatively straight forward to determine using the other details generated about the game world. 
  • A super hero world inspired Yes/No table can be found below for the referee to use in determining any details about the game world they are not sure of. 
  • Play the game as per normal! If using the automated Kontext Spiel tables for attempted actions, roll 2d6 before a Super attempts an action on a goon to see if you roll doubles (and then use the Super rules as per normal). Also, as per the Super Hero RPG rules, roll two results for a hero attempting an action against a goon and use the best result, and roll two results for a goon attempting an action against a super and use the worst result. Kontext Spiel d6 and A Super Hero RPG are very freeform games – so the referee is encouraged to use them as best suits their taste of gaming.

  • Once the supers complete or fail their mission, either roll another one and repeat the process above, or do an “place crawl” where the supers go from place to place (using the “Current Events and The Present” generator if needed to flesh out the world), rolling a d6 to see how many areas are in each place and resolving things/filling in details as above! Comic books seem to jump from place to place from scene to scene/issue to issue with ease – so don’t be afraid to do this in your game! 

A Super Hero Game Solo Tables: 

Yes/No Table, d10:  

  1. Yes 
  2. Yes, and it makes the Super’s goal much easier 
  3. Yes, and it makes the Super’s goals much harder 
  4. Yes, but it only affects the Super’s mind 
  5. Yes, but it only affects the Super’s body 
  6. No and something similar and nearby makes the Super’s goal much easier 
  7. No and Something similar and nearby makes Super goals much harder 
  8. No, but it does affect the super’s mind 
  9. No, but it does affect the super’s body 
  10. No 

The Environment Table, d6: 

  1. Becomes incredibly dangerous and deadly for all of the supers! 
  2. Becomes incredibly dangerous and deadly for specifically one of the supers!  (Use Super backstory if required!) 
  3. Becomes generally more dangerous, halting the Super’s progress! 
  4. Becomes slightly less dangerous, easing the Super’s progress! 
  5. Presents a resource that is very useful for one specific super! (Use Super backstory if required!)
  6. Presents a very useful resource that all of the supers can use! 

What is the NPC Super doing? Table, d6: 

  1. Searching for something relating to their backstory
  2. Trying to complete the same mission as the PC Supers (competing with them) 
  3. Trying to help the PC Supers complete their mission 
  4. Trying to stop the PC Supers from completing their mission
  5. Attacking/killing/taunting goons (or stopping them from doing bad deeds) for the fun of it 
  6. Relaxing, as the Place that the mission is at is their base/nearby their base 

What is the NPC Super’s relationship to the PC Supers, d6: 

  1. Never heard of one another
  2. Friendly with one another
  3. Nemesis or Arch enemies
  4. Heard of them - but do not like what they have heard! 
  5. Heard of them - and like what they have heard! 
  6. Ex or current lovers 

NPC Action table, d6: 

(Modify these depending on the relationship the NPC has with the PC supers. Assume that Goons are generally always negative towards supers. If the NPC are unaware of the Supers – they just continue doing what they were already doing!) 

  1. Engage in conversation with/taunt the supers 
  2. Continue doing what they were already doing! 
  3. Prepare/remove an environmental trap or barrier for the supers 
  4. Prepare to defend (against the supers or something else in the area) 
  5. Prepare to attack/attack
  6. Attempt to get back up/additional support 

NPC Combat A.I. table, d6: 

  1. Attack in an obvious manner 
  2. Attempt an advanced combat maneuver
  3. Hide / defend / regroup 
  4. Use a super power/a goon power
  5. Heal / recover, or defend until possible to do so
  6. Possibly flee! (Roll again, if you roll this result again, they do attempt to flee – other wise they attempt to do the other rolled result). 

Automated Tables: 

Sunday 13 February 2022

6 Classes for Kontext Spiel d6!

Here are six classes for my FKR/Freeform rules set Kontext Spiel d6! Enjoy! 

You can get Kontext Spiel d6 for free here:

I have included some very basic guidelines on how each of these classes correlates in general to a more 'traditional' OSR class for those interested! 

The psychedelic art was made using (Taking the images created and collaging/editing them to clarify the vision of the class). 

Aristocratic Moon Gladiator

From the satellite world far above, where the art of dueling with both tongue and sword are the highest artform of the royal families. Wears gleaming arms and armour - both most elaborate and decorative. Fights and speaks as if dancing, a scintillating sight and experience to behold - can swiftly cut down a foe with a few strokes of the blade or lasing barbs of wit. Has graced the muddy world below with their presence to train in the harsh, heavy gravity.

(As a Fighter type class with the skills of speech and rhetoric a Specialist class may have) 

Ghostly Flesh Archer

An escapee of the vat pits, where monsters are torturously grown and sold. A life of the fugitive, and a need to stay distant from those disgusted by their roiling flesh, has enforced the need to hunt from afar. But the ghosts of those they kill and eat leak from their pores! To cleanse themselves the archer must whisper the spirits into their arrows, empowering them with the likeness of the slain! And then, the cycle continues. The archer wishes nothing more than to have their form to become static and for the hauntings to stop! 

(As a Thief/Rogue type class with the ability to once per level per day imbue an arrow with magical powers [As an appropriate level spell caster singe use spell]) 

Resourceful Star Assassin

Delivered to earth from the outer void by a great metal machine. Creeping, deadly and encased in a vacuum sealed suit wrapped in dark, synthetic cloth. Can easily disappear from view, even in the brightest of locations - the technological magic of their garb shimmering them into nothingness. They have a wide array of beyond sharp blades and foul alchemical poisons on their person. They have traveled to the earth to slay a target of astrological significance. 

(As a Thief/Rogue type class with additional expertise in Hide and Poison related skills)

Enormous Vermin Tamer

A scavenger and survivor from the deep, vile warrens beneath the earth. Ragged and unassuming in costume, drab and crass in character, but accompanied by oversized vermin who love and adore their trainer! They are easily able to communicate with and control verminic creatures large and small - and their troglodyte upbringing means they are most adept at surviving in dark, subterranean environs. Rumors of huge and majestic beasts having brought them to the surface, taming such a creature would bring the tamer much kudos and statues beneath the earth. 

(As a Druid type class with their domain being subterranean and cave environments) 

Mutated Mind Lancer

A mercenary from the guild wars of Infinigrad, escaped from the walls of the conflict locked city to stalk the clean mud of the countryside. A body warped and empowered by bio enhancements associated with their trade, along with a mind physically sharpened to the status of weapon. The lancer is able to wrench the senses from their enemies or fire spears of sheer thought shards to rip to ribbons less powerful minds. Through brutal unarmed martial arts, or insidious telepathic attack - the lancer is a disciple of war. They travel the earth in search of blood soaked glory. 

(As a Monk (unarmed combat specialist) class, with access to Enchantment (or mind control focused) spells) 

Tenacious Vine Wizard

A graduate of one of the many magic schools of Infinigrad, with a particular focus on the manipulation of vegetable matter. Ever accompanied by several weedy, rooty plant servants and wrapped in invigorating robes of green silk. The Vine Wizard can speak to plants of all types, or warp, edit and employ them for nefarious means as needed. Tangling and choking those that bother them with endless green tendrils, the Vine Wizard simply seeks to continue their research into all the wild and unusual flora that inhabits the earth. 

(As a Spell Caster or Druid type class, granted bonuses to the casting of any plant related spells [More cast per day or more impactful per cast]. Accompanied by Level x 1HD per Every 2 Levels weed servants: AC12, vine whips for d4 damage) 

Saturday 5 February 2022

Empyrean Dynasty Game 1, Turn 3, Another 10'000 years of Post Earth History!

The third turn of my 23 players grand sci fi strategy game Empyrean Dynasty is done! Here is the turn report for interest and posterity! 

Go check out the previous posts or the PDF if you are interested in more Empyrean Dynasty: 

Also, go join this blog's Discord server if you are interested in seeing the game unfold/the in character banter from the players!

Turn 3, 20'000 - 30'000 PE: 

And so 10’000 years pass in the universe! This is a record of what happened during that time!

  • For most of the last 10’000 years the enormous, half finished, ships of the grand Alburtuqaliu Fylí (@zeruhur) colony fleet lay rotting in the ship yards of Juzur Mushajara! The rot of The Rawaqi Philosophy, was left to grow within the clan and the workers of the universe, completely debilitating the clan. The Alburtuqaliu Fylíwas barely able to fend off mass starvation through the policing efforts of the War King and the clan’s Marine Mercenaries! Exports of food and workers from the clan slowed to trickle throughout the universe.
    • Even with the efforts of the Grand leader Raaniya el-Baccus, the colony fleet was unable to leave the home system of Juzur Mushajara!
    • Following the words of the Ancient Prophet Aristeidis el-Harroun, The Rawaqi philosophical movement spread and grew throughout the deca millennium. Factory monasteries filled with skeletal monks - content with total non action, were to be found in industrial regions across the universe. 
    • The Starving Rawaqi Monks - were able to live century long lives of endless inaction. These lives of inaction made even longer through easy access to endless life extending Bioloxue Biobrew (@Trent B). Though rare, there was some instances of younger Rawaqi Monks dying after taking up the Bioloxue Biobrew only diet - often found frozen in poses of meditation - their hearts suddenly stopped for no discernible reason. Again, the historians remark on how rare this occurrence was. 

  • This deca millenium, the historically secretive Legion (@Joshinken), sent delegations to several other intergalactic organisations. Those that interacted with the members of the corporations noticed its members all have cybenetic implants installed in their heads, wires, pulsing lights, metal sheets, dials, receivers and input plugs. The members of Legion were also noted for their single mindedness, all of its members having incredibly similar personalities, voices, desires, etc - often groups of delegates would speak all in unnerving unison. 

    • The corporation successfully completed two major projects over the 10’00 years: 

    • The “Spears of Life” project: Launchable, automated terraforming devices! 

    • The “Continued Consciousness Hive Mind” project: An advancement of the cybernetic hive mind technology that all Legion members have installed in their skulls at birth - Continued Consciousness allows a single consciousness from the hive mind to continue its existence indefinitely through the cybernetic implants - essentially removing any biological identity inherent in a flesh body and replacing it with the cybernetic identity of the Continued Consciousness. As well as granting theoretical, cybernetic immortality, the project also allowed a single consciousness to control several flesh bodies at once. 

    • Though a colony of Arcturus Bloodline (@ceaselessCarbine) refugees, escaping the ongoing civil war in the Arcturus Dominion, were accepted by Legion it was not successful. The first generation found the oppressively uniform Legion society confronting, and future generation were induced into the cybernetic hive mind early in their lives - the accompanying cybernetic indoctrination making the descendants of the refugees indiscernible from the rest of Legion society.

  • The holy and devout Sigmaites Clan (@Scarius) continued their starward expansion - sending out more colony fleets to populate the planets of the universe for the glory of Queen Olympe, mother of the universe! 

    • Unfortunately their efforts were hampered by the universe wide food and labour shortage stemming from the ongoing Rawaqi philosophical movement (@zeruhur)! This lead to only a measly two planets being colonised and populated in the deca millennium:

    • SS4: A world of towering green mountains, with rich deposits of interstellar fuel beneath the surface! 

    • SS5: A luscious world of thick green forests! 

  • The two ever intertwining clans of Jamaexina (@xaosseed) and House von Sacher Sariyah (@fjav) clans worked together over the deca millennium on the successful neo-coral ark project, the Great Heavenly Reef! Enormous, moon sized neo-coral structures capable of housing and transporting billions of lives through the vacuum of space! Within the arks were endless changing and permutating different biospheres! 

    • It is reported that many delegates from the Legion corporation (@Joshinken) visited the neo-coral space docks during the construction of these arks. 

    • Further, it is alleged that the arks contained within massive sphere chambers devoted to the cloning of key  Jamaexina  and House von Sacher Sariyah individuals. The, alleged, technology is, allegedly, remarkably similar to APEX Solution’s (@Revenant's Quill) immortality technology!   

    • As the great Great Heavenly Reef (the name for neo-coral ark fleet), drifted through the stars, en route to the The Space Sea of Lail, the oceans of Bilaltam Ya began to die, as did the caverns of Aiza-Zwei begun to rot. One hundred years later, to the day, both great home worlds of the Jamaexina and House Von Sacher Sariyah were putrified, befouled, miasmatic spheres of death. 

    • Billions of organisms, sentient and otherwise, were slowly corrupted and killed by the rotting process of the planets. Eventually, a single breath of the blackened air of those two planets brought death in mere moments. A great tragedy for the universe! 

    • The two clans lived on in the Great Heavenly Reef , protected by the Bahamut fleet - the reef arriving at the Space Sea of Lail late in the deca millennium - what they found there is not known by the public record.

  • Not content with the crude and primitive living conditions of planets, the Chatikrate Dynasty (@arkbrik) designed and launched the universe’s first Holy Oneiros Cylinder!  A massive artificial living structure - designed to be one of the most industrial productive places in existence! Wrought in crystal and designed in the most elaborate and impressive organic gothic stylings, The Holy Oneiros Cylinder of Olympe is a wonder of the universe! 

    • The clan had grand plans to launch a cylinder in every system under the control of the Chatikrate Dynasty, but the ongoing food and labour shortages throughout the deca-millennium caused by the ongoing Rawaqi philosophical movement (@zeruhur) hampered this! As such - only one cylinder was able to be produced and launched in the last 10’000 years! 

  • Reviving their research from 10'000 years ago APEX Solutions (@Revenant's Quill) successfully completed their ancient immortality program! Through the biological sciences and selective breeding, the corporation was able to produce humans who could, theoretically, live forever (immune now to old age, not misadventure and disease). 

    • The program was incredibly expensive, largely draining the corporations near empty accounts! As the bickering warlords in Arcturus Dominion civil wars (@ceaselessCarbine) were the biggest (and nearly only) customers of APEX's dated weapons - the corporation became very low on funds during the deca millennium ! 

    • So far only a handful of individuals have been gifted immortality within the corporation, widespread use of the program is so far beyond the capacity of APEX's resources! 

    • APEX'S coffers begun to refill at the end of the deca millennium - licensing out their immortality program to other organisations for exorbitant fees! 

  • And so, after 20’000 years, The Tranchierqlim (@jimble) re-joined intergalactic civilisation! Finally emerging from the kaleidoscopic biospheres beneath the waves of Ozesitala, a small delegation from the corporation traveled across the stars to the Henshin Lab’s (@sageDaMage) world of SH8! 

    • On the surface of SH8, the treasure of The Tranchierqlim was revealed to the universe! Crystal worms, the size of skyscrapers, were unleashed from the ships of the Tranchierqlim  and these promptly burrowed beneath the surface of the volcanic planet. In a few short years the world of SH8 - once a smokey, fiery, planet of endless volcanic ranges - was transformed into a clean, clear, fertile, world of endless super productive grasslands! Woods filled with fresh fruits covered the once magama covered mountainsides! The worms of Ozesitala terraformed the planet in a never before seen speed! Only a few years to transform a planet! The worms kept the largest of volcanoes active on SH8 - this grand old volcano continued to produce the pink gems that SH8 is famed for, at an even greater abundance than when the entire planet was covered in volcanoes! Such wonder! 

    • The glorious worms of Ozesitala returned to the ships of the Tranchierqlim and then were transported back to their homeworld! Once there, the worms and their handlers returned beneath the waves of their mysterious planets - again withdrawn from the greater intergalactic society - but leaving them with the message the services of the glorious worms of Ozesitala were available for hire!

  • In the first few thousand years of the deca millennium, the men of The Fraterni Renunti, Clan (@wrongtube), had dramatically increased in size - the average height of the clan becoming 12 feet. And they continued to grow, eventually becoming too tall to walk, resorting to crawling, and eventually, their mass too large to walk apon the land in any form - they took to the waters of Ognos. Half way through the deca millennium and the entire Fraterni Renunti was water bound - living in natural water bodies or in massive vegeatitive tanks formed by their grown architecture. 

    • The Fraterni Renunti had somehow transformed themselves, through their advanced methods of genetic manipulation and biological sciences, into spindly whale sized beings, masses of flowing, flower-like fins cascading from their forms. Soft, floating, undulating, massive and unable to leave the water. 

    • Delegations from other interstellar organizations would meet with the Fraterni Renunti at the banks of their tanks - the massive aquatic beings sing-songing melodiously from the bluegreen water of lake sized vegetative globe homes.

    • Slowly Over the remaining 5000 years of the deca millennium the water and the air was sucked from the globes - the vegetative architecture eventually hermetically sealing groups of Fraterni Renunti in massive vacuum pods. 

    • The Fraterni Renunti grew and changed and became increasingly diffused and enormous. By the end of the deca millennium they had grown to roughly the size of a city block, sentient colonies of flesh tubing and gills and fins and eyes and feather-like sense organs! 

    • They had changed, but they could survive the vacuum and fly of their own violation through space! And so they floated free of Ognos! Leaving behind their totally pristine planet as if they had never been there! Long lived, enormous, renu milk coursing through their veins and able to summon city growing seeds of vegetative architecture through their own digestive functions! 

  • The wide spread, but largely shunned Cult of Qalb Occulta (@symbolic city) continued to be ubiquitous but ignored by the peoples of the universe at large - its rituals and beliefs, again, for another 10’000 years remaining too obscure and esoteric for the masses!

    • Although little is known of the inner workings of the organization, a large doctrinal difference emerged from the cult - the so called “Maqead Neo” a movement vehemently opposed to the concept of “homeworlds”. The members of the Qalb Occulta becoming even more nomadic over the last deca millennium and declaring themselves the patron saints of the universes homeless and refugees. 

    • The Qalb Occulta adopted the use of Arcturan Zhivos' Biobrew (@Trent B) (The infinitely cheaper alternative to the life extending spice of Magel), even using their universe-wide monasteries to help fuel the production of the brew. 

    • Rich and powerful individuals of the universe, from the ranks of its many intergalactic organizations, are still, slanderously, accused of being secret devotees of the Qalb Occulta, and now Maqead Neo, faith - an accusation that is always vehemently denied.

  • The society of the Yishpugnae Clan (@finnice) saw great change over the deca millennium!Beginning with the accidental discovery of sentient programming within the data systems of the clan, these “Artificial Intelligences” gained co-citizenship and personhood within the Yishpugnae Clan! 

    • The sentient programming, after their discovery, demanded from their flesh based peers to be placed in mechanical bodies so they could interact with the physical world. Brought to mystic fervor and religious awe by the discovery of this digital form of life, the technicians and engineers of the clan complied - creating metallic bodies using the wondrous ores of ZY1. Each robotic being was crowned with the craggy pink quartz processors of ZY2.

    • It was assumed by the mystics and prophets of Zhulorum, that the sentient programs were, in fact, the fractured soul of the planet ZY2 - caught in the super computing pink quartz processors of that planet. Because of this theological agreement, it was totally acceptable to grant the newly mechanical bodied sentient programs personhood and citizenship within the Yishpugnae Clan.

    • The prophetic insights of the Vapours of Zhulorum were coupled with the analytical powers of the sentient programs, perhaps making the Yishpugnae Clan the most farsighted organisation in the universe….(Their secret and withdrawn nature makes this hard to know for sure). 

    •  Celertatrum, a sentient program who rose to prominence in Yishpugnaenian society during the deca millennium, spear headed the “Sentient Fleet” initiative - building a fleet of spacecraft designed as receptacles for sentient programs. These ships were essentially living beings, with personhood and citizenship. The, precise and brilliant digital minds of the sentient programs, coupled with the intuitive and insightful flesh minds of the Zhulorum mystics lead to the creation of fastest ships in the universe!

  • Emboldened and heartened by the last 10,000 years of successes the Ounjẹpupọ Olominira Eniyan (@gendernihilist) continued their colonization of the stars! Though still clad in black  - the histories can report that for the first time in 20’000 years smiles began appearing on the faces of the members of the corporation! Three new colonies were successfully colonized and populated: 

    • IO4: A world of dark red forests! Beneath the planet's dim canopies, giant, non poisonous and herbivore spiders exist - through their webs these produce the most luscious silk in the universe in great abundance! 

    • IO5: A grassy world of rolling purple hills! Producing an abundance of wheat like food crops! 

    • IO6: A world of warm, orange seas! Geothermal vents beneath the oceans here are an ample source of energy! 

    • As food shortages beset the rest of the universe due to the Rawaqi philosophical movement (@zeruhur), the food production capabilities and the nutrient rich kelp forests of IO2 kept the Ounjẹpupọ Olominira Eniyan very well fed throughout the deca millennium. So well fed that the organisation was able to export food to their nearby interstellar neighbors in the Arcturus dominion (@ceaselessCarbine). These exports kept starvation out of the other wise civil war beleaguered dominion! 

    • Unfortunately sadness returned to the people of the  Ounjẹpupọ Olominira Eniyan at the close of the deca millennium. About a 100 years ago the first reports of rot stench on the homeworld of IgboIgbo-KijiKiji begun, foul odours emanating from the rivers and jungles. One hundred years later, today, the planet has become a putrified, befouled, miasmatic sphere of death. 

  • Billions of organisms, sentient and otherwise, were slowly corrupted and killed by the rotting process of the planets. Eventually, a single breath of the blackened air of the planets brought death in mere moments. A great tragedy for the universe!

  • The Hermeya Clan’s (@roshlev) holy mission of human colonization and terraforming as many worlds as possible continued this deca millenium! Their work was unfortunately somewhat hampered by the food and labour shortages caused by the Rawaqi philosophical movement (@zeruhur). Regardless of this, five new worlds were colonised and then heavily populated by the clan: 

    • SY6: A world of orange deserts, dotted with natural crystalline structures that bring much mental calm! 

    • SY7: A world of yellow rolling hills, stalked by huge, horned, feline beasts! 

    • SY8: A world of rivers and volcanic ranges, rife with a mineral spice that makes all meals beyond delicious. 

    • SY9: A world of flat, pink, crystalline plains, famed for its views of the passing cosmos! 

    • SY10: A world of white quartz mountains, whose climate breeds extreme hardiness in all that live there! 

    • Helping their mission was the invention of the “Hermeya Diet” - a cocktail of life extending pharmaceuticals concotted by a leader of the clan during the time period. This mix of pharmaceutical chemicals gathered from all of the Hermeya claimed worlds extended the lifespan of all clan members to at least 200 years at a bare minimum (often much, much longer if said clan members also indulged in the Spice of Magel and/or BiolōxuéBioBrew ). 

    • Tragedy did befall the clan half way through the deca millennium when the grass plains of Silenna, their home world, began to blacken and putrify. One hundred years later the planet had become a putrified, befouled, miasmatic sphere of death. 

    • Billions of organisms, sentient and otherwise (including a sizeable colony of  Arcturan Zhivos  (@Trent B)) , were slowly corrupted and killed by the rotting process of the planets. Eventually, a single breath of the blackened air of the planets brought death in mere moments. A great tragedy for the universe!

  • Unrest reigned in the The Szarstern Union (@gran), and by extension the STARF cluster, over the deca millennium! The unrest was brought on by a combination of three things:  Food and labour shortages caused by the Rawaqi philosophical movement (@zeruhur), and the banning of the narcotic “The Spice of Magel” within the planets of the STARF cluster (@arkbik, @fjav, @xaosseed)

    • Most pressing was general revolt caused by the banning of The Spice of Magel, a substance vital for the worshippers of the Queen Olympe, Mother of The Universe! The faithful were unwilling to to cease using the spice in their rituals and the ban caused much unrest, violence and revolt! 

    • Even after the ban was put in place and enforced, for thousands of years the substance continued to be found within the STARF cluster - clearly caused by the efforts of an elaborate smuggling operation supported by the Church of Olympe (@arkbik, @fjav, @xaosseed)

    • Even after the creation and of the Arcturan Zhivos' Biobrew (@Trent B), the substance was not initially accepted by the church, adherents of the Olympe faith unwilling to adopt the “dirty Biolōxué sludge” into their rituals when a supply of the, perceived, superior spice of Magel was still, illegally, available! 

    • As the deca mellenium continued, and The Szarstern Union continued their ban on the spice of Magel - as well as strengthening their space borders, changes begun within the Church of Olympe. Eventually a new church was formed within the STARF cluster, The Reform Church of Olympe! This new offshoot of the faith banned the use of the spice of magel in its rituals and adopted the use of Arcturan Zhivos' Biobrew (@Trent B). Although tensions and unrest within the STARF cluster have died down at the end of the deca millenium, the reform church has not spread far beyond the planets of the cluster. The only other place in the universe that the Reform Church of Olympe operates is in the Arcturus Dominion (@ceaselessCarbine). Throughout the rest of the universe the original Church of Olympe, and its use of the Spice of Magel is the most prominent and popular faith. 

    • The adherents of the Reform church of Olympe and the Orthdox church of Olympe are in no way friendly to one another - the reform church referred to as “The Cult of the Rot Sludge” by the orthodox and the orthodox referred to as “The Cult of the Outsiders” by the reform….

    • At the end of the deca millennium The Szarstern Union finally completed a defensive system for their STARF cluster, “The Sphere of Stone”! This was an gargantuan sphere of space asteroids and general space debris around the entirety of the the STARF cluster. This sphere, though rudimentary sounding, stops any outsiders from using warpdrives to enter the cluster without permission. Attempting to using warpdrives through the sphere would cause instant annihilation as the ship was ripped apart by chunks of space stone at warp speed! To enter the cluster, permission must be sought and granted by the Szarstern Union who would use their rocketry technology to open a gate in the sphere of stone to allow passage! 

    • With the competition of the sphere of stone the smuggling of the spice of magel into the STARF cluster finally ceased! 

    • Any other plans theThe Szarstern Union had for the deca millennium, such as moving new planets into the cluster, were not completed due to the chaotic nature of the last 10’000 years! 

  • Outside of the STARF Cluster (@gran) and the Arcturus Dominion (@ceaselessCarbine ), the Orthodox Church of Olympe continued to be the dominant religion of the universe! Further, the Orthodox Church of Olympe was utterly devoted to the use of the spice of magel in its rituals ( (@arkbik, @fjav, @xaosseed) )! 

    • One particularly fervent Orthodox Church of Olympe Bishop (a co-member, and leader within the Keepers of Magellan), lead the faithful on a crusade against the “dirty Biolōxué biobrew” (@trent B)! The bishop’s efforts ensured that  the Spice of Magel was maintained as the only narcotic used in the Orthodox church’s rituals! This impassioned bishop also ensured continued and expanded devotion to the Orthodox Church of Olympe throughout the Universe! 

    • The burning passion within the Bishop, and their hatred of the Biobrew and its associated Bioluxe has led to a rather virulent strain of racism against the Arcturan Zhivos (@Trent B) existing within the faithful of the Orthodox Church of Olympe! 

    • After 30’000 years the Keepers of Magellan were utter masters at the production of the spice of Magel, and its ubiquitous use in the most popular religion in the universe maintained them as one of the wealthiest intergalactic organisation in existence! Additionally the spice continued to improve in efficacy - now lengthening users lives to an average of 300 years (the deadly withdrawals associated with the spice remain)!

  • The uber wealthy Naurey Corporation (@Altchester) was unaffected by the food and labour shortages affecting the rest of the universe - its fully automated industry of  Monteer Apisri Invict protecting it from such petty privations. Further, the corporation's homeworld continued to be the premier destination for the universe’s rich, powerful and famous. The passing of the deca millennium in no way diminished the burning brightness and attractiveness of the pleasure planet Monteer Apisri Invict! 

    • Deploying their automated industry to do so the Naurey Corporation constructed, then gifted a fleet of specially made craft to the The Cavalerie Centuriate Clan (@middlecyclone)! These craft, used by the Knights of the Flame of Peace of the clan were the most luxurious and comfortable the universe had ever seen! Flying resorts, filled with huge chambers for pleasure and leisure! This fleet was well used by the Knights as they spread peace throughout the universe - the amenities and facilities perfect for inducing relaxation and calm in delegates who boarded the ships for peace talks!

  • The mono-people of Zhandou Albayanat Clan (@NondairyGiant) spread out amongst the organisations of the universe - offering their much needed services as computing and data engineers and operators! Their technicians were in great demand over the deca millennium, filling the roles left empty by the absent  Juzur workers who had joined the non-productive Rawaqi philosophical movement (@zeruhur)!  The computing workers of the Zhandou Albayanat Clan were very skilled and proficient but socially withdrawn and mentally absent outside of their professions (choosing to work in total silence the majority of the time). 

    • The employment of Zhandou Albayanat technicians throughout the universe greatly increased the financial security of the clan - the fact that clan continued to inhabit the most spartan and bare of habitations (their home planet of Heidong barely changed over the last 10’000 years) ensured this financial security.

The Arcturan Zhivos  (@Trent B) spent the deca millenium concocting, producing and distributing their Spice of Magel alternative - the Bioloxue Biobrew! The biobrew extended human life to an average of 200 years! The severe withdrawals of the spice of Magel  (@arkbik, @fjav, @xaosseed)  were not associated with the use of the Bioloxue narcotic, but the depravities of old age would claim those souls who stopped using the brew after the first 100 years of their natural lives - generally leading to them dying of natural causes within the year. As previously documented, the Biowbrew was shunned by the Orthodox Church of Olympe, but incorporated into the rituals of the Reform Church of Olympe at the close of the deca millennium.

  • The Cavalerie Centuriate Clan (@middlecyclone), a continuing bastion of culture and education throughout the universe, established their noble peace keeping force, The Knights of the Flame of Peace! The knights had a busy deca millennium, mostly keeping mass starvation at bay throughout the universe (due to the Rawaqi philosophical movement (@zeruhur) through the transportation of food supplies. Additionally, the Knights were a civilizing force for the universe, spreading the culture of neo-chivalry, alongside knowledge of advanced agriculture, civics and economics!

    • The Knights of the Flame of Peaces most crowning achievement of the deca millennium was the “Ursi Peace Accords” - bringing an end to the 20’000 year long Arcturus civil war! Peace was restored within the Arcturus dominion, the competing warlords agreeing to unite under the rulership of the bloodline of the Martyr King, Whose Throne Shall Remain Empty!(@ceaselessCarbine) !

  • Several thousands years into the deca millennium, as the endless civil war raged on in the Arcturus Dominion (@ceaselessCarbine) raged, one Bear Fort Warlord, seeking to redeem his people’s honor mounted an assault on the The Liliang Entomo homeworld of  Polejia! Although the assault was a near suicidal failure, the small but powerful force of bear mech warriors unable to withstand the endless hordes of the deadly ant people fighters,  it was agreed later by the Arcturus warlords that the warlord who lead the assault was, without doubt, a long lost descendant of Grand Emperor Maisarch! 

    • Disturbing reports from the “Glorious and Doomed March on Polejia” disseminated throughout the universe after the battle, reports that the brave warriors of Arcturus succumbed to something else other than ant man blades. Miasmic and deadly diseases seemed to spread very quickly through the human warriors who landed on Polejia, doubly ensuring the never in doubt victory of the ant men….

    • Coupled with the peace talks spearheaded by the Knights of The Flame of Peace (@middlecyclone), the actions of the doomed warlord who led the assault on Polejia lead to the ceasefire and ultimate ending of the Arcturus Dominion civil war! Recognized as the true heir to Emperor Maisarch’s throne, the warlord was named, “The Martyr King”, and the throne of the Arcturus Bloodline was kept ceremoniously empty in his honor. A council of warlords, led by the bloodline of the The Martyr King, now ruled the re-united clan!

  • Besieged by labour and food shortages (See: The Rawaqi philosophical movement (@zeruhur), the expansion efforts of The Black Room Clan (@Local Cryptid) were only mildly effective - creating colonies on three new planets: YT1, YT2, and YT3. 

    • Unfortunately, generally about a 100 years after colonization all three of these planets turned to rot. All of these planet became putrified, befouled, miasmatic spheres of death. 

    • Billions of organisms, sentient and otherwise, were slowly corrupted and killed by the rotting process of the planets. Eventually, a single breath of the blackened air of the planets brought death in mere moments. A great tragedy for the universe!

    • The same process occurred to the Black Room Clan other planet, including their home world of Y.

    • Near destroyed, the remaining members of the clan retreated to colonies on the on the planets belonging to the Legion corporation (@Joshinken). By the end of the deca millennium Black Room Clan settlements on Legion worlds were well populated - but their own planets all remained sphere of decay and death!

Unfortunately Henshin Labs (@SageDaMage) was greatly impacted by the food and labour shortages brought on by The Rawaqi philosophical movement (@zeruhur), this lead to them not completing any major projects of note through out the last 10’000 years! Their ships were seen far and wide across the universe though - conducting many trades, negotiations, and experiments with a wide range of intergalactic organisations!

  • Though their homeworld was attacked by an Arcturus Warlord (@ceaselessCarbine), the outward march of the many limbed Liliang Entomo (@papyrus1 ) did not continue this deca millennium! It is unknown what took place within their breeding pits and warrens of over the last 10’000 years! 

    • Maqead Regum, the world that the Liliang Entomo seized through bloodshed from the Qalb Occulta (@symbolic city ), befell a similar fate as a number of worlds over the last deca millennium. It began to rot and  100 years later it had become a putrified, befouled, miasmatic sphere of death. 

    • Millions of ant men were slowly corrupted and killed by the rotting process of the planets. Eventually, a single breath of the blackened air of the planets brought death in mere moments. Many millions of ant men escaped the planet dying process, fleeing back to Polejia - where overcrowding had become an issue for the Clan by the end of the deca millennium.