Friday 26 November 2021

The Saga of Ostermark, Part 2 (Orks Versus Skaven!)

 Here is the second part of the reporting on my 6 player Krieghammer (warhammer using kriegspiel inspired rulings) campaign. I've been running it for about 6 months and the final battle (three players - Skaven, Chaos/Empire and Beastmen) is taking place right now! I ran it on discord, getting private orders from the players (whether those orders for in a battle or commands for travelling across the map) and publicly updating the map/giving important area updates. All of the battles apart from the final one have been in private, so the other players not involved in the battle were not able to get unfair intelligence on the other player's armies. I ran the game using the freeform/ruleless protocols (inspired by the Free Kriegspiel Revolution) outlined in my waraming PDF "Freeform Skirmish Referee": 

Find out more about Krieghammer/join the discord and play a game here:

I did all of the maps/battle images in

Part 2: Continued from Part 1 :

The army of the Empire has been defeated. The beastmen are full and fat with a feast of man flesh!

Day 13: Something feels...wrong, in Ostermark! The dead are raising from the ground in the West!

Day 14: The large town of Remer has been lost! The fleeing citizens tell of the walking dead and vampires taking over their fair town in the night! Oh the horror! Can the citizens of Ostermark have any respite?! Also! A battle in the Veldt! The greenskin warhorse has encountered the non existent Skaven!


•    The skaven slaves unleash a volley of stones! That land somewhere on the other side of the trench – but no where near the approaching orcs!

•    The skaven warlord moves back towards the tower , screaming squeakily at his slaves to fire their slings better.

•    The skaven jezzail weapon team get one of the important orcs perfectly in their sights! CLICK! The gun malfunctions – not firing. A small puff of warpfire emits menacingly from the rear of the weapon.

•    A group of orcs moves south! Straight onto a hidden skaven mine! 3 of the orcs are exploded! A nearby goblin archer is also killed in the explosion!


•    The orc archers move towards the trench and open fire at the skaven slaves! The range is still quite far! But two of the slaves are struck and killed!

·        The orc army moves!

•    The skaven slaves open fire with slings at the orcs on the other side of the trench! The rocks fall harmlessly nearby the orcs!

•    Three of the orc arrow bows open fire at the fast retreating skaven warlord! All missing.

•    The remaining orc arrow boys open fire at the skaven slaves! Another is killed!

    The skaven warlord moves, bravely, behind the grand skaven tower!

•    The river troll slowly clambers over the rocky hill, the jezzail team lines him up perfectly! And…BOOM! The weapon malfunctions again blow warpfire out the back of the weapon and coating the shooter in green warpflame!

•    The two southern river trolls begin attempting to wrench the nearby tree from the ground! They have not accomplished this task thus far!

•    The brave skaven warlord continues moving away from the battle!

•    The lone river troll strides over the rocky hill! He notices spikey things in the trench! 

•    The jezzail team puts out the flames! They are ready to fire again!

•    The arrow boys open fire, killing another three slaves!

•    Two of the skaven slaves, noticing how far away their warlord is, make a run for their freedom! Straight into a warpfire mine! They die!

•    The remaining two slaves sling their stones…missing the orcs.

•    The trolls continue attempting to wrench the tree free – it is coming loose but is not out of the ground yet.

•    The skaven warlord bravely flees the battlefield!

•    The skaven slaves don’t much see the point in sticking around with the warlord gone – they also flee! They are not blown up by mines.

•    POW! The jezzail team finally fire their gun! A chunk of flesh is ripped from the approaching trolls leg!

•    The lone river troll begins smashing apart the grand skaven tower!

•    To the south, the trolls wrench free a tree!

•    The arrow boys open fire at the jezzail team! Two arrows land into the ratty flesh of the team! A number more arrows land in the shield of the front member of the team!

•    The jezzail team fires at the troll again! Another hit, a chunk of its arm shot out!

•    The troll gives the grand skaven an almighty wallop. CRACK! CRASH! The structure falls apart!

•    SMASH! The troll caves in the head of one of the skaven snipers. The rat man’s dead feet paws and pushed down into the dirt from the force of the blow.

•    The other half of the weapons team manages to scamper out of the ruined pile of wood that was the tower.

•    The river troll catches his scampering, WHACK! Another huge blow from the troll. The rats leg is pulverized and his corpse is smashed into the splinters of the tower.

A victory for the orcs!

Although the fighting has not sated their hunger for violence!


To Be Continued…in Part 3! 

Sunday 21 November 2021

Simple d6 Map Generator

 Nice and simple! Does what the title says! Borne of a long car ride this weekend where I did some solo play and needing something to generate maps with! 

Monday 1 November 2021

New POD Book Release! The Kontext Spiel Collection!

 A collection of recently released PDF in a full colour POD edition!

The Kontext Spiel Collection is an omnibus of RPG books focused on freeform/ruleless tabletop gaming inspired by the Free Kriegspiel Revolution! 

This book contains: 

  • Kontext Spiel d6: A universal freeform RPG rules. 
  • Generic Room Stocker: Weird fantasy tables and generators for creating places, people, monsters, treasures and more.
  • A Land of Peace and Rot: A weird fantasy setting presented in tables. 
  • Super Hero RPG: A freeform superhero tabletop game.
  • Freeform Skirmish Referee: Protocols for running freeform skirmish/wargame tabletop battles.

The Kontext Spiel Collection has something for everyone!