Wednesday 12 April 2017

32 Vaguely Eastern / Guild Dog Weapon Specialisations

This table is intended to randomly allocate a weapon specialisation to PC’s/NPC’s. It is random to purposely avoid the potential of never ending deliberation as to which weapon would be the optimal choice for each specific combat scenario.
Your character gets a random weapon they are good at, which hopefully makes them a little cooler/unique. I’m also trying to do a little world building through the weapons - hopefully these imply the kind of setting “The City” of Guild Dogs is.
While each PC is given a random specialised weapon, the following basics are always available:  Dagger, sword, mace/club, Pole weapons, 2 handed weapons, sling, bow and crossbow.
The Black Hack / the Guild Dog class is dependent on specific class/guild dog to determine damage die. This begs the question, why would I use a dagger over a sword if it makes absolutely no difference mechanically? While there may be some emergent roleplaying answers to that question, I wanted to give each “basic” weapon it’s own little speciality. Now there is a clear reason why you might use a dagger over a sword. Additionally, if each weapon is a little unique, and there is strict restrictions placed on how much a character carry (STR = Number of slot) interesting questions of what weapons to pack come into play.
Normal Weapons:
Dagger: Damage die is lessened by 1 (ie, a d6 becomes a d4), but can attempt a second attack a round with Disadvantage.
Sword: + 1 damage against foes in armour lighter than medium.
Mace/Club: +1 to hit against foes in armour medium and heavier.
Axe: Damage  die is increased by 1 (ie, a d6 becomes a d8), automatically fails initiative tests (always take action after opponents).
Pole Weapon: First attack when entering combat is tested with Advantage and does double damage, once engaged with a foe in melee combat all attacks are rolled at Disadvantage (unless the inherent unwieldiness of the length of the weapon is overcome).
2 handed: Already has rules in “The Black Hack”. Use them.
Sling: Ranged, damage die is lessened by 1 (ie, a d6 becomes a d4), can concuss appropriate un-helmeted targets for d4 rounds by making a successful attack at Disadvantage. Concussion attacks do no damage.
Bow: Ranged.
Crossbow: Ranged, damage die is increased by 1 (ie, a d6 becomes a d8). Once fired, a round must be spent reloading the crossbow before it can be fired again.
Weapons on the table below table do the character’s normal attack die damage, only operating as specific normal weapons detailed above when listed.

(Table was not interfacing very well with blogger, so I had to use images. Original table is here: )