Tuesday 20 February 2024

D&D Quick and Powerful Edition

Here's a quick little FKR leaning version of D&D that should be quick and easy to play and have the players feel relatively powerful (depending on what they are going up against). Some FKR refereeing required for spells/economy. (Running a new game, some generic fantasyish generation tables may be coming!) 

  • On a piece of paper write your character name and record attributes and class. 
    • Attributes – roll 4d6 but drop the lowest for each 
      • Strength (if best stat + 2 melee tohit/damage) 
      • Constitution (if best stat +2 hp per level) 
      • Dexterity (if best stat +2 to AC OR +2 Ranged tohit/damage) 
      • Intelligence – (if best stat Auto wizard success casts x level per session) 
      • Wisdom- (if best stat Auto holy success casts x level per session )
    • Charisma – (if best stat you always have a loyal companion at the start of each session). 
    • Classes: 
      • Thief:
        • can backstab (double damage when attacking with melee from behind) 
        • can use thief skills (roll under dex to: open locks, find/remove traps, pick pockets, hide, move silently, climb sheer surfaces)
        • cant use heavy armour or big weapons 
        • 6hplevel, +level tohit 
      • Warrior: 
        • can use any weapon/armour 
        • 10hplevel, +level tohit 
      • Cleric:
        • can cast holy spells (roll under wis to cast spells appropriate to level: Healing, protection, damage/disadvantage to evil/monsters)
        • Can use any armour or weapon
        • 6hplevel, +half level tohit 
      • Wizard:
        • can cast wizards spells (roll under int to cast spells appropriate to level: protection, blocking, and banishment , summoning of creatures/objects/elements, reveal information or hidden things, influence the minds/emotions of others, deal damage, illusions, death and undeath, alteration of the properties of people and creatures.  ) 
        • can only use light armour and small weapons
        • 4hplevel, +quarter level to hit 
  • Players start at level 1. 
  • Lose all HP = death.
  • Attribute check are  d20 roll below the ability score.
  • Combat rolls = d20 to hit AC value or higher, then roll weapon dice for damage. 
    • Enemies = HD value + AC + Damage Die (each HD = d6 hp + 1 to hit ) 
  • Players own equipment appropriate to class. Acquire more items and equipment by playing the game. 
  • Referee will determine the power of spells possible – check before casting. 
  • Ask at the end of a session if you level up! (More adventure = greater chance of level up) 

Thursday 15 February 2024

Saganarium Land Beast Generator

I am several hundred years into my Silmarillion inspired play by post game where the players take on the role of creator spirits/mortal and immortal races/heroes from those races. Early in the game I asked the creator spirits for a bunch of ideas for the animals that inhabit the world, and I have taken these and turned them into the following Land Beast Generator! 

  • The text in the square brackets on the first two lines represents the stars that the creature was created under. This gives the coloration of the creature and a suggested of words to use in the creation of that creatures name.