Tuesday 24 May 2022

d40 Monster Generator (Travail Saga)

For making monsters for Travail Saga (https://lizardmandiaries.blogspot.com/2022/05/travail-saga-pdf-released.html) ! 

There is an automated version at the bottom of the post! 

d40 Monster Generator  - Roll on each table and combine to create a monster/group of monsters/population of monsters. The referee will need to decide on the specific values for the monster's attributes and powers (Magic, Abilities and Skills). 

Monster Base Form: Roll twice and combine, this will give a suggestion of the monster’s basic attributes and powers. 

  1. Humanoid - can speak 
  2. Metallic cube - magic resistant 
  3. Bird - beaked and winged for flight 
  4. Jellyfish - floating and mindless 
  5. Octopus - many limbed and cunning 
  6. Tiger - swift 
  7. Bat - fanged and leathery winged for flight 
  8. Marlin - swift, long horned and scaled
  9. Beetle - compound eyes and thick chitin
  10. Fish - finned and scaled 
  11. Caterpillar - plump, segmented and many legged 
  12. Weed - leaf and many spindle limb covered 
  13. Gem - hardened, geometric and angular 
  14. Brain - can communicate/interact telepathically
  15. Internal organ mound - quivering and wet 
  16. Mimic - takes on part of appearance of object in its environment 
  17. Tortoise - thick shelled and plodding 
  18. Dog - extraordinary sense of smell 
  19. Cat - extraordinary grace 
  20. Armadillo - plated in natural armour and can roll into a ball 
  21. Spider - many eyed and can scale sheer surfaces 
  22. Gorilla - excellent climber 
  23. Wolf - can communicate telepathically with others in pack 
  24. Shark - Never stops moving and huge mawed 
  25. Vine cluster mound - can regenerate limbs 
  26. Mushroom - emits harmful spores 
  27. Crab - shelled and huge clawed 
  28. Rat - ravenous 
  29. Horse - hooved and thunderous 
  30. Eyeball - bulbous and glaring 
  31. Stingray - floating and barbed 
  32. Snake - venomous 
  33. Lizard - scaled and wise 
  34. Bear - shambling and ferocious 
  35. Worm - burrows and digs 
  36. Snail - mucousy and shelled 
  37. Lamprey - slimy and bloodsucking 
  38. Maggot - Plump and writhing 
  39. Goat - horned 
  40. Fly - winged and insectoid 

Monstrous Modifier - Roll on this table to warp the base appearance of the monster. This may also give a suggestion of the monster’s attributes and powers. 
  1. Holy - halo'd and those that strike it are smote in return 
  2. Guardian - metallic tinged and hardened 
  3. Glowing - emanating unnatural light 
  4. Winged - even more wings if already winged 
  5. Air bag - can float and exhale powerful gusts 
  6. Ghostly - only causes/takes damage with/from magic 
  7. Pored - covered in craterous hole clusters that effuse foul gas 
  8. Vibrating - incredibly fast 
  9. Horde - tiny but encountered en masse 
  10. Camouflaged - blends in to surroundings 
  11. Slime - goopy and viscous, just maintaining form 
  12. Vegetative - green tinged, sprouting leaves and vines
  13. Gilded - metallic coated and studded with gems 
  14. Illithid - imbued with additional brain growths and telekinetic abilities 
  15. Bloody - surging with huge veins of physical empowerment 
  16. Chrome - coated in liquid appearing reflective metal 
  17. Aquatic - finned, gilled, scaled and preferring of wet environs 
  18. Sparking - electrically charged and sprouting lightning 
  19. Pale - blood thirsty, with white, dead flesh 
  20. Faceless - disturbingly cleansed of visage 
  21. Mechanical - composed of chains and cogs 
  22. Giant - huge and crudely formed 
  23. Wooly - hairy and horned 
  24. Flower - erupting with hypnotic petals 
  25. Tendrilled - many strong tentacles replace or alongside limbs 
  26. Burning - spurting ever burning large flames 
  27. Ruined - crumbling, falling apart bloodily, missing limbs and organs
  28. Armed - has four additional powerful human arms with hands
  29. Sighted - covered in eyes and sees everything 
  30. Cyclopean - mono eyed and hideously oversized 
  31. Well armed - equipped with an oversized weapon 
  32. Costumed - attired in some form of worn armour or regalia 
  33. Battering - Plated and horned to maximize the damage of its charge
  34. Nocturnal - Red eyes and pale, docile in the light, ferocious in the dark
  35. Rock - flesh made of craggy stone 
  36. Slender - disturbingly spindly and long, probing, limbed
  37. Bloated - armoured with folds of blubber 
  38. Skeletal - immune to stabbing and slicing 
  39. Spiked - covered in razor spines 
  40. Diseased - bubbling with boils, bile and sores, while wafting miasma 
Powers: Roll a d6, the monster has that amount of powers. Roll another d6 to determine whether each power will be magical (1 - 3) or physical (4 - 6), then roll a d40 for that specific table. 

Magical Abilities:
  1. Bless 

  2. Curse

  3. Cleanse

  4. Heal

  5. Banish

  6. Summon Light

  7. Calm 

  8. Glamor

  9. Mesmerize 

  10. Hold in place

  11. Predict future

  12. Summon silence

  13. Summon barrier

  14. Summon wind

  15. Accelerate

  16. Shrink

  17. Invisibility

  18. Intangibility

  19. Warp internal organs

  20. Reflect

  21. Summon water

  22. Weaken

  23. Summon acid

  24. Grow

  25. Panic

  26. Summon vegetation

  27. Warp form of external flesh

  28. Summon fire 

  29. Crumble 

  30. Telekinesis 

  31. Harden 

  32. Soften

  33. Summon lightning 

  34. Summon earth 

  35. Summon hole

  36. Slow 

  37. Cause terror 

  38. Cause pain

  39. Summon shadows

  40. Summon sickness

Physical Abilities:
  1. Melee attack

  2. Wrestle - Holds a target in place and unable to move for test success value turns, the wrestler must devote themselves to this task for this time (can’t attempt other actions).  

  3. Dodge 

  4. Intimidate - Target won't attack monster for test success value turns. 

  5. Ranged attack . 

  6. Hide and move stealthily 

  7. Sneak attack - an attack on an unaware target, rolled as 4d6 x 2 (instead of the normal 2d6 for a melee attack). 

  8. Pickpocket 

  9. Hamstring - Target can only hobble slowly for test success value turns. 

  10. Torture

  11. Blind - Monster uses whatever is at their disposal to blind a target test success value turns, or permanently if the tools and success value is deemed high enough by the referee. 

  12. Poison edge - Apply poison to a weapon (or body part being used as such), being effective for test success value turns.

  13. Charge - An opening melee attack that requires an appropriately length run up, uses 4d6 + Body value (instead of 2d6).  

  14. Flurry attack  - monster attacks d6 + level times in a round but only rolls 1d6 (instead of 2d6) for each attack.   

  15. Feint - Any other being attacking the target of a feint adds the test success value amount to their roll for that turn. 

  16. Concussive blow - a melee attack with a blunt weapon,  does double damage to heavily armored targets. 

  17. Slice - a melee attack with a  blade, does double damage to unarmoured targets 

  18. Wild strike - a randomized melee attack, the monster rolls a d6 : 1- 2) a miss, 3 - 5) roll 4d6 instead of 2d6 for a wild strike attack  6) roll 4d6 instead of 2d6 for a wild strike attack but assume 2 of the dice are rolled as automatic 6s

  19. Enrage self - Add test success value amount to any melee attacks for test success value amount turns, but target attacked is determined at random. 

  20. Enrage other - target only attacks enrager for test success value turns.  

  21. Armour self - Test success value amount added to Body defense tests for monster level x 2 turns.  

  22. Find weakness -  Test success value added to attack rolls against the target for for monster level x 2 turns.  

  23. Open wound - A melee attack with a sharp weapon rolled with 1d6 instead of 2d6 but half of any damage value is automatically applied to the target for d6 rounds after the attack. 

  24. Disarm - Target drops weapon on success 

  25. Shred armour - Target’s Body bonus granted by armour reduced by success value. 

  26. Predict opponent - Monster deduces the action the target will take in the next round, if monster is in combat with the target  test success value can by added to a test against or defending against the target. 

  27. Exhaust opponent - targets Body value is reduced by half for test success value turns. 

  28. Topple opponent - The target falls to the ground, prone. 

  29. Bite - Add half of Body value to roll, d6 Body value restored for each separate opponent bitten 

  30. Weather summoning 

  31. Navigation 

  32. Tracking 

  33. Lock picking and escape artistry 

  34. Alchemy and poison brewing 

  35. Judge intentions 

  36. Artistic creation 

  37. Farming and woodchopping 

  38. Building and masonry 

  39. Herblore, First aid and medicine

  40. Camouflage 

Desire - This can be a for an individual monster or a specific group of monsters: 

  1. Peace

  2. To be worshiped 

  3. To steal knowledge from interlopers into territory 

  4. Relax 

  5. Empty the area of other beings 

  6. Haunt and hunt those that enter its territory 

  7. Relocate home

  8. Reproduce in large numbers 

  9. Reduce population in territory  

  10. Hide and remain hidden 

  11. Analyze any beings who enter its territory 

  12. Avenge a comrade/family member recently killed by humans 

  13. Steal gems, coins, etc from interloper in territory 

  14. Steal physical items from interlopers in territory 

  15. Restock food supplies 

  16. Steal a very specific cooking ingredient from interlopers into territory 

  17. Steal or trade for tools from interlopers into territory 

  18. Kill a rival 

  19. Kill a member of population who has committed a taboo 

  20. Kill a traitorous member of the population 

  21. Capture and hold interloper into territory 

  22. Destroy a disturbing natural thing within territory 

  23. Destroy a disturbing structure within territory 

  24. Construct a tool 

  25. Gain knowledge into the future 

  26. Find a store of food 

  27. Consume a store of food 

  28. Stop population members in territory from fighting with one another 

  29. Create a truce, or productive relationship, with another population within territory. 

  30. Kill something menacing within territory 

  31. Complete a construction they have been working on for a long time 

  32. Steal something treasured by another population within territory 

  33. Totally eliminate a rival population in territory 

  34. Uncover an important resource from beneath the ground 

  35. Dispose of a corpse 

  36. Kill everything they see 

  37. Torture interlopers into territory 

  38. Steal memories or knowledge from interlopers into territory 

  39. Heal population from spreading sickness 

  40. Become the leader of population through display of strength or cunning

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