Monday, 16 May 2022

Travail Saga PDF Released!

 You can now get a Free/PWYW PDF version of Travail Saga ( - my JRPG inspired 2d6 game. 

A simple, JRPG inspired, 2d6 role playing game!

  • Easy rules for universal tests that cover everything from combat, magic, crafting, and questing to running item stores or farming!
  • Highly customisable character creation, pick from 40 different skills, 40 different abilities and 40 different spells to create the perfect hero!
  • Overcome extreme adversity with reality shaking Limit breaks!

Embark on your own Travail Saga today!

Get it here: 

The Referee/World Creator (which will be system neutral) will becoming soon! It will feature a lot of the tables/generators that I've been publishing here under the "Travail Saga" tag:

Also I have plans for a POD versions of both  once the Referee/World Creator PDF is done! 

Some images from the PDF: 


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