Monday 31 December 2018

Gangs of Infinigrad, Part 1: Professions, Goals and Culture

Gangs are in an unusual predicament in Infinigrad, being that there is no laws for them to break . The gangs of Infinigrad generally deal with the most sordid of businesses, stuff no guild would want to touch. They are often in conflict with nearby Guilds, who will often set unofficial laws, rules and regulations for the suburb they dwell in. Especially, they are in conflict with one another - competing for the lucrative vice trades of Infinigrad.

What’s the gang’s overall profession?
  1. Beggars
  2. Sulkers
  3. Snatchers
  4. Bludgeoners
  5. Killsporters
  6. Knaves
  7. Swindlers
  8. Peddlers
  9. Tricksters
  10. Gladiators
  11. Princelings
  12. Wanderers
  13. Abusers
  14. Lostlings
  15. Vandals
  16. Chaotics
  17. Diseasers
  18. Enforcers
  19. Ruffians
  20. Blackguards

What’s the gang’s current goal?
  1. Get a leader or important member healed.
  2. Find a new and secure clubhouse.
  3. Find somewhere to store something vaguely illicit of value.
  4. Stocktaking targets of value in the suburb.
  5. Remove the competition for a specific resource or target within the suburb.
  6. Find out who betrayed them recently.
  7. Explore a recently discovered dungeon beneath their base of operations.
  8. Acquire a means of fast transportation.
  9. Get into the mind, or otherwise psychologically unsettle a rival gang.
  10. Gain guidance from a venerable, ancient and deified criminal mastermind.
  11. Kill, or otherwise silence, witnesses to their recent crimes.
  12. Gain control of the nearby skies.
  13. Resurrect a venerated leader, or some famous scoundrel, from the dead.  
  14. Shroud the reputation of the gang in false and fearsome rumours.
  15. Summon some horrific  and or mischievous spirit.
  16. Grow rich through the manipulations of local markets, possible owning a monopoly of some highly desired commodity.
  17. Charm some local authority, though bribery, blackmail, extortion, etc.
  18. Steal a local and valuable magical crystal that will help grow their criminal empire.
  19. Purchase, build, steal or otherwise acquire a menacing attack or guard golem.
  20. Train in an esoteric near magical fighting technique.
  21. Acquire control of some horde of insectial pests or rodents.  
  22. To poison or destroy local pipes or waterways.
  23. Acquire some shipment of a narcotic or magical dried herb.
  24. Decrease the gang’s overall profile or visibility, shrinking from public life.
  25. Smash the windows of some nearby building, either for intimidation or simple gleeful vandalism.
  26. Learn a new street language, or decipher a rival’s thief cant.
  27. Gather intelligence or a nearby rival gang through spying and subterfuge.
  28. Legitimize their operations, become less illegal and more morally upstanding in the suburb.  
  29. Hold a raucous, out of control suburb wide carousing party.
  30. Steal a set of uniforms as a disguise for a soon to be completed operation.
  31. Break into a nearby bank or storage vault.
  32. Steal a specific valuable gem, possibly magical.
  33. Steal some precious equipment or trophy from a rival gang.
  34. Decipher weird and disturbing dreams being experienced by gang leader.
  35. Induct all gang members into a local cult and forge a strong relationship with said cult.
  36. Acquire a supply of blood and organs for use in gang surgery.
  37. Drench the streets in blood in a ritual of intimidation.
  38. Capture, prepare and consume local martial figure of import.
  39. Install a suburb wide flashing and reflecting message system of mirrors and reflective metals.
  40. Prepare a grand tomb or funeral procession for a recently deceased gang leader.
  41. Receive a begrudging blessing from a local religious organisation.
  42. Dredge something valuable from the local sewer.
  43. Get important local residents to sign a protection contract.
  44. Capture a beast from local body of water.
  45. Find a replacement limb for a leader or high level enforcer.
  46. Collect a large overdue payment for criminal services rendered.
  47. Remove and cleanse evidence of the conduct of a recent crime
  48. Hire external muscle to take out specific targets of concern to the gang.
  49. Deposit the material wealth from a recent hit in a secure and safe location.
  50. Refit gang members with upgraded suits of armour.
  51. Grow a crop of some illicit or magical herb.
  52. Protect some ancient artifact recently uncovered and now in the gang’s possession.
  53. Find a supply of fresh food for the brood of foul beasts the gang keeps.
  54. Brand new members with magical and controlling markings.
  55. Acquire a new guard beast or beasts.
  56. Secure a calming garden for the gang leaders irritated nerves.
  57. Secure a peace treaty with a nearby rival gang.
  58. Establish a new or forcefully acquire a pre existing gambling operation.  
  59. Secure a shipment of psychedelic dust.
  60. Induce a suburb wide riot or public disorder to mask a more nefarious criminal misdeed.
  61. Commit arson, probably to intimidate the local populace or a rival.
  62. Publically burn a traitorous ex member.
  63. Demolish a building to make way for the gang’s expanding operations.
  64. Dispose of an alarming pile of waste (alarming either in size or content).
  65. Claim control of nearby ruins of religious or magical significance (most likely at the behest of fanciful ideas from the gang leader).
  66. Secure a portal, gate or passageway outside of The City.  
  67. Construct or steal wheeled and armoured transport for future operations.
  68. Get the gang’s fortune told, possibly by kidnaping a diviner.
  69. Steal a treasure map, or follow the route illustrated by one.
  70. Negotiate turf ownership with a rival gang.
  71. Train a fearsome beast or beasts to achieve some nefarious goal.
  72. Rapidly increase the size of the gang.
  73. Acquire the gang’s own personal leviathan.
  74. Grow, breed, steal or create a monster to threaten others with.
  75. Steal, build or otherwise acquire a tower as a base of operations.
  76. Acquire a set of magic robes for important gang members.
  77. Acquire a massive shipment of booze for a gang feastday.  
  78. Learn the secrets hidden in some esoteric text.
  79. Build a vital and useful bridge which they can charge tolls to those using it.
  80. Pick the lock of or overcome the security of, an important and valuable target.
  81. Clear out, or dig, a tunnel between/beneath two important locations.
  82. Recover a treasure of which they have valuable intelligence about the location.
  83. Unleash a horde of vermin on a target as a form of extortion.
  84. Kidnap a treasure and hold it ransom.
  85. Destroy, vandalize or steal an important local monument or statue.
  86. Open a portal to the lower depths and dredge horrors from their for their own nefarious use.
  87. Take control of an important gate or passageway and charge tolls on those passing through.
  88. Find a trinket of particular importance to the gang leader.
  89. Steal a particularly valuable or powerful artifact from a nearby museum.
  90. Erase something from history or from memory, to acquit them from a crime or debt.
  91. Equip gang members with upgraded weapons.
  92. Poison the local food or water supply.
  93. Begin a sham cult or religion to fool the suburb’s populace.
  94. Curse a rival members of a local gang or their leader.
  95. Terrorize a local religious group, to scare them into paying the gang fealty/tribute.
  96. Steal a large amount of people or beasts for an ungodly sacrificial rite.
  97. Simply steal as much material wealth as possible.
  98. Assassinate a local leader, important person or gang rivals.
  99. Make an entire rival gang sick and weakened.
  100. Take control of a local graveyard and dredge it for foul material and extort visitation and burial fees.

 What’s the gang’s culture?
  1. Overzealous with the administration of violence.
  2. Protects the less fortunate in the suburb.
  3. Leave valuable offerings as calling cards with victims, killed or otherwise.
  4. Will always capture enemies, rather than kill them.
  5. More like an army than a gang, very regimented and rife with punishment.
  6. Everyone in the gang looks eerily similar, perhaps through augmentation or masks.
  7. All members are high on some pleasure causing dust.
  8. Members are in some way brainwashed by a mysterious quasi-religious leader.
  9. Members can read each other's minds.
  10.  Rooftop gang, all members have sworn never to touch the ground ever again.
  11. Gang is a small council of incredibly powerful individuals.
  12. All gang members are clones or automatons.
  13. Gang is constantly recruiting new members, regardless of their credentials.
  14. All gang members have a horrific curse.
  15. Gang is blatantly obvious in their deliverance of crime.
  16. Gang has their own personal godlet, a minor deity of a specific of crime.
  17. Gang works out of a roaming, rattling carriage, drawn by impressive beasts.
  18. Gang has no leader, is more of an anarchic-commune with crime as its basic form of income.
  19. Gang members always creep and whisper, sticking to the shadows.
  20. Gang is an utter pariah, even to other gangs, having committed some vile transgression in the past.
  21. Gang members never allow themselves to be seen, always sending envoys or covering/disguising themselves completely  
  22. Incredibly up front and honest about their nefarious plans.
  23. Very petty and shallow minded, only can see the smallest of prizes right in front of them.
  24. All gang members are sick with some terminal illness, making them incredibly desperate.
  25. Gang is very weak, will disperse and crumble with the slightest provocation.
  26. Gang’s equipment is constantly breaking, as is their resolve.
  27. Gang is only concerned with wealth of the mind, deals only in information, secrets, etc.
  28. Gang members are all undead, probably under the sway of necromancer leader.
  29. Gang members always employ slaves, servants, beasts and golems to do their dirty work.
  30. Some ancient and horrific force has reawaken in the gang’s base and claimed leadership of the gang.
  31. Obsessed with ostentatious displays of material wealth.
  32. Every gang member must record all happenings in a note book of sorts, which is collated into a larger text.
  33. Gang always overplans everything to the extreme.
  34. Gang has an inexhaustible amount of material wealth.
  35. Gang members are all wizards or inherently magical in some manner.
  36. Gang has an obsession with bones and skeletons.
  37. All members must make some ritual sacrifice before conducting any gang related activity.  
  38. All gang members operate in pairs of lovers. The criminal pair being inseparable.
  39. Gang is incredibly lazy, barely does any work or jobs.
  40. All gang members talk a big game, telling lies and tall tales, but can only back up a fraction of their claims.
  41. Cruel and vindictive to all non-gang members.
  42. Only takes on the biggest, meanest and most criminally fit members.
  43. All members are ever swigging some liquid, possibly a fey drink they are addicted to.
  44. Gang is run by a very strict code of conduct and rule book.           
  45. Must steal something from every being they interact with.
  46. All members are fastidiously clean, to the point of obsession.
  47. Each gang member is accompanied by several trained slave fighters, often chained.
  48. Gang members freely supply highly addictive and destructive dust to all those they meet.
  49. Gang sees themselves as morally upstanding, that everyone else is wrong and immoral.
  50. All gang members are somehow seriously indebted to the gang leader.
  51. All gang members are constantly on the hunt, stalking the street for prey.  
  52. The gang’s membership is so large they have become a suburb wide nuisance.
  53. Gang refuses to communicate in any way with outsiders.
  54. Gang members are always riding some form of fearsome beast.
  55. Gang members are all starving cannibals.
  56. All gang members conduct themselves in an eerily calm manner.
  57. Gang members all take an oath to never harm, injure or kill another living being.
  58. Gang members are all horribly mutated.
  59. Gang members are constantly duelling one another to climb the ranks of the organisation .
  60. Gang fails at everything they attempt to do, often with fires, explosions and much violence.
  61. Gang loves to set as many things on fire as possible. Always carrying dangerously excited lanterns and torches and nearby a bonfire.
  62. Must do everything with bombs. Everything must explode some how.
  63. The gang currently has no leadership, it’s a chaotic mess of betrayals and double crosses.
  64. The current gang membership is the inglorious remnant of a historically powerful organisation.
  65. The gang ensures it double crosses and then destroys all those it deals with.
  66. Too many gang members, too many leaders. Members who have been in the gang even the smallest amount of time get allocated new recruits to boss around.
  67. Gang will always have dozens of hidden lookouts, monitoring every interaction that occurs in their territory.
  68. Gang is also a doomsday cult, and is convinced the end times are at hand.
  69. Gang is incredibly shadowy and mysterious. Often only communicating through notes, cryptic messages and intermediaries.
  70. Gang is hyperactive to the extreme, always running to the next hare brained scheme or quickly trying to mug people as they get to the next job.
  71. Every being in the gang is gigantic.
  72. All gang members are monsters, probably mutated to an extreme.
  73. All gang members are giggling and cruel tricksters.
  74. Gang employs the use of massively oversized weaponry and tools.
  75. Gang regularly subjects the general public to scenes of gross horror and terror.  
  76. Gang members seduce all those they work with, through dust, mutations and spells.
  77. Gang is currently and actively recruiting as many new members as they can get.
  78. Two factions have recently formed in the gang, there is simmering tension that often erupts into open violence.  
  79. Gang members are incredibly sensual, constantly eating, touching, drinking and copulating.
  80. Gang never leaves dark places, always dwelling in the sewers and alleyways out of the sight of light.
  81. Gang members are always disguised, as either someone or something else.
  82. Gang is ever burrowing deeper and deeper underground, often through long forgotten basements, tunnels and sewers.
  83. All gang members are tough as nails, wrapped up in heavy armour and armed to the teeth.
  84. Gang is haunted by demons, devils and ghosts, often to their benefit, sometimes to their detriment.
  85. Gang has some enormous tree, fungus, weed or animal at the centre of their criminal cult.  
  86. Gang is actually a religious order in disguise.
  87. Gang members are all feasters, loving to eat, and hugely obese.
  88. Gang members are all soulless, some interdimensional tragedy befalling them.
  89. All gang members are ancient, perhaps living for ever or just taking up crime later in life.
  90. Members obsessed with clocks, time and watches, ever wearing them and recording the time of different comings and goings.
  91. Gang members are always causing others pain at every opportunity, stabbing, slashing, biting, etc.
  92. Gang is in the throes of a bloody vendetta war with another gang.
  93. Some great bestial demon lurks at the pit of the gang, enthralling and motivating them onto greater bloodshed.
  94. Gang must quench any other groups operating in the area, they must be monopolistic and supreme.
  95. All gang members love the feeling of being hurt, driving them on in combat and in reckless acrobatic manoeuvres.
  96. Obsessive kleptomaniacs, constantly thieving.
  97. All gang members are handy shadowsmiths, always having the shadows wrapped around them.
  98. All gang members are given a terminal and contagious illness at initiation.
  99. All gang member’s equipment is beyond shoddy, broken down and falling apart.  
  100. Gang has an obsession with death, in their uniforms and adornment, and in their actions. 

Thursday 20 December 2018

Guild Dog Character Class Version 2.0

You are a Guild Dog. The disposable trash the guilds secretly employ for clandestine and outlawed missions that keep the city rumbling along towards annihilation. You are the bottom of the heap in the endless city of Infinigrad. 

Guild Dog Character Class:          

  • Roll stats as normal (3d6 for STR, DEX, CON, WIS, CHA, INT). 
  • You have 8 Hit Points and get d6 additional Hit Points each level. 
  • You do d6 damage. 
  • You have + 0 To Hit (Increases by +1 every 2 levels). 
  • You can only wear light armour. 
  • Roll a random raceoid:

1.     Human, get two extra random starting items.
2.     Scrabman, brown chitinous skin formed into organic plates, carapace gives +1 to AC.
3.     Whiskered Man, long whiskers on face, feline features, soft fuzz of hair over body, Roll with Advantage when testing DEX for falling damage (or similar catlike feats).
4.     Scaled Man, silver scaled skin, webbed fingers, has gills and can breath under water.
5.     Horned One, goat like features, covered in fur, cloven hooves for feet, horns on head that do 1d8 damage.
6.     Feral, wild eyed, upper torso covering beard, covered in tattoos, hardened claws on hands can scratch for 2d6.
7.     Slobberer, massive blubbery head that fuses with upper torso without a neck, enormous pink mouth housing a 3 foot long tongue that can manipulate object like a prehensile tail.
8.     Twinkler, body made of brittle crystal, speak through telepathic communication.
9.     Freed Golem, determine construction material used and add +1 to Stat of choice to reflect material, creator may attempt to reclaim or destroy you.
10. Giant, 8 to 12 foot tall, very thickset, exaggerated features and hulking hands and feet, very loud, rumbling voice. +2 to  damage, STR and CON. Always Roll with Disadvantage when attempting anything delicate or sneaky.
11. Black Eyes, huge black eyes, you can see perfectly well in the dark.
12. Rock Gut, enormous distended belly, skin constantly sweaty and covered in warts, can eat anything for sustenance. Roll with Advantage when testing against harm coming from consumed substances.
13. Hogman, bristly hair in patches all over body, small tusks (do 1d6 damage), warty and immensely fat, can double their STR for purposes of encumbrance.
14. Elfin, hypnotizingly beautiful, Roll with Advantage on any CHA test where opponent can see you.
15. Fairen, 2 foot tall, incredibly slender, sometimes flowers and grass grows on you. Roll with Disadvantage on any test involving STR and CON, and - 4 to all damage. Roll with Double Advantage (roll 3 dice, use the best result) when attempting anything delicate or sneaky.
16. Demonoid, Red skin, smouldering with heat, fangs and claws (Unarmed damage is same as normal attack damage), Roll with Advantage when testing CHA for any means of intimidation.
17. Apeish, furry, long limbed, hand-like feet (tested at half DEX or STR) and leathery skin. Roll with Advantage when testing DEX for climbing related feats.
18. Cacti, thickset, green plant man, covered in thorns (1d4 damage), no need for food but must see flames for 6 hours every 4 days or drop unconscious for d12 hours. May regrow lost limbs after 1d6 continuous days of rest in firelight.
19. Angelic, annoyingly good looking, with contemptuous features that enrage most that look upon you, small wings that allow you to jump/glide to a range of nearby.
20. Leatherman, brown, tough, incredibly wrinkled and aged skin. This gives you the Armour Points of leather when naked and adds + 2 armour points to any worn armour. Your facial orifices and features are also nearly covered by flaps of leathery skin, allowing you to Roll with Advantage on tests that would benefit from this. 

You start at level 0, with 1 random “life goal” (table below), once you achieve that life goal you hit level 1.
  • Level 1: Now you receive a new random life goal plus a random complication for that life goal.Once you get that done you hit level 2.
  • Level 2: Now you receive 2 x random life goals.
  • Level 3: 2 x life goals, 1 x life goal complication.
  • Level 4: 2 x life goals, 2 x life goal complications.
  • Level 5: 3 x life goal, 2 x life goal complications.
  • Level 6: 3 x life goals, 3 x life goal complications.

Each life goal is associated with a specific Guild Dog skill. When you level up from 0 to 1, you gain the skill associated with your life goal. For each additional level, you make pick 1 of the skills associated with all of the life goals you achieved that level. 

The other way in which Guild Dogs can increase their prowess is through Augmentations that are available throughout Infinigrad. See this post for Augmentation Details:
Alternative Leveling system: 

  • Guild Dogs start at level 1. With 1 x Random Life Goal. They progress through Life Goals and acquire Skills as above but Life Goal progression does not affect Guild Dog level. 
  • Guild Dogs gain new levels using this system:
  • HP, To Hit and Skill/Ability level based bonuses are all dependent on gaining levels through the Level Up Point system. The gaining of specifc skills and abilities is granted through the Life Goal system. 
  • It may be worth giving only the single life goal plus a complication to make the acquiring of Skills easier (but I will test this!) 

Random Life Goals and Associated Guild Dog Skills Table: 

Life Goal
Associated Guild Dog Skill
1. Stop someone near death from dying.
2. Provide someone  important with shelter.
3. Guide someone important through a dangerous area.
4. Receive a  benediction or sacrament  from a religious organisation.
5. Cease the expansion of the forces of chaos or disrupt the control of the forces of order.
6. Fully explore or recover something of value from somewhere dark or deep.
7. Consult a venerable wise one for guidance.  
8. Bring light to a place that was once in total darkness.
9. Create a concoction of a healing or calming nature.   
10. Explore the inner depths of your own psyche.  
1. Poultice lore.
2. Resourceful
3. Nimble.
4. Diving spellcasting.
5. Mutation resistant.  
6. HP die increase.
7. HP die increase.
8. Insightful.
9. Poultice lore.
10. Astral traveller.  
11. Secure a sample of a particularly exotic or magical creature.
12. Make yourself be forgotten about by a group or someone important.
13. Commune with the dead.  
14. Gain ownership of a magical garment or armour.
15. Acquire a servant or slave from the spirit realm.  
16. Gain ownership of an at least semi magical charm or piece of jewellery.  
17. Acquire a shipment of Dust.
18. Be taught a new fighting style.
19. Conduct an impressively profitable business deal.
20. Acquire a beast used for transportation.  
11. Wyrdling Hedge Magic
12. Faceless
13. Dead Whisperer
14. Shadowcloak
15. Astral Traveller
16. Increase attack damage.
17. Increase attack damage
18. New weapon specialization.
19. Armour training
20. Fleet footed.    
21. Complete a ritual or test conducted by a religious organisation.
22. Train an animal.
23. Drink from a magic pool.
24. Deploy strategically a dangerous slime or jelly.
25. Harvest or acquire a crop of magical herbs.
26. Close or travel through a magical portal.
27. Construct a disguise and fool an important person or group with it.
28. Learn a new language.
29. Lose a limb and have it replaced.
30. Hold  a public feast or festival.
21. Solid aura.
22. Beast empath.
23. Bodification spellcasting.
24. Vodyanoy Melding Hedge Magic.  
25. Venom immune.
26. Solid aura.
27. Flesh Mask Hedge Magic.  
28. Mountebank’s Whispered Hedge Magic.
29. Mutation resistant.  
30. Aura vision.  
31. Securely bank next level x 1000 coins.
32. Steal something valuable from an important person or group.
33. Acquire a new piece of valuable jewellery (Worth next level x 1000 coins).
34. Learn an esoteric secret from a venerable occultist.
35. Acquire a treasure of learning from a library or similar structure.
36. Defeat a demon within your  own mind or of your own making.  
37. Complete a sacrificial ritual to sate some hungry deity.
38. Have internal workings thoroughly examined by an appropriate  professional.
39. Acquire a custom made set of armour.
40. Have copy of yourself created.
31. Resourceful.
32. Thieving.
33. Mystically beguiling.
34. Banish
35. Distractionary hedge magic.  
36. Fearless.  
37. Terrifying.
38. Indomitable.
39. Armour training.  
40. Bripaula’s Double Hedge Magic
41. Have a major surgery conducted on self (most likely for augmentation)
42. Receive a major blessing from a religious organisation.
43. Retrieve something valuable from the sewers, or from deeper beneath the streets.
44. Sign a life changing contract.
45. Collect an overdue debt.
46. Take a blood oath or an oath of similar consequence.
47. Have a bounty placed on your head or claim a bounty on someone else.
48. Employ a powerful retinue charged with protecting your life.
49. Destroy all evidence of something horrible or horrific (possibly that you did).
50. Drive apart two important  groups or individuals who used to be inseparable.
41. Indomitable.
42. HP die increase.
43. Olfactofcation.
44. Armour training.
45. Armour training.
46. Blood link hedge magic.
47. Deadly.  
48. Terrifying.
49. Shadowcraft  
50. Flesh Mask Hedge Magic.  
51. Create an impressive public spectacle.
52. Acquire a pack of powerful beasts .
53. Discover a site of ancient power and  conduct a ritual there.
54. Mutate yourself or an important individual or group.
55. Consult with a powerful shaman and become immersed within one of their rituals.
56. Fully explore or retrieve something of value from  a garden of delights.
57. Cause reconciliation between two important individuals or groups.
58. Cause a riot or a similar large public unrest.
59. Advise a powerful individual or group on an important plan and see that plan through to fruition.
60. Acquire a powerful monster or mutant for your own personal deployment.
51. Hera’s bellowing Hedge Magic.
52. Fleet footed.
53. The Mossen craft.
54. Random mutation.  
55. Unbreakable.  
56. Aural Rambunction Hedge Magic
57. Mystically beguiling.
58. Creative brawler.
59. Sunder shield.
60. Small man’s syndrome.
61. Deploy an elemental or similar being to strategic effect.
62. Fully explore or find something of value in a ruin or similar structure.
63. Cause a noticeable and publicly alarming fire or explosion.
64. Repurpose what was once an abandoned, lost, disused or corrupted location
65. Fully explore or find something of particular value in a place foul and filled with refuse and waste.
66. Acquire a mechanical or otherwise non organic form of transportation.
67. Follow a map to find something of particular value.
68. Fulfil a prophecy, personal or public.
69. Negotiate or otherwise broker an important deal between two individuals or groups.
70. Somehow be granted a glimpse into the future.
61. Elemental burst hedge magic.
62. Nimble.
63. Thoros’s Bladed Hedge Magic.
64. City spellcasting.
65. Gas sacks
66. Golem Smith.
67. Insightful.
68. HP die increase.
69. Aura vision.
70. Increase attack damage.  
71. Slay or capture a particularly dangerous monster.
72. Fully explore, get to the top of, or recover something of value from a tower.
73. Establish a secure base of operations that you are the rightful owner of.
74. Discover and document a previously unknown or not well understood creature or being.
75. Grow something to a size much larger than is normal.
76. Blow half your next level x 1000 coins on carousing.
77. Have an outfit or uniform custom made for yourself.
78. Pick a lock to gain access to a particularly valuable, dangerous or secure location
79. Be captured or imprisoned and then escape.
80. Have your next level amount of weeks rest and relaxation  in a location of absolute luxury and abundance.
71. Combat monster.
72. Glue Paws
73. Armour training.
74. Wyrdling Hedge magic.
75. Anointed One
76. Venom Immune.
77. Armour training.  
78. Thieving.
79. Double jointed.
80. HP die increase.
81. Recover and claim a treasure from beneath the ground.
82. Gain access to a vault or site of mass storage and acquire something valuable from there.
83. Fully explore a place forgotten or abandoned beneath the ground, or reclaim something of value from there.
84. Either forge a relationship with, or deploy to achieve a particular goal, insects.
85. Gain a sample or shipment of a valuable, if not magical, ore or crystal.
86. Discover a secret long forgotten by history.
87. Acquire an item that can cast magic spells.
88. Discover an  entry, portal or gate to the lower depths.
89. Explore to the bottom of a cave, hole or pit.
90. Find something valuable that has been lost by an important person or group.
81. Second wind.
82. Thieving.
83. Sulking murderer.
84. Kafka’s Curse.
85. Golem Smith.  
86. Increase attack damage.
87. Arcane spellcasting.
88. Elde spellcasting.
89. Sulking murderer.   
90. Crack shot.
91. Poison an  important individual or group.
92. Have a custom weapon made for you.
93. Successfully curse an individual of importance.
94. Steal a relic, or a similarly important item of worship.
95. Disrupt, destroy or otherwise disturb an important religious ritual.
96. Assassinate an important individual.
97. Disease an important individual or group.
98. Fully explore or recover a treasure from a tomb, crypt or mausoleum.
99. Survive or be cured of a life threatening disease.
100. Have one of your bones be broken.
91. Master poisoner.
92. Increase attack damage OR new weapon specialization.
93. Backstab
94. Executioner.  
95. Banish
96. Lethal.
97. Apprentice poisoner.  
98. Masochist
99. Second wind.  
100. Ambidextrous.   

Random Complications for Life Goals Table: 

1.           Give everything of yourself.
2.           Ensure nothing or noone is injured.
3.           Receive nothing in return.
4.           Help everyone encountered.  
5.           Do it  more than once.  
6.           Lead to the pleasure of many.
7.           Achieve it mostly in a non physical manner.  
8.           Conduct yourself in a perfect and flawless manner.
9.           Stop everything else of importance.
10.         Mediate intently.  
11.         Convince someone else to do it for you.
12.         Create an appropriate fake or copy of the goal .
13.         Impress others to follow you.  
14.         Conduct yourself in utter secrecy.
15.         Cause a person or place to become haunted.  
16.         Please a deity.  
17.         Be completely reckless.
18.         Be affected by weird weather.
19.         Travel to several locations.
20.         Upset an important individual or group.  
21.         Not let anyone know what you are doing.
22.         Make part of yourself smaller.
23.         Risk disease or sickness.
24.         Be dangerously honest.
25.         Not use any magic.
26.         Create something new, novel and fresh.
27.         Revive something thought dead.
28.         Help something grow.
29.         Protect something delicate.
30.         Fix something broken.
31.         Make a profit.
32.         Have your deeds recorded.
33.         Mostly use your mind rather than muscle.
34.         Test a theory or hypothesis.
35.         Acquire a treasure or two.
36.         Spill some blood or break some bones.
37.         Interact with something incredibly old.
38.         See the internal organs or working of someone or something.
39.         Reverse the normal order of things.
40.         Start something that had been stopped.
41.         Settle a grudge or vendetta.
42.         Repurpose something used for something else.
43.         Have your actions judged.
44.         Break more than one rule.
45.         Flood something.
46.         Clean a foul or corrupted person or place.
47.         Risk enslavement, imprisonment or addiction.
48.         Ensure work is undone over time.
49.         Not break a set of very strict rules.
50.         Have a corrupting influence on a person or group.
51.         Traverse somewhere wild.
52.         Remove an infestation.
53.         Act wild and savage.
54.         Consume dangerously or something dangerous.
55.         Employ the services of animals.
56.         Remain calm and peaceful.
57.         Be a perfect pacifist.
58.         Cause constant conflict
59.         Ensure the same act can’t be repeated by anyone else.
60.         Never be the same again.
61.         Cause something to burn or set fire.
62.         Experience an extreme temperature or otherwise dangerous atmosphere.
63.         Cause something to break or fall apart.
64.         Bring ruin and woe.
65.         Bring something to the brink of explosion.
66.         Overcomplicate something to the extreme.
67.         Attract the attention of outsiders.
68.         Not stop moving.
69.         Make an important prediction that comes true.
70.         Unintentionally involve bystanders in your schemes.
71.         Somehow make yourself or a part of yourself bigger.
72.         Terrify something or someone.
73.         Interact with something gigantic.
74.         Use specialised tools.
75.         Interact with monsters.
76.         Become intoxicated.
77.         Seduce or be seduced.
78.         Free something or something.
79.         Create dangerous cracks in something big.
80.         Causes tensions between important people or groups.
81.         Go beneath the earth.
82.         Travel into the air.
83.         Deploy a decoy, or conduct a similar type of trick.  
84.         Show impressive durability or rigidity.
85.         Plant something that will grow.
86.         Do something completely outside of your normal skill set.
87.         Be incredibly greedy.
88.         Become more knowledgeable about history.
89.         Interact with time.
90.         Fill a gap, hole or missing piece.
91.         Cause or inflict pain.
92.         Make someone hate you.
93.         Suffer greatly.
94.         Desecrate something holy.
95.         Act ritualistically.
96.         Steal something.
97.         Get back something you lost or was taken from you.
98.         Kill someone or something.
99.         Transgress.
100.         Be a paragon of something.

Guild Dog Skill Descriptions:  

  • HP Die Increase, HP die for Leveling up HP increase and resting HP regeneration increase by 1 die (ie: d6 to d8, d8 to d10, etc).
  • Armour Training, The armour the Guild Dog can use is improved by one (1: Light, 2: Medium (Leather), 3: Shields, 4: Medium (Chain) 5: Heavy, 6: Heavy + 1) All Guild Dogs start at 1.
  • Increase Attack Damage, All damage caused by Guild Dog is increased by 1 (d6 to d8, d8 to d10, etc).
  • New Weapon Specialization: Roll on the random weapon specialization table. You also now own whatever weapon you now specialize in.
  • Shield Abuser, Gain ability to use shields. If Guild Dog already has this ability, AC from shields is increased by one. The Guild Dog can choose to destroy their shield rather than take damage from a specific attack.
  • Nimble, Roll with Advantage when testing DEX to avoid damage or effects from traps and magical Devices.
  • Venom Immune, Roll with Advantage when testing CON to avoid damage from poison or being paralyzed.
  • Solid Aura, Roll with Advantage when testing INT to avoid damage or effects from spells or magical devices.
  • Insightful, Roll with Advantage when testing WIS to search for something hidden, or when someone is attempting to deceive or otherwise beguile this Guild Dog.
  • Apprentice Poisoner, basic knowledge of poisons allows this Guild Dog to extract mild (non life threatening) poisons from organic matter. The poison’s effect is reflective of the organic matter used and agreed upon with the GM (damage of poison should reflect Guild Dog’s Attack Damage). It takes 1d6 hours to prepare a vial of poison with 1d6 uses and requires access to basic alchemical tools. Use a d4 usage die to see if all of the organic matter is exhausted in the poison making process.
  • Fleet Footed, Roll with Advantage when testing DEX for initiative. If the Guild Dog succeeds they will act before any other characters passing the DEX initiative test.
  • Resourceful, Usage die are only downgraded or expended on a roll of a 1.
  • Faceless, this Guild Dog’s face is so bland and boring that most forget its features instantaneously after looking away from it. (Effects “Heat Die”).
  • Double Jointed, Roll with Advantage when testing DEX to escape confined spaces, cages, personal restraints or any other form of bodily incarceration.
  • Terrifying, Roll with Advantage when testing CHA to scare, threaten, menace or otherwise intimidate others.
  • Mutation resistant, Roll with Advantage when rolling on the Augmentation Result test.
  • Second Wind, once per hour, whilst in combat, this Guild Dog can regain d8 lost HP.
  • Banish, this Guild Dog can spend an action to banish all Nearby (insert indicted species here - determined by ideology of Guild Dog) by testing their WIS and adding the creature's HD to the roll. (Guild Dog has to pick/generate a deity/concept/philosophy to worship/enshrine).
  • Thieving, Rolls with Advantage when performing delicate tasks, climbing, hearing sounds, moving silently, understanding written languages and opening Locks.
  • Anointed One, Guild Dog becomes the chosen one of a random deity. Roll on the Infinigrad Deity table, Guild Dog gains a random mutation from that deity and can cast a blessing/curse appropriate to that deity Guild Dog level times a day.
  • Flesh Mask Hedge Magic, once per day this Guild Dog can change their face to that of someone’s whose face they have a mask of. To create a mask the Guild Dog must delicately flay the skin from a face (DEX test) then spend 1d6 hours treating and crafting it. The cost of the alchemical reagents required for the process vary about The City. Alchemical tools and a relatively flat work surface are needed for the process (but not a full workshop). The mask magic lasts until the Guild Dog removes it.
  • Distractionary Hedge Magic, this Guild Dog can psychokinetically manipulate objects Nearby to them. They may attempt to do this as many times as their level a day. A successful manipulation requires a WIS test. Guild Dogs with this ability may only manipulate things they could otherwise with their hands (do a STR test if unsure).
  • Ambidextrous, this Guild Dog is astonishingly equally strong in the use of both hands. Roll with Advantage on appropriate tests and wield two one-handed weapons at once (both requires separate attack rolls).
  • Poultice Lore, this Guild Dog may take one hour to prepare 1d6 healing poultices that have an effective life span of 24 hours. Each poultice heals 1d6 + Guild Dog level Hit Points but require a WIS test to be applied successful. The cost of the alchemical reagents required for the process vary about The City. Alchemical tools and a relatively flat work surface are also needed (but not a full workshop). Use a d4 usage die to see if all poultice materials are exhausted in the poultice making process.
  • Master Poisoner, advanced knowledge of poisons allows this Guild Dog to extract mild (non life threatening) and severe (life threatening) poisons from organic matter. The poison’s effect is reflective of the organic matter used and agreed upon with the GM (damage of poison should reflect Guild Dog’s Attack Damage and lethality tested against the Guild Dog’s WIS or IN with consideration of the Powerful Opponents rule). It takes 1d6 hours to prepare a vial of poison with 1d6 uses and requires access to basic alchemical tools. Use a d4 usage die to see if all of the organic matter is exhausted in the poison making process.
  • Creative Brawler, this Guild Dog rolls 1 dice higher than their normal weapon damage when using improvised weaponry. Ie: If the Guild Dog’s attack damage was 1d8/1d6, their improvised damage would now be 1d10. Improvised weaponry may break after each attack attempt, use the usage die to check (a 1-2 on a d4).
  • Crack Shot, this Guild Dog Rolls with Advantage when testing DEX for all ranged attacks.
  • Gas Sacks, this Guild Dog can release a cloud of poisonous gas that damages everything Nearby the Guild Dog for their attack damage (victims must be have  respiratory system for the damage to be incurred).The gas sacks take time to refill and may be expulsed as many times a day as half the Guild Dog’s level (with a minimum of once per day)
  • Astral Traveller, this Guild Dog can separate their consciousness from their body and travel to a maximum distance of a Suburb length. The Astral Plane is confusing, bewildering and sometimes dangerous. This Guild Dog can determine their levels worth of dot points of information about a specific physical-world area (room, desk, building, etc) while studying it on the astral plane. This requires a successful WIS test. This Guild Dog may Astral project as many times a day as half their level (with a minimum of once per day).
  • Aura Vision, this Guild Dog can determine the general alignment of any sentient being by studying its aura. This may be done Guild Dog level times a day.
  • Shadowcraft, this Guild Dog can manipulate shadows. The size of the manipulation possible is equal to two times the Guild Dog’s level in square feet. The Guild Dog may do this with a successful WIS test. Additionally, once per day the Guild Dog can shape a shadow into a loyal shadow being with a HD equal to their level. Shadowbeings are entities of pure darkness, they have full strength in total darkness - the more light the less their power.
  • Aural Rambunction Hedge Magic, This Guild Dog is able to recreate sounds they have heard, and project them as if they were emitting from elsewhere. The loudness of the sounds is dependant on the Guild Dogs own vocal chords. After hearing a sound the Guild Dog must make a WIS test to see if they remember it. The Guild Dog may remember two times their level different sounds for re-creation. Once a sound is remembered it cannot be forgotten. The Guild Dog can project their sounds at the following ranges; Level 1 - 2: A room, Level 3 - 5: A building, Level 6 - 8: A block, Level 9 + A whole suburb. This may be done the Guild Dog’s level times per day. 
  • Indomitable, this Guild Dog may drop below 0 Hit Points and continue to fight. They may drop to half their Hit Points below 0 and not fall unconscious. As soon as they stop fighting (and the adrenaline stops pumping) the Guild Dog collapses (Use death and dying rules as per normal)
  • Executioner, this Guild Dog does not add +2 to target’s AC when making an attack roll with a Two Handed Weapon, and now adds +3 to Two Handed Weapon damage.
  • Sulking Murderer, after observing a target unnoticed for a moment and passing a WIS test, this Guild Dog Rolls with Advantage when attacking previously observed unknowing target, dealing 3x Damage Die + the Guild Dog’s level damage.
  • Vodyanoy Melding Hedge Magic, this Guild Dog is able to levitate, shape and transport a mass of water for Guild Dog level hours. The size of the water mass manageable by the Guild Dog is as follows: Level 1 - 3: a mass the size of the Guild Dog, level 4 - 8: a mass the size of double the Guild Dog, level 9+: a mass quadruple the size of the Guild Dog.
  • Olfactofcation, this Guild Dog is able to produce a fist sized blob of gelatinous viscera from their mouths through a process of heavy gagging, belching and chewing. This blob has an overwhelming aroma predetermined by the Guild Dog.This may be done as many times a day as half their level rounded down (with a minimum of once per day).The aroma can be anything the Guild Dog has smelt before (very specific scents may require a WIS test to replicate). The intense aroma of the pervades an area of the following size; Level 1 - 2: A room, Level 3 - 5: A building, Level 6 - 8: A block, Level 9 + A whole suburb. The Guild Dog’s teeth are black and the bottom jaw to the upper torso is covered in layers of heavy black chitin.
  • Dead Whisperer, Guild Dog has the ability to communicate with the dead. Requires some form of remains of the dead and Guild Dog must have the ability to communicate with the dead if it was alive (speaking the same language, for example). Ability can be used Guild Dog Level times a day, for Guild Dog level times 10 minutes each communication session.
  • Combat Monster, This Guild Dog can make 1 attack per level per round.
  • Backstab, Rolls with Advantage when attacking from behind and deals 2 x weapon damage + the Guild Dog’s level damage.
  • Mountebank’s Whispered Hedge Magic, the Guild Dog may attempt the following spells on a target by whispering in their ear. They may attempt this as many times a day as half their level rounded up; Charm Person (lasts 12 hours), Hypnotic suggestion (1 non-suicidal action), Enrage (target attacks anything it sees until dead or unconscious), Inebriate (stagger in a d4: 1 - 2: happy daze, 3 - 4: Mad daze, for 6 hours). (Remember “Powerful Opponents” rule).
  • Glue Paws, Guild Dog has glands producing a sticky secretion in the hands and feet, making the scaling of sheer surfaces possible. This makes climbing most surfaces as easy as walking, but certain situations may require a DEX test as deemed appropriate by the GM (in most precarious situations the Guild Dog would Roll with Advantage on climbing tests).
  • Mystically Beguiling, Roll with Double Advantage (roll 3 d20’s and use the best result) when testing CHA in social interactions (remember “Powerful Opponents” rule).
  • Hera’s Bellowing Hedge Magic, Once per day per level this Guild Dog may do a CHA test against a target to induce an overwhelming sensation of a specific emotion for 12 hours in that target. The name of the emotion must be shouted into the target’s ear.
  • Shadow Cloak, this Guild Dog can envelop their body in shadows, making them near invisible when in darkened places. The shadow cloak lasts for 1 hour x Guild Dog Level. Each time the shadow cloak is summoned in a day there is an additional 5% chance the Guild Dog’s shadow will leave its owner next time it sleeps. This 5% chance stacks each time the shadow cloak is summoned in a day, but resets after sleeping.
  • Masochist, the more damage this Guild Dog takes, the better it fights. When at half health + 2 damage, when at a quarter health + 4 damage, when at 1 Hit Point +6 to damage.
  • Fearless, this Guild Dog slightly negates the “powerful opponent” rule. This Guild Dog gains a bonus of 1 to every 2 HD above its level when determining the outcome of a non combat test between them and an NPC.
  • Unbreakable, Roll with Double Advantage when conducting any death related tests.
  • Deadly, this Guild Dog does double damage when rolling 1, 2 or 3 on an attack roll.
  • Lethal, when scoring a successful attack roll on a target whose HD is half or less the Guild Dog’s level, it dies instantly rather than taking damage.
  • Small Man’s Syndrome, this Guild Dog does more damage to targets that are bigger than itself. Any target bigger than the Guild Dog receives +2 damage and any target double the size or larger than the Guild Dog receives +4 damage.
  • Elemental Burst Hedge Magic, this Guild Dog can summon a throwable globe of elemental power twice their level times a day. The element is of the Guild Dog’s choice, but must be an element they have taken at least 1 Hit Point of damage from. The elemental globe does the Guild Dog’s Attack Damage die in damage to all targets Nearby to the globe once thrown (like a grenade). The Guild Dog must pass a DEX test to ensure the globe lands where it was intended.  
  • Wyrdling Hedge Magic, this Guild Dog can inherit the special abilities of its defeated foes. The Guild Dog must sleep in the corpse of the target it wishes to inherit the ability from for at least 6 hours. The GM will then notify the Guild Dog what special power it has gained. This process will warp the Guild Dog’s body to reflect the new power gained. The more power this Guild Dog has the more bizarre and mutated they will appear (consider an impact on CHA). The amount and type of abilities this Guild Dog can inherit is reflected in the Daily Conjurer Spells table. The  “spell slots per level” value is now “HD of target ability”. Now the numbers in the table reflect the amount of abilities a Guild Dog can inherit from specific HD targets per level. For example, a level 2 Guild Dog could inherit 2 abilities from HD 1 creatures and a level 5 Guild Dog could inherit 4 abilities from a HD 1 target, 3 from a HD 2 target and 1 from a HD 3 target. Once an ability has been inherited it cannot be forgotten/removed.
  • Thoros’s Bladed Hedge Magic, with an hours preparation this Guild Dog can change their wielded blade to erupt with the power of a specific element. The element is of the Guild Dog’s choice, but must be an element they have taken at least 1 Hit Point of damage from. The effect fades after 12 hours, and the elemental effect cannot be changed in this time, nor a new effect applied to a different blade.This effect also adds damage to the blade equal to 1 + half the Guild Dog’s level rounded up.
  • Bripaula’s Double Hedge Magic, this Guild Dog can summon a twin of themselves. The twin’s Stats are half the Guild Dogs rounded up. Ie, if the Guild Dog had a STR of 16, the twin would have STR of 8. The Guild Dog is in complete control of the twin, apart from the twin saying whatever the Guild Dog is saying at the exact same time the Guild Dog is saying it (regardless of the twin’s location). If the twin dies the Guild Dog loses half their current Hit Points and 1+their level Hit Points from their total Hit Points (until the next time they level up). It takes 1 day to resummon a twin. At level 4 the Guild Dog can summon 2 twins. At level 8 the Stats of the twins is equal to 3 quarters of the Guild Dogs rounded up. At level 10 the Guild Dog can summon 3 twins.
  • Blood Link Hedge Magic, after a blood sharing ritual which takes 1 hour, this Guild Dog shares a Hit Point pool with their target. Both sets of Hit Points are added together and the two participants of the ritual share the total. When either participant takes damage it is taken from the total Hit Points pool. When the pool drops below 0 Hit Points, the Guild Dog falls unconscious and the blood linked partner is killed. At level 4 the Guild Dog can transfer 2 points of any 2 Stats from one participant in the ritual to another. At level 8 the Guild Dog can have 2 participants in the Ritual (allowing a shared Hit Point pool of all three and allowing 1 participant to receive 2 points of 2 Stats from 2 of the other participants). The possibility of blood borne ailments is to be considered by the GM during this rituals.  
  • Beast empath, Roll with Advantage for any CHA tests involving the handling of animals. A WIST test will allow the Guild Dog to clearly understand the intentions of an animal and comminate their own desires to that animal. This Guild Dog Can have their levels worth in animal compans at one time. The HD of the animal companions is limited by the level of the Guild Dog. The GM can determine the Stats of the animal companions as and when appropriate.  
  • Golem Smith, this Guild Dog may create loyal golems. The process takes 1 day and requires access to a laboratory. The powers of the golem will reflect the material used to create them (GM to be the final arbiter of these powers). The amount of golems the Guild Dog can create is equal to half their level rounded down (with a minimum of 1). The Stats of the golem is determined by the Guild Dog level; 1 - 3: 1d6, 4 - 5: 2d6, 6 - 8: 3d6, 9+: 4d6 drop the lowest.
  • Kafka’s Curse: The Guild Dog has been infected with some parasitic infection that is slowly turning them into a giant insect. Each level with the curse, including the first, the Guild Dog loses d4 CHA as their body warps into a monstrous conflation of humanoid and insect biology. Compound eyes and drooling chitin plate mouths do not a leader of men make.  Each level the cursee also gains one of the following random mutations: 1. Antennae: Can understand the language of insects and roll with Advantage on all tests involving listening. 2. Wings: Test STR to fly short distances (a city block in length). 3. Summon insectile horde: Once per day can summon a horde of insects under Guild Dog’s control. Horde’s HD is equal to Guild Dog’s level. 4. Illuminated compound eyes (d6 pairs thereof): Can see perfectly well in pitch darkness (an all other light conditions), Roll with Advantage on all tests using sight to visually locate/identify something. 5. Bladed appendages: Two additional limbs, topped with sharp chitin blades, sprout from the Guild Dog’s torso. Each can melee attack each round for d6 damage. 6. Hungry proboscis: Needle ended tube erupts from the chest or head, this can attack as a HD1 creature. If the proboscis makes a successful attack (does no damage) and stays lodged in the target’s living body for a round, it takes d6 health from the target and transfers it to the Guild Dog. 7. Parasitic queen: An egg laying appendage sprouts from the torso of the Guild Dog. Once per level per day the Guild Dog may attempt to lay a parasitic egg within a target , the Guild Dog must make a successful attack with their  appendage and the target must fail a CON test for the laying to be successful. Once infected the target loses d6 from their maximum HP each day, until they die. Once dead the host is reborn with all of their statistics halved but under the total control of the Guild Dog. 8. Caustic vomit: Level times per day the Guild Dog can vomit a torrent of burning chemical sludge. The Guild Dog must be standing in front of the target, the vomit attack hits automatically and does the Guild Dog’s attack dice in damage then does one damage die less damage a round for d6 rounds (unless the vomit is somehow cleansed from the body). 9. Hardened chitin plates: Skin transformed into dark iridescent plating, +3 AC. 10. Verminic survivor: Guild Dog’s major organs are replaced with a hardier arthropod biology. Toxic atmospheres (gas, heat, cold, etc) no longer impact the Guild Dog. Additionally, any limbs removed from the Guild Dog (including the head) will grow back in d6 days (as long as the damage from the blow doesn’t kill the Guild Dog outright). 
  • Arcane Spellcasting, This Guild Dog can cast a number of Arcane Spells per day (Use spell rules and list from The Black Hack [ Or ruleset of choice], use “Daily Conjurer Spells” table for number of spells per level per day, custom Guild Dog spells are being written)
  • Divine Spellcasting, This Guild Dog can cast a number of Divine Spells per day (Use spell rules and list from The Black Hack [ Or ruleset of choice], use “Daily Conjurer Spells” table for number of spells per level per day, custom Guild Dog spells are being written)