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Guild Dogs Starting Items

Shopping as part of character creation is boring. In Infinigrad you can just break into the nearest building and hopefully steal whatever you you want/need any way. Guild dog’s no longer start with any gold. A desperate guild dog is a an entertaining guild dog.

Guild Dog's start with:

1 x Random Item (Table below).
1 x Random shitty weapon (Table below).
1 x Random Ex profession ( ).
1 x Random Specialized weapon (

Random Item, d100: 

  1. Thick metal earrings. 
  2. Preserved severed hand. 
  3. Small wooden doll. 
  4. Red stone that is always warm. 
  5. Incense filled censer. 
  6. Basalt rod. 
  7. Small sack of salt. 
  8. Rune etched bronze lantern. 
  9. Dog with horns. 
  10. Crude drum. 
  11. Insulated jar. 
  12. Flint and steel. 
  13. Leather slit goggles. 
  14. A jar of green fire. 
  15. Swatch of fabric that is always changing colour. 
  16. Necklace jar. 
  17. Blinding ion face mask. 
  18. Stone statuette of a demon. 
  19. Leatherbound notebook, inkpot and quill. 
  20. Hog head lantern. 
  21. Copper chain belt. 
  22. Clean white mask. 
  23. Pipe of purple wood.  
  24. Sack of stones.  
  25. Trained albino candle bearing rat. 
  26. String of dried ears
  27. Large and lustrous red feather.  
  28. Fist sized piece of stone shaped like a pyramid
  29. One glove and one gauntlet. 
  30. Fur scarf.  
  31. Skull of a horned beast.  
  32. Jar of smokey vapour. 
  33. Flag or large banner repurposed as a robe.
  34. Rope and pulley.  
  35. Black kite. 
  36. Leathery cloak made of reptilian wings. 
  37. Small vial of quickening dust
  38. Scalpel.  
  39. Parasitic worm in jar.  
  40. Pig like beast.
  41. Green cloak that appears to be made of leaves. 
  42. A semi precious green stone.  
  43. An antler.  
  44. Pet lizard.  
  45. A Small bomb
  46. Barrel of rotted meat.  
  47. Skull mask made of a horned beast.  
  48. Heavy length of chain.  
  49. Large empty wooden crate.  
  50. Iron wrist bracers covered in hooks and metal rings.  
  51.  Clear, crystalline chunk of coral-like  organic growth. 
  52. Sturdy leather gloves with inlaid iron claws. 
  53. Silver ring with a red stone.  
  54. Clay pot filled with fertile soil.  
  55. Living vines that wrap decoratively around the body.  
  56. Bird on thin golden cord. 
  57. Sack of d20 coins.
  58. Book documenting beasts.  
  59. Long metal hooked pole. 
  60. Iron helmet, huge decorative fangs.  
  61. Potion of forgetting.
  62. Holy person’s headdress.
  63. Lizard shaped incense burner, causes drowsiness.  
  64. Unpowered golem. 
  65. Ghost of a beast accompanies you everywhere. 
  66. Clawed magic wand, causes slight gusts of wind. 
  67. Cursed magic scroll. 
  68.  Tiny model of a stone crypt. 
  69. Tortoise shell shield. 
  70. Ring of invisibility that last d10 minutes then breaks and curses you. 
  71. Plant growing in jar of dirt. 
  72. A mutation.
  73. Golden gemmed amulet. 
  74. Eye glasses. 
  75. Foot tall mirror bearing golem of glass. 
  76. Jar of miasmatic and diseased swamp water. 
  77. Handful of mushrooms that cause paralysis when consumed. 
  78. Bucket of acid. 
  79. Surprisingly clean set of noble clothes. 
  80. Story of a promised land that has a chance to entrance all beings. 
  81. Oversized decorative weapon. 
  82. Beast shaped like a sack (all mouth on the inside). 
  83. Silken pillow. 
  84. Tiny caged goblin. 
  85. Brick from a destroyed wizard tower. 
  86. Several decorate armbands. 
  87. Stolen wizardball, will answer one question when smashed. 
  88. Horrific facial scarring. 
  89. Impressive red military cape. 
  90. Vial of holy blood. 
  91. Hammer and chisel. 
  92. Stolen master key to the nearest building. 
  93. True but unbelievable rumor. 
  94. Clump of moss that won’t stop growing. 
  95. Spade. 
  96. Silk sack filled with 4 snakes. 
  97. Secret about a nearby important NPC. 
  98. Black tendril growing out of back, able to manipulate small objects. 
  99. Vial of poison. 
  100. Slave collar connected to a chain. 
Random Crappy Weapon, d20: 

  1. Gnarled branch (club). 
  2. Metalworking  hammer (mace). 
  3. Needle bladed sword. 
  4. Bow made of bone. 
  5. Blunt two handed sword made of wood (2 handed club). 
  6. Large sharpened tusk (sword). 
  7. Behandled giant tooth (dagger).  
  8. Bronze tipped bow, with no arrows (bow).
  9. Wooden spiked club (club).
  10. Heavy torch (club).
  11. Lumpy handled sword. 
  12. Fearsome rusty anchor (club).
  13. Sword of curious clear, hardened material 
  14. A blackstone sword. 
  15. Wooden staff topped with bronze bauble (2 handed club).
  16. Axe engraved with runes.
  17. Rusted curved metal lance (pole weapon). 
  18. Blue wood sling. 
  19. Rusty, cranking and noisy crossbow. 
  20. Sharpened stone (dagger). 

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