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Gangs of Infinigrad, Part 1: Professions, Goals and Culture

Gangs are in an unusual predicament in Infinigrad, being that there is no laws for them to break . The gangs of Infinigrad generally deal with the most sordid of businesses, stuff no guild would want to touch. They are often in conflict with nearby Guilds, who will often set unofficial laws, rules and regulations for the suburb they dwell in. Especially, they are in conflict with one another - competing for the lucrative vice trades of Infinigrad.

What’s the gang’s overall profession?
  1. Beggars
  2. Sulkers
  3. Snatchers
  4. Bludgeoners
  5. Killsporters
  6. Knaves
  7. Swindlers
  8. Peddlers
  9. Tricksters
  10. Gladiators
  11. Princelings
  12. Wanderers
  13. Abusers
  14. Lostlings
  15. Vandals
  16. Chaotics
  17. Diseasers
  18. Enforcers
  19. Ruffians
  20. Blackguards

What’s the gang’s current goal?
  1. Get a leader or important member healed.
  2. Find a new and secure clubhouse.
  3. Find somewhere to store something vaguely illicit of value.
  4. Stocktaking targets of value in the suburb.
  5. Remove the competition for a specific resource or target within the suburb.
  6. Find out who betrayed them recently.
  7. Explore a recently discovered dungeon beneath their base of operations.
  8. Acquire a means of fast transportation.
  9. Get into the mind, or otherwise psychologically unsettle a rival gang.
  10. Gain guidance from a venerable, ancient and deified criminal mastermind.
  11. Kill, or otherwise silence, witnesses to their recent crimes.
  12. Gain control of the nearby skies.
  13. Resurrect a venerated leader, or some famous scoundrel, from the dead.  
  14. Shroud the reputation of the gang in false and fearsome rumours.
  15. Summon some horrific  and or mischievous spirit.
  16. Grow rich through the manipulations of local markets, possible owning a monopoly of some highly desired commodity.
  17. Charm some local authority, though bribery, blackmail, extortion, etc.
  18. Steal a local and valuable magical crystal that will help grow their criminal empire.
  19. Purchase, build, steal or otherwise acquire a menacing attack or guard golem.
  20. Train in an esoteric near magical fighting technique.
  21. Acquire control of some horde of insectial pests or rodents.  
  22. To poison or destroy local pipes or waterways.
  23. Acquire some shipment of a narcotic or magical dried herb.
  24. Decrease the gang’s overall profile or visibility, shrinking from public life.
  25. Smash the windows of some nearby building, either for intimidation or simple gleeful vandalism.
  26. Learn a new street language, or decipher a rival’s thief cant.
  27. Gather intelligence or a nearby rival gang through spying and subterfuge.
  28. Legitimize their operations, become less illegal and more morally upstanding in the suburb.  
  29. Hold a raucous, out of control suburb wide carousing party.
  30. Steal a set of uniforms as a disguise for a soon to be completed operation.
  31. Break into a nearby bank or storage vault.
  32. Steal a specific valuable gem, possibly magical.
  33. Steal some precious equipment or trophy from a rival gang.
  34. Decipher weird and disturbing dreams being experienced by gang leader.
  35. Induct all gang members into a local cult and forge a strong relationship with said cult.
  36. Acquire a supply of blood and organs for use in gang surgery.
  37. Drench the streets in blood in a ritual of intimidation.
  38. Capture, prepare and consume local martial figure of import.
  39. Install a suburb wide flashing and reflecting message system of mirrors and reflective metals.
  40. Prepare a grand tomb or funeral procession for a recently deceased gang leader.
  41. Receive a begrudging blessing from a local religious organisation.
  42. Dredge something valuable from the local sewer.
  43. Get important local residents to sign a protection contract.
  44. Capture a beast from local body of water.
  45. Find a replacement limb for a leader or high level enforcer.
  46. Collect a large overdue payment for criminal services rendered.
  47. Remove and cleanse evidence of the conduct of a recent crime
  48. Hire external muscle to take out specific targets of concern to the gang.
  49. Deposit the material wealth from a recent hit in a secure and safe location.
  50. Refit gang members with upgraded suits of armour.
  51. Grow a crop of some illicit or magical herb.
  52. Protect some ancient artifact recently uncovered and now in the gang’s possession.
  53. Find a supply of fresh food for the brood of foul beasts the gang keeps.
  54. Brand new members with magical and controlling markings.
  55. Acquire a new guard beast or beasts.
  56. Secure a calming garden for the gang leaders irritated nerves.
  57. Secure a peace treaty with a nearby rival gang.
  58. Establish a new or forcefully acquire a pre existing gambling operation.  
  59. Secure a shipment of psychedelic dust.
  60. Induce a suburb wide riot or public disorder to mask a more nefarious criminal misdeed.
  61. Commit arson, probably to intimidate the local populace or a rival.
  62. Publically burn a traitorous ex member.
  63. Demolish a building to make way for the gang’s expanding operations.
  64. Dispose of an alarming pile of waste (alarming either in size or content).
  65. Claim control of nearby ruins of religious or magical significance (most likely at the behest of fanciful ideas from the gang leader).
  66. Secure a portal, gate or passageway outside of The City.  
  67. Construct or steal wheeled and armoured transport for future operations.
  68. Get the gang’s fortune told, possibly by kidnaping a diviner.
  69. Steal a treasure map, or follow the route illustrated by one.
  70. Negotiate turf ownership with a rival gang.
  71. Train a fearsome beast or beasts to achieve some nefarious goal.
  72. Rapidly increase the size of the gang.
  73. Acquire the gang’s own personal leviathan.
  74. Grow, breed, steal or create a monster to threaten others with.
  75. Steal, build or otherwise acquire a tower as a base of operations.
  76. Acquire a set of magic robes for important gang members.
  77. Acquire a massive shipment of booze for a gang feastday.  
  78. Learn the secrets hidden in some esoteric text.
  79. Build a vital and useful bridge which they can charge tolls to those using it.
  80. Pick the lock of or overcome the security of, an important and valuable target.
  81. Clear out, or dig, a tunnel between/beneath two important locations.
  82. Recover a treasure of which they have valuable intelligence about the location.
  83. Unleash a horde of vermin on a target as a form of extortion.
  84. Kidnap a treasure and hold it ransom.
  85. Destroy, vandalize or steal an important local monument or statue.
  86. Open a portal to the lower depths and dredge horrors from their for their own nefarious use.
  87. Take control of an important gate or passageway and charge tolls on those passing through.
  88. Find a trinket of particular importance to the gang leader.
  89. Steal a particularly valuable or powerful artifact from a nearby museum.
  90. Erase something from history or from memory, to acquit them from a crime or debt.
  91. Equip gang members with upgraded weapons.
  92. Poison the local food or water supply.
  93. Begin a sham cult or religion to fool the suburb’s populace.
  94. Curse a rival members of a local gang or their leader.
  95. Terrorize a local religious group, to scare them into paying the gang fealty/tribute.
  96. Steal a large amount of people or beasts for an ungodly sacrificial rite.
  97. Simply steal as much material wealth as possible.
  98. Assassinate a local leader, important person or gang rivals.
  99. Make an entire rival gang sick and weakened.
  100. Take control of a local graveyard and dredge it for foul material and extort visitation and burial fees.

 What’s the gang’s culture?
  1. Overzealous with the administration of violence.
  2. Protects the less fortunate in the suburb.
  3. Leave valuable offerings as calling cards with victims, killed or otherwise.
  4. Will always capture enemies, rather than kill them.
  5. More like an army than a gang, very regimented and rife with punishment.
  6. Everyone in the gang looks eerily similar, perhaps through augmentation or masks.
  7. All members are high on some pleasure causing dust.
  8. Members are in some way brainwashed by a mysterious quasi-religious leader.
  9. Members can read each other's minds.
  10.  Rooftop gang, all members have sworn never to touch the ground ever again.
  11. Gang is a small council of incredibly powerful individuals.
  12. All gang members are clones or automatons.
  13. Gang is constantly recruiting new members, regardless of their credentials.
  14. All gang members have a horrific curse.
  15. Gang is blatantly obvious in their deliverance of crime.
  16. Gang has their own personal godlet, a minor deity of a specific of crime.
  17. Gang works out of a roaming, rattling carriage, drawn by impressive beasts.
  18. Gang has no leader, is more of an anarchic-commune with crime as its basic form of income.
  19. Gang members always creep and whisper, sticking to the shadows.
  20. Gang is an utter pariah, even to other gangs, having committed some vile transgression in the past.
  21. Gang members never allow themselves to be seen, always sending envoys or covering/disguising themselves completely  
  22. Incredibly up front and honest about their nefarious plans.
  23. Very petty and shallow minded, only can see the smallest of prizes right in front of them.
  24. All gang members are sick with some terminal illness, making them incredibly desperate.
  25. Gang is very weak, will disperse and crumble with the slightest provocation.
  26. Gang’s equipment is constantly breaking, as is their resolve.
  27. Gang is only concerned with wealth of the mind, deals only in information, secrets, etc.
  28. Gang members are all undead, probably under the sway of necromancer leader.
  29. Gang members always employ slaves, servants, beasts and golems to do their dirty work.
  30. Some ancient and horrific force has reawaken in the gang’s base and claimed leadership of the gang.
  31. Obsessed with ostentatious displays of material wealth.
  32. Every gang member must record all happenings in a note book of sorts, which is collated into a larger text.
  33. Gang always overplans everything to the extreme.
  34. Gang has an inexhaustible amount of material wealth.
  35. Gang members are all wizards or inherently magical in some manner.
  36. Gang has an obsession with bones and skeletons.
  37. All members must make some ritual sacrifice before conducting any gang related activity.  
  38. All gang members operate in pairs of lovers. The criminal pair being inseparable.
  39. Gang is incredibly lazy, barely does any work or jobs.
  40. All gang members talk a big game, telling lies and tall tales, but can only back up a fraction of their claims.
  41. Cruel and vindictive to all non-gang members.
  42. Only takes on the biggest, meanest and most criminally fit members.
  43. All members are ever swigging some liquid, possibly a fey drink they are addicted to.
  44. Gang is run by a very strict code of conduct and rule book.           
  45. Must steal something from every being they interact with.
  46. All members are fastidiously clean, to the point of obsession.
  47. Each gang member is accompanied by several trained slave fighters, often chained.
  48. Gang members freely supply highly addictive and destructive dust to all those they meet.
  49. Gang sees themselves as morally upstanding, that everyone else is wrong and immoral.
  50. All gang members are somehow seriously indebted to the gang leader.
  51. All gang members are constantly on the hunt, stalking the street for prey.  
  52. The gang’s membership is so large they have become a suburb wide nuisance.
  53. Gang refuses to communicate in any way with outsiders.
  54. Gang members are always riding some form of fearsome beast.
  55. Gang members are all starving cannibals.
  56. All gang members conduct themselves in an eerily calm manner.
  57. Gang members all take an oath to never harm, injure or kill another living being.
  58. Gang members are all horribly mutated.
  59. Gang members are constantly duelling one another to climb the ranks of the organisation .
  60. Gang fails at everything they attempt to do, often with fires, explosions and much violence.
  61. Gang loves to set as many things on fire as possible. Always carrying dangerously excited lanterns and torches and nearby a bonfire.
  62. Must do everything with bombs. Everything must explode some how.
  63. The gang currently has no leadership, it’s a chaotic mess of betrayals and double crosses.
  64. The current gang membership is the inglorious remnant of a historically powerful organisation.
  65. The gang ensures it double crosses and then destroys all those it deals with.
  66. Too many gang members, too many leaders. Members who have been in the gang even the smallest amount of time get allocated new recruits to boss around.
  67. Gang will always have dozens of hidden lookouts, monitoring every interaction that occurs in their territory.
  68. Gang is also a doomsday cult, and is convinced the end times are at hand.
  69. Gang is incredibly shadowy and mysterious. Often only communicating through notes, cryptic messages and intermediaries.
  70. Gang is hyperactive to the extreme, always running to the next hare brained scheme or quickly trying to mug people as they get to the next job.
  71. Every being in the gang is gigantic.
  72. All gang members are monsters, probably mutated to an extreme.
  73. All gang members are giggling and cruel tricksters.
  74. Gang employs the use of massively oversized weaponry and tools.
  75. Gang regularly subjects the general public to scenes of gross horror and terror.  
  76. Gang members seduce all those they work with, through dust, mutations and spells.
  77. Gang is currently and actively recruiting as many new members as they can get.
  78. Two factions have recently formed in the gang, there is simmering tension that often erupts into open violence.  
  79. Gang members are incredibly sensual, constantly eating, touching, drinking and copulating.
  80. Gang never leaves dark places, always dwelling in the sewers and alleyways out of the sight of light.
  81. Gang members are always disguised, as either someone or something else.
  82. Gang is ever burrowing deeper and deeper underground, often through long forgotten basements, tunnels and sewers.
  83. All gang members are tough as nails, wrapped up in heavy armour and armed to the teeth.
  84. Gang is haunted by demons, devils and ghosts, often to their benefit, sometimes to their detriment.
  85. Gang has some enormous tree, fungus, weed or animal at the centre of their criminal cult.  
  86. Gang is actually a religious order in disguise.
  87. Gang members are all feasters, loving to eat, and hugely obese.
  88. Gang members are all soulless, some interdimensional tragedy befalling them.
  89. All gang members are ancient, perhaps living for ever or just taking up crime later in life.
  90. Members obsessed with clocks, time and watches, ever wearing them and recording the time of different comings and goings.
  91. Gang members are always causing others pain at every opportunity, stabbing, slashing, biting, etc.
  92. Gang is in the throes of a bloody vendetta war with another gang.
  93. Some great bestial demon lurks at the pit of the gang, enthralling and motivating them onto greater bloodshed.
  94. Gang must quench any other groups operating in the area, they must be monopolistic and supreme.
  95. All gang members love the feeling of being hurt, driving them on in combat and in reckless acrobatic manoeuvres.
  96. Obsessive kleptomaniacs, constantly thieving.
  97. All gang members are handy shadowsmiths, always having the shadows wrapped around them.
  98. All gang members are given a terminal and contagious illness at initiation.
  99. All gang member’s equipment is beyond shoddy, broken down and falling apart.  
  100. Gang has an obsession with death, in their uniforms and adornment, and in their actions. 

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