Wednesday 27 July 2022

The Pre Empyrean Chronicles, 3000 - To the Second Week of 3021 CE.

Here is the second set of turns from my "grant strategy cyberpunk" game I am running with some IRL friends through facebook. The game's procedures (rather than rules) are here if interested:

This post includes the two sets of decade long turns, then one year long turn, then two week long turns. The world is pretty fucked at this point, but we still have the final three single day turns to work out who the ultimate ruler of the pre empyrean earth/solar system will be! 

Here is part 1, the first 3 centuries in the game world: 

Turn 4: The Pre Empyrean Chronicles, 3000 - 3010 CE:
  • There was a huge amount of public discourse regarding SAFE’s creation of a second moon this decade! While initial upsurge in the discussion was very anti SAFE, claiming that the second moon had robbed humanity of the glorious sight of the single lunar, and dangerously changed the earth’s tidal patterns, a heavy PR push from SAFE settled the narrative: The night sky is now much more interesting, and the metal sphere moon has once and for all calmed the angry seas of the world (making them much safer place to swim and sail).
  • SAFE unlocked the secrets to human hibernation this decade. With the assistance of fully automated robotic medical technicians, a human being could be induced into vegetative state where all of their body’s functions were in total stasis. As long as the automated medical technicians were operable, a human could remain in this state indefinitely.
  • Alec Knight, famed SAFE chaos architect, created designs for spacecraft living spaces that totally nullify the otherwise existential crisis creating and severe depression inducing effects of living in the void. Alec's on board living spaces recreate the ever evolving natural environments of the earth, including complex plant, animal and water systems and visual illusions that recreate horizons and the wide open space of an earth sky.

  • Neither of these projects were put into full scale production, as the ever financially oscillating SAFE was victim of a savage and devastating datagrid security attack which resulted in the massive leakage of most of its banking funds.
  • Over the century Halcyon put the first dedicated military space fleet into orbit above the earth. Clearing a path in the shrapnel storm with their fleet of tiko field armored mining drones the Zaibatsu launched a fleet composed of 1 carrier class (holding 50 fighters), 5 destroyer class and 10 frigate class spacecraft. Additionally the military fleet was supported by 4 ferry class craft, whose sole purpose was moving human bodies between the earth and the fleet. Public record does not state what is powering the engines of these craft but they operate incredibly faster and more efficiently than the normally employed nuclear engines.
  • 10’000 of Halcyon’s smaller extra terrestrial mining drone craft were repurposed as military “Tiko-Vol” automated ramming class drones. These ramming drones were removed from the mining fleet and joined the military fleet as it constantly patrolled the earth's outer atmosphere.
  • As weapon systems have largely remained static in development over the last 300 years, the Halcyon space military fleet is equipped with simple ballistic weaponry (bullets and missiles).
  • Halcyon’s military space fleet was fitted with life support systems very reminiscent of VMS’s Closed Ecological System (CES) - allowing the crew of these vessels to stay in space indefinitely. Leaked internal reports suggest that most of the space personnel opt to return to earth as much as is allowed - living in the vacuum of space for too long seems to induce high levels of mental illness (negatively impacting personnel performance).
  • VSM spent the decade re-fitting 400 of their 1000 destroyer class naval ships with nuclear rocketry, advanced propulsion control systems (APCS), Closed Ecological Systems (CES) and deep compression armouring (DCA) to be able to launch them beyond earth’s atmosphere and out into the solar system!
  • 50 of these destroyers were super cladded with deep compression armouring (SC.DCA), these SC.DCA class craft where to lead the charge at the shrapnel storm - smashing it aside with their super thick armouring to clear a way through the metal cloud for the less (but still impressively) armored craft behind them. This was to be known as the Armored Arrow formation (AAF).
  • At the end of the decade the VSM space fleet was launched. Once the fleet had easily brushed aside the "Battle of the Shrapnel-sphere" began. The smaller, ever patrolling Halcyon fleet engaged the newly launched VSM fleet as soon as it broke through the shrapnel storm!
  • While a single Tiko-vol ramming drone was enough to take out a VSM craft of any size, the VSM deep compression armour meant that this process was relatively prolonged. As the VSM fleet, each craft being bored through with a Tiko-vol drone, charged towards the Halcyon fleet, Halcyon battle command panicked at the size of their opponents fleet and the fact they were unsure of their acceleration capabilities. This lead to the decision of a blanket Tiko-vol swarm attack, 5000 drones all launched at the VSM fleet.
  • The swarm attack quickly caused a nuclear chain explosion reaction across the VSM fleet, all of the craft instantly lost in 400 massive explosions. This blasted out enormous clouds of high velocity metallic shards that flew out across the solar system. About 1000 Halcyon and SAFE mining drones were destroyed by the shard clouds, alongside 1000 tiko-vol drones (who had not activated their armour fields in time) and 2 frigates in the Halcyon space fleet. Back on earth the metallic shard clouds were mostly rendered harmless by the the atmosphere, though several thousand people living in the free zones were killed by stray fragments. The earth's sky appeared to be filled with flames for several hours after the "Battle of the Shrapnel-sphere".
  • After the destruction of the VSM space fleet, a clearing, much larger than the one engineered by SAFE, was blasted through the shrapnel storm, making the passage out to the stars much easier for humanity.
  • Their actions largely going unnoticed, the Hyperion Order grew in material wealth over the decade. No records exist at all across the datagrid that account for the clan’s methods of money making, but most assume it's through trading on the earth’s various stock, currency and commodity markets.
  • Open Mind was beset by severely damaging terrorist attacks through out the decade. Each time, the nuclear diffusement fields were disengaged at key facilities, following by their destruction by nuclear blasts. It is still unknown who conducted these attacks, as no evidence of outside agents has yet been uncovered.
  • Accompanying these physical attacks was the slow removal of any reference to the open mind clan across the public data grid. Private records still maintain a record of the clans activities over at least the last three centuries.
  • Their production and financial capacity crippled, Open Mind took the distraction caused by the "Battle of the shrapnel-sphere" as an opportunity to launch an on earth attack on VSM.
  • Battalions of Open Hearts battle giants, led by smaller humans, mounted assaults on VSM vessels - swiftly gaining control of them as all VSM electronic devices failed or malfunctioned. Several submersible VSM vessels were commandeered in this way, and these transported the battalions directly to UMC1 which too was commandeered.
  • While Open Mind remained in control of UMC1, those inside some how causing the electronics of any VSM reclamation forces to a severely malfunction, for several weeks, the "Night of the Mad Giants" brought an end to their reign.
  • During the "Night of the Mad Giants" every single Open Heart military giant rebelled against their Open Mind leaders, murdering any non giant Open Mind Clan member with blood thirsty hatred. Alongside murder, the giants wrecked and destroyed any and all Open Mind facility and infrastructure they could see. This took place across the both Free Siach Habitation Region and UMC1. This resulted in the total collapse of the Open Mind Clan in Free Siach, and the death of all aboard UMC1 (due to its subsequent destruction and sinking).
  • A new clan composed of ex-Open Mind giants formed after the destruction of The Night of the Mad Giants. "Free Mind" inherited any remaining resources of Free Mind, while being totally independent and divorced from it.
  • A decade of rebuilding and reconciliation was had by the Calvert Vally clan, though a secretive one. The clan turned earth ward, toiling at massive industrial works beneath the ground. It is unknown what they built during this time.
  • The dry sandy plains of The Zeastra scrub zone were slowly filled with biological horrors over the decade. Massive elephant sized rhino beasts covered in fur with the hands and arms and cunning of a man, alongside winged men covered in fur with the giant fangs of a snake. These horrors - their populations seemingly ever increasing - have made Zeastra an incredibly dangerous place to travel.

Turn 5: The Pre Empyrean Chronicles, 3010 - 3020 CE:

  • SAFE focused on recovering their funds stolen from the last decade by releasing a range of mass produced cybernetic limb augmentations constructed of both Marsanium and Venusinium. These limbs, while simple in functionality, increased their users strength tenfold. A basic range of SAFE cybernetic legs and arms was made available for purchase across Earth’s arcology and free zone markets. The product line was a large financial success for SAFE which alongside their constant extra-terrestrial mining operations put them back on safe financial footing.
  • The SAFE military and security forces are now all equipped with high end versions of the SAFE arm and leg cybernetic augmentations, and are additionally fitted with cybernetic flesh cladding for very strong and very mobile armouring. These additions have made SAFE’s infantry the strongest on the planet.
  • Halcyon researched, constructed and retrofitted their current space fleet with a new type of weapon, the “Plasma Cannon”, this decade. These canons launch truck sized blobs of superheated plasma at a rate of two slugs a minute. Field tests show that the plasma slugs quickly rip through all known metals but “bounce” and reflect of operating “Tiko fields”.
  • VSM spent the decade re-fitting 200 of their remaining 600 destroyer class naval ships with nuclear rocketry, advanced propulsion control systems (APCS), Closed Ecological Systems (CES) and deep compression armouring (DCA) to be able to launch them beyond earth’s atmosphere and out into the solar system!

  • Viewers of the launch - mostly hoping to witness another nuclear chain explosion reaction, were amazed to see that the shrapnel sphere spread and parted for the approach of the VSM space fleet, repulsed by some unknown force.
  • The fleet was joined by a massive, bulky and asymmetrical craft launched from the Zeastra Scrub Zone by Calvert Vally. The S.S. Assailatros, as it was known, accompanied the VSM space fleet through the shrapnel sphere then sped past that fleet with spurpsing speed. The S.S. Assailatros made the journey to the Jupiterean moon of Ganymede in 11 months, where it remained in orbit at the close of the decade. The VSM space fleet also took the same journey but took 3 years to get to Ganymede, where it remains in orbit.
  • Their actions largely going unnoticed, the Hyperion Order maintained their wealth over the decade. No records exist at all across the datagrid that account for the clan’s methods of money making, but most assume it's through trading on the earth’s various stock, currency and commodity markets.
  • The decade ended with the eruption of the “Billion Crusade”! Most of the human population across the entirety of the free habitation zones of the earth rose up as one and marched with vitriolic anger to the border of the Halcyon arcology! Several million VSM citizens (all documented Health+ users or the offspring of Health+ users) fled from their arcology and joined the Billion Crusade. While several hundred thousand crusaders died due to drowning or malnutrition getting to the Ropa Retired Industrial Zone, the mass of angry humanity was well supported by a large team of drones that provided shelter, food and other support logistics. No members of other major organisation (including the giants of Free Mind) have thus far joined the crusade. At the end of the decade the “Billion Crusade” is poised to crash upon the Halcyon arcology, a billion super athletic nano-psych tech empowered fanatics ready to bring destruction!

Turn 6: The Pre Empyrean Chronicles, 3020 - 3021 CE:
  • SAFE’s 3 million strong, cybernetic equipped, army was mobilised at the start of the year. They were put into active duty patrolling and protecting the Free Neosia Habitation region (which was now empty of human habitation after the uprising of the “Billion Crusade”).
  • SAFE recalled 10’000 drones of their automated mining fleet and retrofitted them with super efficient engines over the year. This greatly increased their speed and work capacity.
  • Additionally, 1000 of these recalled drones were also retro-fitted with super cladding, reminiscent of VMS’s deep compression armouring. This super cladding was also applied to all of the 1000 drones drilling equipment - making them capable of ultra deep terrestrial mining. These 1000 drones are referred to as the “Planet Scooper” class mining drones.
  • The year began with the “Billion Crusade” marching through the endless streets of the Ropa Retired Industrial Zone, the massive Halcyon arcology clearly their target. In the stars above the Halcyon military space fleet moved within the shrapnel sphere and monitored the movement of the crusade from the outer atmosphere. When it became clear that the horde of the “Billion Crusade” would not be retreating away from its approach of Halcyon arcology the fleet above rained down torrents of superheated plasma on the earth.
  • While the “Billion Crusade” attempted to flee the rain of melting plasma, massive surges of datagrid interruptions rippled through their ranks - making communications impossible and causing support drones to crush and entrap the nano-psych tech modified humans of the crusade. The several centuries silent Hyperion Order publicly claimed responsibility for the disruptions caused to the “Billions Crusade”’s operations and it is indeed their digital machinations that caused the crusade to be held in place in the rusting streets of the retired industrial zone as they were purged from the earth by superheated plasma. Thousands of plasma slugs were launched by the fleet - turning the entire Ropa retired industrial zone into a cratered slag heap, the “Billion Crusade” vaporized, or turned to ash, or mixed into the molten goop that covered the earth.
  • By the end of the bombardment the entirety of Ropa Retired Industrial Zone was a dead flat plane of black and grey melted stone and metal. The region still smolders, smokes and often erupts into spontaneous firestorms. Average temperatures across the earth have increased by 10 degrees celsius since the bombardment.
  • A week after the bombardment a VSM submarine was documented using its nuclear thrusters to launch from the waters off the coast of the Amer Scrub Zone and into the upper atmosphere. A trail of blood arced in the sky behind the vessel as it flew. While equipped with nuclear rocketry, Closed Ecological Systems (CES) and deep compression armouring (DCA), the vessel has not been retro-fitted specifically for space travel and is traveling at a very slow speed now that it is outside the atmosphere. By the end of the year this vessel had just left the Shrapnel Sphere. Trajectory calculations plot the vessel as making course for Saturn, and its ETA being 6 years time.
  • A datagrid supervirus, known as “Swift Collapse” was unleashed on Earth’s datagrid at the same time the VSM submarine launched from the waves. While Hyperion Order, SAFE, and Halcyon all detected and deflected the threat before it could enter their systems, VSM and Calvert Vally were not so lucky. “Swift Collapse” shut down all earth based electronics within both organizations. While a billion died in the VSM arcology near instantly due to this (due to oxygen, food, water, and health services failing), the remaining 2 billion VSM citizens are expected to die in the near future do to lack of food (industrial food supplies will be exhausted, and further production is impossible without access to electronics. Additionally, traditional and ancient agriculture is unlikely due to the severe global warming induced by the Halcyon plasma bombardment). Luckily, for VSM citizens, their arcologies nuclear diffusion field has miraculously stayed online, somehow immune to the “Swift Collapse” datagrid attack! The more diffused, and less datagrid dependant Calvert Vally, was less impacted by the “Swift Collapse” attack, but about a million have died throughout the year due to the loss of electronics. Many millions more are expected to die in the coming year when food stores are exhausted. While Calvert Vally is competent with ancient, non electronic, farming practices - the severe global warming induced by the Halcyon plasma bombardment will have massive negative impacts on food productivity.
  • Additionally the “Swift Collapse” datagrid attack caused the shutdown of the entirety of the Earth based VSM fleet, alongside the sinking of their Underwater Mobile Cities. 10 million VSM citizens perished with the sinking, and/or crashing/exploding of VSM’s flying cities, underwater cities and submarines. The 400 remaining VSM destroyer class ships and 100 water aircraft carriers are currently floating, unpowered, across the earth’s oceans.
  • 30 destroyer class VSM spacecraft landed on the Jupitarean moon of Europe, alongside the Calvert Vally spacecraft S.S. Assailatros. 5 destroyer class VSM spacecraft landed on the Jupitarean moon of Galymede. The remaining 165 destroyer class spacecraft of the fleet remained in protective orbit above these two moons. Modification work has begun at the two landing sites, and it appears that the landed craft will be used as a base for human colonies on both moons. VSM’s closed ecological habitation systems have so far ensured the total success of this audacious project!
  • Tensions have sparked between the two ideologically different groups of colonists, resulting in several riots and high profile murders. The horror of the “Swift Collapse” datagrid attack back on earth has also put many of the VSM colonists in a depressive and vindictive mood. While this has so far not led to widespread chaos, it has slowed productivity in the colonies.
  • Any development projects that VSM had planned for this year were canceled by the chaos and devastation brought by the “Swift Collapse” datagrid attack.
  • 4000 of Halcyon’s remaining “Tiko-Vol” automated ramming class drones were sent to the Jupiterean moons where the VSM fleet remained in orbit. The journey took 6 months, and when they arrived they found 82 VSM destroyer space crafts arranged in a sphere around each moon. The Tiko-Vol drones split into two groups and surged towards the destroyers, but were repulsed by some unseen force! Several hundred of the drones imploded on initial contact with the barrier, destroyed. After initial “contact” the VSM fleet maneuvered to catch several thousand of the drones between the invisible barrier fields. The drones were crushed between the force fields, also destroyed. After their failed attack the surviving 1000 drones retreated from Jupiter.
  • Undisturbed by the collapse of all electronics across their organisation, the Earth leader of Calvert Vally, “Zombie” Jack Tackhard II, led an army of biological abominations to the northern shores of the Zeastra Scrub Zone. Lizard men with skin shifting colours, giant ferocious lizards as large four storey buildings, Beaked men flying with outstretched claws, scaled horses with enormous bat wings! All these horrors and more were amassed in the north of Zeastra!
  • Unfortunately, at the end of the year, the army of horror has reverted to cannibalism due to a lack of food and no means of making their way across the oceans! While some of the winged horrors have begun island hopping north, the vast majority has no transportation after the “Swift Collapse” datagrid attack!

Turn 7: The Pre Empyrean Chronicles, 3021: Week 1.
  • The earth was beset by ongoing violent earthquakes this week, accompanied by near endless rain in some regions. Massive tsunamis also beset coastal areas. As most of the earth is now empty of human populations, these natural disasters did not have much of an impact outside of causing the destruction of already abandoned buildings and structures.
  • Terrestrial sensors indicate that a small component of the SAFE mining drone fleet has been active on the surface of the earth. It is unknown whether the mining activity is linked to the ongoing earthquakes.
  • Halcyon management council’s unanimous decision to conduct a plasma orbital bombardment of North East Free Siach in an effort to eliminate Hyperion Council was overruled this week. When the ruling executives demanded to know who had the authority to deny their order they were informed by a financial aide that a bloc of anonymous investors who had owned half the company for about the last 70 years was responsible. While the aide was killed shortly after providing this information, and the management council got to work reinstating their directive to slag Hyperion Council with the space fleet, an anonymous and confidential video data transfer was steamed directly to the management council’s meeting room. The contents of this video data transfer are unknown to all but the upper echelons of Halcyon management and who ever sent the video. Several members of the Halcyon management council committed suicide immiedatly after seeing the video, and the rest returned quietly and privately to their lavish arcology private dwellings without any further attempts to continue the plasma bombardment.

  • The morning after the Halcyon management council’s meeting in which the decision to plasma bombard Free Siach, the entire Halcyon military and security force found their weaponary disarmed and unpowered. Not long after this discovery was made reports of mass arcology electronics shut down filtered across the Halcyon arcology. Several hours later it was discovered by the Halcyon management council that the 500’000 strong Hyperion Order security force had gained covert entry into the Halcyon Arcology. The Hyperion Council security team was somehow able to shut down any electronic devices that got in the way of their assault as they went. With their weapons inoperable, coupled with the fact they were oblivious to the fighting till it was too late Halcyon’s army was very easily overpowered. A one way slaughter took place, in which 500’000 Halcyon troops were systemetically murdered as the Hyperion Order security team stealthily moved through the entire Arcology seizing key facilities.
  • With the Halcyon Arcology occupied completely by Hyperion Order, Halcyon’s financial holdings were transferred directly to Hyperion Order - finally making it the most wealthy organisation on the earth. The bloc of anonymous investors who had owned half the company for about the last 70 years had actually given Hyperion Order the contract to operate Halcyon’s internal datagrid two decades ago - with physical control of the arcology seized, it was a simple flick of the switch to seize all of its financial and datagrid operations too.
  • By the end of the week all of Halcyon's earth and extra terrestrial mining fleet had been transferred into the control of Hyperion Order. The members of the Halcyon Management council who had not committed suicide earlier in the week remain under house arrest.
  • The Halcyon space fleet datagrid had never come under the control of Hyperion Order, and as such is now a totally independent fleet. The Halcyon Independent (as the fleet is now known), is under the control of Commander Treb Redyier.
  • Mass starvation plagued VSM this week - with an estimated 500 million citizens dying within their unpowered arcology!
  • The VSM submarine that launched from the earth's ocean's last year disappeared from all datagrid sensors this week. Its last known location was just outside of the shrapnel-sphere. The reasons for its disappearance are unknown.
  • The Earth leader of Calvert Vally, “Zombie” Jack Tackhard II, led a massive crew of engineers to recover 10 of the VSM destroyer class vessels that were floating dead in the water nearby Zeastra. The engineers were able to power the engines of these otherwise useless hunks of metal. These boats have been converted into a flotilla alongside masses of scrap metal to make a massive scrap metal floating platform capable of transporting the army of mutant horror in “Zombie” Jack Tackhard II command. Mutated beasts in the water and air, help pull the massive platform along with makeshift harness and scavenged chains. Ancient tools and equipment were used in this undertaking - blowtorches and fuel engines totally disconnected from the datagrid. The flotilla was last seen moving through the ocean north of Zeastra, heading towards Free Neosia.
  • On the Jupiterian moons, a Calvert Vally member, Stuart Truffle PhD, has been elected the first president of the “Dual Colonies”. President Truffle launched a program to begin analyzing the minerals across the surface of the moons to see if any exotic meteorite related materials can be procured. Beyond the analysis of the moon’s surfaces President Truffle has been inaduating the Earth information datagrid (that still exists) with appeals to the citizens of arcologies there to free themselves from membership to their Clans and Zaibatsus and begin a new life on Ganymede!

Turn 7: The Pre Empyrean Chronicles, 3021: Week 2.
  • A massive wave of absenteeism rolled across the SAFE civilian population this week, believed to be mostly due to a series of videos being streamed incessantly across the public datagrid. These videos, reminiscent of now ancient 200 year old Open Mind marketing material, encouraged SAFE workers to leave work for the day and go outside and experience “nature”. While several million spent several days at home rather than going to work, about a million SAFE citizens left the Arcology for the first time in their lives. The endless decaying and abandoned skyscrapers of the Free Neosia region hosted many campfires this week, as the absentee SAFE citizens got back to nature - “roughing it” in rotting buildings.
  • Some of the “camping” SAFE citizens were accidently shot and killed by the SAFE army still patrolling the outskirts of the arcology. Commander Borgsey offered no sympathy for the families of the slain citizens.
  • A successful launch took place from the SAFE arcology this week of a re-branded Halcyon troop transport spacecraft. The craft is currently in orbit above the earth, beyond the shrapnel sphere.
  • As Hyperion Council began to relocate its core infrastructure from their old headquarters in the North East Free Siach, The Halcyon Independent Fleet (now totally disconnected from the Earth’s datagrid) commenced its orbital plasma bombardment.
  • Thousands of plasma slugs were launched by the fleet - turning the entire North East of Free Siach a cratered slag heap, all of Hyperion Council outside of the Halcyon arcology vaporized, or turned to ash, or mixed into the molten goop that covered the earth.
  • By the end of the bombardment the region was a dead flat plane of black and grey melted stone and metal.
  • The Halcyon Independent fleet also ordered its remaining 1000 tiko-vol drones to strike the Hyperion Order Arcology (the arcology that was owned by Halcyon up to a week ago). The drones were totally disconnected from the datagrid before launch, so those within the Arcology were powerless to stop their relentless approach. The 1000 plasma field armoured drones quickly melted through the armoured outer sphere of the Arcology and most within were incinerated as the drones drilled through the city en route to the surface of the earth. One, or several of the drones collided with the core reactors of the Arcology, which resulted in the largest explosion ever recorded on the earth. The reactors of Halcyons unknown, non nuclear, power source erupted into a plasma ball that engulfed most of the already melted Ropa retired industrial zone. The resulting cloud of ash and debris and smoke has plummeted the earth into total darkness ever since. The Ropa retired industrial zone is now largely under water, due to the size of the crater from the explosions. Millions would have died from the resulting tsunamis, if the surrounding coastlines were not already empty of humanity.

  • 5 nuclear powered jet troop transports were seen leaving the Halcyon arcology minutes before the tiko-vol drones began their assault. It is assumed that these vessels were used by Hyperion Order high command to escape the destruction. It is assumed that about 5000 people were onboard the crafts.
  • The Halcyon Independents strikes this week have killed an estimated 3.5 billion people.
  • Mass starvation plagued VSM this week - with an estimated 100 million citizens dying within their semi-unpowered arcology!
  • On the coast of east Free Neosia, the flotilla based mutant army led by “Zombie” Jack Tackhard II scavenged the abandoned cities. While the "swift collapse" datagrid super virus means that much of the abandoned electronic weaponry is useless, Calvert Vally engineers were able to get some basic rifles and explosive devices operational. The absolute abundance of scrap metal that this available has resulted in many of the biological horrors in Jack's army are now cladded in custom suits of scrap metal or wielding blades or augmented scrap talons.
  • “Zombie” Jack Tackhard II cemented himself as alpha in the mutant horde by defeating certain key mutants in single melee combat. Jack consumed the flesh of any mutants he defeated, which has led to his own form erupting in chimerical changes (fangs, claws, scales wings and increased mass and appetite). Some of his minions have taken to referring to him as the Zombie lizard king.

  • On the jupiterian colonies President Truffle has launched a program to release certain gasses from the colony’s Closed Ecological Systems out onto the surface of the moons. It is believed in several thousand years these gasses will form an atmosphere on Europa and Ganymede. President Truffle has continued to appeal to Earth citizens to join the colonies, but there has been no mass migration as yet (possibly due to a lack of transport options available to regular citizens).

Wednesday 20 July 2022

Baroque Science Fantasy God Generator (Part 2: Voice and Personality)

 Here are some additional tables for this: 

You have encountered a god?! What do they say and how do they say it?! (Roll below) 

Personality/What do they say?! 

  1. Always assuming the best of mortals 
  2. Must always be correct and have the last word
  3. Constantly revealing secrets 
  4. Very content with the universe as it is 
  5. Vapid and near mindless 
  6. Constantly talking about their glories from the past 
  7. Refer to themselves in the third person 
  8. Constantly repeating a list of their powers and duties
  9. Incredibly falsely modest and self depreciating 
  10. Pretends to not see mortals and speaks as if they are not there 
  11. Obsessed with spreading their sphere of influence any way possible 
  12. Showers mortals with endless false praise 
  13. Constantly speaks in hypotheticals and possibilities
  14. Refers to the workings of their power like bodily functions 
  15. Always repeats itself and what mortals say to it 
  16. Constantly asserts that any thing good in the mortals life is because of them 
  17. Takes every opportunity to intone the rules and laws they impose on mortals 
  18. Very easily distracted by things passing in the reality nearby the mortal addressed 
  19. Frequently reminds mortals how they are vassal and beholden to them 
  20. Over boasts endlessly beyond the limits of their actual power 
  21. Threatens to eat/consume mortal if their will is not followed or questioned  
  22. Ever providing soft encouragement to pitiful mortals 
  23. Oscillates violently from venomously belligerent to loving 
  24. Often threatens to engulf mortals with a burning of their power 
  25. Often threatens to turn to rubble mortals whole civilisation 
  26. Promises to always interfere in mortal's life from afar for good/ill 
  27. Tells every mortal they encounter that they are their next great prophet 
  28. Threatens calamities constantly to all mortals 
  29. Constantly suggests the horrific things that are within their power to do 
  30. Refers to mortals as their children and treats them lovingly such 
  31. Bemoans constantly that their power is faltering and failing 
  32. Is jealous and desirous of mortal’s presence within the physical realm 
  33. Constantly assures mortals they they have its blessing 
  34. Speaks of nothing but their own power 
  35. Regails mortals endlessly of their past glories 
  36. Assures mortals of the pain and suffering they will cause them 
  37. Often describes incredibly specific ways in which they will torture mortals 
  38. Sadly recounts the loss of mortals from the past who followed and worshiped them 
  39. Complains endlessly that their powers are failing, and when they do reality will fail 
  40. Meekly explains that they find mortals terrifying 

Communication method/How do they say it?!

  1. A jolly spoken voice 
  2. A booming and commanding spoken voice 
  3. A clear voice that emanates from all nearby light sources 
  4. A soft voice within the listener’s mind   
  5. A whispering voice that blocks out all other sound 
  6. A whispering, barely audible spoken voice 
  7. A whisper that emits from the blowing wind
  8. A voice like cracking thunder that booms from the clouds or beneath the ground 
  9. Tiny written words that appear in the palm of a mortal’s hand 
  10. Written words that fill the vision of the mortal who is being addressed 
  11. Written words that appear in the air, formed of snaking, tendrillic vapor 
  12. Written words that appear on nearby surfaces, formed of writhing, living, vines 
  13. A clean, clear voice that emanates from a free floating 
  14. An excruciatingly loud voice that booms within the mortal's mind
  15. Words written in blood that forms into letters on the ground and walls 
  16. A clear spoken voice that always emanates behind the head of mortals 
  17. A burbling voice that emits from any nearby body of water 
  18. Written words that are formed from indentations dug from the earth 
  19. A hissing voice that deafens the mortal listener for several hours afterwards 
  20. A spoken voice that sounds like thunder and holds the mortal listener rigid, in place 
  21. A whispered voice emitted from flying beetles that hover near ears of mortal listeners
  22. A hoarse, bleating voice emitted through some accompanying mammalian beast 
  23. A soothing lullaby of a voice that wafts, with soothing scent, from flowers 
  24. A spoken voice that modulates wildly in tone and volume
  25.  Written words that form in shapes of flame 
  26. A hissing whisper that sizzles from ancient ruins and moldering wrecks 
  27. The god takes control of the mortal being addressed arm to write written messages 
  28. The mortal being addressed just knows the message of the god, instantly and viscerally 
  29. A voice that screams from an enormous, dripping, maw that appears in the ground 
  30. A spoken voice so loud, the mortal is deafened for a day after hearing it 
  31. A spoken, disembodied voice, that swirls around the body of the mortal addressed
  32. A pitiful, cracking and soft spoken voice 
  33. A spoken voice that booms from beneath the ground 
  34. Written words that appear gouged in nearby natural stone 
  35. Written words appearing on pages of books and scrolls that were once empty 
  36. Encloses addressed mortal in a sphere of many whispered voices that only they can hear 
  37. Words written in blood that drip across nearby flat surfaces 
  38. Words written in snapped, bloody bones arranged in dark corners 
  39. Words written in swirling shadows 
  40. Moaned spoken words uttered from the corpses of the recently deceased 


Saturday 16 July 2022

Empyrean Dynasty Game 1, Turn 6, 100 years of Post Earth History!

 The sixth turn of my 23 players grand sci fi strategy game Empyrean Dynasty is done! Here is the turn report for interest and posterity! 

Go check out the previous posts or the PDF if you are interested in more Empyrean Dynasty: 

Also, go join this blog's Discord server if you are interested in seeing the game unfold/the in character banter from the players!

Turn 6, 32'000 - 32'100 PE: 

And so 1000 years pass in the universe! This is a record of what happened during that time!

             Employing, with permission from The Cavalerie Centuriate (@middlecyclone), ancient intergalactic broadcast stations scattered throughout the known universe - The Szarstern Union (@gran) streamed, near endlessly for 100 years, anti war propaganda. The seemingly immortal Bobbins hosted these broadcasts, endlessly extolling the virtue of peace through the lens of Super-Astrology. While unable to cease conflict for the century all those that were to fight in the “Vilofan War” had to be bloodthirsty and aggressive enough to overcome centuries of Super-Astrology indoctrination weighing down their conscience. All those who did not take part in the Magel War felt utter disgust at all combatants, aggressor or defender…

             Seemingly aware of the danger ahead of time, The Szarstern Union (@gran) instituted incredibly strict quarantine procedures for getting on or off Heinmani just before the outbreak of the “Arcturus Plague”. These procedures have so far kept the horrific sickness away from their home planet.

             Singlemindedly devoted to a descendant of the ancient Loudong clan, the warriors of The Liliang Entomo (@papyrus1) ignored the anti war propaganda of The Szarstern Union (@gran), and launched a war against The Sigmaites (@Scarius). Their human vassals, marching under the banner of The Martyr King, the many clans of the Arcturus Bloodline also declared war on The Sigmaites (@Scarius). While unrest due to protest against the war was rife throughout the Dominion of Arcturus for a century  - the love of battle was too great in the leaders of the bloodline, the anti war siren call of Bobbins would not cause them to falter!

             The historical records note that the Liliang Entomo and Arcturus forces at the outset of the what became known as “The Vilofan War” seemed disorganized and harried - as if the target of their invasion forces had suddenly changed at the last moment before action…

             The “Vilofan War” got its title from a Sigmaite butchering of the Liliang Entomo hissedclattered names for the first units of troops that began fighting on SIgmaite planets.

             While  the Sigmaites Clan (@Scarius) were well prepared for the Lilliang Entomo and Arcturus onslaught, and prevented any landing of enemy units on their planets for about a decade, eventually stealthy Lilliang Entomo transports ferried some of the monstrous ant-spider-roach warriors onto their planets. On planet defenses - prepared for centuries before the invasion easily kept the Lilliang Entomo at bay.

             The Sigimates appeared unbreakable for the first 15 years of the war, and then the “Arcturus Plague” began to ravish across the planets of the Sigmaite empire. The collapse of the Sigmaite defense happened fast, with millions dying of sickness within the heavy neo-coral structures that otherwise would have kept the Lilliang Entomo at bay.

             With the space based line of defense crossed, both Lilliang Entomo and Arcturus Bloodline units began landing en masse across Sigmaite planets.

             While the monstrous ant-man warriors surged on unabated, the units of Arcturus Bloodline were also affected by the devastating “Arcturus Plague”. Sickened warriors sent home to Kharkiv spread the sickness there - where it swiftly killed billions. The Dominion of Arcturus collapsed slowly over the century.  Kharkiv near emptied of sentient life due to the plague. Now, only a tiny handful of Arcturus Bloodline warlords and their vassals exist, quarantined in terror across the remaining space based structures of the Bear Forts.

             With the collapse of the Arcturus Bloodline hordes of empty and abandoned bear meches were left rotting across SH1, SH3, SH4 and SH6 - towering like metallic quadruped sentinels.

             While Sigmaites (@Scarius) awe inspiring neo-coral citadels and fortresses may have withstood the Liliang Entomo attacks, those inside them were unable to overcome the rot of the “Arcturus Plague” - their defense collapsed around half way through the century.

             Deaths to illness and ant man attacks were in the billions - by the end of the century the “Vilofan War” was over with the Sigmaite empire collapsed to a single planet - their homeplanet of Sigma 6. On Sigma 6 the remaining Sigmaites remain, only those utterly devoted to defense against the Lilliang Entomo and the Actrurus Plague remain alive, a grim core of Olympe and clan fanatics (about a million souls living in quarantined neo coral fortresses)    

             The Liliang Entomo were unaffected by the “Arcturus Plague”.

             The grand and ancient planet Juzur Mushajara, once the supply of much of the universe’s food, wetly crumbled into blackened sludge this century - clearly a victim of a “Spear of Death” attack. Millions perished - but a large number of Alburtuqaliu Fylí (several billion) were able to relocate across the planets the peaceful Hermeya (@roshlev).

             A large and important component of the universe’s food production has now been lost - the coming decades are certain to bring mass starvation, alongside mass death due to the loss of Magel 2 and its spice supply.

             Their homeplanet lost, the War King and his Jaraz Commandos continue to operate from the “Legion Ring”, available for hire to for use in the universe’s conflicts.

             Though several important and lucrative contracts were sent to the War King this century an unhealthy obsession with peace overtook the Legion Ring this century, brought on by the endless anti war propaganda of The Szarstern Union (@gran) and the grief from the loss of Juzur Mushajara, as such - no outside missions were taken on by the War King.

             Severe quarantining restrictions were put in place at the Legion Ring to curtail the spread of the Arcturus Plague there - the remaining Alburtuqaliu Fylí warriors under the War King mostly unaffected by the sickness.

             Somewhat detached from the larger events of the universe this century, The Zhandou Albayanat Clan (@NondairyGiant) continued as they have for millennia - providing the digital backbone for most of the important intergalactic organisations spread out across the star. A large number of Zhandou Albayanat  spacecraft were observed nearby the Zhivos Spawn Mass Celestial River for extended period of times over the last few decades.

             As a member of the STARF cluster  The Zhandou Albayanat Clan (@NondairyGiant) was prepared by the astrologers of the The Szarstern Union (@gran) of looming biological danger and they too instituted incredibly strict quarantine procedures for getting on or off Heidong just before the outbreak of the “Arcturus Plague”. These procedures have so far kept the horrific sickness away from their home planet.

             High Prophet Harlow Redspear of The Black Room Clan, established the cult of “Statera Synthetica” behind Armatrum’s shield in the Yishpugnae Empire (@finnice). This religion is a codification of the ancient and widespread practices of Yishpugnae hallucinatory mysticism. This cult further meshed the Yispugnae and Black Room clans together, as well as enshrining the importance of both digital and organic sentient life forms living together in harmony and balance. While the Statera Synthetica celebrated the use of a variety of holy substances (The gas of Zhulorum and the spice of Magel both), other faiths were evicted from the Yishpugnae empire over the century. Due to the implosion of these faiths elsewhere because of the “Arcturus Plague” there was no resistance to this process - As such the Yishpugnae Empire is a place purely devoted to  Statera Synthetic and its tenets.

             Protected by Armatrum’s shield, the Yispugnae empire was less affected by the “Arcturus Plague” as elsewhere in the universe. Quarantine procedures were also extremely effective as the large population of digital sentients in the empire were able to work tirelessly in this area without spreading or being infected by the plague. As such, the Yishpugnae Empire is one of the most well populated places in the universe.

o             Of note was that important individuals in the Yispugnae empire were able to be kept alive even after “Arcturus Plague” infection - the virus having a near 100% mortality rate everywhere else in the universe.

             While the Yispugnae Empire appeared to be readying itself for warfare this century (with countless Yishpagnae vessels sighted in the systems of Magel 1 and 2),  the danger of the Arcturus Plague spreading else where in the universe, coupled with the ever streaming  anti war propaganda from The Szarstern Union (@gran) stopped any such campaign beginning in earnest.

             The House von Sacher Sariyah (@fjav) bio scientists across the Great Heavenly Reef devoted themselves to addressing the concerning biological substance that forms the  Zhivos Spawn Mass Celestial river. Through a century of research they were able to lace the Neo Coral ships constructed in The Great Heavenly Reef with a sheeting of living biological matter that makes such craft invisible to the aggressive components of the Spawn Mass - making travel much easier to and from the STARF cluster for Neo Coral craft. As such, trade and living standards had begun to improve within the STARF cluster by the end of the century (@gran)

             Led by the holy re-incarnation of Olympe, Duchess Lail, herself, House von Sacher Sariyah (@fjav) launched both super powered Ifrit and Bahamut battlefleets into orbit above Magel 1. Here, they waited to intercept any unauthorized vessels with overpowering force but encountered none other than a single and ancient Qalb Occulta colony ship (@symbolic city). The craft was destroyed after refusing several hail signals. Investigation of the wreckage, cross referenced with historical records revealed that the craft was at least 20’000 years old and had a “Spear of Death” planet killing device when it was destroyed. The wreckage was safely contained, quarantined and stored under heavy security.

             Under the oversight of the Duchess Lai and her fleets, a stockpile caches were exported out from Magel 1 to the various Olympe temples across the universe. Additionally, once the horror of the “Arcturus Plague” revealed itself the Duchess and the Fleet maintained strict space travel quarantine for Magel 1 - largely protecting it from the illness.

             With the Ifrit and Bahamut fleets, led by Duchess Lail, based in space, in orbit around Magel 1, they have managed to avoid contracting to “Arcturus Plague” as yet. The resurrected Olympe in the form of the duchess no doubt was aware of the coming of the plague and knew the vacuum of space to be the best place to quarantine her holy form.

             Of historical note was a deadly flare up of the Arcturus Plague about half way through the century, impacting specifically residents of the Sea of Lail and The Great Heavenly Reef (@fjav @xaosseed ). Analysis of the victims revealed that they had been killed by an older permutation of the virus - one that was positively ancient in viral life spans - being identical to the version of the virus observed in the initial waves of Arcturus Bloodline patients. The population of The Great Heavenly was already living under strict quarantine conditions at this time so the impact was not as devastating as it could have been. The Sea of Lail and the Holy School there have unfortunately been largely abandoned - the ancient pale krakens solemnly keep guard until the return of other life forms.

             The Great Heavenly Reef became extremely overcrowded this century, with the devastating loss of (the once glorious and pristine) Ognos and SH5 due to “Spear of Death” attacks (@xaosseed).

o             As the Arcturus Plague ravished through the overpopulated Great Heavenly Reef (killing billions) (@fjav @xaosseed), the leadership of the Jamaexina planned war against the Liliang Entomo unfortunately (or fortunately), the plague and ever streaming  anti war propaganda from The Szarstern Union (@gran) stopped any such campaign beginning.

By the end of the century, the spread of the plague had been stopped due to severe quarantining methods adopted throughout the Great Heavenly Reef - greatly impacting the productivity of those aboard it. 

             Under the guidance of Queen Alexandra CXIV the entirety of the Chatikrate Dynasty (@arkbrik) who have so far managed to escape death due to “The Arcturus Plague” retreated to the  Holy Oneiros Cylinder as the planets of Artaganax,  Oide d'Olympe, Phlogeille and Shinka-9 slowly rotted with the effects of a “Spear of Death” attack.

o             In the chaos of the calamity of multiple Spear of Death attacks the Chatikrate Dynasty was unable to respond to the spreading “Arcturus Plague” as well as other organisations and mortality due to the illness was devastatingly high.

o             While only a tiny population of several million, the remaining Chatikrate Dynasty clan members, still under the rule of Queen Alexandra CXIV, live a blessed, holy and quarantined life in the Holy Oneiros Cylinder, heavily supported by the grand robotic labour force imported from the dead Shinka-9.

o             Outsiders are rarely permitted aboard the holy cylinder, these largely being dignitaries representing the The Orthodox Church of the Immortal Resurrected Olympe.

o             At the beginning of the century, before the outbreak of the Vilofan War and spread of the Arctrus Plague, a very sizeable stockpile of the Spice of Magel was transported to Holy Oneiros Cylinder, meaning those millions aboard the cylinder will avoid death from old age for as long as the substance allows.

             While APEX solutions (@Revenant's Quill) began working on prototypes for powerful and important defense hardware, this century was wasted in indolence with the arrival of The Naurey (@Altchester) Ark of Pleasure above APEX’s homeplanet of Meridian. Workers and managers alike were spoiled with a century of hedonism - the Naurey opening up the undeniable endless pleasure to the APEX Corporation. Coupled with the devastation of the “Arcturus Plague” (which affected mortals and immortals alike), APEX released no new product lines for 100 years.

             APEX also hosted the gladiatorial tournament "Ultimate Immortal Warrior", attempting to find the best fighter in the universe! Unfortunately due to the utter disgust at conflict prevalent across the universe due to the The Szarstern Union (@gran) anti-war propaganda, and the general distress and chaos caused by the “Arcturus Plague”, the only organisation to send a competitor was The Liliang Entomo (@papyrus1). A veteran of the Vilofan war, who had killed several thousand sigmaites with their own claws, was granted the title by default. The warrior was also granted immortality and then returned to the front lines of the Vilofan war to continue terrorizing sick and dying Sigmaites!

             Devoting their century to learning to live their lives totally encased in the “Halo of Tears” defensive suits, the people of Ounjẹpupọ Olominira Eniyan (@gendernihilist) were largely unaffected by the “Arcturus Plague”, their population among the few that continued to grow as so many others perished to the sickness.

             While a craft carrying a “Spear of Death” was intercepted above Magel 1 by the Ifrit and Bahamut battlefleets (@fjav), Magel 2 was not under the same protection - the planet was slowly corrupted over the century - ultimately becoming uninhabitable by the end of 100 years. Recognising the tell-tale signs of a Spear of Death attack, the planet was evacuated before mass genocide could occour to the sentient lives aboard the planet, but the rich flora and fauna of the planet were not so lucky.

             While a great stockpile of the Spice of Magel was shipped out of Magel 2 (to the Great Heavenly Reef (@xaosseed) , for safe storage, production of the life extending substance is now cut in half - the potential for a soon to be cut short life is a looming reality for billions across the universe.

             The Naurey (@Altchester ) cemented their eons of pleasure seeking into a codified philosophy that definitely outlines the secret to everlasting happiness for sentient lifeforms. With intergalactic travel reduced due to STARF quarantine restrictions, and most of the universe’s sentient life being mostly concerned with not dying to the Arcturus Plague - the philosophy has not spread beyond Monteer Apisri Invict. Those who were lucky enough to travel to the planet during the century did comment on the absolute state of bliss their hosts appeared to be in though.  

             As a member of the STARF cluster The Naurey (@Altchester )  was prepared by the astrologers of the The Szarstern Union (@gran) of looming biological danger and they too instituted incredibly strict quarantine procedures for getting on or off  Monteer Apisri Invict just before the outbreak of the “Arcturus Plague”. These procedures have so far kept the horrific sickness away from their home planet (but has greatly impacted the profits of The Naurey Corporation).

             A century of unproductive unrest for the various planets belonging to the Zhàngtùs Biolōxué / Arcturan Zhivos (@Trent B)! While political and military leaders demanded endlessly to launch an offensive of the planets Magel 1 and 2 - and spent long decades preparing to do so - the enormous mass of the civilian population did not allow this to happen! The impact of the The Szarstern Union (@gran) Bobbins led anti war propaganda was felt strongly across the Bioluxe! The Knights of Zhivos in particular were instrumental in leading the anti war factions over the centuries! The end result was wasted plans, and angry and disappointed warhawks and mass desertion of the various Bioluxe military forces!

             With the collapse of the Arcturus Bloodline, the various planetary lords that had ostensibly (though  distantly) ruled over the planets of the Bioluxe, also disappeared. As such the  “The Dominion of Arcturus” vanished during this century. After several decamillenium (of admittedly lax) colonial rule the Bioluxe were free!

             Also, most joyously to the squid-fungi folk of the universe, they “Arcturus Plague” did not infect their moist forms, nor negatively affect them in any way! Praise Shēngvìvìfǐcanzhě!



             Led by the mutagen induced Maqead Neo, Deia Maqead, the Qalb Occulta (@symbolic city)  spent the century avoiding mindless bio mass spawn craft attacks to shape in the void of space a tributary of the Zhivos Spawn Mass Celestial River (@Trent B). A contingent of Balaenis Elasthera (@wrongtube) accompanied the mission and soothed the surrounding spawn mass with calming astral songs.This stream was ultimately formed into a moon sized, brain like structure connected to and formed of formed of the Zhivos Spawn Mass Celestial River. Sung endlessly lullabies by the Balaenis Elasthera , the green, living planetoid eventually began to emit its own melodious vibrations. The vibrations grew in volume and complexity - eventually being understood as the sonorous language of the Zhivos Spawn Mass, transmitted through its central consciousness formed within the super concentrated complex structure of the planetoid.

             The  Zhivos Spawn Mass planetoid identified itself as “River, Son of Mother”, and it has thus far mostly sungspoke of Flow and of Grow and of Swim. Conversation with River has to this point not been the most interesting of pursuits. The area close to River, is generally free of bio mass spawn craft attacks (depending on River’s mood).

             While  Qalb Occulta (@symbolic city) were immune to the “Arcturus Plague” the Qalb Occulta’s unaltered human membership was devastated by the sickness, additionally, the Qalb Occulta lost a number of monasteries and their associated populations due to the several Spear of Death attacks over the century.

             Once the delegation of Qalb Occulta (@symbolic city) and Balaenis Elasthera (@wrongtube) formed the Zhivos Spawn Mass Celestial River (@Trent B) into the distinct, sentient and utterly enormous cosmic being known as “River, Son of Mother”, one Balaenis Elasthera in particular devoted their existence to conversing and singing with it. Immensus Bubu, the Unctuous One, spent decades with River, singing and conversing and growing the spawn mass being’s personhood. River became increasingly aware of their own distinctness as sentient being, in terms of creation and form, and was not enamored with what it was told of other life forms. It bore outright anger and hostility to its “creators” (@Trent B) alongside those who ripped parts of itself for their own violent uses, The Cavalerie Centuriate (@middlecyclone). As such, River sent several attack forces of spawn craft on childish, but deadly, missions to attack Bioluxe and Cavleriate planets during the last decades of the century. These attacks, while easily thwarted, did result in tens of thousands killed. River calmed and matured over the century,eventually coming to admire and respect the Qalb Occulta and Balaenis Elasthera (while remaining ambivalent or outright aggressive towards the rest of the universe's sentient life)

             The 5 million strong herd of Balaenis Elasthera dispersed their enormous forms across the stars, floating through space or hitching rides on vacuum chamber equipped craft, until by the close of the century tens of thousands of Balaenis Elasthera were swimming around each of the known sentient inhabited planets of the universe. The “Song of the Balaenis Elasthera” had begun - bathing every inhabited planet in endless vibrations of peace, love and understanding. The new year celebrations of 32,100/1 PE were a moment of universal bliss and happiness, as all sentients were able to come together in celebration, regardless of the war and sickness of the last century. The “Song of the Balaenis Elasthera” coupled with the endless anti war propaganda of The Szarstern Union (@gran), has lead to all conflicts, large and small, grinding to a halt at the outset of the decade!

             The Balaenis Elasthera were not affected at all by the “Arcturus Plague”.

             A Knight Commander of The Cavalerie Centuriate (@middlecyclone) filled the  Knights of the Flame of Peace’s fleet with spawn mass weaponry from the the celestial river to better protect the STARF cluster from outside threats. Unfortunately the Knight Commander was corrupted by the constant exposure to spawn mass, and the voice of River, Son of Mother that he said he could hear through it. By the end of the century the Bio Mass Knight Commander had comandeered the fleet and swore fealty to River, Son of Mother - the Bio Mass sentient planetoid now having its own personal bio mass modified fleet (originally composed of Naurey constructed pleasure craft @Altchester )

             Though the loss of their great fleet was a tragedy for The Cavalerie Centuriate (@middlecyclone), their status within the STARF cluster was greatly restored and increased through their tireless work in helping defend and quarantine against the “Arcturus Plague”. They worked through the  Knights of the Celestial River (formerly Flame of Peace) in various humanitarian projects within the cluster over the century. This led to a glorious  renaissance and resurgence in neo chivalry within the STARF cluster! The mutated Cavalerie Centuriate seemed immune to both spreading and being infected by the “Arcturus Plague” and as such they were the only group allowed to freely travel between the planets of the cluster, this imbued them with a glamour of knightly protectors, green bio weapon coated frog knight angels! The STARF cluster thanks Neo Chivalry and  the  Knights of the Celestial River for keeping them safe during these most troubling of times!

             A bastion of edenic order in the universe,The Hermeya (@roshlev) focused on maintaining peace and production on their Stegno-Omchi  protected planets. The cosmopolitan populations of Hermeyan planets grew, as did living standards. The planets of The Hermeya were the first outside of the STARF cluster to begin to adopt the Reform Church of Olympe as a major form of worship. This is due to the clan’s conscious effort to move away from Magel Spice consumption and begin to produce and consume Bioloxue Biobrew in great abundance. Outside of Zhàngtùs Biolōxué / Arcturan Zhivos  (@Trent B) controlled worlds Hermeyan planets are now the largest producers of the biobrew. The movement away from the Magel Spice consumption couldn't be timed better, as at the end of the century production of the dust will be halved due to the Spear of Death attack on Magel 2.

             Unfortunately, the high amount of interorganizational intergalactic traffic across Hereyan planets meant they were hit extremely hard by the outbreak of the “Arcturus Plague”. Billions were killed on each planet - near emptying most of the clan’s worlds.

             A terrifying upcoming decade faces most who have survived this century.  The “Arcturus Plague” continues to spread, widespread starvation is a reality for many with the destruction of many of the universe's most food productive planets and the loss of Magel 2 means instant death due to spice of magel addiction is also coming for many!