Thursday 21 April 2022

Baroque Science Fantasy God Generator (Part 1: Appearance)

You have encountered a god?! What do they look like?! (Roll below) 

(Maybe of use for this: or this: ) 

(An automated version of the tables is at the bottom of the post). 

Baroque Science Fantasy God Appearance Generator: 

Colour (Roll twice and combine): 

  1. Gold
  2. White
  3. Yellow 
  4. Orange 
  5. Cream 
  6. Grey 
  7. Light blue
  8. Dark blue 
  9. Near clear white 
  10. Glass 
  11. Opaque glass 
  12. Fresh green 
  13. Rainbow 
  14. Glistening pink 
  15. Glistening red 
  16. Mirror chrome
  17. Clear blue 
  18. Copper 
  19. Iridescent white 
  20. Brown 
  21. Red 
  22. Tan
  23. Pale pink 
  24. Beige 
  25. Shimmering prismatic 
  26. Purple 
  27. Glistening green 
  28. Pale yellow 
  29. Wine red 
  30. Puss yellow green 
  31. Bronze 
  32. Ash 
  33. Dark silver 
  34. Deep purple 
  35. Rust 
  36. Pale brown 
  37. Translucent grey 
  38. Bone 
  39. Black 
  40. Glowing indigo 

Form Base (Roll twice and combine):
  1. An androgynous human body 
  2. A pair of wings 
  3. A flat geometric shape 
  4. A ray of light 
  5. A cloud of gas 
  6. A cylinder 
  7. A mist 
  8. A storm cloud 
  9. A whirling tornado 
  10. A cloud of tiny spheres 
  11. A sheet of rectangular crystal 
  12. A mound of bubbly foam 
  13. A tangle of writhing vines 
  14. A perfectly cut gem 
  15. A brain 
  16. A heart or other internal organ 
  17. A flat circle of mirror 
  18. A pool of liquid 
  19. A cube 
  20. An ever flowing downpour of milk 
  21. A polygonal shape made of metal framing 
  22. A tree 
  23. A fanged maw 
  24. A twisting column of roots 
  25. A cluster of eyeballs 
  26. A flame 
  27. A column of stone 
  28. A fan of humanoid arms and hands 
  29. A single eyeball 
  30. A humanoid face 
  31. A sphere
  32. A soft floating flesh membrane or fabric sheet 
  33. A crack in reality 
  34. A hole or pit 
  35. A boulder 
  36. A sphere of sucking darkness 
  37. A swirling ouroboros of dust 
  38. A blade, spike or thorn 
  39. A drop or downpour of blood 
  40. A bone, skeleton or skull 
Form Warpage (Roll twice and combine): 

  1. Glowing softly
  2. Harshly, acutely, angular 
  3. Shining blindingly 
  4. Broken into several, separate floating parts 
  5. Reality bludgeoningly solid-dense 
  6. Shredded into uncountable wispy tendrils 
  7. Swirl bubbling like solid steam 
  8. Vibrating so hard as to shimmer 
  9. Seemingly ever-receding from view but paradoxically staying in place 
  10. Seen as an outline through the environment around it 
  11. Made of tiny iridescent bubbles 
  12. Made of sap like gel 
  13. Formed of glinting metal 
  14. Made of bubbling, glistening flesh coral 
  15. Made of knots of blood veins 
  16. Reflective and mirroring 
  17. Dripping with clear liquid 
  18. Constantly dividing and multiplying versions of itself in a fractal pattern 
  19. Disappearing and reappearing from reality in never ending liquid wave wipes 
  20. Ever folding in on self and then unpacking in a tessellating pattern 
  21. Exploding with hypnotically writhing feathers and or leaves 
  22. Wriggling with endless cillia flesh 
  23. Steaming with warm moisture 
  24. Form replicated into twins swirling around each other in a double helix 
  25. Burning with flame 
  26. Ever crumbling into a heap then reforming 
  27. Spinning 
  28. Appears diffused across the sky 
  29. Made of endless teeth and flesh consuming itself 
  30. Stretches from the lowest point of vision to the highest 
  31. An enveloping dome 
  32. Riven with countless cracks 
  33. Protrudes up from beneath, and composed of the ground 
  34. Made of ancient craggy rock 
  35. Made of light drinking darkness 
  36. Drains the colour from reality around it 
  37. Bleeding profusely from several open wounds 
  38. Leaking endless worms of shadow 
  39. Tumour, puss, boil, sore covered 
  40. One part of its form is impaled on the other 

Automated Baroque Science Fantasy God Appearance Generator: 


  1. I like this one quite a bit :)

  2. This is right up my alley, strong chance I'm going to use this in world generation for a campaign I'm working on.

    1. Nice, I've got a few more associated generators coming that may be useful too.

  3. Mirror chrome tree with a red humanoid face, spinning and constantly dividing and multiplying versions of itself in a fractal pattern...


  4. If you roll twice and combine, option 1 will never be selected, right? Or am I misunderstanding the process?

    1. Well you would have option 1 and option 2. E.g: A cylinder and A pair of wings combined is a cylinder with a pair of wings attached.

      The roll twice and combine is just a suggestion to get a more complicated god being, but you can just roll once to get a simpler version.

  5. Love worshiping my Iridescent white cube, with its perfectly cut gem form and harsh acute angles.

    I was gonna rib you a bit about my result being several incompatible shapes at once, but come to think of it, that's basically perfect for a god.

  6. This is so cool! Would the next articles address personality or dogma or something?

    1. Glad you like it! The planned other parts of the generator are: God size/power, naming convention, personality, communication method, desired form of worship/type of church, artefact manifestation, Oath method, and finally Boon/Bane tables!

    2. This is very well timed, I've been working on a setting that I want to populate with weird gods and these are exactly the sort of thing I was looking for!

    3. Oh nice! I will try and finish the other tables soon haha

    4. Hello again! I got around to finishing this god generator:

    5. Hi Michael! I love it, so weird. Thank you so much for letting me know!

    6. Weird is good! Glad you like it.