Monday 18 November 2013

Tombin's DoomFort

One day I drew a side-on map of a fortress. Then I mapped the first level of that fortress. Then I had the crazy idea to map the rest of the fortress. And so I mapped the entirety of Tombin's DoomFortress.

The DoomFortress has more than 650 rooms and corridors (which of course I'm going to increase to 666). It has 10 levels spread over 11 maps. I plan to write out the contents of these rooms and levels.

The DoomFortress is attached to a mountain in some barren plains. It is not occupied by its original owners and is definitely no longer used as a official military post of any human force. There is lots of different factions in the DoomFortress, probably some are at war with each other. These factions are all relatively weird and deformed and I bet one of them is Albino Fishmen.

I have no idea who or what Tombin is or was, but I know Tombin not a particularly scary name for some one who owns a DoomFort.

From a distance the DoomFort probably looks like this: 

Here are the maps, with a general vibe of what I think will be happening in each level:

Fort Entry, Level 1: A giant gated entry, probably half destroyed. Lots of bars which bad things can shoot through. A wall with lookouts over the plains. A tower. Leads to the basement and the courtyard. Relatively "normal" fortress stuff.

The Courtyard, Ground Level: Dark gardens with purple plants. Small tunnels linking the gardens and the towers of the courtyard. Sheds. Weird plants. Gardeners. Ramparts looking over the courtyard and gardens. Grand passageways with portcullis's leading to higher levels. Tools.

The Sewers and Basement: A weird slum town of collectors. Water filled sewage tunnels that can be spelunked. An exhaust tunnel out to the plains. Secret, lost things in slimy acloves. A secret stairs case to near the top of the Fortress. Mutants.

Fort Level 2: A grand passageway leading through courtyards lined with metal bars. Lots of huge double doors. Entrances to caverns. Grand stairs going up. Servant quarters. Merchants dwell here. Carts. Horses. Cannons.

Fort Level 3a: Chapel areas. Many religions. A sorcerer has a workshop here. Views of the plains. Some walls have evidence of crystalline infestation. Priests. Symbols.

Fort Level 3b: Crystal infestation. Rooms have warped and changed, as has content. East half is fighting crystalline infestation. Fortress walls inside the fortress, overlooking crystals. Mirrors, crystals, dazzling.

Fort Level 4: Crystalline explosion in middle of a courtyard. Overhanging cliff. Towers. Rickety platforms linking towers. Compound in courtyard. View of plains. Crystalline overlord dwells in courtyard. Probably active fighting.  

Fort Level 5: Very high. Rickety structures built over hanging rest of fortress. Towers. Throne room. Lovely quarters. Opulence. 

Caverns Level 3, Mountain Top: Village built into cliff side. View of whole Fortress. Sky altars. Cliffs. Shacks built in the air. Ceremonies.

Caverns Level 2: Portals. Magic. Black rocks. Rock magic. Deep things.

 Caverns Level 1: Albino Fishmen villages. Giant maws in pools. Worshiping of things in underground water. Slime. Damp.

Who wants to go there? I bet its got some treasure.

Wednesday 13 November 2013

What is Known of Forgotten Gorgzu's Mountain

 "The dwarfs gone left you see, and they forgot to take their stuff with em' . They fled that ancient mountain of theirs. Why? Because some trees and some flies and some monkeys came and bothered em'. Guess they couldn't take the heat, couldn't take all that sweating under their fancy armor. What a bunch of idiots! Now there's a whole mountain up there, filled with treasure! Were going to be rich son. You and me will go up there and pick gemstones like potatoes! Where'd they go? No one knows, lest of all me. The world's better without em, who cares if a couple of stonemunchers gone and disappeared. We'll take the cart and fill er up, we'll have gemstones of every color and a big gold statue of one of those stonemuncher dummies. I have heard some of the stumpies are left though. Just a couple...nothing for us to worry bout'. Thems that's left are half mad . Near naked, running around in skirts, spitting blow pipes at each other. We gotta be quick though, before everyone else gets there and takes our treasure. That's why we have to leave tonight...without telling yer mother."


Forgotten Gorgzu's Mountain is the campaign setting for a Labyrinth Lord game I've been running for a few months. The campaign takes place in a valley in the middle of a mountain range that has inexplicably exploded with the growth of heavy tropical jungle. A whole dwarven civilization once lived in the valley, now there is a singular, collapsing town of bickering, confused dwarfs living in ruins at its entrance. News of this has seeped out into the world and predictably avarice and curiosity has lead to an influx of treasure hunters, explorers, archeologists, covert agents and merchants.

Here is what is known about the valley so far:

  • Maddened jungle dwarfs have been encountered, they froth slightly at the mouth and fire paralyzing darts from bushes. Their appearance has coincided with vandalism of dwarven shrines.
  • Great glass domes have been discovered. Inside these smashed and broken domes is 700 foot tunnel holes. Their architecture is distinctly non-dwarven.
  • The vegetation of the jungle while plentiful, does not appear entirely healthy or wholesome. It has an unnatural, almost sickly zeal to its growth. Fronds, leaves and veins all have clearly visible veins that pulsate lightly, and root systems have tumor-like gnarls.
  • Reports vary, but the jungle made its first appearance 500 years ago. The few dwarfs alive in the region can't seem to recall a time without the jungle, although they all agree the age before it was glorious.
  • No one in the game, neither the dwarfs or travelers, have actually referred to the jungle valley as "Forgotten Gorgzu's Mountain". No one knows who or what Gorgzu is or why it's forgotten.
  • Jungle dwarfs have been seen seen starving themselves in religious ceremonies under the tutorage of a robed human.
  • A settlement of jungle dwarfs has been discovered in the caverns beneath an abandoned fortress. The settlement was hidden by a great sheet of flowing water. The dwarfs were not instantly murderous but insisted the adventurers left immediately.
  • Hooded figures with with faraway voices request assistance with restoring facility production.
  • There is abandoned huts in trees and on the ground. They are made of wood and stone. Both materials have been carved with an impressive amount of skill.
  • There is one known town in contact with the outside world. It is called Zundrulth and it exists in the ruins of a much larger, older dwarven city. It is a town divided in two. One half of the population clings to the old dwarven ways and can be seen clanking through ruined stone mansions in rusting armor. The other half has embraced the jungle and lives amongst the trees and in rude wooden huts.

  • The two groups of dwarfs get annoyed and disgusted at one another, but consider it blasphemous to actually come to blows. Dwarfs do not like spilling dwarf blood.
  • A sullen dwarf sells wild monkeys. He keeps the shrieking mass of monkeys in a large cage in the outskirts of Zundrulth. He dislikes getting monkeys out of the cage when they are sold as they attack him.
  • Baboons stalk explorers from the jungle canopy. If they are shown aggression they will haunt the explorers and attack them at very inopportune times.
  • A monstrous tree is filled with thousands of baboons. A dark storm cloud constantly caps the tree while thundering loudly. Offerings of fruit can be brought here to placate angered baboons. Larger, four eyed baboons, holding metallic rods and wearing metallic triangles on their foreheads will accept the offerings.
  • There is a newly formed Dwarven Reclamation League. They were seen heading into the jungle towards an abandoned fortress. Then there was a fire in the jungle. Now the fortress is bordered up and has barracuda men heads on sticks at its entrance.
  • Lady Jaibu is a drunken dwarf noble who will pay gold for artifacts.
  • There is fly hobbits, mushroom men, and potato monsters.
  • A huge stone purple dome has been discovered. Tubes of blood line its walls. There is weird chairs in the dome.
  • There is bloating poison.
  • Dwarven architects can be hired for 50 gold a day, they are terrified of the jungle.
  • There is weird fruit and weird mushrooms. Some are deadly, some give you infra-vision, some make your vision swirl but hydrate you immensely.
  • There is giant undead turtles with parasitic plants controlling them.
  • A brass statue have been recovered. This statues will move when presented with freshly severed limbs. The blood of these limbs is quickly drained into the ether. The statue is frowned upon by the dwarfs.
  • There is a lot of black slime underground.
  • Barracuda men steal boats and build pools. The pools they build get covered in a black carpet of algae which the barracuda men enjoying hiding in.
  • Lamprey like mouths take up whole walls underground. Similar mouths are seen on tentacled spider-like creatures.
  • Golden flying things are chased by animals and monsters through the jungle.
  • The jungle dwarves are training feathered lizards for riding. No one has seen them ride them as yet.
  • Jungle dwarf hermits have been found meditating over carved scenes of a massive terrifying tree.
  • Some dwarfs possibly did some very bad things a long time ago.

Artwork by the talented +Dean Flemming 

Tuesday 5 November 2013

The Shadow People

No. Enc: d20 Alignment: Chaotic Movement: 160' in urban and underground areas, 80' in open spaces AC: 7 HD: 2 Attacks: 1 Damage: Depends on weapon, generally a Shiv (1d4) Save: F2 (+4 bonus against Poison) Morale: 5 XP: 50

Shadow People is the name for the filthy, teeming underclass of the City. During the daytime hours they lurk beneath the ground or in heavily shaded alley ways. They represent a class of people downtrodden for generations and have adapted an utter aversion to sunlight. They mostly wear rags with cruel makeshift weapons tucked into a belt of rope cord. These rags afford them an agility in combat, and their billowing nature can confuse foes as to where to actually aim their weapons. Shadow People can swiftly scuttle up and along walls and generally excel at navigating urban or underground areas. They will become terrified and confused when confronted with open space. A Shadow Person will become dazed in sunlight and will be unable to resist the urge to flee from it.

Shadow People hold the rest of the citizens of the City in contempt, blaming them for their plight while also being disgusted by those who can so boldy face the sun. Originally human, Shadow People will have a wide range of reactions to those they encounter. Some will instantly attack and eat other citizens, others will attempt to trade, bargain or even befriend them.

Those who have recently tumbled through the cracks into this class of society will appear and act generally human. Others though, who come from a longer lineage of Shadow People, will have mutated to adapt and reflect living in the waste and forgotten undergrounds of the City. For each group of Shadow People, roll a d6 to determine their mutations:

1) Listeners: These Shadow People will appear paper thin (-2 to rolled HD), they spend their days nestled between walls and will instantly know the name of any one they encounter. They will also know the spoken secrets of any one they encounter (ie; from listening to clandestine meetings).

2) Vermins: These Shadow People have taken on the aspect of rats and pigeons. They can use their bite and be-clawed hands as disease spreading weapons (2 attacks, both d6 with 5% chance of disease), 1 in 6 will have the ability fly.

3) Pipers: These Shadow People have an obsession with the pipes that form the Cities sewage system. As infants stone pipes are wrapped around their arms, legs and torsos. Their bodies grow into these pipes as a natural armor (AC: 2).

4) Wasters: These Shadow People stuff their rags with pouches of the vilest smelling refuse they can find. Each turn a combatant attempts to fight one in melee will have to make a Save vs Poison to avoid dry retching and fleeing from the stench. Combatants may attempt the brave the stench again next round. These Shadow People are immune to poison. 

5) Rotters: These Shadow People's bodies crawl with a variety of parasites. They can dismember themselves to fill a 20 foot street with biting insects (2d6 no save to everything in the swarm, does not effect other rotters). There is rumors of Rotters being seen with insectoid replacement limbs.

A floater dispersing into cloud
6: Floaters: These Shadow People have the ability to transform into a cloud of rag filled darkness. This  cloud can silently and near invisibly float through City streets.

Monday 4 November 2013

The Cyclopean City at Night (now includes table!)

Plump nobles rush to leave their late afternoon blubber feasts before the sun sets. They are torn between the prospect of further gluttony at the cost of the City's dark streets gobbling them up in the night hours. A final vomit is followed by a gulp of wine to steel themselves. The Sun is low. Gathering their retinue, sandals slap on ancient stone and breath heaves from pink cheeks. A delivery of arms is blocking the route, a howl of rage and fear. A new way is chosen, the buildings do not look familiar. Streets are panickedly picked at random.The stomach churns with the realization it has become dark.

The City is not lit at night. When the Sun dips below the Eastern wall the streets become a morass of unnavigable passages. Windows are shuttered and no one in their right mind would answer a knock at the door or heed shouted words in the street. It is the Lord's of the City eternal shame the disgusting state of affairs in the evening. The looping labyrinth streets, so charming in daylight hours become a source of terror in the dark. The City streets, barely comprehensible in day hours, swallow people whole at nighttime.

Doubly terrifying for the be-sickened and wayward nobles, queasy from hours of devourment, is the emergence of the Shadow People. Those people, downtrodden and ignored during the day, become the Kings and Queens of the City streets in the darkened hours. Giggling and shrieking the Shadow People taunt groaning lost nobles. Clutching their stomachs, nobles demand armed guards murder the cackling Shadows. At best the Shadows disperse, at worse the Shadows enjoy the rich pâté of a lost noble's stomach. 

Finding a major artery in the City brings no solace. A dull grey procession fills it to the brim. Wagons, carts, horses, hovering disks, elephants and innumerable merchant traders march in darkness along major streets. By decree goods may only be transported and delivered at night. They offer no help or direction, surly in their nocturnal worktime. Gold clawed slave traders happily pounce on dazed lost nobles, eager to sell them in southern lands.  

You are lost in the Dark Hours of the City(d12);

1) A dead-ended alley way houses a bubbling fountain built into a black wall. A cackling group of Shadow People, perched atop the wall, taunt passerby's to drink from the fountain.

2) A calming garden, abandoned in the dark hours. Shadow People stalk its edges, unwillingly to enter.

3) The doors to a bathhouse have been left unlocked. Inside Shadow People are perverting it's sanctity hoping to upset the next days patrons. 

4) There is light coming from a Sewer entrance. A green fire is burning there. It is temptingly easy to enter the sewer and find the source of green fire.

5) A drunken noble and his armed guard. The noble is vomiting into a gutter. He and his guards will jump at anything that emerges from the shadows.

6) A monstrously obese Shadow Person sits astraddle a low and crumbling wall. Mushrooms grow from his curved shoulders. Smaller, lithe Shadow People dance around him. He demands a toll of blubberflesh.

7) A swarm of bats covers the air above the narrow street, blocking out even the pale moonlight. A child sized Shadow Person sits crosslegged beneath the swarm.

8) The narrow streets have formed a wind tunnel. Shadow People are gleefully throwing refuse into it, watching it be sucked away down the tunnel. They are anxious to see what would happen if a person was thrown into the wind tunnel.

9) A hill of refuse and excrement blocks the narrow street, the smell will choke passerby's. Dozens of Shadow People sit calmly atop it. At the very top of the heap is a shining, glinting object. It is a well known symbol of a prevalent religious order.

10) Shadow People have broken into a bell tower. They are manically ringing the bell, awaking citizens for blocks around. Citizens peer from cracks bewtween their shutters and beg for the noise to stop.

11) An elderly Shadow Person has ripped up the streets stones in a few feet radius and is digging a hole in the earth beneath. He claims to be a scholar who has finally found the buried location of something he refers to as the "Holy Holy". His hands are bleeding and he will beg passerby's to help continue his dig.

12) A merchant is riding a top an elephant covered in hundreds of hanging mirrors. The mirrors range from ornate and bejeweled hand mirrors, to large circular slabs of mirror. Hundreds of shadow people follow behind the be-mirrored elephant, seemingly entranced. The elephant moves through the street with ghostly grace.