Friday 26 June 2020

The Automated Infinigrad Suburb Generator

Use the following tables and buttons to generate a suburb in a fantasy megacity.

Update: Get an expanded/able to use offline/complete version of this automated city toolkit here:

Overall Suburb Details: 

Suburb Mapping:
Roll on the second table to get a building that can shape the borders of the suburb.

Table 1, Roads:
Generate the road grid of the suburb. Roll on the table and connect the pieces you get as you see fit. Add your own artistic flourishes.

Table 2, Buildings:
Fill in the blocks you created with the road table with buildings. The doors are a suggestion only, buildings could have more doors/doors on different walls. Combine separate buildings into bigger buildings for high-density areas.

Building Stocking:

Additional Suburb Stocking Details Generators: 

Resident Generator: 

Merchant Generator: 

Items for Stores, Workshop, Trading, etc:  

Minor Magical Item Generator:

Ornamentation Generator:

Mental Pursuit Generator:

Entertainment Generator:

Gang Generator: 

Order Keeper Generator

Temple Generator: 
The god of this temple appears as a

Monster Generator:

Dungeon Generator:

Trap Generator:

Utility Building Generator: 

Update: Simple Guild and Augmentation Generation can be found below, more detailed versions of these generators can be found in the links at the bottom of the post (Also, unfortunately with the new Blogger update I can't get the buttons to have the same spacing as the earlier generator buttons!) 

Guild Generator: 

Augmentation Generator: 

Additional Links: 


  1. Heyo! I've got a new version of the auto-gen here: . You might find it useful when you are trying to string together several generators like this! Alternatively, if you like the way that it's possible to reroll individual portions, there could be a way to make it that clicking on the text causes that section of text to change.

    Also, it might be possible to make an automatic map generator using those map pieces, but this would be a whole new thing.

    Let me know if you are interested!

    1. I definitely need to get my head around the cascading automated buttons. I promise I will next time around haha.

      Having a button for a visual generator would be something I am very interested in. I am assuming the generator would need to be redrawn so each piece could connect to each other piece. If you worked out how it would work I would happily redraw it. Or happy to test out a simpler visual generator if it is easier.

    2. Not necessarily. It would just have a record of the layout for each tile, and try and find the position for the new tile that forms the most connections. Drop me a line at slightadjustments [at] gmail , I've got a few ideas of how to wrangle it

  2. This is brilliant. It's like the digital version of something I started working on long ago but never had time to finish.

  3. If it is possible to use this mechanism offline ow do I use this offline?

    1. You could possible save the page and use it in a browser offline? I am working up the effort to lay out all the tables into a PDF sometime soon.

  4. I've had a lot of fun with this!