Friday, 5 June 2020

Four Monsters from an Infinigrad Locale

Horse sized dog of grey, blubbery, folding flesh. Huge weeping fish eye, encased in bunching folds of skin. Boney, spiraling horns and craggy prismatic crystals erupt oozing black blood. Can psychically transmit crude images to sentient biological beings - this is a Cetacap’s main form of communication.
AC13 (Blubber flesh), 2HD@d8, Goring Horns: d8, Mindfuse: Once per round a Cetacap can bombard a target with psychic imagery. Test target’s INT to avoid taking an action of Cetacaps choosing. Target is also disoriented for d4 rounds after the barrage.
Wants: Mentally seduce as many new followers as possible.
Cetacaps collect gaggles of mindfused worshippers which will give their lives to protect their false deity. Cetacaps will confuse attackers while they are set upon by their followers. Cetacap Gaggle: Each Cetacap will have d6 of one of the following entities as a group of followers (assume each has d6 HP and does d6 damage). 1) Masses of insectoid vermin. 2) Huge mammalian horned vermin. 3) Upright walking feathered lizard. 4) Scaled hound. 5) Gaunt and drooling nobles. 6) Dead eyed men in rags. 7) Metal beaked dire pigeons. 8) Glistening dog-sized spiders. Detripod:
Tiny malformed men with wet glistening skin of translucent limewhite. Their goopious forms pour out of a snail-like permanent housing scavenged from the city’s detritus (most commonly a wooden bucket). A group of detripods will walk, speak and act in perfect unison as they are of shared consciousness. It is unknown whether all detripods share the same consciousness or if they are many groupings of different shared consciousness.
AC13 (Soft quivering flesh encased in hard detritus), 2HD@d6, Tiny fist: d4, Divisionally Immortal: When a detripod is cut with a sharp weapon a small copy of themselves is sliced into existence. This copy has Hit Points equal to the damage caused by the attack that created them and AC11 due to their lack of detritus shell.
Wants: Cleanse the area completely of Cetacaps. Detripods will gleefully use combat as an opportunity to quickly replicate more copies of themselves. What is the Detripod’s shell made of? 1) Rusted knight helmet. 2) Wooden birdhouse. 3) Bronze chamber pot. 4) An enormous hollowed-out book. 5) Metal pipe. 6) A giant’s skull. 7) Iron bronze lantern. 8) Chainmail shirt. 9) Broken wooden barrel. 10) Iron cauldron. Gastrobov:
Fat green slug the size of a human leg. A coating of sense antennae drives the globular mass forward, a thick crust of breathing fungi puffer balls coats its back end. A milky white viscous acid and a dark, black gas everleaks from the puffer balls. Gastrobov’s have a fleshy human lipped, gummy mouth - where their moaning, squealing voices vomit forth from.
AC12 (Slow and soft, but maismed in darkness), 1HD@d10, Acid Spit: d6 (does 1 damage for d6 rounds to target after successful attack), Shadow Gas: A WIS test at Disadvantage is required to spot a hiding gastrobov. Acid Explosion: On death explodes in a storm of acid, causing d8 damage to all Nearby and doing 1 damage for d6 rounds to all damaged.
Wants: Grow to the size of a man (generally by eating as much flesh as possible). Will moan to be left alone, claiming innocence and fragility, while continuing to spit acid at aggressors. White Kobalus:
Milkypale obese infant encased in an exo skeleton of vinebone. A chubby central mass is supported on leglike stilts of interweaving bone, sprouting red leaves of blood and veins. The fat central grub uses long boneclaws to delicately manipulate the world around it. A self grown, featureless, bone mask covers the tangled mess of quivering sense organs that constitutes a face.
AC12 (Soggy flesh barely covered by weaving bone), 3HD@d6, Boneclaws: d6, Eviscerating Bone: After a target is attacked by a Kobalus they must test CON, otherwise the boneclaw splays out as it exits the wound, causing d12 additional damage.
Wants: Trade fanciful and bizarre items from the underworld in exchange for mundane, yet useful, items from The City. Will slink away from conflict if possible. Disembowels antagonists if cornered - then uses this distraction to escape. Kobalus Underworld Trade Item: 1) Undead ouroboros worm amulet. 2) Miniature mushroom forest in stone bowl. 3) Sphere of white rock emanating cold. 4) Sphere of quartz containing living lightning. 5) Albino lizard on a chain. 6) Necklace of stones that look like eyes. 7) A chunk of stone that leaks smoke. 8) Fungus infected crabspider. 9) 3 hairless, red eyed, stonemonkeys. 10) A chunk of glittering red ore. 11) A twinkling petrified man corpse. 12) Snake sized slugs with large teeth.