Friday, 15 May 2020

d6 Cyberpunk Goons

(For Shit Future: )

Be they gang members or zaibatsu security, goons abound:
  1. Goon with a club: Shabby, tattered uniform. Eager to assuage feelings of inadequacy by enacting violence on others (bashes with makeshift melee weapon. Health 2). 
  2. Goon with a gun: Menacing black visored helmet scrolling a feed of digital red lettering (shoots from a distance with a chunky, growling pistol. Health 2).   
  3. Heavy goon: Overly tall with upsettingly large hands. Thick pauldrons of shiny plastic in corporate/gang colours (Swings an electro club with both hands, target tests Body after taking damage or acts every second round for d6 rounds. Health 3). 
  4. Augmented goon: Wires connect head and shoulders. Arms glint with metal. Eyes replaced with a tube of datagrid scanners (Hypnotically spins a glinting nanoknife and fires a crackling rifle. Health 5).  
  5. Special forces goon: Shifting holographic black uniforms, Hard to see if being stealthy. Skull shaped cyber helmets with constant streams of scrolling data (Silenced repeater rifle can attack twice in a round, defending against their attacks is Hard. Health 4).    
  6. Hacker goon: Gaunt, skin laced with wires. Ill fitting faded uniform. Heavy cybernetic cord connects skull and datagrid device (Silenced pistol. Can Hack. Health 2. Cyber Health 4).    
A note on enemies in Shit Future: As the vast majority of attacks reduce health by 1, the only attribute enemies needs is health. This can be accompanied by a brief description of the enemy and the method in which they attack. Some enemies may have additional effects associated with their attacks outside of the pure loss of health. 

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