Wednesday 22 January 2014

Carouse Table for Zundrulf, The Ruined Dwarven Jungle City

Zundrulf is a Dwarven town sprawling across the break in the mountains forming a ring around the valley of Forgotten Gorgzu. Unless you plan on scaling mountains, traveling through Zundrulf is the only sane way of getting into the Jungle. Its population is several sizes too small for the vine and leaf choked mess of ruins it's become. As such, there is plenty of abandoned stone mansions, great for huge, out of control parties fueled by any number of weird chemicals dredged from the jungle. There is also the more traditional Dwarven ale houses, serving strong drinks to deal with the choking anxiousness and dread that come with witnessing the
collapse of your civilization.

Your an adventurer, you don't have time for misery and reflection, you want to party!

At the start of the adventure/session roll a d6 if you wish to Carouse. You spend whatever you roll times 200 in GP. You also get that much times 100 in XP and have to roll on the d20 table below to see what happens during the night.

If you do not have that much GP, you do not gain any XP. You lose ALL the gold in your possession and must roll a d4 to see which one of the following happens:

Skint Table (D4:) 

1) You awake in mud wearing underwear. You've been robbed of all your possessions and don't have the slightest idea of what you did last night. 
2) You got into a brawl at some point in the evening and took a sizable blow to the head. Not only do you not GAIN any XP, you deduct what ever you would have gained (with enough GP) from your XP total. You also have a black eye for d10 days. 
3) You've run up a bill you can't pay. You won't be going adventuring for a have to work your debt off in the kitchens. As such this Character can't play in the current session, they may roll up a new one or play one of the retainers. 
4) Not only did you run up a bill you couldn't pay, while inebriated you also did something so offensive, so vile, so despicable that you've been arrested. The penalty is death. You will be hung in a week unless some one pays off the Judge (d6 x 1000 GP). You are detained until further notice or the day of your hanging

Table for a Big Night Out in Zundrulf (d20):

1) You've over done it, roll on the Terrible Night table. 
2) You've over done it, roll on the Terrible Night table.
3) You've over done it, roll on the Terrible Night table.

4) You've ended up partying in an underground chamber filled with a massive ornate pool. This chamber is within a cliffside mansion. Your pretty sure you can see an opening at the bottom of the pool and your also pretty sure you can't remember the way out of the mansion.   
5) You spent the night ingesting a variety of substances with a group jungle dwarfs. They take you to an overgrown section of Zundrulf where they allow you to take part in some of their religious rituals. You have gained new insight into the nature of the Jungle.   
6) You've been drinking heavily with a rowdy bunch of traditionalist dwarfs. The talk turns bitter as they discuss their plight. They become agitated and angry at the "foreigners" who have come to Zundrulf to laugh at their misfortune and steal their ancestral treasure. They don't seem to be angry at you, because you've been buying them whiskey all night. Suddenly you find yourself in a dwarven posse prowling the streets looking to lynch the first non-dwarf they see...
7) You were roaring drunk last night and remember stomping randomly through Zundrulf's ruins. Your memory is hazy, but your quite certain you saw something have flashes of seeing a dwarf laying in the ruins his body composed of writhing vines and his beard made of leaves. It might have just been something you smoked though. 
8) You wake up and your body is searing in pain. You remember having a great time at the tavern, meeting a comely dwarf wench (with only a faint hint of a beard) and leaving together. While wandering the ruins looking for a private nook or crevice for a quick tumble, you saw a blinding light directly above you. You remember nothing more than the image of vague humanoid silhouettes standing over you.  
9) You spent the night partying with jungle dwarfs. They took you to a particular set of ruins where there was some oddly meaty or otherwise scintillating plants. The plants did SOMETHING to you but you were too high to remember. You can remember where they were growing though. 
10) You got to drinking with some human travelers. They came to the Valley to plunder it for all it's worth and watch the slow descent of Dwarven civilization. You and them decided to to traverse Zundrulf's ruins. There you all encountered an uppity dwarf who claimed humans shouldn't be in that particular part of the city. Harsh words were exchanged, which turned to blows. Your human "friends" murdered an innocent dwarf. They dispose of the body in the river and gave you 500 gold to keep your mouth shut. 
11) You got to chatting with an elderly traditionalist dwarf who told you he's been doing a tremendous amount of research on the Jungle. You bought him enough drinks that he invited you back to his stone dwelling to look over his work. He provides you with "facts" about any aspect of the jungle that interests you. 
12) Stumbling from wherever you were drinking back home to wherever you are staying, you catch sight of a bright light above the city and then flash up into the sky. You stumble quickly to investigate the area you saw it leave . Tripping into a ruin you find 3 jungle dwarfs, levitating in prisms of what appears to be glass. You tap on the glass prisms and the dwarfs are released, coughing and spluttering. They thank you for releasing them, but they have no idea whats happened to them. They give you 200 gold for your kind act. 
13) While drinking at the tavern a friendly group of traditionalist dwarfs offer you a meal of jelly fish. It's delicious! You want more! You need more! The dwarfs notice your enthusiasm and give you directions to the lake they got the jelly fish from. They also offer to pay you gold if you supply them with more. 
14) You spend the night drinking with dark cloaked humans. They have curious masks hanging at their sides and they clink when they move. After buying enough drinks for them to loosen them up they inquire if you may be interested in you working for them...
15) Drinking with some traditionalist dwarfs they get to talking about jungle dwarfs. They tell you it revolts them the way they have abandoned the worship of their ancestors. In fact, their in the mood to go out to the tree filled ruins of town and break up up whatever weird religious rituals they are doing and they are happy for you to join them...
16) A traditionalist dwarf starts sobbing after a few drinks. He is upset that he will never be able to get back to his family crypt and recover the heirlooms there. You convince him that you might be up to the task and he gives you a map to its general whereabouts. 
17) The group of traditionalist dwarfs you're drinking with starts grumbling about how crazy they jungle dwarfs are. They decide their going to head down to their part of town, with a barrel of whiskey and have a party with them. Hilarity ensues. 
18) You've spent most of the night drinking with some humans who seem generally revolted at all of the Dwarfs. A rather vicious looking group of Jungle Dwarfs has just overheard the conversation...  

19) It feels so good to be alive, roll on the Euphoric Night Table.
20) It feels so good to be alive, roll on the Euphoric Night Table.

Terrible Night Table (d10):

1) Your over indulgences in certain psychedelics, coupled with the spirit guidance of a group of jungle dwarfs, has alerted your existence to a great and horrible cosmic being. It has taken an active interest in your life and loves nothing more than the inducing and witnessing the utter misery of mortals. 
2) You spent the night smoking some sort of moss in the trees with jungle dwarfs. There was so much of the stuff you were literally sitting on it! Unfortunately there seems to be a clump of the moss now growing from your rib cage. This clump will grow into fully formed and operational vine/tentacle in d10 weeks. It will be hard to remove from your body as it has hooked onto and grown internally over your ribcage. The vine/tentacle will mostly do whatever it wants but over time you may tame it.
3) You got drunk and released a bunch of caged monsters brought by traveling humans. There was a number of deaths after the release and a number of witnesses saw you opening the cage. You are outlawed from Zundrulf at pain of death. 
4) You went to some weird and terrible jungle dwarf cave rave. Your not sure how or why but you now have a sapling growing out of the top of your head. Your quite certain its little woody roots are probing into your brain.You probably only have d10 months to live.
5) You are way too gullible when you are drunk. You got scammed out of a 1000 gold by some shady humans at some point in the night.  If you don't have that much they took your left hand instead.
6) A group of jungle dwarfs begrudgingly let you come along to a secretive party just outside of Zundrulf. Their jungle potion was too strong for you though and consequently completely ruined the vibe of the evening. The jungle dwarfs have cursed you, all horrors in the jungle (anything that has an abundance of vines, leaves, feathers, beaks etc) will automatically attack you and get a +2 attack bonus against you.  
7) A rabble of traditionalist dwarfs got furious at your drunken antics and demanded all your gold as a payment for coming to the jungle. Hand it over or deal with their wrath.
8) You had a wild night with some jungle dwarfs but awake in the night with an itching on your leg. You spend the next 3 hours writhing in pain. Vines, leaves and spores explode from your legs and you pass out. In the morning you awake to see your legs replaced by hundreds of vines. After a few attempts you find that they support your weight and you can move as per normal. Unfortunately you are now a hideous freak, -4 to charisma and if people see what your legs have become they will chase you out of town or instantly want to kill you. 
9) One boast led to another and in your attempt to convince a bunch of traditionalist dwarfs you loved Jewels more than them you ripped out your own eyeball and replaced it with a Ruby. You have -2 to Dex, but the look is appealing (+1 to Cha).
10) You drunk too deep from the well of jungle dwarf knowledge. Whatever combination of potions, tinctures, meditation and smoke they gave you allowed you to literally look past reality. Your mind imploded in on itself and your sense of self has almost completely eroded. You will not be recovering from this and the way you look at the world has altered dramatically. You have lost -5 Int and Dex and gained +4 Wis and a sense of complete cosmic insignificance has destroyed your drive for adventure.

Euphoric Night Table (d10):

1) One minute you were drinking from a melon with some jungle dwarfs, next you were riding on the back of a giant lizard. You are the proud new owner of a ride-able feathered lizard. 
2) In a dream filled stupor induced by jungle dwarf cocktails, you were visited by the image of a massive burning ball of light. You awake with your stomach blackened and shriveled  but curiously you no longer require to eat food. How odd.
3) After spending the night in the company of jungle dwarfs you stumbled through the ruins and bumped your shin on a perfectly smooth, shiny and metallic spherical pod hidden by vines and rubble. The pod opened easily and looked to be the perfect size and shape for you to sleep in, which you did. After some experimenting you work out the pod can be decreased in size to be held in your pack, and that it appears to camouflage itself when occupied by some one sleeping. 
4) You spent the entire night smoking and drinking with jungle dwarfs, and they allowed you to participate in certain secretive rituals. You were taken deep into the jungle and submersed in a bubbling green pool. You awoke with your body covered in flesh thick scales, giving you a +2 base AC bonus, but you look revolting (-1 to Cha).
5) You charm a group of dwarfs with your generous drink shouting. One of them drunkenly gifts you with a plain silver bracelet with a singular red gem. He claims that it has special powers but he can't work out how to use it. The bracelet will send out a thin beam of energy destroying 1 Organic, but non ambulatory thing a day (as in a tree, rock etc.)
6) You passed out somewhere deep and dark. You wake with what appears to be the mouth of a lamprey fish on your chest. It's about the size of your fist. Once the initial horror resides, you begin to expirment with it and find that it will eat anything you put into the mouth. This matter will then end up in your stomach. Curiously the mouth seems to be able to digest a much wider range of matter than you. As you groggily get up you notice some barracuda men staring at you in fishy awe (Barracuda Men will no longer attack you unless necessary).
7) Drinking uproariously with traditionalist dwarfs, you manage to incite them into a religious zeal. They seem convinced your here to rid their valley of the jungle. These d10 dwarfs have just metastasized into a cult with you as their leader.   
8) A group of humans, who seem as savvy as they are shady and shadowy give you a a bracelet with a black diamond set within it. You may ask the diamond any question once per day. The diamond has extraordinary knowledge of the world at large.  
9) You spent the night exploring the pyschaverse with some very relaxed Jungle dwarfs. Things got vague, but they took you some where, very deep and very pretty. Your arms are now sprouting the most lovely flowers you have ever seen. They look very pleasing and they calm the people around you (+1 to charisma) and curiously you no longer have the need to sleep!
10) Over generous jungle dwarfs give you d10 potions and tinctures of various types.

Monday 13 January 2014

Super Lean OSR Gaming! D&D in 2 tweets!

D&D Tweet Edtion! Super Lean D&D! OSR Gaming in 2 tweets! Who needs those ungainly heavy books!

Tweet 1: 6 attributes = 3d6ea. Initiative:d6 high 1st. Reaction/Morale: d12 low good.Check d20Under attribute Save d20Under half attribute + level.

Tweet 2: Combat: To hit d20+bonus>=AC. Bonus = STR/DEX >12+1,>15+2,>17+3 and fighter level value, Cleric/thief 1/2level value, Mage 1/3 level value.

Editors note: D&D Tweet Edition requires player's to source their own class/magic/items/equipment etc from the myriad of  D&D games/supplements out there.  The weirder the better.

Sunday 12 January 2014

Ascending Armour Class for Labyrinth Lord

Yesterday I decided I wanted to get away from looking at a combat table/matrix while running Labyrinth Lord. I thought the quickest way to do this would be to just jump on to the Lamentations of the Flame Prince ascending armor class system and ditch the Labyrinth Lord descending AC system. I posed the question to G+.

What followed was a bit of a roller coaster through the world of D&D Armour Class. I discovered (with the help of others) that the basic math for working out if an attackers hits a certain AC is the same for all D&Dlikes. The only thing that changes is presentation of the Math and the values for To Hit Bonuses/Armour Types. I don't think this is news to many people, but it was enlightening for me. Apparently there is 32 possible ways of presenting the basic D&D AC math problem.

I decided I wanted to keep the Labryinth Lord values for To Hit Bonuses/Armour and adopt a way of doing the math that worked quickest/simplest for me.

It turns out my mind grasps the concept quickest and easiest when presented in the following way;

d20 + Attackers To Hit Bonuses  >= 20 - Target's AC


An Attacker hits when rolling a d20, and the result added to their To Hit Bonuses is Greater than or Equal to 20 minus the Target's AC.

I like having a clearly visible number for an attacker to roll for.  I can just use the Labyrinth Lord armour values, and deduct (or add if it's a negative value) from 20 to work out a target number. This retains the exact same values needed for dice rolls. An attackers needs to get to this number using a d20 and their To Hit Bonuses to hit their target.

This is an Ascending armour class system.

Having never having played 3.0, I just re-invented the wheel. Good work Michael only 14 years behind!

So, here is the Labyrinth Lord values for To Hit Bonuses for both HD creatures and PC's;

Creature HD:
To Hit Bonus:
1 or Less   
1+ and 2            
2+ and 3               
3+ and 4 
4+ and 5       
5+ and 6
6+ and 7             
7+ to 9         
9+ to 11                   
11+ to 13             
13+ to 15               
15+ to 17        
17+ to 19         
19+ to 21     
21+ and above   
Cleric, Thief Level:
Dwarf, Elf, Fighter, Halfling level:
Magic-user Level:
To Hit Bonus:

Level 0 humans get no To Hit Bonus.
A natural 20 always hit.


Now all I need to do is give each PC their To Hit Bonus (derived from the Labyrinth Lord combat tables) which they can add along with their bonus from DEX/STR to any attack roll they make. Anything that they attack will have their AC listed in Ascending notation (20 minus Labrinyth Lord AC) and if the result of their d20 attack roll plus all their bonuses is equal to or above Ascending AC they have hit! No need for a table (Blindingly obvious for people already using Ascending AC)!

Further, My G+ Labrinyth Lord campaign is FLAILSNAILS friendly, so now I can use the To Hit Bonus tables above to give every player their To Hit Bonus at the start of the game (Also ensuring to REPLACE any To Hit Bonus they have brought over from another system). Whatever whacky class a player brings to the table can be slotted into one of the three PC categories and therefore Attack Roll Power will be normalized for all players, regardless of the system their PC was made in.

I think this is great because not only do I have a much quicker notation for working out if something has hit, it's super simple to normalize every players attack roll regardless of system. My ideal game system would now be super lean only using the above AC / To Hit notation, a basic attribute check system and allowing the players to bring whatever crazy class/spell/magic item/whatever else into the fray.

After all that I understand why everyone just makes their own rule sets.

Wednesday 8 January 2014

Dwarven Tomes

The following are a number of tomes reclaimed from a derelict dwarven hill city in the jungleous mountain valley of Forgotten Gorgzu. The upper level of the hill city is currently being fought over by rival factions of squatter Barracuda Men and Jungle Dwarfs. The lower levels apparently contain ambulatory mushrooms but that is yet to be confirmed.

Adventurers wrested these from a library being used as a lair for bulky and slightly flabby Lizardmen.

Evidence suggests that groups of Dwarfs in the distant past were practicing magic focused on the internal workings of the physical body. These recovered spell books appear to confirm this.

Spell Books:

Muddify Blood Level: Cleric Level 2
Duration: 9 turns
Range: Sight of caster

Muddify Blood causes the victim's blood to congeal as it pumps through their veins. The blood flow rate slows so much as to affect major organs, limbs and functions of the brain. A victim of the spell will always act last in combat and suffer  a -2 to hit. The spell will not work on beings larger than an ogre, or those lacking a liquid vascular system.

The congealed blood will not flow as quickly from open wounds, so any being dropping to 0 Hit Points due to sharp, slashing weapons will not become unconscious if under the effects of the spell. Any being dropping to 0 or below Hit Points will stay conscious until they have been damaged so much to be at 50% of their Hit Points drop below 0. The being will be able to stay conscious without any further healing for a further 12 hours but will attempt all actions with a -5 penalty. Once the 12 hours has passed and the being has not received any aid they will drop unconscious and promptly bleed to death. Any being that is revived out of this state through healing must make a Save Vs. Poison to avoid permanent damage to their brain and vascular system (-2 Intelligence and -1 Constitution).

This was used by the ancient dwarfs as a cheap means to strengthen front line troops whose commanders know were doomed to perish on the battlefield.

It was also used as a risky way of preserving the life of a dwarf bleeding to death with first aid equipment not available.

Swappeth Stomach
Level: Spell caster Level 4
Duration: Until dispelled by Caster
Range: Sight (Unlimited range between stomachs once cast)

Swappeth Stomach allows the spellcaster to swap their stomach with another being's stomach. Meaning whatever the spell caster eats will end up in the target of the spells stomach and whatever the target of the spell eats ends up in the spell caster's stomach.

The stomach swap has an unlimited range and lasts as long as the spell caster would like. The spell caster can dismiss the spell instantly in the case of the target of the spell eating something deadly.

The target of the spell can attempt a Save Vs. Spells to resist the stomach swap and the spell caster may not be aware if the target has made a successful save or not.

This spell was used by ancient dwarf explorers and prospectors to eliminate the need for packing food on journeys. The spell was cast on fattened animals or slave who were fed to keep the explorers fed, while the animal or slave itself slowly starved to death. Other dwarfs used the spell to eliminate the need to waste any time during actually eating food. Specifically monitored stomach slaves were used for this purpose.

Other Tomes: 

The other books detailed a number of ancient dwarf stories;

A picture book showing a wild land, dominated by harsh weather. A holy dwarf leads the dwarfs further and further beneath the ground to escape the harshness of the surface.

A history book detailing the exploits of a dwarf warrior-explorer. He explored deeper than any dwarf before him, but became sick when he entered a cavern filled with tiny green spores.

Another history book detailing the exploits of a heretical dwarf religious figure. He brought discord and violence amongst the dwarfs when he begun preaching about Gods that were not dwarf ancestors.

A scribbled and scrappy note book, written in a hysterical tone. It details a haunting presence appearing when a scouting-exploring party brought back news and samples from a recently entered cavern, much deeper than normal. 

Tuesday 7 January 2014

Save Vs. Purple

Answering +Venger Satanis call to draw what a Save Vs. Purple would look like, this is a young elf failing his save against the the Purple-Haunted Putrescence. Poor guy.

Also, the scan sucks because the page was all bubbly from the ink and I have no idea what I'm doing.

Sunday 5 January 2014

Some Ink Drawings

I want to learn how to draw cool d&d pictures with ink like in the 80's. Here are some attempts:

A failed Save Vs. Purple.

An Otyugh.

An Orc.

A cloak of healing.

A helmet of transformation.

A treasure chest filled with something shiny.

A group of adventurers running from some suspicious smoke.
A summoning spell gone awry.
Ambulatory eyes.

A magic wand of something.

(If you want me to draw any specific things for you feel free to send me a line:

Thursday 2 January 2014

DoomFort Desert and Surrounds

Tombin's DoomFort is not in a nice corner of the world. It lays in the center of a desert, which itself is in the center of a wildly dysfunctional mostly wastelandish geographical zone.

Towns/Cities on the Outskirts of the DoomFort Desert:
Tetaton: What once was a glorious metropolis is now a mutant filled, decaying labyrinth of metal and concrete. The walls here leak with chemicals. There is something of a social order in parts of the city, but mostly it's utter chaos. Metal automatons often awaken in the street, smash through walls and wander out into the DoomFort Desert. It is normal for inhabitants to have violent and random bursts of mutations. Adventurers could probably spend their entire careers scavenging through the abandoned streets of the city. Unfortunately they would emerge from this endeavor with two heads. The relatively civilized sections of the city will happily trade/talk with adventurers.

Calgutta: A goblin cave town. Probably the most amenable port of call near the DoomFort. The goblins have spent such a long time living in the darkness of their cave that they have become mostly albino. The cave town is ruled by a class of darker skinned goblins who are able to venture out of the cave into the harsh sunlight. The interbreeding bewtween the upper classes obsessed with maintaining their "sun drinking skin" has lead to the ruling class being mostly insane. In general, apart from an over indulgence in avarice, the goblins are a friendly, upbeat group.

Goolch: Savage, nigh beast men living in huts made in the skulls of massive, extinct animals. Tusks form the gated barrier around the village. The savages have a ritualistic form of life, focused on the phases of the moon and the variation these phases bring to their physical forms. They are extremely hairy people with thick gnarled brows. Even the women wear beards. They are wary and stand offish to outsiders, but may view other hirsute people positively. They love bones and will swoon with desire if presented with sacks, chests or other large receptacles of them.

The Desert Proper and DoomFort Approach:

The DoomFort is approximately one weeks walk from any location with water/food. The landscape of the desert is mostly red/yellow rock and hard, large grained sand. There is pools and rivers of black, bubbly oil. These are mostly composed of liquid refuse that flows from the DoomFort. The DoomFort possibly spins or other wise rotates as the oil rivers have threaded their way throughout the entierity of the desert. The liquid refuse/oil can not be drunk by organic life forms but seems to be the soul power/food/drink for a variety of robotic/automaton life that roams through the desert. 

The DoomFort is built on to a very dark brown stone mountain that is visible from any point in the desert.

Automaton dogs named Grogs roam the desert. They flatulate exhaust fumes from metallic tails. They collect and form stones and rocks into calming gardens. The Grogs are not aggressive unless they witness someone disrupting their stone gardens or otherwise abusing wild, unclaimed stones. They may become enraged at the sight of an adventurer using a sling.

Robotic elephants with tractor scoop trunks shift the sand and rocks of the desert into dunes and and valleys. These huge beasts known as Hanophants spend all day and night pushing around boulders, debris, rubble, sand and rocks. They are mindless in this pursuit and seem to have no greater pattern to their work. The goblins claim there is exactly 20 Hanophants trudging their way through the desert. Sometimes a group of sun drinking skin goblin elites will take leisurely rides on a Hanophant, drinking and partying in the sun for days as it meanders randomly through the desert.

It is not uncommon to see a trail of Grogs behind a Hanophant, happily scooping up the smaller stones the Hanophant is unable to push forward.

Other automatons, The Hiders, stalk the desert in search of fresh skin to cover their metallic frames.

You are in The DoomFort Desert: 

You See (d8):
1) Oil river
2) Oil pool
3) Grog garden
4) Rocky, dark valley (hewn by a Hanophant)
5) Field of broken, straggly bones
6) Monolithic stones
7) Salty flat plains
8) Coarse sanded dunes

And (d20):

1 - 13) Nothing
14) d6 Mutants
15) Oil refuse rain (d6 damage to anyone with exposed skin who doesn't take cover, 25% chance of destroying non metallic armor and packs)
16) Dark skinned goblin nobles riding a Hanophant. They demand adventurers complete nonsensical quests for them, such as finding an arbitrary quantity of some valueless item
17) d4 Hiders
18) d6 Grogs collecting stones
19) d8 Grog constructing a garden
20) A Hanophant

Relevant Statistics: 


Alignment: Neutral, Movement: 120', Armor Class: -4, HD:20, Attacks: 3 (Scoop, tusks and stamp), Damage of Attacks: Scoop: Anything hit by the Hanophant's pneumatic scoop with an armor class less than 0 must make a Save Vs. Death to avoid being instantly crushed to death. Other wise it does d20+10 damage, Tusks: 1d10+5, Stamp: Anything in a 50' radius around the Hanophant must make a Save Vs. Paralyze to avoid falling prone to the ground, Save: As fighter level 15, Morale: 8, XP: 1500

The Hanophant are serene earth moving automaton elephants, slightly larger than a normal elephant but made completely of metal and having a pneumatic scoop instead of a trunk. Like the Grogs their only known source of nutrients is the oily refuse from Tombin's DoomFort. The Hanophants ignore everything around them except their constant quest to push huge amounts of debris around the desert. They are not aggressive and will only retaliate if hurt, or if something is getting in the way of their earth moving.


Alignment: Neutral, Movement: 80', Armor Class: 0, HD:4, Attacks: 6 (6 x Pinching claw), Damage: Pinching Claw: Each pinching claw does d4+1 melee damage and d4 ranged damage (thrown stones). If anything is succesfully hit with 4 or more claws in a round the victim must make a Save Vs. Death to avoid being completely ripped apart by the claws (death). Save: As fighter level 4, Morale: 8, XP: 300

Grogs are automaton dogs that roam the desert in search of stones and rocks for their gardens. They will know if an adventurer holds sling stones, or any other small rock based object and will take them with their spindly metallic claws. They will know if any one disrupts their garden and that person will forever be attacked by all Grogs. Grogs belch a constant cloud of oily fumes from their behind.


Alignment: Chaotic, Movement: 60', Armor Class: 0, HD:2, Attacks: 2 (Scalpel Fingers), Damage: Scalpel Fingers: 1d6, victim must make Save Vs. Poison to avoid become stunned for 1d10 rounds, Save: As fighter level 2, Morale: 6, XP: 200

For each group of Hiders roll a d6, their flesh disguise is; 1-2) Terrible, clearly rotting flesh revealing plates of metal and wires, 2-4) Passable, slightly odd colored flesh moving in a jerky manner, 5-6) Very realistic, can easily pass as living thing of whatever skin they have stolen.

The Hiders are a group of embalming automatons who have become vaguely conscious and desire to hide their metallic bodies behind real flesh. Their fingers are razor sharp scalpels laced with needles that can inject a variety of drugs and chemicals into flesh to either stun, preserve or otherwise manipulate it. They will use their disguises to lure victims into a false sense of security and then strip them of their flesh for yet another disguise.