Friday 16 March 2018

3 Monsters from The Level 1 Creature Generator

I recently released a PDF on RPGNow designed to generate relatively interesting lower level creatures. It is called 'The Level 1 Creature Generator" and can be found for purchase here:

Details from the RPGNow product page:

"Never stock your dungeon or hexcrawl with a boring 1hd goblin ever again!

The Level 1 Creature Generator has 64 000 possible combinations of weird and deadly monsters. It creates lower level beings appropriate for dwelling within entry levels of dungeons or in ruins, caves, caverns and forests nearby to the safety of a village or town. 

The unknown is both deeply terrifying and alluring to the human psyche, use this generator to populate your campaign with unique beings to instill equal parts wonder and dread in your players." 

Following are three monsters created using the generator, described and illustrated by myself. The 3 box table after the name of each creature is the raw results from the three d40 tables that the generator is composed of. 

Golden Gluttonsnake: 

Appears in nesting groups of d4.  

Corpulent and fleshy man-sized snake, rolls of bulging golden brown colored scales. The gluttonsnake's body is tailed by a snakeskin leather sack filled with d10x5 partly digested and slime covered gold coins. This causes the gluttonsnake  to distinctively "jingle" as it fatsquirms about.  

Due to their jingling, Golden Gluttonsnakes prefer to ambush prey, often disguising their enormous open gullets as part of their surroundings. Unsuspecting and smaller sized adventurers may stumble directly into the maw of a gluttonsnake and find themselves quickly being digested. If they are unable to trap victims directly into their mouths, gluttonsnakes will use their magical ability to pilfer as much currency as possible, then wriggle away to some hidden hole. 

Because of their preference for trapping, ambushing and hiding, Golden Gluttonsnakes tend to infest abandoned structures that are overflowing with filth, detritus and debris. They are also fond of natural regions choked with weeds, brush and mud - ideal for hiding and burrowing. 

Appears in gangs of d6. 

Shrikebeaks are twisted slags of living metal, contorted into the shape of a long, needle beaked flightless bird about the height of a dwarf. They exist to devour the corpse and abandoned weapons/armour of defeated warriors. Shrikebeaks will appear several days after a battle in which the bodies of the slain are not appropriately tended to.

Shrikebeaks will haunt untended battle grounds, those left to rot and choke with corpses by the battle's survivors. Some say Shrikebeak infestations are sent by the gods as punishment for ignoring proper funeral rites.

After their charnel feast (which may take months), they will stand solemn guard over the abandoned battlefield for several years, ultimately collapsing into a pile of metal spike like feathers. Up until that point, Shrikebeaks will be ferociously territorial of their feeding ground, flaring their terrifying plumage as a warning to any that come within their sight. Those that get closer thant that are generally disemboweled by a several foot long beak. 

Holy Ape: 
Appears in congregations of d4. 

Apes of a golden, shimmering, ethereal hue - ever glowing and emanating the most calming of ecstasy inducing rays. An abandoned relic, hidden in a forgotten jungle temple, has slowly mutated these primates into their current transcendent form.

The holy apes will lounge peacefully, curiously watching all those that enter their blessed home. They will serenely punch and choke to unconsciousness any who bring themselves to attack the monkeys. Those brought to unconsciousness will awaken at a later point, outside of the forgotten temple or lost deeper in the jungle. The holy apes will also take the same approach to any who get too close to their holy relic.  

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