Friday 15 May 2020

d6 Cyberpunk Goons

(For Shit Future: )

Be they gang members or zaibatsu security, goons abound:
  1. Goon with a club: Shabby, tattered uniform. Eager to assuage feelings of inadequacy by enacting violence on others (bashes with makeshift melee weapon. Health 2). 
  2. Goon with a gun: Menacing black visored helmet scrolling a feed of digital red lettering (shoots from a distance with a chunky, growling pistol. Health 2).   
  3. Heavy goon: Overly tall with upsettingly large hands. Thick pauldrons of shiny plastic in corporate/gang colours (Swings an electro club with both hands, target tests Body after taking damage or acts every second round for d6 rounds. Health 3). 
  4. Augmented goon: Wires connect head and shoulders. Arms glint with metal. Eyes replaced with a tube of datagrid scanners (Hypnotically spins a glinting nanoknife and fires a crackling rifle. Health 5).  
  5. Special forces goon: Shifting holographic black uniforms, Hard to see if being stealthy. Skull shaped cyber helmets with constant streams of scrolling data (Silenced repeater rifle can attack twice in a round, defending against their attacks is Hard. Health 4).    
  6. Hacker goon: Gaunt, skin laced with wires. Ill fitting faded uniform. Heavy cybernetic cord connects skull and datagrid device (Silenced pistol. Can Hack. Health 2. Cyber Health 4).    
A note on enemies in Shit Future: As the vast majority of attacks reduce health by 1, the only attribute enemies needs is health. This can be accompanied by a brief description of the enemy and the method in which they attack. Some enemies may have additional effects associated with their attacks outside of the pure loss of health. 

Tuesday 5 May 2020

Quick Cyberpunk Economy

(Basically, so I don't need to write an equipment list for Shit Future:

Shit Future Equipment and Economy: 

A near endless crust of consumer and industrial goods coats the earth of Shit Future. Most basic equipment needed by Player Characters will be near at hand, available for purchase or theft. Advanced and restricted equipment is much rarer - prized and guarded in the arcologies and almost nonexistent in the megaslums. 

Basic Equipment: These items will allow Player Characters to use their skills. They can be purchased directly from street level retail outlets. Alternatively, they can be stolen from common workshops, factories and the like.

D6 Examples: 
  1. Datagrid devices
  2. Chemicals 
  3. Industrial tools 
  4. Drone/Robot parts
  5. Jackhammer 
  6. Surgical equipment 
Restricted Equipment: Gear that provides additional benefits to successful Attribute or Skill tests or lessens the negative impact of a failed Attribute or Skill tests. Additionally, this gear may be of such a high quality that it may make tests in a specific skill Easy for Player Characters. Such items will have a  limited number of charges or uses. Items like this will be very hard to come by, held in advanced facilities of security heavy regions of the zaibatsu arcologies.

D6 Examples: 
  1. Knowledge skill database module 
  2. Micronuke powered industrial exosuits 
  3. Datagrid device with A.I assistant 
  4. Holographic camouflage suit 
  5. Pilot autocorrection A.I 
  6. Automatic diagnostic medical scanner 

Anointed Equipment: These pieces of equipment are so advanced and so well made that they grant the Player Character a +1 in a specific skill. Items that increase the values of either Attributes or Skills are incredibly powerful. Include them in your game very rarely, if at all. These will be held by representatives of the satellite pantheon and used by those in the employ of the gods. Gear like this will mostly be stored in orbiting space stations, used to maintain order in reality.

D6 Examples: 
  1. Brain jacked targeting module
  2. A.I guided autotool claw 
  3. Datagrid entity empowering code 
  4. Drone automechanic 
  5. Digital synaptic amplifier 
  6. Target seeking grenades  

A Note on Combat Equipment: Player Characters begin the game with any specialised weaponry they are skilled in. As all other weapons do 1 damage in Shit Future, a comprehensive weapon list is unnecessary. Armour does exist, but is classified as either Restricted or Anointed equipment, and is suitably difficult for Player Characters to get their hands on.
Combat Armour (Restricted): Body tests when defending in combat are Easy.
Power Armour (Anointed): +2 to Body value when defending in combat.

The Economy: The hypereconomy of Shit Future defies a codification of pricing. The only goods available for purchase are those that would be classified as “Basic Equipment”. Restricted and Anointed equipment is priceless/unavailable for purchase.

If Player Characters are wanting to buy or sell Basic Equipment, The Referee estimates a price in credits (using equivalents from the real world), assumes that as the price, then rolls on the following tables: 

Free for a favour or half price 
Merchant will pay double 
Half price 
Merchant will pay full price
Normal price 
Merchant will pay full price but only in store credit 
Normal price and a favour or double the price 
Merchant will pay half price 
Double the price 
Merchant will pay half price but only in store credit 
Triple the price or a job
Merchant will pay nothing 

Favour for a Merchant Table: 

Indebted customer 
Supply with counterfeit equipment 
Nearby hover vehicle 
Aggressive competitor 
Install tracking device 
A building on the block 
Overbearing supplier 
Anonymously terrorise 
Nearby alleyway 
Personal nemesis 
Forcible clarify merchant’s position 
Nearby street
Local gang member 
Steal fresh delivery from 
The Datagrid 
Zaibatsu mandrone 
Create detailed report on 
Nearby trash filled park 

Job for a Merchant Table: 

Thieving customer
Take out, bring head to merchant 
Nearby nightclub
Protected by genemix pets 
Warring competitor
Kidnap, bring back to merchant  
Nearby office building 
Protected by goons 
Hostile taking over supplier 
Recover compromising data from Datagrid device 
Nearby warehouse 
Protected by Datagrid security 
Nosy Megaslum politician 
Keep occupied during simultaneous operation 
Nearby hoveryacht 
Protected by drones 
Local gang leader 
Burn/destroy workplace
Nearby residential compound 
Target very combat competent 
Zaibatsu manager 
Steal valuable technology from 
Nearby base in abandoned tower 
Target has weaponized sky coupe 

Friday 1 May 2020

36 Cyberpunk Augmentations for Shit Future

Find the core rules and introduction to Shit Future here:

A Player Character may pick one of these at character creation. Also, they may pick one when they level up.

Levelling Up: If a Player Character survives a session of Shit Future, they can increase one existing skill or attribute by a value of 1, up to a value of 4. Or, they may also pick a new skill which will now have a value of 1. Or, they may pick a new augmentation to install.

Vladimir Harkonnen from David Lynch's Dune. 
Augmentations: Roll two d6's to get a random Augmentation. Maybe for an NPC or an indecisive player?

1, Utility Ware: 
  1. Vatflesh Pumper: Implanted glowing beige canisters. Can automatically heal own Health by 1 up to 4 times a session. 
  2. Solar Cells: Implanted black rectangles along neck and shoulders. Eliminates the need for food and drink. 
  3. Metal Lung: Chest replaced with metal barrel implant. Provides protection from atmospheric hazards and an internal supply of oxygen. 
  4. Flesh Compartment: A cavity installed into the flank or torso. Allows the nigh undetectable stowing of guns and gadgets. 
  5. Synth Nanozymes: Microscopic chemical factories installed into gut flora. Allows the cheerful digestion of almost any inert substance. 
  6. Exhausts: Circular exhausts, powered by arm writhing tubing connected to a gut based nanonuke. Allows the summoning of flames or freezing gas. Flesh of hands replaced with temperature resistant metal claws.  
2, Core Ware: 
  1. Cyber Brain: Heavy datagrid booster bolted to base of skull. Powered by sapping power from muscles elsewhere in body. Any mental tests are now Easy, all physical tests are Hard. 
  2. Cyber Arm: All tests, outside of combat, involving the arms are Easy. 
  3. Cyber Legs: All tests, outside of combat, involving the legs are Easy. 
  4. Extender Claw: Torso stowed cybernetic claw. Can grab targets at a distance of 3 rooms away. The user’s Body attribute is the claw’s strength. 
  5. Cyber Jumpers: Vaguely insectoid metallic legs, tests involving jumping are double Easy. 
  6. Resonic Dampener: Vibrating hyperplates installed into torso. In the first combat per session all the user’s and their team mate’s tests attacking or defending against enemies are Easy. 
3, Info Ware:  
  1. Cyber Tentacle: A metal handed, thick, articulated cable that functions as an additional/replacement arm.  
  2. Digieyes: Implanted skull nodules. Provides a datagrid overlay to the user’s visual feed. All tests involving the visual analysis of the physical world are Easy. 
  3. Eyeball Drone: One eyeball replaced with a mechanical hover eye. Has visual feed to a controlling Datagrid device. Can be detached from skull and flown to a distance  of around a block. 
  4. Perma Tracker: A hive of 6 injectable nanodrones implanted into chest. When drone attached to a target, user can intuitively sense target’s exact location (must be on the same planet). Recovery of a drone requires invasive surgery. 
  5. Dark Wave Emitter: Crystalline screens implanted along head and shoulders. Can drench a room in utter light or utter darkness once per session (can always supply torch levels of light).
  6. Wasp Drone: A fleshy injector microdrone implanted into shoulder. Drone can fly to and inject a target 2 times a session, causing their next d6 tests to be Easy or Hard.
4, Tech Ware: 
  1. Brain Slave Unit: Wireless connection established between brain and a vehicle/robot/drone of choice. User can send  a command to the linked entity, while also moving and taking another separate action in a round.  
  2. Brain Jack: Wired connection established between brain and a Datagrid device. Allows up to two Computing, Hack, Firewall or Datagrid Search tests in a turn. 
  3. Skill Jack: An A.I control unit is implanted into skull, accompanied by an invasive body wide network of wires. Reduces Body by 1 but allows user to learn new skill with a value of 3. This skill may not be raised any higher. 
  4. Avatar Spoofer: Several nodules installed into skull and wired to Datagrid device. Allows the summoning of d6 copies of user’s avatar in Datagrid once per session. Copies have a digital health of 1 and are always hacked before the user’s real avatar. Copies have no power in the Datagrid outside of camouflage. 
  5. Multi Arm: Arm replaced with metal transforming gauntlet of tools. Any test involving physical labour is Easy. 
  6. Spider Gearing: Cybernetic legs terminating in fully operable hand like claws. These can be used as arms. Two spindly support armlets also installed into spine make any climbing test Easy. 
5, Warp Ware: 
  1. Voice Modulator: Neck replaced with an electronic audio system wired to brain. User can replicate any voice or noise they have heard with a successful Mind test. 
  2. Multi Visage: Defining features of face shaved away and replaced with a morphing system of holograms wired to brain. User can replicate any face they have seen with a successful Mind test. 
  3. Plastic surgery: Make yourself artificially more attractive. Makes Negotiation tests Easy. 
  4. Shifting Skin: Warping holographic camouflage tattoos injected into skin. Controlled via Datagrid device. Makes Sneak and Hide tests Easy but Negotiation tests Hard.  
  5. Pheromone Expulser: Replenishing gas canisters implanted into neck. Allows the user to re-roll a random reaction roll 6 times a session.  
  6. Smoke Expulser: Vented gas barrell implanted into belly. Once per session can fill a room with thick smoke, allowing the user and any companions to visually disappear. 
6, Conflict Ware: 
  1. Weapon Jack: Wired connection established between brain and a ranged weapon of choice. All tests with that weapon are Easy.  
  2. Dermal Plating: Metallic plates implanted all beneath skin. Body tests when defending are always Easy, but Sneak and Hide tests are always Hard. 
  3. Auto Injector: Implanted vials of replenishing chemicals. All Tests in user’s first combat per session have +1 (to a maximum skill/attribute value of 5) 
  4. Self Destruct Button: A micronuclear bomb is installed into torso. Detonating it does 6 damage to up to 6 targets and eliminates the user. 
  5. Horror Surgery: Utter disfigurement while maintaining all functional ability. Makes Intimidate tests Easy.   (make your self look scarier) intimidate easy 
  6. Mind Blaster: Skull implanted, speaker-like, psychic amplifiers. Test Mind to absolutely terrify up to d6 nearby enemies. Has d6 charges per session.