Tuesday 7 January 2020

Star Dogs Galaxy Sector Creation Kit

Create an entire galaxy sector to play Star Dogs in! Check out Star Dogs here: https://lizardmandiaries.blogspot.com/2019/11/star-dogs-players-handbook.html

Galaxy Sector Mapping: 

Roll a d6 to determine the number of stars in the galaxy sector. Die drop that number of random sized die on to a blank sheet of paper.

Draw concentric circles equal to the result rolled  around each dropped die in the location they landed. This is the number of orbiting sectors the star has.  These orbiting sectors can be divided into smaller orbiting sectors for a more populated system.

Grid out the blank areas surrounding the stars and orbiting sectors as appropriate, as many or as little sectors as needed. The sectors can be irregular, it’s space, draw them as you please.


Galaxy Sector Stocking: 

(Perhaps generate a random spacecraft that the PC's begin their galactic adventure in).  

Star Orbiting Sector Stocker, d4: Stock each sector orbiting a star with the following table. 

1) Empty. 

2) Planet: 

3) Space Station

4) Random space encounter.

Starless Sector Stocker, d6: Stock each sector outside of the orbit of a star with the following table. 

1-2) Empty

3) Starless planet:

4) Space station:

5) Random space encounter:

6) Nebula: roll a d12. The nebula fills that many sectors nearby. Re-roll on the Starless sector stocker to see if there is anything else in the nebula originating sector. If a nebula result is rolled in a pre-existing nebula, assume the sector is empty. Nebulae can fill both star orbiting and starless sectors.


  1. I like that map. A lot.

    Kill all hexmaps!

    1. Thanks, here's a digital version of another map I generated using the same method: https://twitter.com/MichaelRaston/status/1219484972043493376

  2. You roll a nebula and fill up d8 spots - filling up areas already rolled as well as unrolled areas. You then roll to see if the starting nebula has anything else in it. Do you also roll for the unrolled areas or are they just empty nebulas now?

    1. Generators choice really, I also roll for those unrolled nebula areas but if you want an emptier nebula you could just leave it.