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Automated Space Random Encounter Generator

Made to be used with Star Dogs:

This generator is an updated version of this post:

Click on the buttons to generate a random encounter in space. 

The raw tables can be found below.
(Automated using:

Button/Table Descriptions: 

Space Scenery: gives the “area” that the encounter takes place in – these are intended to give interesting cover and obstacles to any potential battles.

Modifier: gives the descriptor for that area, possibly changing the way it operates and appears.

Contents: gives the thing encountered, which may be anything from valuable cargo, a band of space pirates or weird space entities. There is a seperate button for each result.

Automated Space Random Encounter Generator: 

Raw Tables: 

Space Scenery:  

Clouds of fist sized asteroids. Flying through the clouds will cause minor to moderate damage to ship HP.
Spacecraft sized cloud of asteroids, slowly drifting and colliding.
An out of orbit moon, cracked, decaying, dead and lifeless.
A cluster of aged, defunct satellites, signal repeaters, landing assistors and other mechanical detritus.
A space station. No lights, signals or transmissions are emitting from it.
An enormous asteroid, riddled with clearly visible caves and tunnels.
Clouds of chunks of ice that will melt to water globules when close enough to ship exhaust and energy weapon fire.
Two warp portals. The portals are about the width and height of a moon. A mass of space detritus is caught in an endless loop, warping from one portal to the other, endlessly drifting.
An enormous stone structure cubic or pyramid in shape. It is riddled with entrances, windows, clear passageways and rooms indicating it was a structure for habitation. It is ancient and rotting, also clearly not intended for space travel.
A moon sized comet, hurtling through space with a brightly colored trail of gas and debris. Collusions with the comet would be catastrophic for most space craft.
An enormous out of commission and rotting spacecraft, large holes riddling its hull. No sign of power or operation.
Huge and dead, hardened organic hive structure. Chunks of rotting organic material trails behind the hive as it floats through space. It does not appear to be inhabited.
Clouds of purple and yellow ion storming that will completely dematerialize ship shield systems.
Clouds of thick green gas that most rudimentary ship scanning system will indicate as extremely flammable and explosive.
Brown green clouds of thick dust, gas and pebbles. Flying through these clouds will cause almighty din in any areas of the ship close to the external hull as stones bounce from it.  May also disrupt audio visual sensors and decrease manual visibility.
d20 Still smoldering husks of obliterated spacecraft involved in a recent battle. There does not appear to be any survivors but some ship signals are still live but silent.
A clearly living organic structure approximately the size of a moon. May be tree/seaweed/fungus/sea cucumber/coral/etc-like in its formation.
The putrid and disintegrating carcass of some mythical, long dead space beast. Its features are rotted beyond recognition and classification. All that is left behind is flesh, bone, ichor and organs frozen and floating in space. Frozen globules of blood approximately the size of a stunt fighter orbit the carcass.
d20 unmanned, unpowered ancient spacecraft, drifting together connected by a web of fuel and powerlines. They are of a design and make not seen in eons.
Clusters of drifting, globules of a type of dark matter. While entering them will not cause lasting or physical damage, it will result in complete ship system failure. This dark matter will pass through any physical barriers (ship hulls/shields) as if the matter around the globule has absolutely no effect on it. Organic creatures will become unconscious for d10 rounds if they come into passing contact with a globule. Anything remaining in contact with the dark matter for more than a few minutes may disappear from existence.


The scenery has clearly been nibbled/chomped/eaten by a now absent space leviathan.
An unexplained source or sources of gravity are dragging the scenery towards it. Ships may also be affected by this.  Objects and detritus will be clustered, tight and swirling towards the gravity source.
The scenery or part of the scenery has the alarming property of draining electronic energy systems. Ships in the vicinity/contact too long will lose power completely and drift aimlessly in space – all systems offline.
The scenery or part of the scenery has the alarming property causing one of the following systems to go offline, d4: 1) shields 2) scanning and targeting 3) engines 4) weapon systems.
Garbled/disturbing/intriguing localized dataplane transmissions
Inhabited by system specific alien – along with the housing required by that race.
Inhabited by system specific rogue humans (rebels, pirates, anarchists, etc) - along with the housing required.
Floating globules of magnetic, liquid metal. Will stick to starships leading to unusual hull shapes and possibly loss of speed.
The scenery is churning and swirling in a massive gravitational maelstrom. This maelstrom may affect the movement of spacecraft travelling through it.
The area is replete with a valuable resource that can be salvaged, mined or foraged. It may be the scenery itself, or attached/ingrained within the scenery.
Space mushrooms or truffle balls of various sizes and colours coat the physical objects in the area, or float listlessly in space. They will explode in clouds of spores when coming into contact with spacecraft and their engine exhaust.
The physical objects in the area coated in clusters of dog sized eggs. Eggs may or may not be covered in slime and goop and raised on a stalk. Obscene alien lifeforms may or may not be contained within.
Space mirage causes objects in the area to multiply, shimmer, blur and other wise confuse those nearby.
The scenery, or parts of it, emit hazardous levels of radiation that may seep through spacecraft hulls depending on the craft.
The scenery glows blindingly with an infection of some plasma like substance.
A thick ghostly space fog flows through the area, sparking with electricity.
A forest of coral like space vegetation growth infests the area.
Corpses, either alien or human, float in clusters near the scenery.
Scenery is cracked, shattered and broken apart into many pieces.
Alien beasts who live in the vacuum of space, infest the scenery.


Galactic Pallets.
Space Anomaly.
Single Ship.
Group of ships.
Galactic Pallets and Space Anomaly.
Galactic Pallets and Single Ship.
Galactic Pallets and Group of ships.
Space Anomaly and Single Ship
Space Anomalies and Group of Ships.
Single Ship and a Group of Ships.
Two opposing single ships.
Two opposing groups of ships.

Galactic Pallets: 

d6 Galactic Pallets containing mundane and everyday items worth d10 x 100 credits each.
d6 Galactic Pallets containing tools and speciality equipment worth 2d10 x 500 credits each.
d6 d6 Galactic Pallets containing weapons and armour worth 3d10 x 1000 credits each.
d6 Galactic Pallets containing advanced combat equipment worth 3d10 x 1500 credits each.
d6 Galactic Pallets containing impressive technology equipment worth 3d10 x 1500 credits each.
d6 Galactic Pallets containing hovercraft parts worth 4d10 x 1000 credits each.
d6 Galactic Pallets containing spacecraft parts worth 5d10 x 2000 credits each
d6 Galactic Pallets each containing a HD6 security robot, controllable by comlog.
A Galactic Pallet containing a comlog detailing security codes for nearby space station or planetary base.
A Galactic Pallet containing a comlog with complete layout and schematics for nearby space station or planetary base
A Galactic Pallet containing a comlog with data for cutting edge augmentation.
d6 Galactic Pallets each containing a hibernating HD8 exotic and dangerous non sentient alien.

Space Anomalies

1d6 organic, living spacecraft.
A ratty and rotting salvaged spacecraft, made up of the remains of hundreds of destroyed spacecraft. The salvaged ship is controlled by a self aware A.I. that is travelling through space to further grow itself.
An ancient spacecraft controlled by an A.I.. The AI will hail and request immediate docking with any ships it encounters claiming it has gifts for those onboard. Use the Dangerous Sector generator to create the hellish interior the A.I. is attempting to trap, kill, capture and torture those silly enough to board within.
An organic and sentient space station manned by humanoid shaped drone workers devoid of features who work tirelessly manufacturing some semi organic trade good. Use the Alien Species generator for details of the space station.
Spacecraft floating slowly, engines unpowered, inhabited by a parasitic alien lifeform (use Alien Species generator). The ship will hail and report in a stilted, warped voice that the pilots on board are having trouble piloting their craft and require assistance. Though the parasitic lifeform want more organic hosts, they would also appreciate knowledge on how to operate their spacecraft.
A space leviathan (use Alien Species generator but assume the being created can swim through the vacuum of space).

Single Ship: 

Alien small fighter.
Major power in the system small fighter.
Rogue humans (rebels, pirates, anarchists, etc) small fighter.
Rogue humans (rebels, pirates, anarchists, etc) small transport.
Independent merchant/trader/smuggler small transport.
Independent merchant/trader/smuggler large transport.
Alien large transport.
Prominent individual large fighter.
Major power in the system large fighter.
Major power in the system extra large fighter.

Group of ships: 

d8 alien small fighters.
d8 major power in the system small fighters.
d8 rogue humans (rebels, pirates, anarchists, etc) small fighters.
Rogue humans (rebels, pirates, anarchists, etc) large transport + d8 rogue humans (rebels, pirates, anarchists, etc)  small fighters.
d6 Independent merchant/trader/smuggler  small transports.
d6 Independent merchant/trader/smuggler  large transports.
Alien large transport + d8 Alien small fighters.
Prominent individual large fighter + d8 major power in the system small fighters.
Major power in the system large fighter + d8 major power in the system small fighters.
Major power in the system extra large fighter.  + d8 major power in the system small fighters.

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