Wednesday, 4 December 2019

Automated Sci Fi Impressive Technology and Advanced Combat Equipment Generator

Made to be used with Star Dogs:

Click on the buttons to generate piece of technology, focused on either utility or combat. 

The raw tables can be found below.
(Automated using:

Button/Table Descriptions: 

Technology Base Form: The shape and core purpose of the technology.

Technology Special Power: The special power of the technology.

Special Power Modifier: Specifically how the technology's special power manifests.

Technology Base Material: This will impact how the technology/weapon appears and the manner in which it operates (only use the “Will also” as a guide, ignore it completely as you see fit, but it will probably be interesting to see how the base element interacts with the other results).

Automated Sci Fi Impressive Technology and Advanced Combat Equipment Generator: 

Raw Tables: 

Technology Base Form:

Hat or helmet (envelopes the head, affects the organs there).
Jewelry (worn ostentatiously, imbued with a powerful A.I or made of a khybe inducing substance).
Large chunk of khybe sensitive substance (must be held or operated, affects the external world).
Sleep or meditation pod (technology impacts the bodies of those inside).
Chair (technology impacts the bodies of  those sat upon it).
Body armour (technology envelopes and affects the body).
Shield (technology is always defensive in nature).
Robes, cloak, cape or clothing (technology affects appearance).
Boots (technology affects ambulation and transport).
Melee weapon.
Ranged weapon.
Gloves and gauntlets (Allows the fine motor manipulation of technology).
Drone (non sentient but automated technology).
Robot (sentient technology).
Dispenser (technology creates a daily limited supply of a consumable).
Glasses or goggles (technology affects vision).
Explosives (consumable technology with a once off area of affect).
Utility/tool (technology makes a certain task easier or automates a certain task).
Specialised comlog (technology affects the dataplane).
Modular cybernetic augmentation (very easy for a cybernetic technician to install).

Technology Special Power:

Heals and regenerates.
Protects and armours.
Guides and navigates.
Stores and hides.
Grants Immunity and resistance.
Illuminates and clarifies.
Provides knowledge and intelligence.
Provides flight and gliding.
Controls the mind and thoughts.
Causes sleep and meditation.
Helps breathing and moving.
Cleans and reduces.
Supplies air and gas.
Controls voices and noises.
Controls A.I’s and the data plane.
Disguises and camouflages.
Charms and beguiles
Grants speed and swiftness.
Increases damage and destruction.
Grants endurance and vitality.
Shrinks and resizes.
Clutches and grasps.
Growths and proliferates.
Jellifies and slimes.
Reflects and repeats.
Pierces and smashes.
Tricks and misdirects.
Sees clearly and astutely.
Feeds and fattens .
Repairs and replaces.
Beautifies and glamorizes.
Cuts and slashes.
Analyses and researches.
Causes dreams and fantasies.
Mind controls and enslaves.
Sculpts flesh and bone.
Grows skin and organs.
Self destructs and self cannibalises.
Regulates and replenishes.
Neutralises and eliminates.
Electrifies and shocks.
Claws and prys.
Melts and corrodes.
Freezes and fridgerates.
Heats and burns.
Balances and orders.
Steams and boils.
Cleans and tidies.
Entraps and seizes.
Locks and secures.
Grows and encourages.
Sensualises and stimulates.
Decorates and ornaments.
Wildens and savages.
Grinds and dissects.
Gives peace and kindness.
Smells and creates scents.
Causes illusions and fakery.
Causes madness and warping.
Wets and dampens.
Explodes and ignites.
Destroys and crushes.
Recycles and reuses.
Pilfers and scavenges.
Automates and self controls.
Maps and directs.
Transports and carries.
Sickens and disgusts.
Divines and tells the future.
Messies and dirties.
Removes and separates.
Preserves and keeps.
Gathers and binds.
Smooths and softens.
Intoxicates and inebriates.
Bridges and connects.
Blubbers and babbles.
Picks and probes.
Seduces and allures.
Digs holes and cavities.
Seeks and hunts.
Rigidifies and supports.
Catalyses and excites/
Hides and sneaks.
Makes fancy and decorates.
Records time and history.
Dissipates and dissolves.
Writes and records.
Entertains and distracts.
Tortures and extracts.
Poisons and sickens.
Counter attacks and responds.
Causes frustration and disbelief.
Brings shadows and darkness.
Creates markers and beacons.
Liquifies and emulsifies.
Glows and brightens.
Breaks and kills.
Warps and reworks.
Deregulates and deharmonises.

Special Power Modifier: 

Is incredibly generous.
Excels at helping those who are suffering.
Has seemingly unlimited power source.
Is unable to harm anything or one.
Very strict and regimented.
Creates lots of identical small impacts.
Operates mostly in the mental world or the data plane.
Slowly glows brighter and brighter.
Is always one step ahead.
Induces pleasure in its user.
Somehow floats or causes floating.
Makes copies of things.
Empties and hallows things.
Scoops up and devours things.
Works incredibly silently.
Is very old and rickety.
Incredibly obvious, blunt and rude.
Can self replicate itself.
Works incredibly fast.
Is incredibly disruptive when operating.
Never stays still.
Pulls from the atmosphere to power itself.
Works very secretively.
Is nanotechnology.
Works invisibly.
Very basic and mundane in operation.
Is always fixing things.
Constantly reforming and renewing itself.
Very subtle in application.
Results tend to be temporary.
Requires credits to operate.
Is incredibly decorative.
Requires an exotic substance to operate.
Conducts research.
Grows knowledge as it operates.
Hijacks other nearby technologies.
Consumes energy from the user.
Takes a very long time to recharge.
Effect is doubled or twined.
Reflects back things that impact it.
Obsessed with finding a specific target.
Can repair itself with ease.
Will only work for users who are worthy.
Has a strict set of operation rules.
Scans all nearby.
Cleans up after itself.
Harms those nearby to it when operating.
Restrains those nearby.
Can only do one very specific thing.
Hijacks user somehow.
Has not been created by humans.
Slowly grows as used.
Can only be used outside/in space.
Operating the technology irritates all nearby.
Easy to lose control while operating.
Makes it hard for user to concentrate.
Transforms between several key powers.
Has a limited number of uses.
Operating the technology calms all nearby.
Requires wired connection to user to operate.
Ejects a harmful substance while operating.
Could possible explode during operation.
Often does not operate correctly.
Can self destruct.
Tries to inflict pain where possible.
Does several things at once.
Manipulates from afar.
Always seem to act first.
Sentient A.I. inhabits the technology.
Controls other technologies to achieve its goal.
Overly large and cumbersome.
Operation unerves all nearby.
Has an adverse effect on aliens.
All nearby technology are infatuated with it.
Brings pleasure.
Induces intoxication.
Others are willing to assist operation of technology.
Is close to breaking.
Will push objects apart.
Must be placed on the ground to operate.
Is very good at hiding itself.
Will burrow beneath something nearby.
Incredibly sturdy.
Is a classic and exemplary model.
Effects of operation slowly grow.
Requires constant refuelling.
Operation has an impact on nearby gravity.
Take a long time to operate.
Is a very old model, but still works.
Is a brand new prototype.
Is harmful or painful to operate.
Also causes pain to target in operation.
Destroys or vandalises objects nearby in operation.
Operation attracts a specific species of alien.
Destroys other technologies while it operates.
Can cause death.
Is only a few uses away from destruction.
Needs repair to work properly.
Creates a large amount of smoke or other atmospheric disturbance.
Has an impact on the nearby dataplane.

Technology Base Material: 

Soft, plush yet firm plastic. Will also help others who are not the users.
Clean, clear and symmetrical metal. Will also restore order and end chaos.
Glowing energy orbs encased in clear globes. Will also create illumination (mental and physical).
Gas canisters linked by tubing. Will also cause flight.
Bellowing pumps of air. Will also provide an optimal atmosphere.
White, glowing plasma pumped through clear tubes. Will also control other technologies nearby.
Vigorous exhaust tubings. Will also manipulate things from afar.
Impressively fast pumping pistons. Will also increase speed.
Smooth curving precious metal. Will also create credits.
Clusters of small metallic nodules. Will also make things smaller.
Incredibly shiny and reflective chrome metal. Will also decrease visibility.
A conglomeration of screens and wires. Will also manipulate the data plane.
Clumps of green tubes and canisters. Will also heal.
A hive of small scanners connected by wires. Will also create knowledge.
Syringes connected to red flowing tubing. Will also manipulate internal organs.
Insulated housing units containing super cold liquids. Will also freeze others in place.
A braided tangle of blue tubing connected to metal bulbs. Will also manipulate liquids.
Flat slats of interconnected metal. Will also equalize others.
Nozzles or funnels connected to metal canisters. Will also clean.
Mechanisms held in housings of metal bars. Will also entrapped others.
Swirling and organic shaped metal. Will also make others act wild and lose control.
Sucking tubes connected to a central metal canister. Will also consume flesh or data.
Slow spinning circles of metal. Will also bring peace.
Dark misshapen and asymmetrical metal. Will also corrupt and warp others.
Vents and canisters of super hot plasma. Will also create and manipulate heat and flame.
Pointed and heavyset metal. Will also break down physical matter.
Spindly rods orbited by metal balls. Will also lengthen the user’s range of manipulation.
Clear canisters holding swirling dust. Will also know of future events.
Spiked, skeletal masses of metal. Will also create terror.
Cumbersome chunks of metal. Will also increase size.
Plastic canisters of connected with various taps. Will also create inebriation.
Sleek, small and organic lines of dark metal. Will also infiltrate.
Slow rotating drill heads. Will also burrow.
Heavy plates of thick metal. Will also protect.
Rattling red canisters, barely held in metal housing. Will also cause destruction.
Bare circuit boards connected by wire. Will also manipulate or acknowledge the past.
Clusters of needles connected by cruel spiked metal. Will also create pain.
Whirring spiked teeth cogs of metal. Will also create cruelty.
Globes of an inky substance, connected by pipes. Will also create darkness.
Hard, bone like plastic. Will also cause death and decay.