Wednesday, 20 November 2019

Star Dogs Player's Handbook

Star Dogs is a super simple space opera tabletop roleplaying game. It is designed to be picked up and played as quickly as possible and for the focus to be on the galactic hi-jinx taking place at the table - not flipping through pages in search of specific rules.

Star Dogs has straightforward and easy to play rules for combat, skill tests, vehicle combat, space combat, space magic, cybernetic augmentation, technology use and more!

This is the Player’s Handbook for Star Dogs that features everything you need to roll up a heroic or villainous Star Dog and explore the galaxy in search for as many credits as possible.   

Update: For all you Star Dog referee's go get your self a copy of the Referee's Handbook here:

Here are some tools to help you with running a game of Star Dogs:


  1. Replies
    1. Yep! Going to try and sort that out tomorrow.

    2. Hey Bill, I've got the POD edition good to go:

      Now, I have ordered a proof, but I haven't seen it yet. Should arrive to me in about a week and a half. As such, I won't promote the POD version yet, until I get a copy in my hands, but if you want an early copy, its there to order! I will keep you updated when I get it.

    3. Just got my copy and it looks great! You can still get it here:

  2. Love that cover art! Would love to see Infinnigrad book that looks like this.

    1. Thanks Anne! One day there will be a Guild Dog's player guide...and the complete guide to Infinigrad.