Monday, 6 January 2020

Automated Nebula Generator

Made to be used with Star Dogs:

Nebulas both warp and colour the areas of space they fill. They will have an impact on the planets, stars and space stations within them and the spacecraft and the crew that travel through them.

Click on the buttons to generate a nebula. 

The raw tables can be found below.
(Automated using:

Button/Table Descriptions: 

Appearance: This is what the nebula is composed of, and how that material manifests in space. This composition will affect the way in which the nebula’s effect impacts those that enter the nebula.

Effect: This is the unusual effect the nebula imbues the planets, suns and space stations within itself with, and spacecrafts and crew that travel through it. Each effect has two colours associated with it, use these to describe the nebula. The first colour button is purely cosmetic, ensure you click both (there may be some colour double ups due to this being written for an upcoming pdf rather than digital buttons, just think of a new colour if you get two of the same).

Nebula Generator: 

Raw Tables: 

Soft glowing clouds of shimmering mineral dust - strong impact to all.  
Gas formed into interlocked swirling rings - impacts only some. 
Granules of glowing plasma dust, diffused but sometimes clumped - impacts some more than others. 
Wispy and reaching tendrils of light gas - impacts some at specific times. 
Spinning sheets of thick blizzard like gas - impacts all but at different times.  
Waves of thick then thin gas - impacts all in varying levels of intensity. 
Strings of criss crossing tendrils of light gas - light impact to all. 
Huge spherical globes of heavy gas - overwhelming impact to all. 
Twirling, ever forming and receding tendrils of thick gas - oscillating impact to all. 
Incredibly diffused, light and misty gas - weak impact to all. 
Thick sheets of floating liquid - surging, increasing impact to all. 
Ever receding plane of gas, dissipates on approach - initially strong, but fading impact to some. 
Twinkling clouds of mineral dust - strong bursts of impact to all.  
Blooming frozen explosions of gas flowers - slowly growing impact to all. 
Cross crossing tendrils of liquid - alternates between impacting some then others. 
Long flat planes of frozen metallic liquid - impacts only those that see it. 
Swirling, interlocking circles of liquid - impacts at random, then spreads from impactees. 
Firework like ever slow exploding gas clouds - a fast growing impact that erratically jumps from person to person. 
 Huge slowly imploding then reexpanding clouds of gas - strong impact to all that quickly fades and repeats itself. 
Leviathanic gas clouds vaguely formed in the shapes of animals - incredibly strong impact to one random entity. 
Flat, incredibly far reaching planes of dust - medium impact to all. 
Flame like, roaming pillars of gas - medium impact to any that see it, then spreading from them to others. 
Two claustrophobic flat planes of very thick gas - overwhelming impact to all. 
Planes of mineral dust being consumed by aggressive clouds of gas - two alternating impacts to all, roll twice on effect table. 
Huge spheres of thick gas, with calm internal spaces - soft impact accompanied by a calming of organic beings. 
Erratic soup of swirling dust, gas and liquid - strong impact to all, roll three times on effect table. 
Fading, dust like remnants of gas clouds - barely noticeable impact to all. 
Glowing explosions of mineral dust - fast growing impact to some. 
Hooked, claw like tendrils of gas - long lingering impact to all. 
Shimmering, multi layered curtains and sheets of gas - two strong impacts to all, roll twice on effect table. 
An ever thickening sphere of gas and minerals - impacts all, stronger closer to the centre of the nebula. 
A central worm hole spewing out clouds of thick gas - impacts some, those impacting have an unbearable urge to leave the nebula. 
Super thick, light blocking cloud of dust - overwhelming impact to some. 
Swirling waves of dust - impact to all, delayed till once they leave the nebula. 
Thick gas and dust clumped heavily around any large mass in the nebula - roll twice on effect table, strongly impacts all when nearby to planets, stars, space stations, etc. 
An imploding star at the centre of the nebula is vomiting torrents of gas - impacts all, more intensely the closer to the imploding star one is. 
Heavy clouds of dust drifting from d12 cracked, crushed and exploded planets - impacts some very swiftly. 
 Extremely thick soup of dust and minerals - strong impact to all, damages spacecraft that fly through it. 
Thick dust, sometimes forming into boulders of stone - strong impact to all, danger and probably of impact with spacecraft in nebula very high.
Thick, swirling clouds of liquid - medium impact to all, liquid melts into spacecraft hull causing lingering impact to those inside. 


Green: Vivifies and repairs organic flesh.  
Silver: Solidifies and strengthens metal. 
Purple: Confuses and misguides spacecraft sensors. 
Grey: Can nullify the damage of Laz weapons. 
Red: Empowers warp drive systems. 
Yellow: Greatly increases spacecraft speed. 
Pink: Causes visions and dreams in organic beings. 
Teal: Clarifies the mental faculties of organic beings. 
Orange: Physically empowers organic beings. 
Aqua: Greatly increases the aerobic capacity of organic beings. 
White: Strips clean metals. 
Light green: Greatly increases metabolism and hunger in organic beings. 
Gold: Greatly increases the range and effectiveness of ship sensors. 
White: Causes organic beings to become incredibly sleepy. 
Beige: Causes the face and forms of organic beings to warp and shimmer. 
Purple: Distorts the visual field of sentient beings, causing them to feel much smaller. 
Grey: Repairs and reinforces spacecraft hulls and the form of mechanical beings. 
Red: Refuels and refills mechanical fuel systems. 
Silver: Amplifies and clarifies spacecraft sensors. 
Green: Eliminates infections, diseases, viruses, etc in organic beings. 
Pink: Solidifies and strengthens organic flesh. 
Yellow: Increases all sensuous desires of organic beings.
Acqua: Imbues sentients beings with an intense sense of calm. 
Red: Causes all objects to leave easily trackable trails behind. 
Grey: Actively consumes breathable atmosphere, dramatically reducing its supply. 
Silver; Disconnects and blocks access to the Data Plane 
Purple: Greatly empowers laz weaponry. 
Green: Increases the mass of organic beings. 
Magenta: Confuses spacecraft astronavigation sensors. 
Amber: Warps the bones and flesh of organic beings. 
Lime: Shuts down the organic process of organic beings, slowly killing them. 
Grey: Intense radiation cooks organic matter from the inside. 
Pink: Stops spacecraft’s warp drives from operating. 
Yellow: Hijacks spacecraft’s piloting system and send them to places of the nebula’s choosing. 
Blue: A pervading atmospheric dampness causes everything to become wet. 
Beige: Infects organic beings with a maddening fever, disturbing voices and visions. 
Gold: Causes feelings of euphoria in organic beings. 
Blue: Constantly feed organic beings, like atmosphere manna from heaven. 
Silver: Causes organic beings to appear incredibly attractive. 
Teal: Causes accurate and prophetic dreams in sentient beings. 
Lime: Creates shimmering and distracting mirror images. 
Red: Ignitable atmosphere causes spacecraft weaponry to become explosive. 
White: Causes organic beings to feel incredibly ill and uneasy, eventually killing them. 
Beige: Causes communication, data plane or spoken, to become garbled and disjointed. 
Orange: Causes all organic life to glow brightly. 
Aqua: Infects sentient beings with an overbearing desire to not leave the nebula. 
Pink: Induces psychedelic visions in sentient beings. 
Grey: Causes increased aging in organic beings. 
Grey: Causes voices in the minds of all sentient beings. 
Purple: Causes the corporeal bodies of organic beings to lose their forms, sometimes temporarily becoming sentient goop. 
Yellow: Echoes all words spoken and noises made. 
Orange: Stupifies and confuses organic beings. 
White: Shocks and electrifies both organic and mechanical beings/objects. 
Lime: Will allow organic lifeforms to live seemingly indefinitely. 
Beige: Greatly intensifies chemical reactions. 
Silver: Allows spacecraft to very easily avoid detection. 
Red: Corrodes and rips apart metal, including spacecraft. 
Maroon: Causes sentient beings to communicate telepathically. 
Amber: Allows sentient beings consciousness to leave their physical form. 
Pink: Infects organic beings with a nebula specific disease or parasite. 
Blue: Increases the pull of gravity to all large masses. 
Red: Cracks and disintegrates armour and hull. 
Lime: Disintegrates the flesh of organic beings. 
Beige: Steals memories from sentient beings. 
Gold: Melts metal. 
Silver: Freezes organic matter. 
Yellow: Burns organic matter. 
Pink: Causes seizures and petrification in sentient beings. 
White: Causes sentient beings to lose intelligence and reason. 
Purple: Extremely strengthens organic beings bones and internal support structures.  
Grey: Causes all organic material to slowly break down into liquid mush. 
Orange: Consumes spacecraft fuel supplies, causing travel in the nebula to be very expensive. 


  1. Thank you very much, I really like this generator.

    1. You are welcome, glad you like it. I think its the last big Sci Fi generator in the Star Dogs set.