Saturday 16 May 2015

Drawings from the Pale Kingdom

Here are some drawings of some of the entities from my 1 Page Dungeon "The Kingdom of the Pale Giants". Stats are soon to follow! 

 "Wild eyed, tattooed and scarification, naked, bone swords and axes, boiling with animosity". 

The King
"Horn crown, corpulent, ever seated, naked, beclaw handed, spike fingered, droop eyed, slobbering, ever eating".

"Grim, grunting, stone/bone shields and spears, well muscled, neat loin cloth, milky pale eyed, roar prone, undying loyalty to king".

 "Two ed, one head dead/mad/diseased, gnarled clubs and rocks, rotting body, boils, claw handed, limping, crazed, cowed by other giants, intense stupidity, inbred".

Pygmy Slave: "Diffident, scared, mopey, ragged and sick. Will only attack adventurers when commanded to  by giants".

Pygmy Shaman: pygmies when giants absent, burlap cloaked, crude fetishes and effigies, minor healing and divination magic, strong willed and crafty".

Horned Ratdog
 "Pink and hairless, red eyed, curved horns, some quills and spines, slavering, foul tempered, rabid".
"Female, blind, claw handed and footed, decorative and elaborate bone dressings, skin cloak, horns, intense powers of divination, distracted by visions, signs omens". ("elaborate bone dressings" is a typo I picked up after submission. I'm not sure what word I was actually intending to use but I now believe it's "canon" that the Seers wrap cloth interlaced with bone around various parts of their bodies.)