Friday, 8 November 2019

Automated Sci Fi NPC Generator

Made to be used with Star Dogs:

Click on the buttons to get a Sci Fi  NPC. 
The raw tables can be found below.

(Automated using:

Button/Table Descriptions: 

Expertise: What is the NPC’s main skill/business/pursuit? 

Modus Operandi: How does the NPC operate? What are their quirks or obsessions in pursuing their work?

Appearance: What is unusual about the NPC’s appearance?

Automated Sci Fi NPC Generator: 

Raw Tables:

First aid. 
Cybernetic research. 
Accommodation operations. 
Temple operations. 
Vault guarding. 
Data plane data entry. 
Legal interpretation. 
Space exploration. 
Planetary exploration. 
Future prediction. 
Space weather. 
Spacecraft piloting. 
Mind reading. 
Trade of illicit substances. 
Sleep therapy. 
Gas mining/storage/production. 
Vision and dream interpretation. 
Space suits. 
Hovercraft piloting. 
Flying alien beast breeding. 
Data plane record erasure. 
Biological sample preservation. 
Music creation. 
Planetary weather. 
Artificial Intelligence. 
Fashion manufacturing. 
Data plane communications. 
Synthoids and androids. 
Wearable technologies. 
Hovercraft manufacture and maintenance. 
Interstellar trade. 
Crystal manufacture and trade. 
Antique spacecraft. 
Martial arts. 
Alien beast breeding. 
Nano or miniature technology. 
Pet alien beasts. 
Herbs and spices. 
Air and atmosphere locks. 
Water generation and transportation. 
Automated manufacturing. 
Public performance. 
Languages, alien and otherwise. 
Cosmetic surgery. 
Covert intelligence. 
Vat farming. 
Cybernetic installation. 
Building construction. 
Event coordination. 
Alien beast enclosures. 
Credit regulation.
Asset protection. 
Data plane databases. 
Esoteric philosophy. 
Mind control. 
Meat growing. 
Organ harvesting. 
Blood banking. 
Medical analysis. 
Acquating alien beast breeding. 
Contract law. 
Debt collection. 
Galactic Pallet operation. 
Prison warding. 
Bounty hunting. 
Armour manufacturing. 
Data plane security. 
Data plane intrusion. 
Melee weapon manufacturing. 
Interstellar migration. 
Khybe worship. 
Alien flora architecture. 
Alien architecture. 
Alien humanoid slaving. 
Robot/android/synthoid operations. 
Alien beast taming. 
Meat production/preparation. 
Data plane avatars. 
Cosmetic augmentation. 
Vat gardening. 
Trade consulting. 
Illicit substance preparation/production.
Synthoid replication. 
Hologram projection. 
Revolution organising. 
Khybe mutations. 
Alien trade goods. 
Planetary cartography. 
Space cartography. 
Manufacturing technology. 
Advanced combat equipment. 
Fuel mining/storage/production.
Ore mining/storage/production. 
Robot modification. 
Ranged weapon manufacturing. 
Weapon modification and augmentation.
Spacecraft modification and augmentation. 
Hovercraft modification and augmentation. 
Refuse recycling. 
Waste disposal. 
Ancient alien ruins. 
Deep space exploration. 
Spacecraft manufacture and maintenance. 
Alien menageries. 
Public relations. 
Vacuum of space dwelling aliens. 
Biological augmentation. 
Spacestation manufacture and maintenance.
Outpost manufacture and maintenance.
Mundane items manufacture and maintenance.
Underground habitation and architecture. 
Underground exploration. 
Treasure hunting. 
Data plane hacking. 
Secret gathering and trading. 
Time keeping. 
Exotic technology trading. 
Poisons and disease. 
Data plane viruses/malfunctions. 
Corpse preparation/disposal/preservation. 

Modus Operandi
Overly generous.
Helps downtrodden. 
Acts as charity. 
Aloof but avoids creation of suffering. 
Regimented and militaristic.
Must ensure justice at any cost.
Seemingly unconcerned with the physical world. 
Aware of the future. 
Creates perfect forms. 
Blissfully single minded. 
Work is achieved through A.I. 
Work is done in zero gravity. 
Is an empty husk. 
Creates fakes and copies. 
Is always recruiting. 
Work is achieved through robots, synthoids or androids. 
Very insidious. 
Always whispers, literally and metaphorically.
Haunted by the past. 
Blustering, abrupt and infinitely rude.
Controlled by an A.I. 
Work is self replicating. 
Always strikes first. 
Very transient. 
Works with incredible speed. 
Incredibly secretive. 
Uses nano sized technology. 
Infected with disease. 
Bluntly honest and pragmatic.
Transparent in workings. 
Rarely seen. 
Works in an incredibly mundane and basic manner. 
Works in the background. 
Work always breaks down and malfunctions. 
Reviving things long forgotten and abandoned. 
Works is new and novel. 
Revives dead and broken things.
Purely concerned with material profit. 
Opulent and be-jeweled.
Is immeasurably, obscenely materially wealthy. 
Work requires an obscene amount of fuel. 
Creates Data plane reports on expertise. 
Work is purely theoretical.
Work requires blood and sacrifice. 
Work has been halted for a long time.
Motivated by ancient grudges and oaths.
Constantly reuses and recycles own work.
Work ever destroys and rebuilds itself.
Only works with those they deem worthy. 
Bound by byzantine set of rules and law.
Judges others.
Clean, tidy and over organised.
Acidic and caustic. 
Makes others conducts themselves with a higher moral standard. 
Work dissipates over time.
Work conducted entirely through robot,synthoid and android slaves. 
Entraps others. 
Incredibly strict and rigid. 
Haunted by something space. 
Prefers space to planetary habitation. 
Is hated by those around them. 
Work employs large alien beasts. 
Brutal and savage. 
 ever calm and peaceful. 
Utter pacifist. 
Obsessed with ecology. 
Ever fighting with self. 
Attempts to warp and change others through work. 
Work is always on the brink of exploding. 
Burns all they touch. 
Is in disarray, barely held together and collapsing.
Works in the ruins of the past. 
Intending to bring wrack and ruin.
Self destructive. 
Attempting to catch others. 
Is in constant motion. 
Controlled by outside agents. 
Motivated by an apocalyptic prophecy.
 Acts through others. 
Makes work too large. 
Terrifying and monstrous. 
Work is horrifying.
Hugely popular guild.
Is gigantic.  
Work is incredibly pleasurable.
Operates through seduction. 
Always breaking things apart. 
Works deep beneath the ground. 
Influenced by the Khybe. 
Always works in darkness. 
Incredibly solid and durable.
An expert in the field. 
Lacks basic knowledge and experience. 
Ever hungry. 
Obsessed with data plane records. 
Obsessed with the past. 
Closely linked to The Empire. 
Work causes pain. 
Motivated by a deep hatred. 
Always wants to harm and crush. 
Enjoys the suffering of others. 
Secretly worships a manifestation of the Khybe. 
Constantly steals. 
Close to death and dying. 
All work is broken. 
Works in the shadow. 
Obsessed with getting vengeance. 
Work is incredibly lethal. 
Helps those looking for death. 
Works only in the data plane. 
Reliant on cybernetic augmentations. 
Obsessed with aliens. 
Works through enslaved aliens. 
Controlled secretly by alien humanoids. 
Works through impressive technology. 
Incredibly aggressive and violent. 
Sly and double crossing. 
Incredibly suspicious. 
Obsessed with weaponry. 

Cybernetic augmentation in head. 
Shaggy alien furs.
Cybernetic augmentation in eyes.  
A cloud of tiny robots hovers above them.
Colourful alien feathers. 
Huge and ornate cybernetic hands. 
Thorny and irritated skin condition.
Ornate metal spikes adorn garb.  
Skin is red and cracked.
Sworlling tattoos cover body.
Noses removed, just open slits.
Decorative helmet.
Alien horns/bones. 
Necklaces of wire. 
Elaborate and long facial hair.
Smoking implement billowing mesmerizing clouds.
Huge buckled multi connection technobelt.
White decorative feathers.
Dyed a primary colour hair, skin, etc.  
Cybernetic claws. 
Transported by crawling robotic throne. 
Large earphones, constantly listening to music/data plane report. 
Holds a metal shield. 
Necklaces of rock/geode/crystal. 
Always wet with sweat.
Oversized frills on collars and shoulders.
An abundance of rings.
Too large fingers and or hands.
Flying robot perches on shoulder. 
Cybernetic augmentation in torso. 
Huge hoopy earrings.
Celestial inspired symbols, insignia, jewelry, etc.
Cage like headgear.
Ears missing.
A bouquet of alien flowers.
Cybernetic augmented mouth or jaw.   
A metal cybernetic tail terminating in a jagged blade.   
Clear visible lethal weaponry. 
A cybernetically sealed mouth, communicates only through data plane.
Completely black, white or other colour eyes.
A mouth of fangs.
Huge, slightly malformed, muscles.
Warped and stretched face.
Smeared war paint.
Flower or generally vegetative tattoos.
Head or wristband made of ancient khybe monk robe. 
Hold gross alien idol, or hangs it from neck.
Caked in dirt.
Wild unkempt hair. 
Additionally cybernetic limb. 
Banners and flags attached cybernetically to back. 
Rotting flesh. 
Long hair in elaborate styling cinched in place with metal bands.
Cybernetic augmentation in legs. 
Ornate and opulent necklace/s
Exuding some green yellow slime from too large pores.
Wart or boil covered skin.
Long, dirty claws.
Missing or broken/chipped teeth.
Jagged stumps of failed cybernetic augmentations erupt from body. 
Cybernetic spines ridging along back or arms.
Infestation of alien scales, varied in colour or monotone.
High, frilly collars, generally followed by a pompous attitude.  
Bejewelled and ornate weaponry. 
Doted on by android or robot servant. 
Cybernetic augmentation in chest. 
Wreath of trash, old vegetation and general detritus.
Huge belly.
Wrapped in long scarves and face masks of rags.
Strumming an antique instrument. 
Ever upward facing eyes, never look away from the sky when talking.
A hive of symbiotic robots living in torso.
Crown of cybernetic augmentations emerge from head. 
Large geometric symbols etched into armour. 
Ropes of alien skulls hung around body.
Always drooling in copious amounts. 
Holds, and drinks from, an ornate drinking tanker. 
Cybernetic augmentation in arms. 
Protective face covering including goggles and breathing aparati.
Cybernetic wings, either operational or decorative.
Wears a chest sling of work tools. 
Accompanied by a well trained alien beast. 
Miniature shrines strapped to shoulders, replete with little offerings.
Has an implanted com link, always monitoring the data plane. 
Head and faces draped in shimmering veil of opaque gauze.
Metallic or organic flower tucked behind ears.
Cybernetic augmentation in feet. 
Missing a limb or two. 
An aura of smoke, belching from nearby technology or cybernetics. 
Incredibly gaunt and bony. 
A too long tongue that hangs out the mouth.
Legs inoperable, transported via hover chair. 
Jewelled and/or elaborately designed immaculate boots.
Naked or nigh naked. 
Tangles and coils of cable looped all over body.
A small electronic portrait hangs from neck. 
Encased in industrial exoskeleton suit. 
Wears a mask. 
Huge encompassing cloak or robe. 
Consciousness implanted into one or several accompanying androids/synthoids. 


  1. This is awesome! I've been able to generate several interesting NPC's for my sci fi campaign in just a short time.