Tuesday, 5 November 2019

Automated Sci Fi Outpost/Space Station Generator

Made to be used with Star Dogs: https://lizardmandiaries.blogspot.com/2019/11/star-dogs-players-handbook.html

Click on the buttons to get an Outpost/Space Station. Use the visual tables to Map it out. 
The raw tables can be found below.
(Automated using: http://meanderingbanter.blogspot.com/2018/09/automatic-list-to-html-translator.html)

Button/Table Descriptions: Use the following tables to generate areas of humanoid habitation (or alien civilizations). They can be as large or small as is appropriate.

Key purpose of Outpost/Space Station: The central industry of the area. It’s founding purpose and most important source of employment and trade.

Atmosphere of Outpost/Space Station: What is weird/unusual/interesting about the area.

Transport Network (road) Layout Mapper: Arrange the key transport network passageway using the following generator. Combine the pieces to get a road map. Use the results as a guide to come up with an interesting map.  

Outpost/Space Station Building Mapper: Populate the area map with buildings generated on the following table. Use the results as a general guide, try and create an interesting map. Stick to a single row to get similar shaped buildings.

Outpost/Space Station Building Stocking Table: Use the following table to determine what is inside each of the buildings mapped. Use the key purpose and atmospheric results to invent specific details for each building. 

Outpost/Space Station Generator:

Transport network/Road Layout Mapper:

Outpost/Space Station Building Mapper:

Raw Tables:

Key purpose of Outpost/Space Station:
Spa, resort and relaxation. 
Vegetation growing. 
Quarantine prisons.
Law enforcement. 
Data plane research. 
Media creation. 
Fuel refining. 
Luxury accommodation. 
Cleansing operations. 
Squatter habitation. 
Inhabited alien ruins.
Spacecraft repurposed as housing. 
Crystal farming. 
Observation center.
Biological research. 
Liquid recycling. 
Biological containment. 
Leisure/entertainment centre 
Toxic waste disposal. 
Gladiatorial entertainment 
Restaurant centre. 
Vat farm.
Banking and vault holding. 
Decorative art creation. 
Data Plane server centre. 
Hospital and medical research. 
Revelry and carousing.
Trade emporium. 
Military barracks.
A.I operated factory 
Waste/ore crushing. 
Elite housing. 
Corporate slave factories. 
Geothermal/plasma power plants. 
Domed arcology. 
Waste and refuse dumps.
Border crossing.
Gang/space pirate occupation. 
Alien Zoo.
Synthoid/android/robot production.
Pharmaceutical production. 
Alcohol or other inebriating substance production.  
Corporate mansion housing. 
Advanced technological research 
Weapon/armour research. 
Spacecraft production 
Hovercraft production. 
Cybernetic augmentation research.
Crime lord palaces. 
Alien research. 
Imperial power center. 
Khybe research/worship.

Atmosphere of Outpost/Spacestation:
Overly well lit with flood lights. 
Aglow with eerie neon signs. 
Locals are helpful do-gooder
Architecture is rigid, too straight and angled.
 Shrines, miniature temples and religious iconography proliferate.
 Eerily clean, devoid of any litter or detritus.
Seemingly empty, no one to be seen. 
Overly guarded. 
An alarming number of fires. 
Localized gravity quirks. 
 Fog choked and gassy, can barely see a few feet ahead.
 Tinny muzak piped through speakers. 
Mischievous A.I’s make electronics malfunction. 
Endless charms hang from ropes and string. 
Paved with carpet, cloth and rugs. 
 Great harnessed alien beasts is main form of transportation.
Smoking or leaking pipes protrude, expulsing waste.
Dead/dying and shriveled plant life erupts from every crack .
 Slime or jelly oozes and gloops through walls and floor.
Ornate pools and fountains. 
Shanty lean to’s clog public areas. 
Street entertainers prowl for audiences. 
Robed or hooded figures keep silent watch, sentinels everywhere.
Public feasting and revelry. 
An abundance of shady looking figures stalk and case potential targets for thievery.
Decorative holograms proliferate from untold hologram projectors. 
Sleepers dream and nightmare on every available flat surface.
Possessionless, often naked, ascetics choke the public areas.
Fleshy, blood soaked organ stalls and street cybernetic augmentations stalls line public areas.
An abundance of mirrors and reflective metal. 
Pool sized crack and decay puddles house content or vicious aquatic alien life.
Plasteel coffins line public areas. 
Skins from alien beasts hang in public areas. 
A stream of acid, pumping out of nearby buildings, melts and sizzles along the streets.  
Devices of public incarceration, torture and punishment line the streets.
Toxic pools of milky goops of various alchemies line, litter and pollute. 
Vandalism, political or profane, proliferates. 
Giant robots form part of architecture. 
Chained or caged alien beasts slobber, howl and growl in abundance.
An abundance of meat hangs from great hooks.
Fora erupt from the ground and walls. 
Vine, bramble, weeds, etc, chokes public areas. 
A perfume most delicate and alluring or overbearing and offensive wafts through the air. 
Games are being played in the street, often gambling but sometimes tests of skill and strength.
Some enormous and constant public unrest is occurring, riot, protest, etc.
Enslaved androids and robots tour the area. 
Area is semi destroyed, enormous craters and rubble.
 Mountains of refuse , often scaling them is the only way forward.
 Sleek and fancy hovercrafts speed through public area. 
Oil, goop or slime covered. Festering, wet and rotted.
Roiling, organic and hilly.
The guts, claws, teeth and hides of enormous alien beasts decorates the area. 
An abundance of bridges over dangerous substances. 
Huge grim statues stare down at passersbys. 
Walkways, catwalks, ramps and runways. 
An abundance of public lounging and rest areas. 
An infestation of elevators. 
Architecture is incredibly ornate, beautiful and decorative. 
A neverending myriad of arches and gates.
Preserved things are displayed in hanging vats. 
Public Com Links available for all to use. 
Hologram projectors display a variety of text across public walls. 
Corpses clog public areas. 
Lighting sources are unpowered, leaving area in total darkness. 
Area is tunnel and warren like. Very claustrophobic. 
Alien megaliths, often engraved, often toppled over. 
Heavily armoured thugs saunter the area. 
Technological contraptions extract crackling ether from the atmosphere. 
Rotting, abandoned and now useless heavy weaponry litters area. 
 Architecture is reclaimed scrap and refuse welded together. 

Outpost/Space Station Building Stocking Table:

Residential occupation, slumlike.
Residential occupation, opulent.
Residential occupation, high security.
Residential occupation, run down
Illicit substance den. 
Factory of mental labour. 
Public Data Plane access. 
Cosmetic surgery center. 
A.I Operated auto factory. 
Public garden. 
Physical labour factory. 
Minor Gang or Space Pirate occupation. 
Major Gang or Space Pirate occupation. 
Minor Alien Beast occupation. 
Major Alien Beast occupation. 
Public entertainment venue. 
Private club entertainment venue. 
Constabulary barracks. 
Storage warehouse. 
Trade organisation clubhouse. 
Science organisation clubhouse. 
Mercenary organisation clubhouse. 
Vat food storage. 
Mundane and everyday items store.
Tools and speciality equipment store. 
Weapons store. 
Armour store. 
Small/medium trade goods depot. 
Large trade goods depot. 
Decorative/artistic goods store. 
Cybernetic augmentation installation. 
Advanced combat equipment store. 
Impressive technology equipment store. 
Abandoned and empty. 
Abandoned, infested with mad men and alien beasts. 
Abandoned, infested with diseases or traps. 
Abandoned and falling out. 
Spacecraft workshop. 
Hovercraft workshop.
Space port. 
Hover port. 
Waste disposal. 
Atmosphere generator. 
Gravity generator. 
Water generator. 
Data Plane Server. 
Spacecraft store 
Hovercraft store. 
Snythoid/android/robot replication center. 
Military barracks. 
Climate regulator. 
Matter recycling facility. 
Vat farm. 


  1. I would really love to watch someone using one of your generators to build a map one item at a time.

    1. It would be fun to watch. I am running a game this weekend and actually need to put together a starting planet and outpost, so I'll try and share my results.