Wednesday, 24 June 2020

The Red Feather Tower, Rookery and Birdport

(Still working on something for my patrons)

Tower of redbrick, spiked with jutting iron platforms and hanging cages. Wide arches open to the sky on all storeys of the tower, allowing enormous bluegreen birds to land and take off. Chains, feathers and bird excrement stain the walls. d6 Men wrapped in red robes stand guard at steep steps disappearing from street into the tower. Their faces are hidden by jeweled masks. Cruel, multi hooked gauntlets cover their hands. 

The giant Sapargen birds are available for hire here. Three passengers accompanied by a pilot may take a one way flight for d4 x 500 gold, or d4 x 1000 gold for a return flight. Prices are negotiated with the masked pilots at the entrance stairs. Once a flight is agreed upon the passengers are lead through the labyrinth of stairs and cages within the tower. Barred breeding pits filled with oddly human screams and feeding pits with blood covered birds devouring chunks of unidentified torsos will be passed en route to a red brick runway several storeys up. 

Magnificent Sapargen: Elephant sized pigeon. Translucent pink flesh can be seen through the thin patchy feathers of blue and green. Sapargen have the visage of a man; sad eyes, a huge nose instead of a beak and gawping, fanged mouth. Massive gnarled hands writhe beneath the bird inplace of claws. 
AC12 (Large with skittering feathers), d8HD@d12, Bite/Grasp: d6/d12. 
Wants: To escape their riders and fly free - moaning their deranged songs high in the air.  
When unridden Sapargens will do everything in their power to escape from conflict. 

Sapargen Rider: Men swallowed in voluminous red robes. Deep in their cowls are metallic, gemmed masks - beneath those is the warped, tiny, face of a bird. Their voices are singsong and punctuated with clacking. Complicated, gauntlets of many hooks cover their clawed hands.
AC13 (Thick robes and quick reflexes), d6HD@d6, Riding Claw: d8x2.
Wants: To accrue wealth for their transportation cult and keep their curse a secret. 
Will mount the nearest Saparegen and urge it to attack with their cruel riding claws. 

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