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Pre Empyrean, Cyberpunk-ish Freeform Grand Strategy!

 Pre Empyrean

A grand strategy game on near future Earth before the post earth human universe. 

Goal: Each player is in control of a clan or a corporation. Their goal is to become the dominant and supreme power on the earth (and in the solar system) by the end of the game.     

Turns: The game is broken down into a series of turns, representing different lengths of time. 

3 x 100 years turns 

2 x 10 years turns

1 x 1 year turn

2 x 1 week turns

3 x 1 day turns 

(Further turns of hours, minutes, seconds may be played out as required). 

Player organisation types: 

Zaibatsu: A city-state corporation that starts the game with resources about equivalent to modern day USA or China. Based in a self contained mega city known as an Arcology. Have a low chance (25%) of getting an inspirational leader for the first 5 turns. (Use this post for ideas/generation: )

Clan: An organisation that operates in the lawless areas outside of Zaibatsu arcologies, with resources about equivalent to modern day Australia. Have a high chance (50%) of getting an inspirational leader for the first 5 turns. Each turn a clan may conduct a secret mission of its choosing set by the Zaibatsu players. Each Zaibatsu secretly posts the missions they want completed and the reward they are willing to provide for the mission and the Clan player picks which mission they will complete that turn (success is not guaranteed). (Use this post for ideas/generation: )

Further information:

Inspirational leader: Having an inspirational leader allows a Zaibatsu or Clan to attempt an additional action in a turn. 

Zaibatsu/clan creation: Each player organisation just needs a name and two foci. Foci are the productive outputs the organisation excels at, but as each organisation is a self sufficient unit they are capable of many other productive outputs. 

Turn Action: Each turn each player organization will attempt to achieve something appropriate to the length of time of the turn. Turn actions should be presented as arguments as to why the organisation should be successful in its attempted goal. Having an inspirational leader allows an organisation to attempt an additional action.  A suggested structure is as follows: 

  • 1 x sentence outlining  the goal of organisation.

  • 1 x sentence explaining how the organisation aims to achieve this goal. 

  • 1 x sentence outlining the resources that the organisation has available to help achieve this goal. 

Blocking / Defense: Each turn each player organisation can also state something they want to try and stop from happening. This can be anything at all, but needs to be reasonably within the organisation’s capabilities and appropriate for the time frame of the turn. Blocking / defense orders should be provided in a similar structure as Turn Actions (Goal, How, With what resources). The more specific the better, " stop anything bad happening"  would be a very weak defense but, "stop all imports of specific narcotic" would be a very strong defense. 

Turn Order Template: 

  • Main Organisation Order: 

    • 1 sentence outline what major goal you want your organisation to achieve, 

    • 1 sentence explaining HOW you foresee your organisation achieving that goal, 

    • 1 sentence outlining any specific resources your organisation has access to to help achieve that goal. 

  • Inspirational Leader Order (if you have one): Same as above - but specific to a single person within your organisation. 

  • Blocking/Defense Order: 

    • 1 sentence identifying something you really don’t want to happen this turn, 

    • 1 sentence explaining how your organisation will stop that thing happening, 

    • 1 sentence outlining any specific resources your organisation has access to to stop that thing happening. 

  • Secret Mission Posting (Zaibatsu players only): 

    • 1 sentence outlining a specific task you want done by the clans. 

    • 1 sentence describing the specific reward you will give a clan for doing this task. 

  • Secret Mission Acceptance (Clan players only): 

    • Once you have received the secret mission list you may pick a mission to attempt, please provide: 

      • 1 sentence outlining any specific resources your organisation has access to to help achieve success in that mission, plus any out of the ordinary actions you may take while on said mission. 

Secret Clan Missions: For the first 8 turns (up to when the turns are only 1 day in length), the Zaibatsu players can submit a “Secret Mission” alongside their turn order/s for the Clan players to complete. The missions need to be presented as what the Zaibatsu would like achieved, and what reward they are willing to provide for its successful completion. All clan players will see the list of these missions and can choose to attempt to complete one of them (in addition to their regular turn order/s). The missions presented in the mission list will be anonymous, the name of the Zaibatsu offering the mission not provided (in game, the missions and their rewards are handled by independent fixers). Depending on the nature of the mission reports of their success or failure may sometimes be public, and other times private to just the organisations involved. 

Trade: If you wish to export resource to another organisation include in your turn Order/Argument a final sentence formatted as such: "EXPORT: (And then describe what you are exporting, who you are exporting it to and in what quantities you are exporting it in [Perhaps in a %/or in a single word description])". Please only list what you yourself are exporting. 

Cooperation: If two organisations wish to work together on a specific action during their turn BOTH organisations need to mention this in their turn argument/order!


General Game Setting Information: 

  • The game starts in 2700 CE

  • Ancient nation states have been eliminated. Millions live in the semi lawless areas outside the zaibatsu arcologies, several billion live in each arcology

  • Technology is slightly beyond the modern day’s level. The Internet, now known as the “datagrid” is totally ubiquitous and accessible from all electronic devices. Widespread safe nuclear power is available, meaning energy is extremely cheap at very high powers. Hover and personal jet vehicles are widespread as are cybernetic augmentations.

  • Powerful AI’s automate much of the world’s industry, and robotics provide much of the labour. There is an abundance of cheap, nutritious, if bland, food. And, an abundance of potable water due to the easy powering of the desalination process. 

  • Warfare is largely conducted through higher powered versions of the war machines and infantry of the current age. Nuclear missile strikes are largely redundant due to an abundance of nuclear diffusement fields. 

  • Some trade is assumed to be taking place between zaibatsus at the start of the game. 

  • Please ask if you have any specific setting questions! These details can be resolved in play. 

Use Empyrean Dynasty rules for resolving turns: A map from the game I have just started running:

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